Rudy Giuliani Blasts Governor Kemp and Other Top Officials in Georgia for Election Fraud Cover-Up

President Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani on Thursday blasted GA Governor Brian Kemp, and other top Republican officials in the state for attempting to “cover-up” what he called a “crime in plain sight of the entire country.”

Giuliani argued that the governor is “making fools of Georgians” as well as “making fools of Republicans.”

The former New York mayor spoke remotely from home during a hearing in the Georgia House of Representatives on election irregularities.

The legislative hearing followed a senate subcommittee hearing last week at the capitol that similarly discussed allegations of voter fraud in November’s presidential election.

Earlier today, Giuliani left Georgetown Med Star Hospital after being successfully treated for Covid-19.  “I walked in with serious symptoms. I walked out better than ever,” he tweeted.

Giuliani focused his remarks on the viral surveillance video his team released last week showing election workers in Fulton County, Georgia pulling cases of ballots out from under a table. and counting them after sending election observers and the press home.

“You have live from Atlanta, voter fraud right in front of peoples’ eyes—blatant, clear, obvious,” Giuliani proclaimed. “You’d have to be a fool to ignore it, or worse.”

He marveled that “the propagandists at big tech, the big media, [and] the crooked Democrats say no fraud, that it’s debunked,” in the face of the damning evidence.

Giuliani told the Georgia lawmakers that the video has gone viral not only in the United States, but all over the world.

“I get letters and texts about it from all over the world,” he said, from people saying, “‘how can they say there’s no fraud? Look at that woman. Look at them taking those ballots out. Look at them scurrying around with the ballots.'”

He remarked, “they look like they’re passing out dope. It’s quite clear they’re stealing votes.”

Giuliani went on to take some shots against Gov. Kemp and other top officials in Georgia.

“It’s bad enough that the Democratic party is covering it up. It’s absolutely worse that the Republican governor, the Republican lt. governor, and the Republican secretary of State persist in continuing in a cover-up in what is a crime in plain sight—in plain sight of the entire country,” he lamented.  “It’s a disgrace to the people of your state and a disgrace to your political party—that we would stand by and allow this to happen, when it’s so obvious it happened.”

Giuliani stated that the fraud “is right in front of our faces,” but Republican officials in Georgia, including the governor, are denying it.

“He’s making fools of Georgians. He’s making fools of Republicans, and the state legislature has to vindicate the honor of the state of the state of Georgia … because your people were cheated,” he declared, adding, “we know that’s just the tip of the iceberg.”

The former New York mayor explained that his team’s efforts to expose the election fraud go “way beyond” President Trump and Joe Biden because the future of the country is a stake. “If you don’t stop it the first time you catch it is when you go down,” Giuliani warned.

To illustrate the gravity of the current climate in the nation, he pointed out that in just the past year, attacks on constitutional rights such as free speech, and freedom of religion “are being crushed.”

“There’s a censorship being imposed on our nation that’s unheard of. If you say the word fraud, they take you off YouTube,” he noted.

“In a nation like ours you have a right to speak, Giuliani continued. “You even have the right to speak things that are not true. What are we letting happen to ourselves?!” he exclaimed.

Giuliani said that it was up to “the brave, brave people of Georgia, the brave Republicans and Democrats of Georgia” to stand up for the truth.

Trump’s legal team arranged to have the viral video of election night fraud in Fulton County replayed during the hearing.

“Democrat officials first made sure that they got rid of all of the reporters, all of the observers, everybody who couldn’t be trusted,” Giuliani said. “They even used a phony excuse that there was a water main break and cleared out the voting area, and then went about their dirty, crooked business.”

Giuliani pointed out that “similar things were happening” in other Democratic strongholds in the country, including Philadelphia, Detroit, Maricopa County, proving “how concerted this fraud was.”

As she did before the State Senate hearing last week, attorney Jacki Pick narrated the video showing election workers pulling out cases of ballots from under a table.

Pick pointed out that media “fact-checks” “debunking” the video are not only undermined by the sworn affidavits of the election observers, but also the local reporting from election night.  Fact-checkers, she noted, took the word of an official from the Fulton County Board of Elections, who claimed no one was told to go home.

Pick explained that an election worker announced at about 10:00 p.m. that counting had concluded for the night, which meant election observers had no choice but to leave because election law mandates that they leave once election proceedings have concluded for the night.

The county’s election director, Rick Barron, told 11 Alive. that no one told the observers and reporters to leave the banquet room on the night of Nov. 3, and that some poll workers decided to leave after they had finished their shifts.

He also claimed that the staff was only considering ceasing operations for the night.

“I told them not to do that,” Barron told 11 Alive.

Although the counting began again at about 11:15 p.m., Barron alleged that a nonpartisan, state-designated monitor was present when poll workers were scanning ballots just before and after midnight.

“At about 11:15 p.m. they were fully scanning again, and once they were scanning, Carter Jones, the State Election Board monitor, he told me 11:42 or 11:52 p.m. that he arrived,” Barron said. After that, he said, an investigator with the secretary of state’s office monitored the ballot scanning.

Pick noted that “a simple Google search” shows that a spokesperson told ABC, NBC, and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that they were stopping counting for the night.

“This is why they all left. So the press reports contradict the words of the chief investigative officer,” she noted, adding that the chief investigative officer also falsely claimed that they observers could have stayed if they had wanted.

“In fact, under Georgia law, they only have the right to be present during proceedings,” Pick explained. “They do not get to stay after hours and stand guard over the ballots. It would be trespassing at that point.”

She said the Republican observers asked the election spokesperson three times to confirm the status of the ballot count, and she refused to answer—”just as she refused to answer the Atlanta Journal-Constitution when asked, why are you stopping?”

Pick stressed that vote counting is required to open to the public—meaning the press and Republican observers—per Georgia statute. “They cannot do proceedings behind closed doors,” she explained.

Giuliani said that between 12,000 and 24,000 ballots were counted during that highly suspicious time period between 10:30 p.m. on election night to 1:00 a.m. the next morning.





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