Morning Greatness: Biden Sworn in as POTUS

Good Thursday morning.

Here is what’s on Biden’s schedule for the day:

  • The WH press office hasn’t started sending out Biden’s schedule yet


Harris/Biden Administration:
Biden’s Inauguration Day speech, annotated
Paris climate accord: Biden announces US will rejoin landmark agreement
Biden signs executive actions on COVID, climate change, immigration and more
The pro-Trump inauguration protests at state capitols were complete duds
Biden Fires Labor Arbiter In ‘Unprecedented’ First Move
Part of the team! Biden greets, fist bumps media members on his way into White House
Stocks Hit Record Highs As Biden Takes Office, Democrats Take Control Of Congress
Biden To Lift Transgender Military Ban In ‘Coming Days And Weeks’
Democrats officially control the Senate after final members are sworn in
Swampers. Former Presidents Obama, Bush, Clinton share message of unity for President Biden
This was disgusting. Biden press secretary Jen Psaki holds first news conference, vows to rebuild ‘trust’ with media, public
President Joe Biden executive order reverses Donald Trump ban on race and gender diversity training
Justin Trudeau ‘disappointed’ in Biden’s decision to cancel Keystone XL pipeline
EU ready for new US leadership under Biden: ‘After four long years, Europe has a friend in the White House’
World leaders welcome Biden with praise, pleas, and parting shots at Trump
STUNNING. Youth poet laureate recites stunning poem at Biden inauguration
Immigrants cheered by possible citizenship path under Biden
Joe Biden Removes Winston Churchill Bust, Andrew Jackson Painting from Oval Office
Biden White House Website Updates to Include Preferred ‘Pronouns’ on Contact Page
Joe Biden Calls for DOJ to Resume Obama-Era ‘Slush Fund’ Payouts to Left-Wing Groups

Civil unrest:
Antifa Blocks Streets, Sets Fire in Seattle Inauguration Day Protest
QAnon emerges as recurring theme of criminal cases tied to US Capitol siege
135 civil rights groups speak out against Congress’ proposed new domestic terror law
Rioters arrested in New York crushed cop and brought guns to Capitol, feds say
Feds arrest right-wing media figure who promoted storming Capitol
Portland rioters damage ICE building; police declare ‘unlawful assembly’
Proud Boys leader Joseph Biggs arrested in Florida in connection with the Capitol riot

Coronavirus news:
WHAT? Amazon Offers To Help Biden Administration With Vaccine Effort After Sitting On The Sidelines For A Month
LA superspreader task force breaks up “stripper parties”

Other morsels:
Trump gets warm Florida greeting from supporters after arriving from DC
Sad! Georgia voters enraged after Democrats promise of ‘$2,000 checks’ becomes $1,400
Not as many as the Washington Post. Washington Post counts 30,573 false or misleading claims in four years by Trump
Florida State Student Government to Vote on BDS Resolution
Court Blocks Obamacare Transgender Surgery Mandate


And that’s all I’ve got, now go beat back the angry mob!

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