Morning Greatness: Senators Decide Trump Impeachment Trial Is Constitutional

Good Wednesday morning.

Impeachment theater:
Agitprop. Horrific mob scenes dominate Trump’s impeachment trial
Please. Two men cried in the Senate Tuesday. One of them made a devastating case against Trump
Six GOP senators vote that Trump impeachment trial is constitutional and can proceed
Trump lawyer David Schoen blasts impeachment video shown by House Dems
GOP castigates ‘terrible job’ by Trump legal team
Idiot. Jake Tapper Believes Nothing ‘Would Be Different’ In The Senate If Pence Was Killed In Riot
‘I Have No Idea What He’s Doing’: Dershowitz Rips Trump Attorney During Defense Opener
Louisiana GOP rebukes Cassidy over vote saying Trump trial constitutional
Senate votes Trump impeachment trial is constitutional
Why Trump lawyer David Schoen covered his head with every sip of water
Trump ‘beyond angry’ with impeachment defense team’s showing: sources

Harris-Biden Administration:
Black farmers unconvinced by Vilsack’s ‘root out’ racism vow
Senate Judiciary Committee schedules Merrick Garland confirmation hearing
White House Walks Back Promise to Open Schools in 100 Days
Whitehouse Pushes Justice Dept. to Support Controversial Donor Disclosure Rule
Biden backs House Democrats’ proposed threshold for COVID-19 checks
Jen Psaki cuts off reporter who asked about Biden’s gender discrimination order
US Attorney who prosecuted Antifa suspects will resign at request of Biden admin
Doctors Disappointed After Joe Biden Rescinds Trump Reform to Boost Access to Opioid Addiction Help
House stimulus bill would expand eligibility for Affordable Care Act subsidies
Jen Psaki Defends Transgender Athletes in Women’s Sports: ‘Trans Rights Are Human Rights’

Civil unrest/CRT/BLM:
University cancels event for Whites to ‘process’ their ‘complicity in unjust systems’ after backlash
North Carolina College Hosts ‘White Caucus’ For Students To Talk About ‘Guilt,’ ‘Fragility’
REPORT: The Dallas Mavericks Have Stopped Playing The National Anthem During Pre-game
Iowa Republicans seek to cut funding for schools with 1619 Project in curriculum
Lawsuit alleges only white officers allowed to guard Derek Chauvin after George Floyd’s death
Georgia AG rejects prosecutor’s request for Rayshard Brooks case to be reassigned
Outdated Oregon Law Allows Police To Wrongfully Shut Down Protests, Critics Say
Oh come on. Chris Pratt’s law enforcement brother reportedly supports far-right group
Proud Boys suspects plead not guilty in Capitol riot, including man accused of taking officer’s shield
Capitol Police Union holding no confidence vote for top brass

Coronavirus news:
What you need to know about face masks as protection against coronavirus
CVS, Walgreens, other pharmacies to begin delivering COVID-19 vaccines within days
People may need several annual COVID-19 vaccine shots: Johnson & Johnson CEO
SD Gov. posts photo of event at her house with more than a dozen mask-less staffers
COVID-19 tests can spot variants, lab companies insist

Other morsels:
Democrat Lawmakers Push Bill to Teach Children Difference Between Fake and Credible Media
Oh, okay. Explosives are missing from the nation’s largest Marine Corps base and an investigation is underway
Trump lawyer presses for former President’s full-time Mar-a-Lago residency
New York Times’ Taylor Lorenz says she regrets ‘error’ of claiming entrepreneur used ‘r-slur’
Google Quietly Escalates Manual Search Censorship
11-year-old Florida boy arrested for threatening to shoot teacher: police
China’s Eastern Europe strategy gets the cold shoulder
Dominion says it hired private investigators in bid to reach pro-Trump lawyer Sidney Powell
Michigan Woman Who Gave Viral Testimony During Voter Fraud Hearing Running For State Office
Dem Cheri Bustos Diverts Post Office Aid Cash to Own Campaign

And that’s all I’ve got, now go beat back the angry mob!

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Photo: WASHINGTON, DC - FEBRUARY 09: The U.S. Capitol is shown as members of the U.S. Senate listen to opening arguments from House impeachment managers and attorneys representing former U.S. President Donald Trump February 9, 2021 in Washington, DC. House impeachment managers opened their case against Trump in the trial's first day, culminating with a 56-44 vote on whether or not the trial could proceed on constitutional grounds. (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

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