Donald Trump: Counterculture Icon

Impeach me once and I’m famous. Twice? I’m an icon for the ages. 

Lenny Bruce once said “It’s the suppression of the word that gives it the power…” 

That late countercultural rebel would have appreciated President Donald Trump, especially after Twitter and Facebook banned him. Like Bruce before him, Trump is fearless. Like Bruce, that fearlessness puts him in a place that’s full of controversy in the moment but will age well as time passes. 

If you want to alter the premise of “the system” you have to be prepared to pay an immediate price that makes you a hero later; the first guy through the breach takes all the bullets. 

When Lenny Bruce died, he had been convicted of obscenity. He didn’t care. He told truths ahead of his time. Trump leaves office under the “cloud” of a second impeachment.  

But does anyone really think he cares? 

Donald Trump swept into power battling against the Washington establishment, the bureaucratic swamp, the deep state, the fake news, and everything those vampires do and stand for. He couldn’t be bought. He couldn’t be intimidated. He gave away his paychecks. He was a force all his own. A one-man army taking on the stultifying, Marxifying culture that is killing our nation and eating our young.  

Trump had always been that way. The brash real estate man has lived more lives than a cat—New York titan, playboy of the western world, casino mogul, beauty pageant savior, the most successful reality TV star of all time. Trump put two phrases—The Art of the Deal, and “You’re fired!”—into the immortal American pop culture lexicon.  

Once he swept into politics like a F5 tornado he threatened the elites’ whole world, from their overblown view of their own importance to the graft they extracted from the soulless system they built on the backs of Americans. He wasn’t one of them. Trump was one of us

The uniparty elites mistook his personality for ambition. The truth about Trump always was that he didn’t need the presidency. He never did. Why would he? He was a baller without it. He already had a global empire, one of the world’s most luxurious resorts, he had owned a pro sports team, he had it all. Why even go into politics? He didn’t need Washington, he just needed to push Washington out of his way while he fought for America’s lost and forgotten. 

When Trump rode down that escalator to start his campaign, it wasn’t out of ambition but out of duty. The country needed someone who had not spent his whole life, some for multiple generations, in politics. We didn’t need someone whom the Chinese Communists and the world’s other bad actors would like and befriend. We didn’t need yet another senator or senator’s son or another boring, blow-dried husk of a man without a chest. 

We needed a goddamn leader our enemies would respect and fear. We needed a warrior to fight for this country against our enemies in faraway capitals, in our universities, in our corporate boardrooms, and in the swamp. They had sold the country out and hollowed it out from within. We needed Trump to fight them, beat them, and make America great again. 

Most people and, in fact, most politicians are life’s spectators. If they engage in any action at all it’s because they are the meat puppets of somebody else.  

Trump’s outsider counterculture status made him a mortal threat to all the worst, most cynical people. The frauds. The lying media. The lobbyists and the globalists who treat American workers the way the robot farms treated humans in “The Matrix.” 

When Trump went around all of them, ignored them, mocked them, and used his wit and his unmatched skill on social media to beat them, the knives came out. They had to take him down.  

The culture gathered its dark forces and did everything it could to snuff him out. He colluded with Russia! That was Hillary Clinton’s Big Lie. The FBI has known it since 2017. It spent millions of taxpayer dollars fake investigating an innocent man for the sake of overturning an election. Because Trump wasn’t one of them. He was a danger to their system of control. 

If the feds can do that to a sitting president, they can do it to you if you get in their way. 

Joe Biden played a central role in launching that smear. The nation endured four long years of smear after smear while Trump donated his salary to charities and just kept fighting for the country. Now Biden is installed as president, signing his name to Executive Orders he hasn’t read. 

And look, the culture Trump fought against is evil and stupid but it also fights for its own self-preservation. When the Chinese virus escaped worldwide thanks to communist connivance, Trump acted fast and shut down international travel. The stupid, evil culture called him a “xenophobe” while it also said he wasn’t doing enough. The fake news made sure the smears never had to make any sense. 

Trump just kept fighting like a rebel with a just cause: part Andrew Jackson, part Evel Knieval, all American. 

He took their abuse the way the prime Muhammad Ali could take a punch. Hits that would have laid out just about anyone else just bounced off the Orange Man. Like Ali, he made the hardest fight seem fun, like he was enjoying it all, the spectacle and the battle, the lights and the action. And the truth is, Trump did enjoy it. It fed him. Gave him energy. Never tired him out.  

Anything that looked like a loss, felt like a win. 

Trump found Washington like Gotham, full of crime, enriching the criminals, who just kept growing in power. Like the Dark Knight he faithfully took them on, maybe not the hero America thought it wanted, but definitely the hero America needed.  

And like Gotham, they hated him as much as they should have loved him. Two-faces turned against him. 

Trump fought like Samson with superhuman strength that never seemed to wane. Always surrounded by enemies. Always betrayed by his so-called friends. But he’d slay them all with a well-timed tweet or the perfect, cutting joke. 

Rebels don’t always win, of course, no matter how just their cause may be. John the Baptist scrapped with the Romans and the religious authorities of his day. They ignored him until he became too much of a threat to ignore.  

So they killed him. But did they kill the legend? We’re still talking about him, but who remembers them? 

Here’s some truth: The elites on both sides do not care at all about the rest of us. Ask any former staffer for, say, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) or former Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.). They allegedly come from very different sides of politics, but both career politicians have earned reputations for treating loyal staff as nothing but props. 

Ask House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) what her monstrous energy policies will do to normal families’ budgets. She doesn’t know and doesn’t care. Ask Pete Buttigieg about the workers Biden laid off when he canceled the Keystone XL pipeline. “Learn to code” may as well have been his answer. Ask Biden why he killed thousands of well-paying jobs during his first day on the job. He probably doesn’t even know where he is or why he did that. 

Ask the National Guard troops the Democrats used as security props for Biden’s coronation, after questioning their loyalty to America, only to be relegated to parking garages once the bizarre spectacle was over. They were props. We all are. The elites don’t care about us.  

Trump was the first president in decades to see everyday Americans as people, not props. He fought for them—for us—every single day of his presidency. He unleashed our nation like no one since Reagan.  

And the elites conspired together and took him down for it. There’s a good chance President Trump’s influence is about to grow, thousands of people are about to run for office as “Trump Republicans.” Mayor, Governor, Senator. Waves of Trumps are coming. 

And like Obi-Wan Kenobi says at the end of the original “Star Wars,” struck down, Trump may only become more powerful than they can possibly imagine. 

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