GOP Poll Challengers in MI Describe Massive Fraud, Racial Hostility at TCF Center in Detroit

In credible and compelling testimony Wednesday night, a pair of GOP poll watchers in Michigan described what appeared to be coordinated election fraud in the TCF Center on Election night.

Hima Kolanagireddy, an IT expert from India and Andrew Sitto, a 26-year-old college business student, both described suspicious activity such as poll workers feeding ballots into the tabulating machines after they had already been counted and poll workers filling out duplicate ballots to indicate a straight Democrat ticket when the ballots did not reflect that.

According to Kolanagireddy, the poll workers and Democrat poll challengers worked together to bully and intimidate the GOP poll challengers with the goal of blocking them or having them thrown out of the room. She noted that because of her brown skin, she was treated differently than the Republican white males.

President Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani, and Trump Campaign attorney Jenna Ellis joined a Michigan House panel Wednesday to discuss the rampant election irregularities in Detroit surrounding the 2020 election. The hours long hearing lasted well into the night.

Kolanagireddy corroborated IT contractor Mellissa Carone’s blockbuster testimony that poorly trained and/or corrupt election workers were putting batches of ballots through the tabulating machines numerous times, resulting in a massive overcount of the votes.

She said that she was standing behind the tabulator machines, and could tell that the election workers didn’t seem to know what to do when a ballot got jammed, which happened 3 to 4 times an hour. Kolanagireddy explained that many of the workers would recount the whole batch without first discarding the initial count.

“I could clearly tell that some of those people didn’t know how to discard and start again,” she said. “Whether it was intentional or not, I can not witness to that,” she added.

Kolanagireddy went on to say that she witnessed a big stack of ballots that came in with a note that said “Not in EPBS,” which she said meant “not in election poll book or system.”

“I didn’t even know that that can even happen,” she told the lawmakers, adding incredulously, “these people were manually entering it with a birthdate of 1900.”

Kolanagireddy later explained that she eventually realized that these ballots were numbered in perfect sequence, which didn’t make sense because they were absentee ballots that should have come in at different times.

“That’s when my antennae went up,” she said.  Kolanagireddy alleged that there were not even valid dates on the envelopes.

“They said zero dash 2020,” she explained. Moreover, they all came from the same area in downtown Detroit, and the signatures were all the same, Kolanagireddy noted.

She said when she asked election workers about the curious date, they became vey angry with her and said she was not letting them do their job.

Kolanagireddy, who started her own successful IT company, said at that point, she decided to hold back because the workers were getting GOP challengers kicked out for challenging them.

She told the lawmakers that she is a very private person who doesn’t even have a Facebook or Twitter account, but came forward because she knew she had witnessed serious election irregularities.

“All of this fraud that was happening—it was heartbreaking,” she said.

Kolanagireddy made a point of stressing that the “Democratic poll challengers” were only there to harass GOP poll observers, and facilitate the fraud.

“I don’t even call them challengers,” she said. “They were agitators. They were only there with one purpose,” she claimed, and that was “to intimidate the GOP people and get them out.”

She said that as a minority woman, she was automatically assumed to be a Democrat by the corrupt poll workers.  At one point, she overheard a female poll worker singing “get the MFs out.”

The election worker “was targeting white, male Republicans,” Kolanagireddy told the lawmakers, explaining that they would accuse the Republicans of not wearing their masks properly, or not standing six feet away, as a pretense to have them thrown out of the room.

“They were really intimidating all these white people,” she said, adding that she would sometimes step in to defend the Republicans.

Kolanagireddy said as soon as the poll workers realized that, she too, was a Republican, they treated her with hostility.

“I was literally shocked that someone could judge me because of my political affiliation,”  Kolanagireddy said. She said she began to notice that so many Republicans were being escorted out of the room that “we became pretty scarce.”

At that point, she said she decided to get a non-partisan name tag so she could continue to help make sure the right things were being done. Once she had the nonpartisan name tag, the workers were very respectful toward her, and didn’t apply the same rules they applied to Republicans.

The Democratic poll workers’ only job there was to block the GOP challengers from doing their job.

Sitto said that throughout the night that he was observing, he witnessed many employees stealing duplicate ballots.

In Michigan, voters in the military, overseas or with certain disabilities are emailed ballots that clerks have to replicate into the correct ballot format in order to be properly read by the ballot counting machines.

“They would come up to the table of duplicate ballots, grab 3 or 4 duplicate ballots, run back to their table, give one to another person at another table, and never complete a duplicate process,” Sitto alleged. “They would stash the ballots under boxes,” and not complete the process.

“At around 4:30 at night, we had an announcement that a new shipment of ballots were arriving,” he testified, adding that the boxes of ballots were brought in by Daniel Baxter, a former elections director for Detroit, whom Carone has alleged “was in on the whole thing.”

He said that after the shift change at 600 a.m., Baxter said over the intercom, “this is what democracy looks like!” and the whole room cheered.

Sitto told the legislators that of all the duplicate ballots that he saw completed that night, only one of them was for President Trump. Other GOP challengers noticed the same thing, he said.

Sitto went on to state that he and other GOP observers challenged ballots all night long, and those challenges were refused.

“They never issued challenge ballots, there was no track, no remedy, no records, No recording of challenged ballots for the entire night,”  he complained.

Sitto stated that he witnessed poll workers changing duplicate ballots to show a straight Democrat ticket.

“For example, if it was a mixed ticket, bubbles filled in everywhere, I personally eye-witnessed employees taking their pen and filling in the Democrat straight ticket when it’s not,” he testified.

Sitto said he also witnessed poll workers processing “duplicates of duplicate ballots,” for “unknow reasons” which he found “very strange.” All of his complaints to election officials were ignored, he said.

Like Kolanagireddy and Carone, Sitto said he too witnessed poll workers rescanning entire batches when one jammed.

He said that after he left the room that afternoon, poll workers blocked the entire room with coverings and GOP poll challengers prohibited from coming back in purportedly because the room had exceeded Covid capacity.

“Mind you, the entire night, this room was slammed,” Sitto noted. “It looked like the New York stock exchange on its busiest day. And then at 2:00 p.m. after most of the employees have already finished their work, they’re leaving, or have left the room, now they’re placing the Covid capacity rules.”

During the question and answer period, State Rep. Cynthia Johnson (D-Detroit) complained to Committee Chair Matt Hall (R-Marshall) that the witnesses were being allowed to lie.

“You’re allowing people to come in here and LIE! I know they’re lying!,” the liberal Democrat shouted.

Hall stated that lawmakers in Michigan traditionally don’t administer oaths, and told Johnson that she was “out of order.”

“I’ve indulged you, and we’re going to move on,” the committee chair said.

Rudy Giuliani noted on behalf of his witnesses that “every single witness we’ve presented here has sworn an affidavit as to all these facts.”

Kolanagireddy chimed in to have the final word: “Can I say something please? If that is what you want me to do, I will do it. And I will still repeat the exact same thing. And I also want to say one thing, if it is a lie it may change because a liar has to have a lot of memory power. But if it is the truth, you can ask me in the middle of the night and it will still be the same.”

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