Morning Greatness: Trump’s Final Day

Good Tuesday morning.

Here is what’s on the president’s agenda today:

  • President Trump will work from early in the morning until late in the evening. He will make many calls and have many meetings.

Two minutes of hate:

The alleged rioter who purportedly stole a laptop or a hard drive from Nancy Pelosi’s office to sell to the RUSSIANS has been arrested. I called BS on this yesterday in the Greatness and I stand by that. The FBI’s information came from Williams’ ex who claims he saw the theft in a video and also, somehow, knows she was going to sell the laptop to the RUSSIANS. “Riley June Williams, of Pennsylvania, who was seen on video taking part in the Capitol siege, was charged with entering a restricted building and violent entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds, according to Department of Justice records,” reports the New York Post. The Post also reports “The FBI is also investigating the laptop theft claims, though there is no indication that one was actually pilfered from the speaker’s office. Williams has not been charged in connection to that allegation.” Solid.

Rep. Steve Cohen (D-Tenn.) went off on an insane riff while peacocking on derp state-sponsored media. Speaking to CNN’s new clown influencer-anchor Jim Sciutto, Cohen said, “the [National] Guard is 90 some-odd percent male, and only about 20 percent of white males voted for Biden. You gotta figure that in the Guard, which is predominately more conservative … there are probably not more than 25% of the people that are there protecting us that voted for Biden.” And your point is? What should be done to Trump voters? I’d like to see more concrete solutions to this “problem” rather than vague allusions signaling concern. Should we lock them up? Should we remove them from their jobs or associations? Should we deny them food and electricity? How can we expect to solve this “Trump voter problem?” Don’t be shy, Democrats, start talking. Meanwhile, the acting Pentagon chief says there’s no intelligence of an insider threat from the National Guard.

Cohen also named Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) as one congressman who was giving Capitol tours or, as the media prefers to describe the tours,”reconnaissance” for a”planned insurrection.”

“Only thing that I’ve seen, Congressman Yarmuth refreshed my recollection yesterday. We saw (Rep.) Boebert taking a group of people for a tour sometime after the 3rd and before the 6th. I don’t remember the day we were walking in a tunnel and we saw her and commented who she was and she had a large group with her. Now whether these people were people that were involved in the insurrection or not, I do not know,” Cohen told CNN’s Jim Sciutto on “CNN Newsroom.”

Cohen continued, “She was a freshman, she might have had a large number of people coming to be with her on this historic occasion and just wanting to give them the opportunity to have a tour. But it is pretty clear that her team is the team — she’s not on the home team. She was with the visitors.” The home team? She was elected by her voters so she’s on the same team as you, barking moonbat Congressman Cohen.

Boebert responded to Cohen’s incitement against her. “Let me be clear—all of your claims and implications are categorically false,” Boebert wrote in a letter to Cohen. “I have never given a tour of the U.S. Capitol to any outside group. As I previously stated, I brought my family to the Capitol on January 2nd for a tour and on the 3rd for pictures to commemorate the day I was sworn in as a Member of the U.S. Congress. Again, the only people I have ever had in the Capitol with me during the 117th Congress are my young children, husband, mom, aunt and uncle.” Boebert also sent a letter to Democratic Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney of New York stating, “The only people I have ever had in the Capitol with me are my young children, husband, mom, aunt and uncle. My mother was the only one of those family members in Washington D.C. on the 6th. During the riots, my mother was locked in a secure location, not in the U.S. Capitol, with my staff and never left their sight.”

They are making an example out of Boebert, they want elected officials who don’t bend the knee to be afraid they might be slandered or defamed by the Cathedral via propaganda outlets.

Capitol Hill protests:
The Left’s New Plan To ‘Deprogram’ Trump Supporters Is Gaining Steam
Of course. Hillary Clinton: Trump’s Phone Records Should Be Checked To See If He Called Putin During Capitol Riot
Capitol rioter who allegedly posted ‘Outside Pelosi’s office’ to Instagram arrested
NOT CRAZY. Clinton suggests Putin may have known about riot in Capitol, Pelosi wants 9/11 commission-type probe

Harris/Biden administration:
Trump Will Not Invite the Bidens to the White House Before Inauguration
Biden promises on Day One to reinstate rule protecting transgender student use of bathrooms
Dems aim for quick approval of Biden’s national security picks
Biden Institute Won’t Disclose Donors
Michigan GOP pushes to replace member who voted to certify election results
MyPillow CEO threatened with lawsuit by Dominion over ‘misinformation campaign’
Biden to bring back fired Pentagon official who led anti-ISIS effort
These folks think they are the most important people in the world. Bulletproof vests and gas masks: Journalists prep for Inauguration Day
Biden administration braces for new wave of migrants as it rolls out new immigration plans

Coronavirus news:
The inequities of PPP: Megachurches, large corporations receive money ahead of small businesses
Eureka! China and WHO acted too slowly to contain Covid-19, says independent panel
Trump moves to lift some Covid-19-related travel restrictions, but Biden plans to block the order
Every Time The Experts Have Been Wrong — Or Lying — About The Pandemic
Florida scientist who accused state of manipulating coronavirus data tests positive for COVID-19, turns herself in
California recommends pause in administering one batch of Moderna vaccine due to possible allergic reaction
Michigan Restaurant Owner Faces $30,000 in Fines, Legal Fees in Effort to Stay Afloat During Whitmer Lockdown

Other morsels:
Google-Funded Conservative Groups Urge Congress to Avoid Antitrust Action Against Big Tech
What? Washington Post panned over op-ed invoking ‘multiracial Whiteness’ to explain Trump support among minorities
Why the switch I wonder? Harry Reid now calls Romney a ‘very fine human being’ after false 2012 claim he didn’t pay taxes
Melania Trump asks Americans to ‘choose love’ in farewell message
Trump’s 1776 Commission slams ‘destructive scholarship’ in final report
Fox News’ DC managing editor Bill Sammon to retire
State Department Cuts Ties With Islamic Charity Over Anti-Semitism
‘Antiracism’ Professor Pads Bottom Line with Netflix Deal
Pro-gun rally in Virginia has cops on high alert

And that’s all I’ve got, now go beat back the angry mob!

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