Why Hasn’t Fox News Retracted Its Wrong Call on the House?

Despite what Fox News might think, this election—as it drags ever closer to unreality—is not decided by Fox News. 

On Election Night, Fox News Channel’s decision desk “called the House,” saying Democrats would gain five seats. This happened while Californians were still voting. Why does that matter? Because there are four districts in California that Democrats won from Republicans in 2018 and which Republicans were trying to retake. They are likely to win at least three of them. 

In all, a source close to House Republican leadership says the GOP is likely to go into the next Congress with between 210 and 214 seats. That means they gained 11-14 seats and substantially trimmed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s majority. 

Fox News could not have been more wrong, but they still have not retracted their very wrong, very badly timed call. 

I’m not sure what they think they are doing, nor who think they are, nor whether they know their game is up and they’re enjoying one last spasm of untruth, but Fox News is not the Electoral College, nor is it the Supreme Court. 

According to Fox News, Joe Biden has already won the presidency. Also according to Fox News at 9:30 p.m. Tuesday night, Democrats were all but certain to gain five seats in the House of Representatives. 

Bizarrely, the channel didn’t show its work—they presented the projection, as the saying goes, “without evidence.” 

As it stands, Democrats have won 213 seats. Republicans have won 194 seats, a net gain of five. With 28 races to go, Republicans have flipped at least eight seats from blue to red. 

With outstanding races in New York, California, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Utah, Arizona, and elsewhere, Republicans are optimistic their numbers will hit at least 208 seats. 

Fox News should perhaps visit reality. 

Have they slept since Tuesday night? Is Fox News not privy to the failed-state chaos embarrassing America in the eyes of the world? 

Perhaps they are. And perhaps they know what they are doing. 

If Fox News had any scruples left, it would formally rescind its call, which amounted to little more than voter suppression. 

Democrats would gain at least five seats, said Fox, while Americans were still voting

As it stands, Democrats have lost 10 seats and House Democrats spent three hours on a Zoom call Thursday decrying this ruthless truth. 

During that “emotional conference call” the New York Times reported, “Democrats wept, cursed and traded blame on Thursday during an extraordinary party confab to dissect the disappointing results of this week’s elections, agreeing on little except that they needed a ‘deep dive’ into how they had ended up with painful losses that weakened their House majority instead of the big gains they had boldly predicted.”

In their first conversation since the Blue Mirage, Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) defended the Democrats’ poor showing while fellow Democrats mourned the loss of members with numerous races still undecided. 

It is frankly remarkable that Fox News chooses, in this time of true chaos, to further mangle the commodity in vanishing supply—truth

Anyone with any political sense can see this election will not be settled for weeks, perhaps not even by December 14, when the Electoral College is supposed to meet. The razor-thin margins and reports of skullduggery across a growing list of states tell us that. 

As of Friday morning, most of the major networks have not made a presidential race projection in Arizona because the counting there has not finished. 

Indeed, Fox News called Arizona for Biden on election night while voters there were still lining up outside voting booths. 

As it stands, the Trump campaign believes Arizona will end up in its column—with seven electoral votes when the counting is completed. According to Fox News, however, Biden has already won in Arizona. 

The effect is remarkable. Having heard Biden had already won Arizona, those planning to vote for Trump perhaps called it a night. Which is perhaps what Fox News had in mind all along. What else would it be? 

After all, Fox News didn’t call Florida or any other state in which the president led until it was mathematically impossible not to do so. 

If the fabulists at Fox News had applied their own wisdom to states in which Trump led by healthier margins than Biden had led Arizona, then the network would have announced President Trump the clear winner on election night. 

After all, bookmakers practically did. Prior to Fox News’ erroneous calling of Arizona, bookmakers gave President Trump an 83 percent chance of reelection, considering his seemingly unassailable leads in the battleground states. 

Following that call, President Trump slipped to 60 percent. Then to 50. You know the rest. 

Fox News knew Arizona was pivotal to Trump’s reelection, and that notion for a short time was a psychological certainty until their decision desk called Arizona for Biden.

That decision desk, staffed by statisticians and political wonks, still defends its corrosive projection even though Biden’s lead in the state has shrunk dramatically as counting has gone on.

As it stands, Joe Biden might lose Arizona, given the margins from outstanding counties are favored heavily to Trump. 

What Fox News could have done is retract its call. Like it should retract its House projection. Neither is steeped in reality. Indeed, such calls have disfigured reality. 

Fox News and its failed-state churnalism have also tainted the Associated Press. According to these projections, Joe Biden is just six electoral college voters from victory.

Fox News is not the Electoral College, nor the Supreme Court where this all very likely could end up. 

If you want a true reflection of the race, check out RealClearPolitics. If you want to live in a banana republic, check out Fox News—but be quick and savor it—after this debacle, there won’t be a Fox News for long. 

About Christopher Gage

Christopher Gage is a British political journalist and a founding member of the Gentlemen of the Swig. Subscribe to his Substack, "Oxford Sour."

