Our Democracy™

Have you heard about Our Democracy™ lately?

If you have, you’ve probably heard that President Donald J. Trump is the biggest threat to Our Democracy™ in history. Second only to President Trump in the threat department are his supporters, who tried to end Our Democracy™ with their so-called seditious, insurrectionist siege (formerly known as “mostly peaceful protesting”) at the U.S. Capitol Building on January 6.

And it’s not just Trump and his supporters who want to destroy Our Democracy™.

Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin called Saturday for House Minority Leader and noted danger to Our Democracy™ Kevin McCarthy (D-Calif.) to resign from Congress. McCarthy, known for his reputation as fascist strongman (read: empty suit), failed to protect Our Democracy™ by not cheering on Representative Liz Cheney (R-Wy.) while she voted to impeach President Trump.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Jennifer Rubin is very smart, and the Washington Post is very reliable, so we should always defer to her opinion columns and their reporting as gospel. But in case you’re not convinced, plenty of others share Rubin’s sentiment about Our Democracy™.

Pollster Matt McDermott recently observed, “As the Trump presidency comes to a close,” Our Democracy™ “is at the brink of ruin.” And he’s right, obviously. As we begin the transition of power to democratically-elected Joe Biden’s presidency, it’s clear that Our Democracy™ is in its death throes. In fact, nothing says “death of Our Democracy™” like Our Democracy™ working the way it has worked for nearly 250 years.

Joe Biden’s incoming chief of staff, Ron Klain, proudly proclaimed that “thousands of lawyers working for the Biden-Harris campaign and Democrats secured” Our Democracy™ during the 2020 election cycle.

He was referring to President Trump’s questions about the legitimacy of the election outcome. Those questions, we’ve been told, were a grave threat to Our Democracy™. Just remember that while Democrats spent four years refusing to accept the outcome of the 2016 election, calling President Trump an illegitimate Russian asset who was installed by Vladimir Putin without a shred of evidence, and using the power of the state to viciously attack him and prosecute his allies, they were certainly not threatening Our Democracy™. In fact, the Russian collusion hoax was perpetrated by the political establishment with love for Our Democracy™ at heart.

Ana Navarro, former Republican strategist turned ditzy co-host of ABC’s “The View,” praised the ringleader of the latest Trump impeachment circus, Rep. Jamie Haskin (D-Md.), for his “dedication” and “strength” to defending Our Democracy™. That, despite the fact that if the Senate votes to convict President Trump, it will be done after he leaves office, and will have no practical bearing on Our Democracy™ whatsoever.

The examples of mush-brained pontificators giving their opinions about the state of Our Democracy™—from NeverTrump ninnies to leftist losers alike—are endless. But by now, you’re probably starting to see the point. 

The yammering on about Our Democracy™ by mouth-breathing media pundits and washed-up political hacks has nothing at all to do with the health and strength of our nation, which, at the risk of being persnickety, is actually supposed to be a constitutional republic.

Rather, it is about labeling the 74.2 million Americans who voted for President Trump, and those who still stand with him as he leaves office, as an existential threat to this nation. Don’t support returning to the neoliberal status quo in Washington? Well, you’re a threat Our Democracy™, and we can’t have that.

Under the guise of protecting Our Democracy™, you will learn to obey the ruling class. You had four years of fun after you took the political elites by surprise and elected President Trump, instead of choosing one of their approved sock puppets. But understand, that choice was bad for Our Democracy™, and if you have any respect for Our Democracy™ at all, you’ll let the ruling elites do the choosing from here on out.

You will learn to conform to the leftist popular sentiment that dominates the news media, Hollywood, academia, and the D.C. Beltway, and you will do it for the sake of Our Democracy™. You can try to resist, but you do so at your own peril. Despite the fact that you’re a patriotic, red-blooded American, you’ll be called a traitor to the country you love.

Why are the feds spending millions of dollars and thousands of man hours hunting down Trump supporters from every corner of America for the paltry crime of trespassing at the Capitol? Why are the media plastering the faces of the perpetrators across the airwaves at every opportunity? Because that trespassing, which according to the establishment’s anointed media class was worse than 9/11, put Our Democracy™ at risk, and the powers that be will stop at nothing to make an example out of the perpetrators. They chose not to conform to the popular sentiment of the establishment, and their punishment will be severe.

Why didn’t the feds spend millions of dollars and thousands of man hours hunting down Black Lives Matter and Antifa rioters and looters last summer? Why did the media ignore the perpetrators of that violence, which left at least 25 Americans dead? Because that rioting was good for Our Democracy™. The rioters, after all, were burning and looting on behalf of establishment causes like “social justice,” broad as that term may be defined, during their “Summer of Love.” The powers that be—the news media, Hollywood, academia, the ruling class—all approve of those causes.

So the next time you hear some weak “Republican” or overly-credentialed leftist sounding stupid on TV, prattling on about Our Democracy™, remember that it’s not about America’s well-being at all. Don’t fall for the gag. Instead, it’s about the ruthless obedience to the establishment’s mandated social norms. Nothing more, nothing less.

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About Peter D'Abrosca

Peter D'Abrosca is a conservative campaign strategist, author, and columnist. A proud law school dropout, he is not a decorated member of the fancy credentialed class, and that's just the way he prefers it. He considers himself a political outsider who seeks to give a voice to the long-forgotten American working class.

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