Claim: Women’s Maiden Names Used In Voter Fraud Scheme Being Called #MaidenGate

An independent group claims that women’s maiden names and the previous legal names of others were used in a scheme to create fake voter registrations and request fraudulent ballots. People are familiar with the idea of dead people voting as a means of vote fraud, but this report claims that it may extend to the use not just maiden names, but also changed names, adoptive names, and divorced names.

They posted details and a detailed explanation of how to check if you or someone else has been a victim at They explain the concept as follows:

“#MaidenGate is a viral hashtag uncovering a peculiar type of abuse in our elections. Some married women vote in one state, under their current name, while someone—a political predator—casts a vote in that same state or a state which the woman previously lived under a previous or maiden name. This same technique may affect adopted persons, the divorced, people who changed their names and/or transgendered persons. The credit is owed to Lauren who discovered her mother was such a victim. Ali Alexander (video) independently verified claims like the one Lauren made are, in fact, true.

We are not looking for individuals who have registrations in multiple states. That’s a problem but not this problem. We are not even looking for individuals who are registered multiple times in the same state. Again, a problem but not the scope of this problem. We are looking for individuals who voted in this election (or chose not to) but also had another vote cast in a previous legal name of theirs at an address they previously occupied.”

The group behind the website says they have uncovered multiples instances and are seeking to find out if it was widespread.

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