Photo: Screen grab/Fox News Channel

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135 responses to “Why Hasn’t Fox News Retracted Its Wrong Call on the House?”

  1. I’m thinking Fox has lost a tremendous amount of credibility after this incident. Let’s not forget the Chris Wallace – Trump debate was their baby as well.

    Big corps don’t think they can be impacted but I like to remind myself of Nike’s big 4th quarter loss earlier this year. A mere $790m profit loss and a wopping $.51 per earning. All because America rejected their anti-American stance on Betsy Ross and BLM.

    Fox will pay for this. The question is why do they do stupid things?

    • Why? Because after Roger passed they had no direction but quickly figured out that airing a populist President gave them tremendous ratings. Ratings that they once had to share with CNN, MSNBC and so on. Conservatives had no home on cable news at that time. Smelling large profit the executives held their noses and provided a platform for half the country. They were never happy being a conservative network. At this time they believe their viewers will continue watching while they pivot to a left of center platform but they are simply wrong. I personally have begun watching Newsmax and OAN however I still follow Tucker, Hannity and Laura otherwise I simply don’t watch Fox. Profit over Patriotism isn’t new sadly.

      • Rre: Wade Noel comments.
        You have described my views and change of channels I am now viewing and enjoying, exactly.

    • Because Fox is no longer Fox. Rupert Murdoch is no longer at the helm. He has handed off control of the network to his trust fund sons Lauchlin and James. They are classic, leftist, trust fund babies who literally have NO identity of their own other than that of an elitist guilt and shame born of an unearned entitlement while their psyches are pervaded with the begrudging of a father who was SO much more accomplished then they. That is the story for virtually EVERY leftist heir. (I know, I spent a career in family wealth management. Even the ones that manage to live a productive life have a certain vacuous need to feel some sense of individualness so they reject all that made the generations before them. ESPECIALLY in the 2nd or 3rd generations.

      That said, Lauchlin and James desperately want to be part of the media Cool Club. They don’t WANT to be pariahs in the global, globalIST social circles on which they are on the edges. They HIRED Aaron Mishkin to be Fox’s contribution to the Transition Integrity project. In fact, to be the linchpin of it.

      Just ain’t rocket science.

      • This is nonsense. Laughlin is in charge, James is not. Laughlin is in no way a leftist. That’s a joke. He is more of a right-wing libertarian.

        It’s funny to see right wingers go crazy when Fox wavers from being the state propaganda network for Trump. Truely funny.

      • James Murdoch has nothing to do with NewCorp – he resigned from the board at the start of the year. Lachlan (note the spelling) is hardly a liberal

      • Right on! So maybe now Dems will stew in their soak the rich mantra, and stammer at the looming question: In which offshore trust have Joe and Hunter stashed their money earned from influence peddling in Ukraine?

      • Fox can be placed on the ash hep of fake news I think that’s pretty clear now.

      • Remember, Disney now Owns Fox right? No longer a conservative speaker of truth.

      • I was a FOXNEWS-only person until election night and I watched aaron Mishkin juggle the figures to his liking. That did it for me! I will NEVER dial a FOX station or channel EVER again, and i will convince my family and friends to do likewise. AND I will campaign to get everyone else to #boycottFoxNewssponsors, as well ! Paul Ryan hire was your FIRST mistake, Murdoch kids. But now you won’t worry about mistakes because Rachael Madcow will get your sponsors to hike her to the #1 Cable news show now.

      • The Decision Desk is actually the Transition Desk for Joey “Two-Masks.”

    • They’re all in. This is it. If we lose elections will no longer matter.

      • If Biden wins they may as well change the name of the country to the more appropriate USSA.

        Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will NEVER be my president!

      • To Robert: You know what I always said to my liberal friends when they said that Trump would never be “my President”? If you are an American citizen, then he is your President. Period.

    • We stopped watching FOX after their atrocious behavior election night. We still record Tucker to watch later. We are now enjoying better news from OAN and Newsmax.

      • I did the exact same thing. Question is, will Tucker or Sean or Laura call out their employer for their mistakes in calling AZ for Biden too early on election night, or for calling the Presidential race for Biden on 11/7?

      • I’m doing same thing. I’ll be interested to see Fox’s ratings when they lose all the Trump supporters.

      • You guys are legit sick in the head and there’s a place you all belong! Definitely not in this country so do us all a favor and be like carpenters and SCREW! Biden Harris 2020 🇺🇸 ❤️

      • MANY will join you. #BoycottFoxNews
        Also #Boycottfoxnewssponsors

        You can get My Pillows cheaper almost any place; Walmart, Bed, Bath and Beyond, Amazon. No reason to use a Fox sponsor for ANY purchase at all.

    • The best was when Fox declared Arizona before anyone else. That was the end of Trump right then and there. Loved it.

    • Fox News lies because of 2 bastard sons of Roger Ailes. Both are lib terrorists.

