Morning Greatness: Bonanza of Election Peculiarities Surface

Good Wednesday morning.

Here is what’s on the president’s agenda today:

  • The president has no public events scheduled.


Two minutes of hate:

Yesterday in Georgia, approximately 3,000 votes were found that had not been included in the current vote tally. The votes broke in Trump’s favor and the updated tally decreases Biden’s lead by 500. This discovery was in addition to the memory card found yesterday that had 2600 uncounted votes.

“They just didn’t scan these ballots, or the card was not put through properly,” said Georgia voting system manager Gabriel Sterling. “Obviously the secretary and our whole office is perturbed, to say the least, that this was allowed to happen in that county.”

Moving over to Wayne County (Detroit), Michigan we have a real peculiar situation. The Board of Canvassers had originally voted 2-2 along party lines to certify the county’s election results, meaning the results could not be certified. But suddenly, the Republicans reversed course and agreed to certify.

After hours of angry responses from Wayne County residents, the change in course was approved by the two Republican and two Democratic canvassers with the demand that the Secretary of State’s office conduct a ‘comprehensive audit’ of precincts with unexplained out-of-balance tallies,” the Detroit News reported.

WXYZ said the board “voted to certify the results under the stipulation that Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson does a comprehensive audit of the election in the county.”

Were the Republican members threatened?

“Just know when you try to sleep tonight, that millions of people around the world now on Twitter know the name Monica Palmer and William Hartmann,” he said, referring to the two Republican canvassers, “as two people completely racist and without an understanding of what integrity means or a shred of human decency. The law’s not on your side. History won’t be on your side, he declared.”

The county voting was a hot mess. Absentee ballot poll books at 70% of Detroit’s 134 absentee counting boards were found to have unexplained discrepancies, such as mismatches varying from one to more than four votes, according to the Detroit News.

Do you believe there will be a comprehensive audit as promised? I don’t. It all stinks to high heaven.

Now hopping over to California, authorities announced a 41-count criminal complaint against two men, one on the ballot in the mayor’s race, for submitting THOUSANDS of fake voter registration applications.

Carlos Antonio DeBourbon Montenegro and Marcus Raul Arvelo allegedly submitted over 8,000 registration applications on behalf of homeless people over a 4-month period, the New York Post reported. Montenegro also faces perjury charges for forging voter information on his own paperwork to get on the ballot.

The men reportedly registered the voters then allegedly used Montenegro’s home address and 3 post office boxes to collect their mail-in ballots and paperwork, according to the Post.

Absolutely amazing. “I think that this is an example of how the system is supposed to work, that if you see something and something is suspect, you report it and we investigate it,” Dean Logan, LA County’s top election official, said. “In this case, it was stopped before any harm to the election could happen.”

Election integrity you say?

Election news:
New York Times previously sounded alarm on how easily electronic voting machines can be hacked
Biden Covid advisers say transition delay hurts pandemic prep beyond vaccines
46 percent of voters say Trump should concede immediately: poll
LOL. Trump team looks to box in Biden on foreign policy by lighting too many fires to put out


Protest/riots/Black Lives Matter/crime:
Black Lives Matter leaders talk next steps in lobbying Biden-Harris administration
Ilhan Omar Likens Trump Rallies to ‘Klan Rallies’
Anti-government Florida man shot dead by fellow ‘sovereign citizen’

Coronavirus update:
FDA authorizes first rapid Covid-19 self-testing kit for at-home diagnosis
Dolly Parton donated $1 million to help fund promising Moderna COVID-19 vaccine
900 Mayo Clinic staffers diagnosed with COVID-19 over last two weeks
Pfizer completes safety review for COVID-19 vaccine, will apply for FDA approval
Feinstein, Who Pushed For Nationwide Mask Mandate, Seen Maskless In Public
LA County announces new COVID-19 restrictions, including business curfew
Maryland tightens COVID-19 restrictions amid massive case surge
Oregon governor officially orders new coronavirus restrictions
‘The public has not listened’: Nursing home cases surge to all-time high as COVID-19 sweeps US
Cuomo blames drug companies, President Trump for speedy COVID-19 vaccines
Pence spox debunks Huffington Post reporter who claimed VP, Karen Pence didn’t wear masks at SpaceX launch
DOJ scrutinizes Louisiana prison’s handling of COVID-19 spread


Other morsels:
Josh Hawley Confronts Mark Zuckerberg with Evidence of Internal Facebook Censorship Tool
BYE. DHS official Chris Krebs tweets after being fired
Petition circulating at Harvard to stop former Trump administration officials from attending, teaching or speaking at the university
Trumps to spend Thanksgiving at White House instead of traveling to Florida
Dem Rep Bill Pascrell Calls For Investigation Of Members Of The Trump Administration For ‘Innumerable Crimes Against The United States’
Prisoners Have Died Due To Inadequate Mental Health Services In Massachusetts Prisons, DOJ Finds
Trump seeks final stamp on drug prices with sweeping rule
Rapper Lil Wayne charged with federal gun offense in Florida
Donald Trump Reverses Cancellation of ‘Wreaths Across America’ Event at Arlington Cemetery


And that’s all I’ve got, now go beat back the angry mob!

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