IT Contractor Who Worked With Dominion on Election Day in Detroit: ‘What I Witnessed at the TCF Center Was Complete Fraud’

A freelance IT worker who was contracted to assist Dominion Voting Systems at the TCF Center in downtown Detroit on Election Day testified Tuesday that everything she witnessed there pointed to fraud.

The Michigan Senate Oversight Committee held a hearing to discuss the problematic vote-counting operations in Detroit. The Trump campaign did not participate in the hearing.

Mellissa Carone said she worked with Dominion vice president and co-owner Nick Ikonomakis, as well as a Dominion staffer named  “Samuel.” Her affidavit is here.

Carone testified that she worked at the TCF Center from 6:15 a.m. on November 3 to 4:00 a.m. on November 4, 2020. She went home to get a few hours sleep and worked again at the TCF Center from
10:00 a.m. until 1:45 p.m. on November 4.

Carone stated that she was initially scheduled to work at the Department of Elections, which was not a vote-counting center, even though she was trained to work with the election equipment and tabulators.  The IT worker said she backed out when she was told she would have to park a long distance away and be bused in.

“There was something going on at that Department of Elections, and it’s clearly something that’s very illegal that occurred there. I am grateful to God that I did not go there,” she said.

Instead, Carone worked all day at the TCF Center, where she saw plenty of suspicious activity.

“What I witnessed at that TCF Center was complete fraud,” she told the Michigan state senators.

“The whole 27 hours I was there, there were batches of ballots being rammed through the tabulating machines numerous times, being counted 8 to 10 times,” Carone said. “I watched this with my own eyes. I was there to assist with IT.”

She added that the ballot counters at the TCF Center had no training and had “absolutely no idea what they were doing.”

Carone stated that she believed Daniel Baxter, a special project election consultant for the Detroit Department of Elections, “was in on the whole thing,” as were at least 90 percent of the poll workers. “They were allowed to do whatever they wanted to do,” she said.

She remarked that she didn’t see a single vote for President Trump during the entire 27 hours she had worked at the TCF Center. “Not a single ballot,” Carone exclaimed. “That is scary.”

Carone stressed that the Dominion people “were very, very secretive and very pushy.”

“I was not allowed to wear a badge or tell anyone who I was working for,” she testified.

Carone said that because she did not disclose that she was a Republican to the Dominion crew, she was privy to their conversations.

“The comments they were making were disgusting,” she told the senators.

Carone told the state senators that on Election Day, Samuel disappeared for about three hours in the afternoon after there was a big data loss at the TCF Center.

Upon his return, she said she asked him where he’d gone.

Samuel told her that he had gone to what they called “the Chicago warehouse,” which she found odd. “There was something very secretive that they were doing,” Carone stressed.

Chicago’s reputation for election corruption is, of course, legendary.

A senator asked Carone why she would be scheduled to work at the Dept. of Elections if she was trained to work on vote tabulators.

“How many people before me testified that they saw people walking in and out of that Dept. of Elections with ballots,” she replied.

Carone said that she received her training on the Dominion voter tabulating machines on Mov. 2nd, the day before the election. She said there were two contract employees at the TCF Center, and three permanent employees of Dominion. One of the permanent employees went by the name of “Danielle,” she said. But the Dominion staffer later told Carone her real name was Chyna.

“She was acting very bizarrely the whole night,” Carone told the State senators. “She’d start crying, she said she couldn’t handle being there.”

“I saw the van come in at 4:30 full of ballots. She left an hour before that. She had someone pick her up,” she said.

Carone testified that she called the FBI on Nov. 5 and reported the suspicious activity she had witnessed on Election Day.

“I spoke with a woman for at least 40 minutes,” she said. “The phone disconnected. She had all my information. She never called me back … I haven’t been called back since.”

Carone said the fact that she was scheduled to work on voting machines at the Dept. of Elections “is coming out,” and there would be more coming out about it next week.

“I was not even supposed to talk about that,” she said.

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