    • FOx is great. Still a news org.

      Are you a MORON!!!????


      • Fox showed themselves when they let Glenn Beck leave….when Rupert left the helm to his sons increased the change trajectory….I cancelled all cable during the horrendous bias of all news media during the Trump campaign ..writing was on the wall clearly then…they used Trump for ratings but were never seriously for him….these guys come from Britain and not even Americans so what do you expect?? I really think all foreign companies should not be involved in any part of our politics…so I refuse to listen to any foreigners trying to teach me about my country and it’s politics….say goodbye to Fox!!!! I will follow Tucker Carlson on other outlets because he is the best of Fox News….PERIOD

    • Yes I think they are turning into the rest of the media. Worthless , and one sided !

    • They did it on purpose I am sick. What can we do other then leave them?? I switched to Newsmax except for Tucker and Hannity. EVIL devil demons. God is watching!

  2. I’m done with Fox news. If Hannity, Tucker , Levin and Laura are smart they will leave and go to Newsmax or OAN or even start they own station.

  3. Fox News has been subverted. Murdoch’s boys and Paul Ryan are prime indicators of its sinking into The Swamp. It is only a matter of time before people like Tucker Carlson, Stuart Varney, Lou Dobbs, and Laura Ingraham disappear.

    • The Murdoch boys have forced Fox News to do things that are not in its DNA. Chris Wallace is baldly in favor of Joe Biden. But everyone else at Fox remains loyal to their credo, to tell the news in a fair and balanced way. Bret Bair, Brit Hume, Martha McCollum, Dana Perino, Laura Ingraham, Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity — even Juan Williams, who is also on the Democrats’ side but doesn’t make things up out of thin air.
      On election night Bret Bair and Martha McCollum kept challenging the Democratic operative who somehow wound up as the head of their “decision desk” on why he had called Arizona for Biden. The guy told them it was a T-4 certainty, meaning Biden taking Arizona was four standard deviations of certainty above Trump taking the state.

      So let’s not throw Fox News out the window yet. I think the turncoats on its staff have been chastened.

      • Yeah, Martha McCallum is awesome. So is Tucker, Hannity and Ingraham. Outside of that, the weekend cast and the day time are pretty much all anti-Trump. Only a shade different from CNN. They get big for a reason and now they’re forgetting why. We don’t mind seeing balanced, we don’t mind seeing right, but to put dem hacks as day-time and weekend hosts and “reporters” is just gross.

      • All of those people you praise makes me think of the old saying, “if you lay with dogs, you’re bound to get fleas.” Fox is turning liberal and it is obvious. Your favorite people are still there. Money means more to them than integrity.

      • Ever notice that Chris Wallace has that perpetual John Robert’s smirk?

      • Anyone who hasn’t noticed the migration of FOX to the Liberalists is deceiving themselves. Martha and Bret only called out Miskin when Trump raised hell about Miskin’s decision to call AZ for Biden.That pompous Miskin acts like a true Liberal; truth is irrelevant. “The end justifies the means”

    • I think you’re right WalkingHorse. Fox has lost their edge and sold their soul.

      I’m guessing they think the NFL, NBA, MLB or some other democrat party organization will come to their rescue. I think those days are gone.

    • We have left Fox also after watching them since Day 1!! We are now on OAN, NEWMAX!
      I look for Tucker, Hannity, Ainsley, Lou Dobbs, Varney ,Maria to all leave! They will be better off.

      Biden/Harris are not my President and VP. With Trump we have a voice, he knows who we are and he works exhaustingly every day for us. He has dealt with nothing but attacks and abuse, illegal charges and battles and none of them have or will get prosecuted

  4. Sure like Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingram….but their decision desk sucks. And the music they play is too loud. The think I am done with them and done with the Drudge report as well. Finding new sources. Real Clear Politics is great. They have both sides of the issue.

  5. Fox news called Arizona for Biden at 11:20pm EST. Polls had closed in all states by then, except Alaska and Hawaii, which are not really in contention. So the part of this article that contends that Fox calling Arizona for Biden caused voters to “call it a night” doesn’t really make sense.

    • Fox called Arizona for Biden early in the evening (8PM EST) when their own vote tally showed 46% for Biden and 54% for Trump. Brett Baier even asked the decision desk to explain this for their viewers who did not understand. The response; trust us, we know what we are doing.

  6. There is a good amount of Fox News employees who are clearly never-Trumpers (as is the ownership). The other night, I was stunned to see a CNN commercial on Fox News (yes, a CNN commercial). The little money Fox will make off that ad could result in loss of viewership, thus loss of future ad revenue.

    Unreal. So knowing this, why do we question the decisions made that is the topic of this article, knowing full-well where Fox’s motivations are. Perhaps we can better (yet sadly) say, “mission accomplished” for the ownership.

