Morning Greatness: Our Election System Has Been Weaponized

Good Tuesday morning.

Here is what’s on the president’s agenda today:

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Two minutes of hate:

On Monday, a group of Republican lawmakers in Arizona held a hearing about voting “irregularities” in the 2020 election. A parade of witnesses told outrageous stories about being blocked from watching important counting processes, about back rooms where election activities were hidden, about obscenely reckless chain-of-custody behavior, about truckload of ballots being delivered to counting facilities and about improbable mathematical vote occurrences. It was truly a macabre spectacle for those believing our elections are free and fair.

The single most important feature of our elections is that, regardless of the victor, people respect and accept the results. This is why we have things like representative poll watchers and monitors, so all parties involved are confident the voting process was executed in a fair and accurate manner. When security elements are discarded or ignored it merely leaves the voters with suspicions. And conversely, if everyone involved in the election process has legitimacy as their goal, the election safeguards would be respected because more than winning a particular race is the faith participants place in the system. As you can see from this 2020 fiasco, a legitimate election is not the goal and not only is it not the goal, the Republicans have ceded the election integrity space–now operating at the apex of crooked efficiency–entirely over to the left.

The GOP leadership has bought into the lie that every single human being must be able to vote and every person must be able to vote as effortlessly as possible at the expense of election process’s security features. No voter identification, no signature verification, motor voter registration, sending ballots to every name on the cooked up voter rolls (where no name can ever be removed) using voting machines that compute rather than count, are all degrading election security and many of these features materialized with the consent of our “leadership.” What are the consequences for blocking Republican poll watchers and monitors from doing their job? Nothing. Nothing is the consequence. Don’t expect to see people punished or charged criminally for violating the law here.

I sincerely hope that tens of millions of people now realize our elections are corrupted and have been weaponized. “Voting” is just another tool in the left’s arsenal to gain power over their political adversaries. It’s hard to say what the remedy to this machine is, but it doesn’t seem like the ballot box is one of the options.

Election news:
Arizona certifies Biden as election winner, with Wisconsin following hours later
I love this. Sara Haines Says Joe Biden Hiring Women Matters More Than Donald Trump Hiring Women
WUT. Schumer: Hearings for Biden Cabinet picks must start before inauguration
National Review editors bash Trump’s ‘disgraceful conduct since losing’ reelection
Here we go. Justice Department examined Sen. Perdue’s stock trades
Trump campaign lawyer says former cybersecurity chief should be ‘shot’
Oh. Several Now-Former CNN, NBC Analysts Are Going To Work For Biden After Networks Complained Of A ‘Trump-Fox Revolving Door’
Judge Orders GA County to Stop Software Update on Voting Machines
Georgia Republican officials reject Trump’s calls to overturn election results
Wisconsin governor certifies state’s electoral votes for Biden

Coronavirus update:
New York bar declares itself ‘autonomous zone’ to skirt COVID-19 restrictions
Moderna applies for FDA authorization for its Covid-19 vaccine
Could obese Americans get the coronavirus vaccine first?
A record number of flyers traveled over Thanksgiving weekend, despite CDC advice
SOON. Brits who refuse COVID-19 vaccine may be denied entry to restaurants, bars
Pandemic Unemployment Numbers Have Been Inaccurate And Benefits Improperly Distributed, Report Finds
Rand Paul says Fauci owes parents and students an apology over pandemic measures
LA County supervisor visited restaurant after voting for outdoor dining ban: report
‘100% of Americans that want the vaccine will have had the vaccine’ by June, says Operation Warp Speed official
California families sue state over distance learning inequities
LOL. COVID has turned breathing into a deadly event and all of us into potential serial killers
Sen. Chuck Grassley, 87, cleared by doctors to return to work following COVID-19 diagnosis
Resurfaced photo shows Biden press sec Jen Psaki wearing hammer and sickle hat with Russian official
Hundreds Gather to Protest Oregon Gym’s $90,000 Coronavirus Fine
Bar Files to Register as Church to Avoid Coronavirus Lockdown Rules

Protests/riots/Black Lives Matter/crime:
Local BLM Chapters Accuse Movement’s National Arm Of Giving Little To Local Chapters While Reaping Millions
Rashida Tlaib Scrubs Another Anti-Semitic Tweet
Squad member Rashida Tlaib under fire from anti-Semitism watchdog

Other morsels:
San Francisco School District Mulls Dropping Dianne Feinstein’s Name
San Francisco public utilities chief charged with corruption
Top Sanders Aide Accuses Israel of Terrorism
Whole Foods CEO John Mackey Praises Capitalism, Calls Socialism ‘Trickle-Up Poverty’
EU seeks anti-China alliance on tech with Biden
FCC chair Ajit Pai will step down day Joe Biden is inaugurated
Another mysterious monolith appears — in Romania
First blood test to help diagnose Alzheimer’s goes on sale

And that’s all I’ve got, now go beat back the angry mob!

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