Two Counties in Georgia Find Thousands of Missing Ballots, Netting Trump Over 1,200 Votes

For the second time in two days, a county in Georgia has discovered through the vote audit a memory card with thousands of votes that had not been counted in the state’s system. In both cases, the majority of the votes were for President Donald Trump, netting him a total of 1,240 votes.

Georgia is conducting a hand retally of the nearly 5 million ballots cast in the state on Nov. 3. It is reportedly the largest audit in the country’s history to be conducted by hand.

Monday  night, election officials found about 2,600 votes in Floyd Country that had not been counted. The discovery netted President Trump about 800 more votes.

GA Secretary of State official Gabriel Sterling told 11Alive News on Tuesday that another large batch of ballots was discovered in Fayette County.

“There were votes that had been scanned and were on a memory card, but the issue was that they hadn’t been uploaded,” 11Alive News reported. “He said it was more easily discoverable than the issue in Floyd County, because they were able to see that the number of people who were checked in on the early voting file in Fayette was higher than the number of people there was in the county’s reported vote total.”

Sterling said in Floyd County, “there was literally a box of ballots sitting off to the side no one had noticed.”

Election officials found about 2,755 votes on the memory card in Fayette County, netting President Trump about 440 votes.

Biden now leads Trump by 12,929 votes in the state.

Later Tuesday, Sterling said there may be a missing memory card with about 224 votes in Walton County and that officials are trying to figure out the discrepancy. GA GOP Chairman David Shafer said the president will pick up votes in Walton County, as well.

As of Tuesday afternoon, about 81 counties were still working to finish their hand counting to complete the audit.


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