Morning Greatness: Biden Fractures Foot Playing with his Dog

Good Monday morning.

Here is what’s on the president’s agenda today:

  • The president has lunch with the Vice President

Two minutes of hate:

At some point over the weekend, former Veep Joe Biden allegedly fell and injured his foot while playing with one of his dogs. (Maybe someone in the media should ask the Pet Psychic about this?) The media doesn’t seem nearly as interested in Biden’s health as they were in Trump’s health which is odd since Biden appears frail, he is older than Trump and has a medical history peppered with serious medical conditions. Who remembers one of the greatest press conferences in the history of the United States, the press conference with Dr. Ronnie Jackson taking questions about the results of Trump’s physical examination? All the curiosity we saw that that presser has just evaporated. Alas, it turns out that Biden has some hairline fractures in his foot.

Speaking of the media, we learned yesterday that former VP “Biden” will have a press office full of ladyfolk. OMG U GUYZ! But the media really doesn’t care about women running the comms shop because they treated Sarah Sanders, Alyssa Farah, Stephanie Grisham and Kaleigh McEnany like garbage but they are swooning over this bold move by “Biden.” Never forget, the left doesn’t believe the ideas it shoves down your throat.

Derp state spook John Brennan had a rough weekend after he learned that his comrade, Iran’s chief nuclear scientist, was assassinated. Sorry for your loss.

The EU condemned the murder and the New York Times wants you to know that Iran’s nukes were for “peaceful purposes.”

Finally, according to political tabloid The Daily Beast, Trump considers launching his 2024 campaign during Biden’s inauguration.

According to three people familiar with the conversations, the president, who refuses to acknowledge he lost the 2020 election as he clearly did, has not just talked to close advisers and confidants about a potential 2024 run to reclaim the White House but about the specifics of a campaign launch. The conversations have explored, among other things, how Trump could best time his announcement so as to keep the Republican Party behind him for the next four years. Two of these knowledgeable sources said the president has, in the past two weeks, even floated the idea of doing a 2024-related event during Biden’s inauguration week, possibly on Inauguration Day, if his legal effort to steal the 2020 election ultimately fails.

What would get more viewership, Biden’s inauguration or a Trump 2024 announcement?

Election update:
Biden still ahead as Wisconsin completes recount; certification deadline looms
Trump: ‘I’m ashamed that I endorsed’ Kemp in Georgia
VIDEO: Trump Supporters Rally Outside GA Secretary of State’s Home
Cornyn spokesman: ‘Zero chance’ Neera Tanden will be confirmed to head Biden’s OMB
Cornyn on Biden aides’ undisclosed ties: ‘The Senate is not obligated to confirm anyone who hides this information’
Sen. David Perdue mocks Jon Ossoff for eating vegan burger
Kamala Harris slammed for tweet sucking up to small businesses after bailing out rioters
Joe Biden Gun Control Proposal Could Bankrupt Firearms Industry

Coronavirus news:
Don’t want to frighten people, but we may see ‘surge upon surge’: Fauci
British hospitals could get first coronavirus vaccine doses next week
Surgeon General makes plea: Wearing a mask ‘will protect my mother’
NFL fines Saints, Patriots for COVID-19 violations, investigating two other teams
United Airlines Flight Carrying First Doses Of Pfizer Vaccine Arrives In Chicago As Part Of Distribution Plan
New York City public elementary schools to reopen in-person

Riots/protests/Black Lives Matter/crime:
Gunman ambushes police, sparks hours-long standoff at Minnesota apartment complex
Portland Police Cruiser Burns In Suspected Arson
Mississippi police say 11 injured in biker bar mass shooting

Other morsels:
Cyberattack shuts Baltimore schools for two days
Trump Questions Status Of The Durham Probe, Says Carter Page’s Lawsuit Against FBI And DOJ Is ‘Good News’
Trump Asks Supreme Court To Keep Illegal Immigrants Out Of Redistricting
‘Junk’ science! River otter penis bones weakened by pollution, study says
New group ‘Freedom Force’ vows to be GOP answer to AOC’s ‘Squad’
Mysterious monolith ‘disappears’ from remote Utah desert
Nigel Farage Saves Two Migrants from Drowning in English Channel
Celebrity-Backed Time’s Up Spent Big on Executive Salaries, Little on Victims of Sexual Harassment

And that’s all I’ve got, now go beat back the angry mob!

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