  7. An old movie from the 1970’s, “Network”, explains much of what we are seeing today. “News” and entertainment have merged in modern Media, and every outlet is beholding to the folks who pay the bills. In an Orwellian twist, pollsters now help shape public opinion, and news organizations rewrite history. The next step for the elites is to convince the masses that freedom is slavery.

  8. For News was dead to me the moment I realized they were all in for COVID, and haven’t watched it since (except for Tucker and Laura). This only proves I was right. I can’t wait until Trump and family start Trump TV. Fox will wither way, or become CNN.

  9. Arizona is 11 electoral votes, not 7.

    Polls were not still open when Fox wrongly called the race. It was 9:20 pm in Arizona.

    This writer needs to get the facts straight. It is also not clear how will come to pass his closing, dramatic assertion that Fox News is going to disappear, even if one stipulates to its obvious stupidity in calling Arizona and the House.

    Media stupidity, dishonesty and degeneracy are the biggest problem facing the American nation, and among the biggest facing the world.

  10. Conservatives in Fox should all move to Newsmax and let Fox sink hust like the rest in the swamp.

  11. I hope this article is a transcription of an audio rant. It reads like a Rush Limbaugh broadcast sounds — variations on a theme, reciting a single point in a half-dozen ways. As analysis, it’s vapid.

    • Couldn’t agree more. The point was made in the second paragraph. The article should have stopped there.

    • Well that claim, unsurprisingly, is devoid of any facts.

  12. Fox is turning into CNN’ s evil twin.
    Very disheartening. If they keep insulting the conservative viewer, they’ll leave. We are changing the channel more often to Newsmax and AOL. PBS was right to fire Williams.
    Tucker, Gutfeldt, Perino and Ingram are excepted. Wallace is disgusting.

    • Fox News & CNN News both have one sided news Casters. Never again to watch these channels.

  13. Thanks for this. Fox has angered a lot of conservatives. I won’t watch them anymore. If I want to watch Tucker, I can do so on Bitchute without providing any benefit to Fox. We won’t forget.

  14. I used to depend on Fox News as my primary source of news.

    Now I will not go to the Fox New internet site and watch only The Five, and selected hosts.

    News Max, America One news, Breitbart and The Blaze are now my primary sources.

    I will not go back to Fox News.

  15. Fox News is recently only a click better than any other outlet. That click is not enough to keep watching.

  16. Because Fox is no longer Fox. Rupert Murdoch is no longer at the helm. He has handed off control of the network to his trust fund sons Lauchlin and James. They are classic, leftist, trust fund babies who literally have NO identity of their own other than that of an elitist guilt and shame born of an unearned entitlement while their psyches are pervaded with the begrudging of a father who was SO much more accomplished then they. That is the story for virtually EVERY leftist heir. (I know, I spent a career in family wealth management. Even the ones that manage to live a productive life have a certain vacuous need to feel some sense of individualness so they reject all that made the generations before them. ESPECIALLY in the 2nd or 3rd generations.

    That said, Lauchlin and James desperately want to be part of the media Cool Club. They don’t WANT to be pariahs in the global, globalIST social circles on which they are on the edges. They HIRED Aaron Mishkin to be Fox’s contribution to the Transition Integrity project. In fact, to be the linchpin of it.

    Just ain’t rocket science.

  17. Fox News also called the House to flip to the Dems in 2018 before polls closed in California. There were several seats Republicans expected to win that they ultimately lost. Would you stay in line to vote for a candidate if you thought your vote didn’t matter anymore? It used to be an ironclad rule in American journalism to not call a race until the polls closed. They should have waited to call the flip until all polls closed for House races. Those watching at home are capable of watching the numbers for themselves.

  18. While the FN decision desk’s analyses were at times premature and, as the writer observes, even inaccurate, his hysterical tone and conclusions detracts from the point he is seeking to make. Much of his article, and many of the comments above, seem to presume that FN is supposed to be a tool of the right—a right wing CNN/MSNBC, etc. While FN’s evening lineup certainly bears that out, unlike those other left wing outlets FN actually broadcasts news during the day and tries to draw a bright line between its news and opinion shows. What I’m reading, in addition to justified criticism of the FN decision desk, assumes that FN’s election coverage should have been more partisan. I respect FN for trying to play it straight. To suggest scrapping its current decision desk, and its highly defensive chief, is completely reasonable. To speculate that the poor judgment of that group spells the end for FN is way out of line.

  19. If OAN can swing it they should hire away 2-3 of Fox News top people for their prime time. Then watch the people stampede away from Fox. Election night was disappointing. I’m done with Chris Wallace also. I knew he leaned left but forgot even trying to be fair during the campaign.

  20. Arnon Mishkin is democrat hack. He saw his shot to help Biden get his narrative early, and he took it. He’s a “stats” guy that reasoned he was able to call Arizona because the remaining day of ballots in Maricopa would go to Biden 55/44. Now that they’re coming back closer to 60/40 Trump and he’s “standing by it” tells you all you need to know about that man’s intellectual honesty and integrity.

