Geezer in the Freezer

With Thanksgiving canceled in blue America—California, Illinois, Michigan, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island et al.—let’s move on to Christmas, or as Democrats who hate the First Amendment like to call it, the Holiday Season.

You know, it’s that magical time of the year when the Elf on the Shelf brings messages to Elsa and Olaf in socialist Fantiscandinavia. The Grinch—who lives in California’s 12th District—then brings stimulus checks to all the Whos in Whoville.

You won’t be allowed to care for people you actually know this year. The infection is far too dangerous for generous affection. The forlorn relatives, the lonely neighbor down the street, part of the furniture in normal loving households at Thanksgiving and Christmas, will just have to hold off committing suicide for another year.

In blue America, it is a time of year to push your acts of charity outward to people you don’t know. Or as C.S. Lewis’ Screwtape—the underworld mastermind—advises his new mentee, the Democratic Party:

Do what you will, there is going to be some benevolence, as well as some malice, in your patient’s soul. The great thing is to direct the malice to his immediate neighbours whom he meets every day and to thrust his benevolence out to the remote circumference, to people he does not know. The malice thus becomes wholly real and the benevolence largely imaginary.

‘Tis the season for weeping over shelter dogs, virtue-signaling on Instagram, and hating your neighbor who voted for Trump. It’s a time for eating a turkey with your life partner and your cat, while dopamine-surfing social media at the table. Never mind that your widower uncle lingers over a plate of carry-out and mulls leaving on the gas when he goes to bed. Your parents, isolated in assisted living, pray the grim reaper arrives in time for the New Year’s festivities.

The kids will be getting a long holiday, though. Why should anyone care whether remote learning is ineffective? You are a good person who has confronted your unconscious bias. Using your own children as pawns to demonstrate your virtue is part of saving lives. It’s progress, right? The data that children rarely transmit COVID-19 is misinformation spread by ignoramuses. What good people do is make lists of Trump supporters, who, frankly, should be the ones doing the dying.

Indeed, in an important sense they are. A recent Brookings Institute publication reports that Biden-voting counties equal 70 percent of America’s economy. Not only do Democrats have the upper-hand when it comes to virtue-signaling, their vacuity is backed up by money: they take more than two-thirds of the income of the United States economy. Their inane protestations notwithstanding, the Democratic Party is the party of the rich, who are sucking the cream from a debtor economy propped up by the oil market’s denomination in dollars.

Democrats heartlessly say this data confirms that Trump voters are simply losers, that they have been left behind for want of an education and a willingness to adapt. They didn’t learn to code. They better get cracking, too, because the Green New Deal is ending fossil fuels and manufacturing when Democrats finally get the keys to the White House.

There is a lot more going on in these numbers, too. The data illustrate that the Democrats and GOPe  policies on trade and immigration have, as Trump supporters have warned in the plainest terms in petitioning their government, undercut the value of unskilled and semi-skilled labor. The offshoring of manufacturing and the unwillingness to protect domestic markets from foreign laborers, who have radically different indifference curves for work, have all but destroyed what was once the most vibrant middle class in the world. 

The basic theme of the first Trump Administration has been to reverse this catastrophe before the absence of a middle class closes off the possibility of republican government altogether. The policies of the Trump administration have been: 1) to reduce of immigration to shore up the bargaining power of labor; 2) to relax regulation to increase manufacturing and drive up middle-class wages; 3) to reform international trade to discourage arbitrage of labor costs; 4) to end foreign wars that burden the middle class with the fighting; and 5) to restore civic friendship through patriotism. 

Democrats oppose all of this. They favor supporting financial and tech plutocracy, and the related technocracy and celebrity. Democrats favor choosing immigration over domestic labor, coddling global capital at the expense of domestic wages, promoting foreign “humanitarian” war (a perverted oxymoron), and promising to mitigate the impact of these disastrous policies with social welfare dependency. Most of all, they hate America.

As of today, 11 whole days have passed since an election in which key counties stopped counting ballots. This normally is taken as a signal of election fraud, as is abnormal turnout. Signals merit investigation. Given what’s at stake for the country—and the past refusal of the Democrats to accept his legitimacy—is it any wonder that President Trump has insisted on testing the strange election results in court?

Presumptuous partisan Joe Biden’s transition has been put on ice. He is not the “president-elect.” States have not certified, and electors have not cast ballots. The litigation continues. Joe Biden, the oldest man ever to claim to be elected president, is this year’s Christmas secularization gimmick, the Geezer in the Freezer. He is surveilling your home, controlling the information you can read on social media, flying off to his basement each night to take notes on his socialist agenda between naps, until, he hopes, he can welcome the coming of a new deep state regent—I mean president—Kamala Harris. 

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About Jay Whig

Jay Whig is an adjunct fellow of the Center for American Greatness. Whig practices law in New York and a resides in Connecticut, specializing in insolvency and restructuring. Opinions are his own.

Photo: Joe Raedle/Getty Images