Virginia County Spends $500G on Race Programs for Schools

A Virginia public school system is spending at least half-a-million dollars on programs designed to counter systemic bias and oppression.

Loudoun County Public Schools entered into a new agreement that pays more than $50,000 to a California-based Equity Collaborative that focuses on uncovering “personal and institutional biases that prevent all people, and especially people of color, from reaching their fullest potential,” while fostering an “atmosphere of social justice,” according to a West Nova News report.

The district announced they are committed to eradicating what it describes as “systemic racism” and investing its time and money in addressing the problem despite concerns from district residents.

The California business focuses on “oppression analysis, learning theory, and coaching for change.” Since 2018 they have received $422,500 from the county. According to The Washington Free Beacon, “that included $90,000 in salary for Jamie Almanzan, the owner who is described as an equity leadership coach, and a whopping $120,000 for an eight-day “systemic equity assessment.” Much of the money — $314,000 — was directed in 2019 towards coachng and training sessions.”

Loudoun was just one of many school districts across the country to show support for the Black Lives Matter movement and dismantle “white supremacy” by introducing anti-racist courses .

A Loudoun County public information officer, Wayde Byard, told West Nova News that critical race theory wasn’t taught to elementary school students.

“Teachers follow the LCPS curricula to educate students to understand various perspectives so that they can think critically and develop individual viewpoints. LCPS wants to affirm diverse perspectives by engaging teachers and students in deeper learning around cultural literacy and authentic, challenging problems, including issues of justice and equity,” Byard said.

On its website, the Equity Collaborative argues: “Creating equity requires an understanding of the creation of systemic oppression, as well as the way well-intentioned individuals perpetuate inequities through cultural schema and implicit bias. In order to interrupt biases and inequities, you must understand how human brains learn and grow over time. In this work the brains of both children and adults must be understood and supported. To provide that support, we believe in using a coaching approach as our primary intervention for provoking change and sustaining new practices over time.”


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