The Democrats Are Pursuing a Palpatine Strategy

This one is for all the “Star Wars” fans out there. The three “Star Wars” prequel movies tell the story of how the Republic became an Empire. Sheev Palpatine was born on the planet Naboo and became infatuated with the Dark Side. After he became proficient as a Sith Lord, he hid his true nature, and rose to become Senator, playing the political game masterfully. He secretly instigated a group of Chinese-sounding traders to blockade Naboo, which exposed the weakness of the Republic to provide security. The Queen of Naboo called for a vote of no confidence in the government. This led to Palpatine becoming chancellor and assuming extraordinary powers. 

At every stage of this process, Palpatine pretended to be the upholder of the Republic, while simultaneously destabilizing it and aggrandizing himself. By the time he was crowned Emperor, his lawlessness had been transformed in the minds of the public into the side of law and order. His authority was seen as legitimately granted and his stormtroopers and Death Stars were officially seen as vital peacekeepers, instead of as key mainstays of his police state.

Does this sound familiar at all? 

The Democrats destabilized and resisted the Trump presidency from the time of his swearing-in. The Democrats claimed to be the party of constitutional propriety, defending the country against Russian interference, while people like Representatives Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) and Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) were perpetuating stories that they knew to be untrue without any repercussions. Even worse in Swalwell’s case, he was literally sleeping with the enemy—a Chinese spy!

Meanwhile, nationalists and populists played into the Democrats’ hands with the inexcusable and feckless Capitol Hill riot. President Trump and his lawyers contributed to the Georgia Senate debacle by alienating the Georgia state Republican leadership, suppressing the populist vote, and firing up the Democrats’ base. The Trump campaign’s actions during the period between the election and the swearing-in would have been comical, were they not so tragic.

Because of this stupidity, ironically, the Democrats get to position themselves as “defenders of democracy.” How rich is that? Does anyone recall Kathy Griffin holding Trump’s severed head?

What would today’s press do if an actress held up Joe Biden’s decapitated head? BLM and Antifa thugs burnt federal courthouses and intimidated local residents throughout the summer and fall, causing over 30 deaths and hundreds of millions of dollars in property damage. In the Democrats’ worldview, this is not even close to being equivalent with what happened on January 6, even though it certainly set a precedent for public behavior. In a recent Department of Homeland Security briefing, the Biden Administration briefers highlighted the threat from potential domestic violent extremists like the Boogaloo and Proud Boys, but turned themselves into pretzels trying to argue that the BLM and Antifa riots were “lawful protests.”

The Democratic Party is like a Trojan Horse for the far Left. Palpatine is a cover for Darth Sidious. Joe Biden has the avuncular façade of a forgetful grandpa, but he is allowing a radical, globalist, anti-American agenda to metastasize. 

The Democratic Party used to be the party of the working class. It used to be the party for everyday Americans. There are still millions of Americans who vote for the Democrats because of this heritage. But now, the Democratic Party has been captured by billionaire tech and finance titans, pro-LGBTQ, anti-Christian, pro-illegal alien and anti-U.S. wage earner, pro-critical theory, and anti-traditional American values, pro-globalist and anti-nationalist special interest groups.

So it should come as no surprise that on his first day in office, Biden appealed to unity for all Americans, and then issued 17 executive orders promoting a radical left-wing agenda. Over 25,000 troops were called up to “defend the Capital” during the swearing-in. There is talk of admitting Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico into the union as states, ostensibly for very pure motives, but really to continue to try and stack the deck for Democrats in the Senate. 

There’s talk of “court reform” instead of court-packing, even though that’s what it will really be. DACA has been reversed, and millions of “undocumented” people are in line for citizenship, further altering the demographic makeup of the United States. This is not about compassion. This is about cheap labor and cheap votes. There are so many minority citizens in this country who were finally starting to get higher wages and better jobs but who, in helping to get Biden elected, will be shoved back down and forgotten for three and a half years.

The far-Left Democrats are far down the road toward one-party control, and everything they do weakens the Constitution, exacerbates social divisions, increases inequality, and undermines the future financial sustainability of the country. 

People have to stop being frogs, sitting complacently as the fire slowly cooks them. We have to wake up, understand the Orwellian doublespeak, gaslighting, and Big Lies. We have to create a strong constitutionalist middle and not let the radicalization of the stupid alt-Right or the sinisterly smart far-Left plunge this country into a hot civil war. We can’t just count on a single person like Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader to bring balance to the Force. As sensible Americans, it is up to us to bring our country back to our core values. The road to recovery begins by recognizing what our problems as a country truly are and being smart about how we fix them.


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