‘Arizona Certified Fraudulent Votes’ Data Scientists Claim

Raw data from an API direct feed on election night proves that voter fraud occurred in Arizona, a group of data science experts allege in a new video posted on Rumble Thursday. The data scientists, who wish to remain anonymous at the present time, flatly claim that “Arizona certified fraudulent votes.”

In their video, they highlight four counties in Arizona—Maricopa, Pinal, Coconino, and Pima—that showed anomalous activities on election night, including vote switches (or laundering) on a massive scale.

When votes are tabulated, they shouldn’t be added of decremented,” the narrator says. “They shouldn’t be switched—either across candidates or within candidates—and if they do switch, there’d better be a good reason for it.”

Incredibly, the data scientists claim that they “identified 790,175 laundered votes that were injected into the system.”

They said they used the same API election data that is used by the Arizona Secretary of State.

In their first video, posted on Saturday, these same data scientists gave an overview of the election fraud that occurred all across the country.

The group intends to reveal additional evidence of election fraud in other battleground states in the coming days.



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About Debra Heine

Debra Heine is a conservative Catholic mom of six and longtime political pundit. She has written for several conservative news websites over the years, including Breitbart and PJ Media.