COVID Panic To Rule Biden’s First 100 Days

It will be the perfect virtual start for the most remote presidential candidate ever elected—thanks in large part to voters who also never needed to show up.

On January 20, barring some last-minute miracle that rescues Donald Trump’s presidency, Joe Biden will be sworn in as the 46th president of the United States. Inauguration Day once served as a symbol of hope to subjugated people around the world; the ceremony proved that democracy works, free citizens can and should choose their national leadership, and political disagreements are settled with ballots, not bullets. Sadly, like so many once-revered American traditions, the peaceful transfer of power from one political party to the other has been desecrated, hijacked by vengeful partisans intent on keeping power at any cost.

Inauguration Day also is a long and grueling event. Festivities begin in the morning; the outgoing First Couple greets the incoming First Couple at the White House for photos and tea. Beltway aristocracy attends a noon swearing-in ceremony. The new president then delivers his first official address to the nation. Parades, signing ceremonies, and inaugural balls go on well into the night. Biden, of course, has attended every Inauguration Day this century, including twice as the vice president.

But this year will be different. Team Biden will wring every last infected droplet out of the COVID-19 panic for at least the first 100 days of a Biden Administration. Democrats and the Biden campaign shamelessly exploited the health crisis to damage President Trump, push for an unprecedented volume of absentee ballots that overwhelmingly favored the Democratic presidential nominee, and leveraged “social distancing” dogma to keep Republican poll watchers far away from mischievous Democratic canvassers in several key cities.

Why give up the political gift that keeps on giving?

The incoming president only has hosted a smattering of public appearances while successfully avoiding tough questions about investigations into his son. A frail Biden coughed repeatedly during another “acceptance” speech Monday night and had to be guided out by his wife; the media dutifully reported later that Biden has a minor cold.

The coronavirus cover-up of Biden’s obvious lack of focus, energy, stamina, and patience—he snaps at any reporter who dares to even mildly confront the next leader of the free world with legitimate questions—will continue into the foreseeable future. According to the Presidential Inauguration Committee, the day will be “reimagined” to conform to CDC guidance prohibiting large public gatherings. Biden and Kamala Harris will take the oath of office in front of the Capitol Building, the usual spot, but the rest of the festivities will be virtual or canceled altogether.

“A parade of some sort will be staged, but it is likely to be more virtual than physical, featuring people from across the country,” the Washington Post reported this week. “It is unclear whether the traditional luncheon with members of Congress will be held after the swearing in, or whether President Trump will host Biden at the usual tea at the White House before the swearing in.” 

The parade might involve the sort of freakish horn-honking or goofy Zoom “rallies” that Biden strategists organized during the campaign in a failed attempt to compete with Trump’s massive in-person rallies.

But the nontraditional celebration isn’t stopping Team Biden from continuing the longstanding American tradition of raising tons of money from big donors, including corporations. A million-dollar inaugural sponsor wins an invitation to a “virtual event” with the Bidens, Kamala Harris and the “Second Gentleman-elect,” which honestly sounds more appealing than an invitation to an in-person party with that crew.

A reimagined Inauguration Day, however, should be the least of the concerns confronting freedom-loving Americans desperate to return to normal. Even with the vaccine—an incredible achievement for President Trump and for which Biden brazenly tries to take credit—public health “experts” aligned with the incoming president warn life as we used to know it is months if not years away.

Dr. Vin Gupta, on staff at the same Gates Foundation-funded outlet at the University of Washington that produced the disastrous models used to shut down the economy last March, warned that people should not travel even after receiving the second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. (Those of us who have traveled all year did not know we needed Dr. Gupta’s permission.)

Dr. Rochelle Walensky, Biden’s pick to lead the Centers for Disease Control, claims the country is “coding” under the threat of COVID-19. “When the nation is coding, if you are called to serve, you serve,” Walensky humbly said during a December 8 speech alongside Biden and Harris. “You run to take care of people, to stop the bleeding . . . and to give them a fighting chance to come back strong.” Walensky’s new subjects, the American people, can get “back to normal” she warned only after the experts are able to prevent “unnecessary illness and death.”

Yes, because that is precisely how viruses and medicine and human bodies work. Science!

Biden already has warned that he’ll push for a national mask mandate to honor his first 100 days in office, clearly oblivious to the fact that nearly everyone already wears a face covering in public even in free states such as Florida. Biden announced this week that he would support the unscientific and inhumane policy to keep schools closed for at least his first 100 days in office, as teachers’ unions across the country hold tens of millions of suffering school children hostage until their demands for hundreds of billions in new “coronavirus aid” are fulfilled.

Biden, once again fudging the science, said elementary schools “where the highest risk of people transmitting the disease” can reopen after the government invests at least $100 billion in new ventilation systems, additional teachers, and something called “pods” for children. (Fact checkers, by the way, are on another four-year vacation.)

For months before Election Day, Republicans joked that coronavirus will disappear if Biden is elected. Sadly, not only is that untrue, Biden and Democrats are fueling more panic to achieve a number of political goals: keep a frail Biden under wraps, reward Democratic constituencies with trillions in taxpayer-funded goodies, and justify more government control over our daily lives.

The old normal looks further away than ever.

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