    I was kinda depressed when he called +5 dems for the house, but utterly confused because polls hadn’t even closed.

    To say that this guy is “just using the numbers” and making forecasts when it’s only a 1/10,000 chance he’s wrong, which is the network’s claim, is just a lie.

    Why Fox News hires these rogue dem pollsters and hacks like Arnon Mishkin is beyond me, but I’ll be watching it less going forward. Sad.

  21. Bankrupt them and throw their bosses in prison for election interference

  22. Calling the house was no big deal, they will still hold majority even if we pick up the said seats. So they do keep the house.

  23. Yes, very sad to program a new number on my remote, but I’m shopping for a new news home. I’ll watch my favorites until they’re hushed, they disappear, or they’re let go, a recent trend.

  24. So Fox called the race for the House for the Democrats? So what? The margin doesn’t matter.

    Compared to the Lamestream Media, Fox News is saintly. Deal with it.

    • Fox is searching for additional saintly News Caster.
      That’s you!

  25. Time for a new network…..TRUMP TV!! It would be a great investment for him and he’d have 70 million viewers. Hire the best away from Fox.

  26. Were Arizonans really still voting when Fox called it? I thought that happened after 11pm est.

  27. There is no doubt the fix was in months ago. Almost as soon as the Wuhan virus hit our shores (planned gift for Joe?), the Dem/media complex politicized every single aspect of the virus to their advantage. They made sure even Fox was forced to address each narrative they spun up in a defensive manner, just as they did with the Trump Administration – forced them into a defensive posture for the election year. That’s an entire book right there, and hindsight is 20/20, but we (Trump, his supporters, GOP) could have handled that differently and more effectively. Live and learn!

    This brings us to Fox and the Arizona call, since the main point is this: the mail-in ballot (aka “fix the election”) scheme was already in play months before Nov 3rd. The DEM operatives were ready with their strategy for the night, and this included putting Fox in position of “calling” all states first before CNN and other media outlets. Murdoch boys decision to call Arizona before they’d even call TX or FL, was a scenario already discussed ahead of time. You can be sure they were all using latest AI and statistical permutations to execute the rolling election fix.

    I don’t believe in coincidences. It’s also no coincidence that the FOX “call desk” was run by a democrat insider. He said he wasn’t, and lied about his real involvement in his various relationships with elite democrat insiders. As we all know now the call was not based on real statistical analysis, it was a political decision to ensure the fix could be fully executed. Everyone had a part to play. Fox and the Murdoch boys may not even have known themselves how they were being manipulated into those decisions by higher up forces.

    The biggest thing that happened on Nov 3rd/4th was the simultaneous shut down of vote counting in the 5 Dem run battleground states to allow the ground operatives to bring in the various bags of harvested votes. These included the 100,000+ ballots with Biden only (no down races selected) in WI and many other irregular dumps across the other states. This stoppage bought them time to gather what they needed where. PA was also selected months ago to be a center of the fix, the D operatives knew they could control and fix Philly. That was a set-up.

    There is so much more to report on this fixed election, yet one thing is clear: it was very well planned and orchestrated, just as the many BLM riots were. The riots may even have been a diversion tactic while the fix could be pre-planned with all law enforcement knocked out or off balance for months before.

    These are all strategies and tactics Soros and his allies have used very successfully in other countries, stealing elections. This year they have been able to execute here for the first time (at this scale) with the help and cover of the Wuhan virus.

    We must ask this question: after the Biden family, who has the most to gain from a Biden win? Very easy answer: China. They are expert at not leaving their fingerprints anywhere, yet before you know it they own you. Example: Confucius Institutes and our University system.

    Think of it, decades of American wealth has transferred to China. Trump is right that America has built China to what it is today. It was our cash transfer that made it possible. Too many in the Dem/Media complex and Wall Street truly believe their future financial wealth is now dependent on this tight collaboration with the CCP. The Ds needed an assist from their CCP allies to take the Presidency this year, they received it.

    Also, Soros is a CCP ally, he runs his own agenda but they are allies. Also no coincidence Soros hand picked Kamrade Harris: Google photo of her with Soros’ son days before VP selection announced. Read quote by son in an interview. CCP would also have blessed this choice, but again left no fingerprints. Soros has too big an ego, so he leaves fingerprints. There are no coincidences in politics.

    Fox is merely a pawn in this three level chess game. GOP and Trump supporters will need to commit to a long term fight to keep America a sovereign country for the 21st century. We need to be smarter, better organized, laser focused on strategy and tactics in order to keep the country we love. We can’t continue to be reactive to the CCP/Dem Media complex. Their devious schemes are set-up and we react. That has to be reversed with sheer focused power, intelligence, goodness. It’s the age old fight of humanity: Good vs. Evil….it never ends on earth. Those living need to choose their side and fight until their end.

    We can do it, but we need to better understand the multi-headed hydra we need to dismantle and replace in our current fight against evil.

