2020 Is the Veteran’s Election

We have been in service to a country run by people who don’t believe in countries.

If you’re reading this and have done a stretch downrange, you probably know this already on some level. (At this point in the game, you probably know it even if you haven’t.) For a long time now, it has been a hard lesson that many of every generation who serves under the Star-Spangled Banner wind up learning. Yet somehow the lesson is lost and forgotten by the time the next war rolls around and the managerial class needs Americans to pay the blood price. 

I suppose we grow content in the peace after our time of trial, wanting only to surround ourselves with home and family and visions of prosperity and plenty, free from the hardships we’d known. Perhaps there are grand designs burning a hole in our hearts revolving around the love of a sweetheart or ambitions involving the GI Bill, or maybe doing something as simple as my Paw-Paw wanted to after his war: “move off back in the woods so far they gotta pump in daylight.” 

I wonder if coming to grips with this knowledge was as hard for you as it was for me. I was born and raised in Oklahoma and my family has been putting sweat in the dirt of this country somewhere or another since before the Founding. And we have fought in its wars. Willingness to serve our country, should it call, has been a part of my family’s culture as I’m sure it has for many of you. Whatever our grievances with the politicians of the day, if push came to shove, we would fight. 

Over the course of my life though, I came to see the things my family loved or believed attacked from every corner by those who shape the opinions and agenda of this country. As a college student in the back half of the 1990s, it seemed to reach a fevered pitch with what was becoming known as “political correctness,” but I soon enlisted and was too busy learning the world of the infantryman to devote much time to thinking about it, and it became merely an inchoate frustration. Returning from my second deployment would change that.

As those who fought in the early years of the “War on Terror” will remember, there had been a great deal of ire directed at the Bush Administration. (Rightfully so, in my opinion). I noticed around the time of the 2004 election, however, the narrative began to shift from President Bush to Red Staters as a whole. While at Walter Reed, I remember reading a particularly vicious editorial reprinted from the The Stranger and variations of its theme threaded through the media: people like my family were standing in the way of Utopia and were no longer worthy of representation as a constituency.

After a time spent traveling, I had hoped to serve again in some capacity despite my reservations and found my way back to the university. It soon became apparent that for the people on the other side of the curriculum, the post-World War II world had grown much too small and the stakes far too high for the continued existence of countries and their delusions of sovereignty, and it was the role of all enlightened people to foster institutions of global governance in their stead. 

It was all spelled out in black and white, available for all to see, and had been since before I was born. The future was to be a borderless world in which people, money, goods, and services moved unfettered under the custody of an international class of credentialed technocrats, and the United States was to be its prophet. Globalism wasn’t a conspiracy; it was the consensus. It was institutionalized. It was the ethos of those who shaped and implemented policy, whether they be entrenched in academia, business and finance, or government and its bureaucracy, “and if you didn’t like it, you better learn to love it” as the poet said.

With the 2016 election, I was floored to find a candidate running for office who dared to call it by name. America was being betrayed by corrupt and incompetent leaders and looted by scavengers, and by God, that was gonna change. There was to be an end to open-ended wars abroad with vague objectives. American policy, whether on economics or immigration, would be fashioned to benefit actual Americans rather than the nebulous false god of Humanity at large. Whether he was sincere or if he’d make good or not was almost irrelevant. It was worth voting for him, if for no other reason than to put a shot across the bow of globalists.

The years since then have been a parade of funhouse mirrors with one grotesque caricature or farce after another portrayed to us by a hostile media driven mad with their diminishing loss of control over the proles. The usual suspects trot out their “experts” and act out an almost vaudeville routine to try and seduce the world with what we later discover to be half-truths if not outright lies. 

What has happened with this year’s election, however, is beyond the pale. 

First there was the sudden freeze in counting within the battleground states followed by the late night drops of pro-Biden votes in statistically impossible ratios that put Third World dictators to shame. 

Then there was the dead apparently rising en masse to vote, the removal of Republican poll watchers, the senile Biden receiving a higher percentage of votes in the states that had stopped counting than his predecessors Hillary Clinton or President Obama had at the height of their popularity. We saw tech leader Mark Zuckerberg contributing millions for polling locations and drop boxes in the battleground states that saw the drastic spike in Biden votes. 

The very address of the Biden-Harris transition team website is based on the same slogan espoused by “The Great Reset” advocated by the globalist World Economic Forum. And we know there was a gathering this summer of high-ranking Democrat and NeverTrump operatives to war-game options for removing President Trump and the unfolding of events in suspicious lockstep with “color revolution” tactics used abroad. Reports of voting fraud continue to pour in, and if we saw or read of such things happening in other countries we’d call it corruption and everyone knows it.

In their obsession to oust the orange monster in their minds, the aspiring global managerial class has crossed a line and this demands a response.

When we enter the service, we swear an oath to “defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies both foreign and domestic.” What does that mean though when the majority of those on the other side of that oath see it merely as a means to manipulate your sense of honor or love of country? What does it mean when that constitution no longer describes the way power really works in America now, or fails to address the international networks of patronage that truly dictate policy today? How do concepts like treason even apply when almost the entire political class (and especially those who teach them) ceased to believe in nations long ago and have elected instead to offer up what remains on the altar of a utopia that will never come?

We have been betrayed and it’s time to stop tolerating it.

We can begin by refusing to accept the results of this election as it stands; to call the fraud for what it is and demand those who presume to be our leaders to take action on our behalf. If they truly believe in what can be said to remain of the rule of law and the Constitution, hold them to it and require they support what investigations and hearings are to come. Let them know our loyalty must be returned and cannot be bought. Make it clear that this is our home regardless of what the parasites say in Davos or Harvard or Wall Street or D.C., and we will not be intimidated by bullies, mobs, pretenders, and frauds.

And then we wait . . .

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About Samuel Finlay

Samuel Finlay is the author of Breakfast With The Dirt Cult. He served as an infantryman in Bosnia and Afghanistan.

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