China Weaponizes Wokeness Against The West

Most Americans probably missed a bizarre event at the United Nations this month. 

At a U.N. Human Rights Council review on November 9, China joined several other nations in condemnation of America’s alleged racism and xenophobia. These nations included Western states like Australia and Switzerland, as well as well-known human rights respecters like Iran and Syria. China’s representative on the council, Jiang Duan, offered nine recommendations to the United States. All the points appeared plagiarized from Black Lives Matter.

  1. Root out systemic racism, address widespread police brutality and combat discrimination against African and Asian Americans.
  2. Urge politicians to respect people’s right to life and right to health, and stop politicizing and stigmatizing the COVID-19 pandemic.
  3. Take holistic measures to eliminate rich-poor polarization and social inequality.
  4. Combat the increasingly severe religious intolerance and xenophobic violence.
  5. Stop incarcerating migrants, including migrant children, and guarantee the rights of migrants.
  6. Address proliferation of guns and guarantee people’s right to life.
  7. Lift unilateral coercive measures immediately and refrain from infringing upon human rights of people of other countries.
  8. Stop torture in anti-terrorist operations, halt military intervention in other countries and stop killing civilians in military operations.
  9. Stop interfering, out of political purposes, in other countries’ internal affairs under the pretext of human rights.

China tells us to embrace open borders, neuter police, enact racial wealth redistribution, impose gun control, and eradicate our “racist” heritage to achieve a perfect human rights record. The Communist state has a . . . well, let’s call it a less than stellar human rights record. It’s a little hard to take seriously on this matter a state that operates actual concentration camps, but it’s also difficult to take the U.N. as anything other than an expensive joke. It’s an organization that does little to stop actual human rights abuses while lecturing Western nations on proper gender pronouns and the mythical wage gap.

As should be obvious to any person with a room temperature IQ, China does not actually care about “systemic racism.” Neither does it care about Donald Trump’s tough immigration policies. It just uses these common left-wing tropes to deflect from its own human rights abuses. Point nine gives China’s game away. The ChiComs just want America to butt out of their affairs; they hope wokeness proves an effective weapon to accomplish that. 

Our chief global adversary is beginning to learn that wokeness may prove a valuable tool to undermining American power. China formally endorsed Black Lives Matter this summer. Yet even then, the Chinese fumbled this response. One government spokesman said “all lives matter,” which infuriated left-wing activists. The same spokesman had earlier tweeted “I can’t breathe” in response to George Floyd’s death. The Chinese aren’t fully up to date with woke demands, but the UN list shows they’re learning quickly. 

At the same time, the Chinese actively suppress ethnic minorities and BLM at home. But that doesn’t matter to their propaganda goal. Many western liberals will likely fall for this nonsense if it means they can own Trump, conservatives, or “racists.” Many liberals and media outlets turned into enthusiastic China cheerleaders during the coronavirus outbreak just to stick it to Trump. The same could easily happen if China continues to “clap back” at America’s alleged “systemic racism” and police violence.

There will likely come a day when Chinese representatives point to police shootings, slavery, lynchings, or some other American sin when asked about their concentration camps and ethnic cleansing. The ChiComs will say America is far worse due to these crimes and our media will prove helpless to rebut these accusations. BLM claims America’s sins are worse than those of any other country; our liberals and journalists will never dispute that. Thus, China could easily come out looking like the real human rights champion thanks to our own ideological insanities.

Wokeness is a vulnerability to America and the West. French President Emmanuel Macron, of all people, understands this. He recently accused English-language media of “legitimizing violence” against France with arguments that the nation’s “racism” and “Islamophobia” is responsible for Islamic terrorism, not the jihadis themselves. Macron’s education minister attacked intersectionality—a product of left-wing American universities—for encouraging Islamist separatism and undermining French values.

Like China, al-Qaeda and ISIS have also shown support for BLM. America’s enemies get that wokeness is a weakness and love to exploit for their own advantage. 

Wokeness is a threat to our national security and it’s about time our elites recognized this.

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