  28. One more thing before people pile on with the notion of killing Fox. Think first! Think hard! Who benefits most from dividing Fox from its viewership? Who benefits most from Fox dying? Answer: the CCP/Dem Media complex.

    A better alternative: ensure Fox is bought out and operated by owners who get and support America First policies. Keep it a place where you can hear the other side yet it’s not ever used as a tool as it was this election.

    I don’t think the Murdoch boys even understand international economic theories or politics that well. They probably don’t even know how they were manipulated into making bad decisions about AZ and other calls (delay in calling FL and TX). Even if they did understand and participated in the fix, our first impulses of anger and “kill them” are not necessarily the best long term move.

    Remember: never make any big decisions when you’re angry, hungry or tired.

  29. “I’m not sure we need to bring George Soros into this.”
    “And I’m not sure we need to be more accurate with our reporting.”

  30. whats the fox news decision desk
    whats fox news
    whos bret baier
    whos chris wallace

  31. I am not mad at Fox news. Yet. I still think it is the ONLY network where conservatives can have their say and not be demonized and shouted down. Maybe Chris Wallace has now become a leftist, I don’t know. But as some posters have noted, Tucker Carlson and some others are still true believers in limited government and adhering to the original constitution, as written. And Tucker Carlson show has become the most watched show on cable TV, period.

  32. Long before the election we knew the outcome, with all those millions of ballots being sent out to God knows who, signatures did not have to match, all those drivers’s licenses given to illegals, dead people voting, in Colorado I got a card from the Secretary of State to vote, intended for a lady that had been dead for many years. The pole-voters stories about what happened in their districts! Etc. CORRUPTION! Stealing the election!

  33. Fox is more balanced now then ever. It is still republican tilted. They gained a viewers with mu family this election.

    They had the balls to call things first. W
    Evem when it went against their best interest. That is integrity.

  34. Besides the American people, Fox and the GOP are the biggest losers of this election. We only watch Tucker and I still like Maria B, but not crazy about her supporting cast. We are very comfortable with Newsmax and OAN for news and background noise. So long Fox!

  35. Controlled opposition. Fox is to media what McCain, Romney and Jeb! are to the Republican party. We are in a 1.5 party state. Democrats control academia, media, entertainment, and almost all federal, state, and local bureaucracy. Most politicians have handles and are owned. Denny Hastert was a child molester. And a GOP speaker of the house. Who knew? Who owned him? Who owns Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden? We know s o m e of the people who r e n t e d Joe Biden. Who owns John Roberts? We don’t know. But they sure d o n ‘ t work for us. We dumped 16 experienced Republicans to elect Trump in 1016 because he is willing to work for us. He beat a corrupt politician who would have been in jail if either the Justice Department or the Courts had any integrity. They don’t. The Republican House and Senate refused to repeal Obama Care , refused to fund the wall, and slow walked all executive branch appointments so that Trump was never allowed to gain control of the executive branch while they enabled endless attacks on Trump. They are not rallying to Trump and us now. Most are silent or rallying to Biden. Biden is corrupt. They are corrupt. Biden is no danger to them. Biden is only a danger to us.
    Trump 2020.

    • I think you’ve nailed it pretty well James. I am curious though, does the DNC own the media or is it the other way around?

      Controlling the federal bureaucracy should be enough for anyone. After all it’s a license to print money and punish or neutralize your enemies and competitors. Is there something bigger at play here?

      Something even bigger than the Chinese communists, whose influence and power over us just keeps growing? It appears they own Biden, but so what, he’s a short timer. Who or what is the real power behind the throne?

  36. The GOP did not lose this election. The GOP machine is cooperating with a Democrats ejecting Trump from office while preserving their own positions. He beat them on our behalf in 2016. They have been offering him minimal or no support ever since:

    Ex-McCain, Bush and Romney staffers endorse Biden, joining …www.cbsnews.com › news › biden-endorsement-mccai…
    Aug 27, 2020 — Bush administration and for the late Senator John McCain and Mitt Romney vouched their support for 2020 Democratic nominee Joe Biden on …

    Bush, McCain and Romney presidential staffers unite behind …www.politico.com › news › 2020/08/27 › mitt-romney-…
    Aug 27, 2020 — “
    ”We know Mitt and Joe share those same essential, presidential traits,” … Senate and campaign staffers signed onto an endorsement for Biden …

    WE know Mitt and Joe share those same essential, presidential traits–corruption, faithlessness, and treachery.

  37. If Biden wins they may as well change the name of the country to the more appropriate USSA.

    Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will NEVER be my president!

  38. “Trees Die at the Top” is a short story by Edna Ferber and it exactly addresses the phenomenon you mention. This syndrome ruins families and it’s now it’s ruining our Republic right before our eyes.

    BTW, Edna Ferber’s short stories are a bracing tonic from a wonderful Midwestern writer who should be read today by anyone who wants to understand the kinds of people who made America in the first place. Read them and weep for what we’ve lost.

