Joe Biden, Candidate of Lies

Joe Biden launched his entire campaign on the back of the most pernicious lie in American public life—the “very fine people” hoax, the myth that President Trump praised violent bigots in Charlottesville three years ago. Even a cursory examination of the actual transcripts and unedited video clips of that infamous August 2017 Trump Tower press conference reveals that the president explicitly and clearly excluded hateful actors from his “both sides” designation. 

On that occasion, and on many others subsequently, Trump declared: I’m not talking about the neo-Nazis and white nationalists because they should be condemned totally.” 

Even though “condemned totally” leaves zero room for interpretation, Joe Biden launched his presidential campaign on the baseless foundation of this corrosive calumny. Biden claimed that the Charlottesville controversy compelled his candidacy. Biden continued with this lie throughout the campaign, meeting no protest from the Democrats’ compliant media. 

In the final weeks of the campaign, after Vice-President Mike Pence admirably assailed the hoax in a powerful and concise prosecution at the vice-presidential debate against Kamala Harris, Biden finally seemed to drop that chestnut from his repertoire. Let’s hope the lie remains in the political grave, where it belongs. 

Certainly, we know that minority Americans increasingly wholly reject the conclusions of those peddling the lie. After all, Trump’s Election Day totals reveal the largest minority vote for any Republican president in 60 years. 

Trump’s surge among Hispanics was especially notable, with the president capturing 47 percent of the Hispanic vote in Florida, per CBS News, a key pillar of Trump’s massive 373,000-vote victory in the Sunshine State. So the very people the Left would have us believe Trump wishes to target, resoundingly rejected Buden’s slanders.

Unfortunately, Biden’s willingness to use race as a cudgel to achieve political power has a long history. 

For years, Biden huddled with segregationist Democrats when he thought it suited his Senate career. Then, as Barack Obama’s vice president, he switched sides to become a full-on racially obsessed agitator, constantly assailing our country as systemically racist. In fact, Biden’s tenure as vice president oversaw a marked deterioration in race relations in America, in no small part because he and his boss regularly inflamed racial division. 

Polling tells the tale. When Biden took office as vice president in 2008, fully 66 percent of Americans regarded race relations as good, according to New York Times/CBS News polling. But by the time Biden left the White House eight years later, the popular assessment had flipped, with 69 percent of Americans reporting race relations as poor. So much for Biden as a “healer.”

Since Biden began his campaign on a fallacious premise, it is fitting, in a sense, that he now finishes his race propagating another giant myth: that he is the “president-elect.” 

Yes, Biden earns the coronation of corporate media stooges with the pompous election calls. But far away from the newsrooms of New York and the Georgetown salons of D.C. lobbyists, our country continues to count votes in incredibly tight races. 

Evidence grows of substantial irregularities, with daily announcements of software failures and whistleblower-substantiated fraud allegations. 

In addition, the statistical evidence, while not ipso facto conclusive, increasingly casts enormous doubt upon the numbers as presently accounted. The highly improbable nature of Biden’s outsize, anomalous returns in exactly the “right” places, compels a thorough audit of these ballots and procedures. For all of these reasons, the Trump campaign continues to seek redress aggressively in the courts, filing a flurry of material suits across the country. 

Unlike the agitators of the Left, when we believe we have been wronged in the political process, we organize, persuade, peacefully protest, and head to court. Shops in cities across America were boarded up in fear that a Trump win would incite a very different reaction from the nihilists of the 2020 Democratic Party. 

Here’s the thing: those store operators still cannot rest easy, because President Trump still has a clear shot at winning this battle for election integrity. 

Joe Biden makes this potential situation much worse by haughtily assuming for himself the title of president-elect. He has not won anything, and highly contentious days lie ahead as we wrestle with the truth of these election returns. 

Unfortunately, corporate media gleefully assist their preferred candidate in promoting this clear lie, asking us to simply accept that the election is decided. At least Joe does show some consistency. He began his candidacy with a grand lie and he’s finishing with one, too. 

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About Steve Cortes

Steve Cortes is the founder of the League of American Workers. He formerly served as a senior advisor to President Trump, and a broadcaster with Fox News, CNBC, and CNN.

Photo: Noam Galai/Getty Images