It’s a Republic, No?

Imagine Joe Biden on Election Night enjoyed scorching leads in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Georgia, his election all but confirmed. Now imagine, in the dead of morning, huge injections of votes—some batches of which inconceivably favor Donald Trump—then dissolve Joe Biden’s clear path to the White House. 

For some strange reason unbeknownst to you, the counting stops in Philadelphia, Milwaukee, Detroit, and Atlanta. Upon the restart, Joe Biden’s comfortable leads melt amid wave upon wave of ballots marked “Donald Trump.” 

Imagine then the mainstream media ignoring these questionable happenings, cajoling Biden to concede, parading Trump as president-elect without, as they know, having the authority to do so. 

Imagine Biden’s calls for every legal vote to count being derided as the wails of a sore loser. Any discrepancy out of tune with the media narrative marked on social media as disputed or false. 

Imagine the Biden campaign’s lawyers had presented what seems at least plausible evidence of voting fraud and improprieties, backed by sworn affidavits from those under threat of perjury and jail. 

If Joe Biden appeared to have narrowly lost amid mounting claims of skullduggery and visible irregularities, any and all alleged impropriety would be plastered across paper and pixel. Every dissenting voice, however incredible, elevated to gospel.

The commentariat would toggle between the hysterical and the sober. The hysterical would scream “stolen election!” The sober would suggest the myriad of statistical curiosities and the claims of Joe Biden’s lawyers deserve examination. There would be rational calls for audits and recounts. America is, after all, the world’s foremost democracy in which everything hinges on the legitimacy of one’s vote. 

Of course, all that would make sense in a healthy republic, not one rent in half, with each “side” impervious to the other, no matter how credible their claims. 

For all the recent talk of a “banana republic,” it seems America has at least temporarily achieved that status. Just 41 percent of Americans are sure Joe Biden is the rightful winner of the 2020 presidential election. 

Rasmussen asked 1,000 Americans: “How likely is it that Democrats stole votes or destroyed pro-Trump ballots in several states to ensure Biden would win?” 

Half said it was not likely. Forty-seven percent said it was likely. Just 41 percent are sure, insisting it is not at all likely. Ominously, 36 percent think it’s “very likely” Democrats stole the election from President Trump. 

These figures match those of countries we could term “banana republic.” In developing nations, almost half perceive elections as theaters of skullduggery, bribery, intimidation, and corruption. Across the African continent, just 44 percent say they trust the honesty of their elections either somewhat or a lot. 

Remarkably, that Rasmussen poll found 30 percent of Democrats think it was very (20 percent) or somewhat (10 percent) likely the election was stolen from President Trump, while 75 percent of Republicans have either strong or tepid suspicions. 

Again, the legacy media’s depiction of reality is not that of the public it feigns to reflect. While the media coronates Joe Biden as president-elect, one-third of Americans say President Trump should not concede. 

The same media which amplified every sinew of the debunked Russia collusion theory is now incurious to any deviation from its narrative. On Thursday, Rudy Giuliani presented what seems to be at least credible evidence of substantial voting fraud. 

From the RNC headquarters, in Washington, D.C., President Trump’s legal team presented what it says amounts to a stolen election. Both Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell outlined a case with evidence it would seem far more credible than the Steele dossier, the Russia collusion nonsense, President Trump’s taxes, or any of the other media “bombshells” of the last four years. 

In gist, Giuliani suggested that Democrats got desperate. In Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin, Trump’s leads were unbreakable, spurring a campaign to wipe those leads out via crude and detectable methods. 

Trump’s team claims Democrats electronically manipulated the vote in those four states, in a manner so desperate it left too large an imprint to not invite suspicion. 

They claimed that counting stopped in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona, and Nevada in the middle of the night, only to resume hours later with huge injections of Biden votes swaying the results and the White House his way. 

They say they can back up these claims of skullduggery with sworn affidavits from involved parties. Yes, these are some tremendous claims. 

Rather than consider any of this, the alphabet media’s “elite” journalists discussed with Aspergic curiosity whether Giuliani’s hair dye had run down the sides of his face, dismissing his claims as the mutterings of a madman. 

Indeed, all of this could amount to nothing. It is plausible that Americans voted to bolster Republicans in the House and Senate and declined another four years of Donald Trump. Those mid-morning vote dumps could be the mail-in ballots we’ve heard so much about. There could be reasonable explanations for these many disputes—which is the point—lost on the legacy media. Rather than a subversion of democracy, the legal disputes are an affirmation of democracy.

Nobody should have to point out the merits of ensuring the election of the leader of the free world should be without reasonable doubt or suspicion. Or that one’s vote, in the world’s only superpower, and its greatest civilization, counts. 

Nobody should have to point out that a country where just 41 percent of its citizens have complete faith in its elections is heading toward disaster. 

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