Poll Observer: Dem Operative From California Worked at Pima County Polling Place on Election Day to ‘Turn Arizona Blue’

A woman who said she worked as a volunteer poll observer and poll worker in Pima County, Arizona, claimed Monday that a Democrat operative from California worked as a poll observer at her precinct on Election Day as part of an effort to turn the state blue. The operative told her that he had a team lawyers he could call to represent every ineligible voter she turned away.

Anna Orth told Arizona state legislators that she observed election irregularities while she was a poll observer on October 16, and witnessed activity on Election Day that made her uncomfortable, including election officials allowing people to vote who may not have been properly registered to vote.

Members of President Donald Trump’s legal team held the public hearing with Republican members of Arizona’s legislature at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Phoenix, to gather and examine evidence of 2020 election irregularities and fraud in the state.

Orth said that her job as a poll observer on Oct 16 was to oversee the two individuals who were “correcting the problematic ballots.” She explained that the problematic ballots in that room were being duplicated, but when she arrived, she was immediately told that she wasn’t allowed to be there. Overall, she estimated that approximately “2,000 ballots” were duplicated in that room in the five hours she was there.

Orth said she was escorted to an area where ballots were being separated from their envelopes.

“There were 30 to 32 people doing this, and 14 to 17 tables,” she said. Each table was supposed to have one Democrat and one Republican election worker, but not every table had a Republican, Orth noted.

Orth told the legislators that she worked at the polling place in Pima County for 16 1/2 hours and that her job was to handle provisional ballots. Orth said that she heard many complaints from voters who were sent mail-in ballots they never requested and were forced to vote with a provisional ballot on Election Day.

She also testified that she noticed an unusually large number of people voting who had just moved to the area.

“I was having to allow people to vote who literally had just moved here. A large percentage had addresses from two apartment complexes,” Orth told the GOP Arizona State legislators.

Orth noted that “many” of these individuals were “residents for not more than a month.”

The Pima County elections website says people are allowed to vote if they “live within Pima County at least 29 days prior to the general election.”

“We had probably about 40 people in one apartment complex who had moved here from other states that I began to turn away,” Orth said. She said many of the people couldn’t show valid I.D. and had lived in the state for less than a month.

While she was taking a break, Orth said a Democrat poll observer approached her who claimed he was from Los Angeles.

According to Orth, the man said, “we’re here specifically to turn this precinct blue. This is one of our problem ones. I came from another precinct in Maricopa [County].”

He allegedly told her: “I have lawyers on call to contact immediately if they don’t allow people to vote.” She said that he was just one member of a group of Democrat operatives wearing yellow shirts who were working at the precinct that day.

After calling in to the County Recorder’s office hundreds of times to individually approve each provisional ballot, Orth noticed that there was a deciding factor between ‘every vote counts,” and the ballots that the Recorder’s office rejected. It eventually became obvious to her that only Republican ballots were being refused.

Full video of the Arizona hearing below:






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