Time to Fight

If you had any doubts about how much the swamp hates, loathes, fears, and despises Donald Trump, the fact that it has impeached him twice in roughly 13 months should remove all doubt. Mind you, neither of the impeachments has anything to do with facts. Both were about power and who wields it. 

Neither had anything to do with the Constitution or the republic or the betterment of the American people. Oh, no. This was the deeply corrupt D.C. system we have let run rampant for far too long, flexing its muscle, giving the middle finger to the American working class and taxpayer, who, of course, funds the system that funds the swamp. It was a warning shot to the American working class and taxpayers to mind their betters: anyone who champions their cause will be dealt with in like manner. 

This was entirely about setting the bar—warning any other American, any outsider who seeks even to try to restore the American republic or challenge the administrative state and ruling class—that there will be massive personal and financial costs for such activity.

The latest impeachment should also put to rest the farce that somehow Democrats and Biden desire unity. Spare me!

Part of the justification for the latest abuse of the impeachment process was the talk of Trump being like Osama bin Laden and that his supporters are “domestic terrorists.” This should have made it very clear that the Democrats’ idea of unity is submission and conformity to their radical ideas, not compromise or a return to sanity and reason. They want nothing to do with unity, and you’d better get that memo straight in your head: there will be no dissent. Once the “highest form of patriotism, dissent is now terrorism.

They stand there, shaking their heads, telling us like little children that we have to move on and accept reality—that we have to accept the results of the election when, of course, it was they who made a farce of our election system to win it. They neglect to mention that they still have not accepted the results of the fairly decided election of 2016, which of course, is also what the multiple impeachments were about.

Their hypocrisy knows no bounds.

In fact, spare me the hypocrisy on a whole host of fronts. They are mumbling on about supposed “sedition.” You really want to talk about sedition? Democrats, the Left, and the media (but I repeat myself) lied about the 2016 election and Russiagate in what was a truly seditious attempt to undermine a duly elected president—so spare me their theatrics and pretensions to decency.

You really want to talk about violence? We watched the Democrats for months and months endorse and support Antifa and Black Lives Matter arson and riots in American cities, not condemning it at all—in fact, even bailing the rioters out of jail. So I can assure you, Democrats and the Left don’t have any qualms about violence as long as it’s pointed at their political enemies. 

As for the Constitution, it seems ridiculous that the people trampling the nation’s charter are so eager to invoke it. Democrats and their allies despise the First, Second, Fourth, Fifth, and 10th Amendments and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s efforts to get the military to report to her shows she’d prefer to nuke Article II. As envisioned by the founders, the original intent of the Constitution, with its separation of powers, is anathema to the Progressive Left; it’s like holy water to vampires. 

In the midst of the retribution for Trump daring to challenge the status quo, Democrats, along with many Republicans, show how deeply unconcerned they are about the tens of millions of Americans who need help in the face of the draconian and idiotic lockdowns. Nope, let’s instead focus our efforts on impeaching Trump again and waste the American taxpayers’ money on yet another witch hunt when those funds could have a thousand better uses.

In case you were wondering who the ruling class thinks the system serves, here’s a hint: It isn’t you. To say the American worker and taxpayer are an afterthought seems overly generous: I’m not sure you even cross their minds most days.

In the aftermath of Impeachment Part Deux, there are those inside the GOP who think they’ve put the dirty peasants out to pasture along with their champion. It’s hard to comprehend such idiocy: only fools would alienate the base and think there won’t be consequences for the party. Every last Republican who voted for impeachment will be primaried. Not just the GOP establishment, but the D.C. establishment as a whole, needs to have the power they cling so tightly to ripped from their hands by the people they swore to serve.  

But a word to the America First base: it’s one thing to air your grievances. That time has passed. You had better get to work. A party is what people say it is and the people who say what it is run and win primaries, show up at conventions, and run for precinct chair. Stop bemoaning how the GOP has abused and abandoned you. Stop talking and get to work. No more rallies. No more moaning and groaning. Time to fight.

About Ned Ryun

Ned Ryun is a former presidential writer for George W. Bush and the founder and CEO of American Majority. You can find him on Twitter @nedryun.

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