Captain Joe Plays ‘Ruin That Country!’

Have you seen the new game show? It stars a feeble, demented, barely able to converse, let alone think, “president” who can ruin the country that took nearly 250 years to build, in just a number of weeks.

Like a revised and updated version of the classic ’70s  game show, “Name That Tune,” Biden only needs to play a few notes (signing executive orders, literal fiats), and voila!—he’s nailed it. He and his merry band of wokists are able to do what no one before has ever done: kill off the good old USA. 

Let’s play along and watch the (un)remarkable results.

Day 1: Energy. End the Keystone XL Pipeline and all oil and gas drilling and discovery on federal lands or offshore and rid us of any semblance of energy independence. In one fell swoop we are “over the barrel” again and beholden to Middle Eastern fiefdoms. Did I mention it also killed over 11,000 high-paying union jobs?

Day 2: Immigration. Anyone who wants to come here, regardless of qualifications, can now come. Supposed “new” Americans are more important than “present” Americans. Twelve million people immediately; tens of millions more soon, perhaps? No restrictions and amnesty guaranteed.

Day 3: Migration. Any Central or South American should start packing and move al norte today, preferably those who are poor, destitute, and unskilled. All caravans included and encouraged. Asylum for all seekers and the de facto end of our borders. Stop building that damn wall. Defund ICE and return to the very effective—catch and release.

Day 4: Socialized medicine. More and more Obamacare and Medicare for all. On the way to universal free care, the government will pick up the tab and all private health plans will simply wither away. No, you can’t keep your doctor!

Day 5: Climate change. Re-enter the dubious Paris (not Pittsburgh) Accord and enforce a green new deal while China and India continue to pollute to their hearts’ content. It doesn’t matter that we only have a dozen years to live anyhow. It is science. And John Kerry can still fly off in his private jet and pick up an award as the most pompous of the elite.

Day 6: Prison reform. Incarcerate fewer and fewer criminals and eliminate all private detention centers while ending bail and disallowing penalties for most felonies and “minor” infractions.

Day 7: Military reform. Transsexuals are OK in the trenches but now conservatives in uniform must prove that they are not “extremists” or “white supremacists.”

Day 8: More regulation. All of Trump’s deregulation is off the table. The entire federal workforce (the base) is secure. As an aside, we will also require mask-wearing (or perhaps three masks) indefinitely. A $15 an hour minimum wage is on the way shortly, even if it kills the economy. Critical Race Theory training is mandated again for all federal agencies.

Day 9: COVID relief. Much more money thrown at a long list of Democratic Party favorites, almost all of which have nothing to do with the pandemic. Another $1.9 trillion (with a T) now but little or nothing for small businesses and an emphasis on equality of outcome, not equality of opportunity. Bailouts for “needy” blue cities and states are most essential.

Day 10: SchoolsKeep them closed. Teachers’ unions are much more important than kids or education. And no school choice, ever!

Day 11: Foreign policy. Rejoin and pay the Chinese-controlled World Health Organization. Restart the Iran deal. Fund abortions around the globe. Disrespect Israel whenever and whenever possible. Keep the troops in Afghanistan and fighting in Syria. Demand more globalism, and make sure America comes last, not first.

And there you have it. The United States of America as we knew her and loved her is just about over. 

In the days ahead, with Captain Joe at the helm, we can look forward to the end of religious liberty and free speech, packing the Supreme Court, taking away guns and ammunition, increasing your taxes—massively, changing election laws forever, conducting surveillance of everyone, and censoring or canceling anyone who disagrees or questions with the new woke Democrat-BLM ideology. 

In just 11 short days the guy who supposedly got 81 million votes from his basement in Delaware; the guy who truly cares so much about the “soul of the nation”; the guy who said he would work day and night to unite us; has quite literally ruined America. 

It is an amazing achievement. And all in just 11 short days.

No dictator, social movement, civil war, or foreign invader has ever succeeded at destroying America before.  

Nice job, Joe!

By the way, the name of that tune? “Eve of Destruction” by Barry McGuire.

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About Theodore Roosevelt Malloch

Theodore Roosevelt Malloch, scholar-diplomat-strategist, is CEO of the thought leadership firm The Roosevelt Group. He is the author of 18 books, including The Plot to Destroy Trump and, with Felipe J. Cuello, Trump's World: GEO DEUS. He appears regularly in the media, as a keynote speaker, and on television around the world. 

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