  39. Don’t be fooled by anyone on Cable News as they are all playing a part. Greg Gutfeld admitted this week that this is the first time he voted in over 20 years. This is a guy who is on 2 FoxNews show (one is his own) as a political pundit, yet he hasn’t voted in 2 decades? I honestly think FoxNews wanted Trump to lose cause it’s a better business model to crap on Biden for 4 years. Look at what CNN has done for the last 4 years. Will anyone turn on Chris Cuomo now and watch him defend Biden as that’s boring TV. #NeverTrumpers like Dana Perino would rather crap on Biden then defend Trump. Again, they are all playing a part.

  40. My prediction is that Trump plans to start a new national news network, probably called AFNN (America First News Network) that will focus on the grievances of people disaffected with Fox News and other mainstream media as well as anti-government types, such as those associated with QAnon. It will bring in conspiracy types such as Alex Jones, current and formerly displaced anchors and hosts from Fox News, such as Tucker, Hannity, Pirro, O’Reilly, and Beck, those political personalities that he trusts most, such as Gingrich, Limbaugh, Levin, Barr, Carson, and Giuliani, as well as his children and Kushner. This will happen sometime in early 2021, and the AFNN will soon rival the popularity of CNN and Fox News.

  41. Arnon Mishkin, a Democrat donor, runs the FOX Election Desk. I can’t imagine that the late Roger Ailes would ever have hired that character.
    In addition, Mike Wallace, Eric Shawn, Sandra Smith,Chris Stirewalt et al have an undisguised contempt for Donald Trump. Let them. Their ratings shall cause them to rue the day.
    Let the Old Media twist slowly in the wind…

    • Agree! SAD, SAD, SAD. We are subjected to “fake news” EVERY WHERE!

  42. I watch Tucker Carlson and Mark Levin. After this, I will not even be watching them.

      • I’m doing same thing. I’ll be interested to see Fox’s ratings when they lose all the Trump supporters.

  43. I’m finished with Fox.
    Murdoch (a fellow Australian) Is a notorious carpetbagger. He will always stick his finger in the air.
    I will look to AON or whatever from now on.
    Will be interesting to see if the likes of Carlson, Hannity et al find a different perch & lead to the birth of a new mega conservative network.

  44. Some of you people commenting area posting stupid comments about Fox. Please stop and go back to school. Over 70million people voted for Trump but the reality is more democrats and independents came out of the woodwork to vote for Biden in swing states, due to the mail in vote process.

  45. I was stunned by how Fox handled election night.
    Won’t ever watch again. None of them! Laura Ingram said for President Trump to concede.
    On to OAN and NewsMaxx

  46. Let us not forget that Paul Ryan who works for Fox News. I believe he is on the board of directors. He is part of the deep state and hates Trump

  47. Fox showed where they were headed hiring known cheater Donna Brazile /giving Chris Coons free air time to peddle his bs , another dem “moderate” , whose only goal is to corner weak RINO’s . never Trumpers everywhere . I stopped watching everyone but Tucker and Laura . MarK Steyn and Levin are great. Good night FOX hello OAN and Newsmax , really like Greg Kelly.

  48. If I were Trump I would start a Real News Agency and recruit Hannity, Levin, Ingram and Martha to the MAGA Station. He has the power and Money to do so! This will definately put a hurting to Fox News!

  49. Because Fox News sucks large donkey appendages. I’ll never watch them again.

  50. I still think Fox does a good job overall – but the House call before polls closed nationwide was a joke as was the Arizona call. Not sure how they could have screwed up so bad. Bias on the decision desk is a good explanation. Brett Baier is an excellent journalist as is Martha McCallum and Bill Hemmer. I love the opinion evening shows – especially Tucker Carlson. I also think its good to hear the other side from people like Juan Williams or even Chris Wallace. I’m sticking with Fox for now but will be more skeptical going forward.

  51. I was so absolutely furious with Fox election night that I turned it to CNN for CRIMINEY SAKES! Now that’s saying a lot…I absolutely refuse to watch Fox anymore, except for maybe 5 minutes of Varney in the morning on the Business Channel…just absolutely DISGUSTING!

    • We actually did the same thing and couldn’t believe that CNN was being more balanced than Fox (Election night anyway).

  52. I am so angy about what Fox did to President Trump!! I am done with them!! I will record Tucker, Hannity, I ngrahm and Dobbs!!

  53. You guys are really funny. You’ve lost. It has nothing to do with one state. you lost across numerous states.

  54. Is there any reason not to believe that Fox – like all other entertainment corporation in America – is not in thrall to China? Being on Chinese payroll is certainly a less risky business model than free market competition and it would certainly explain their sudden left turn to defeat Donald Trump.

  55. Fox were just calling it as they saw it. The fact that Trump lost the election is not the fault of Fox News.

  56. I agree with many of the posters here. Fox is creeping towards irrelevancy. I get hives when I hear Chris Wallace’s voice. If they lost Tucker, they would lose the majority of their loyal prime time audience imho. I have been on the fence about cutting cable. My two reasons for keeping cable were Fox News and a favorite sports team. The sports team can be taken care of on a subscription basis and Fox News has been hanging by a thread. It’s just inertia that’s been keeping me from making the cut but it won’t be much of a push now. Bye, bye Foxy!

  57. We did the same! We switched to CNN on election night, of all places! They were clunky but much more cautious and careful about calling anything!

  58. I lost my friend Fox News Tuesday night, a friendship I watched slowly decline. First the occasional lapses in judgement, then came the drinking and fighting with his wife and family and making up again. Then he comes over to watch the election, drinks all your booze, defiles your bathroom, kicks your cat, throws up on your couch, punches you, and then passes out on your kitchen floor.

    I dragged Fox News out the front door, face down, threw him in the car, drove him to the next intersection, put him in the driver’s seat, car running, drivers door open and rest of his last beer on the dash, and a quick call to 911. All done……..

  59. Fox is done.
    Judge Jeanine Pirro’s show for this Saturday was cancelled because it was to be about vote fraud.
    They are all in for Joe.
    Newsmax is free on my RoKu and has outstanding coverage and real journalists. I watched them election night: there was no comparison with any other news source.

  60. GOODBYE TO FOX NEWS! They have joined the ignorant traitorous news genre of CNN, which was removed from my life over 4 YEARS AGO…..DUE TO THEIR BIASED, FRAUD, REPORTS. THEY MADE THEMSELVES COMPLETELY UNTRUSTWORTHY AND IRRELEVANT.
    NOW FOX…..joins their fraud presentations and are UNWORTHY of my time!

  61. I hardly watch Fox since Trish Reagan was dismissed, now for sure they are done for me I will watch Newsmax or OAN, when i want the real truth and that i can count on. not the garbage and lies they are trying to feed us. I’m a Cuban American i know what socialism and communism look like.

  62. Fox News has gone rogue alienating its most important customer! Every conservative you can speak with feels the same way…we all hope their rating sink below those of CNN et al. Perhaps Tucker, Hannity, Ingram, Levin, O’Reilly, and their ilk will jump ship and move to NewsMax!

  63. Fox News has gone rogue, alienating its most important customer! Every conservative you might speak with appears to feel the same way…we all hope their ratings sink below those of CNN et al. prior to the election. Perhaps Tucker, Hannity, Ingram, Levin, O’Reilly, and their ilk will jump ship and move to NewsMax!

  64. Because they are just as bad as the rest of them. Not sure what their problem is other than too lazy to do their research and the fact that liberals have infiltrated their chanel. Won’t watch anything that fox shows now. Have never liked Chris Wallace or Juan Williams. Two libtards who are so biased.

  65. Fox has changed over the last year or two. Wallace is really now nothing but a partisan hack. Brett and Martha lean over backward to be “fair and balanced” but it looks like they are hemorrhoid attack to do that. We watch Tucker and the Five taped and turn on the golf channel. At least it’s soothing. Somebody needs to realize that 70,000,000 voters are conservative and we buy stuff and watch stuff and if we don’t get some “love” we can go elsewhere. I doubt the BLM’s and the miscreants “burning and looting” the cities are going to support your business plan.

  66. I still like Tucker, Hannity, Ingram, and just one or two others but Fox has really changed! When they called Arizona early I could not believe it. I won’t watch much any more!!!!

  67. They’ve lost my respect. That hoaksy never Trumper, Chris Stirewalt leads their politics division and should be fired for all these agregious calls.

    Even their poll day prior to election had Biden up 8 and up 5 or more in all the battlegrounds. This is called Voter Suppression and every network and so called polling institution like Quinnipiac skewered their numbers and created this narrative of the blue wave.

    I’ve stopped watching Fox news unless and until they publicly acknowledge their fake news reporting and fire Chris stirewalt and his ilk.

  68. So disappointed in Fox News. It was the only one I halfway trusted.

  69. Why Hasn’t Fox News Retracted Its Wrong Call on the House? You really need to ask?

    Because Conservatives are, in contrast to liberals, almost NEVER EVER wrong. Or at least never admit to it. Which is why they advoid new things which arried the terrifying risk of being WRONG!!

    Definitipn: holding to traditional attitudes and values and cautious about change or innovation, typically in relation to politics or religion.
    a person who is averse to change and holds to traditional values and attitudes…

    Of course if you are adverse to change you will avoid learning new things, which is another way of saying STUPID!!. And it does not matter how good you are with language, or what your IQ is. Consider the rocked scientists at NASA who destroyed the Columbia the same way they destroyed the Challenger. And before you stupid ignorant conservatives go on a rant about how those events were different, you may wish to consider this statement referring to the report on Columbia: “Why would I read it?” asked Don Kutyna, a retired Air Force general and member of the panel that investigated the Challenger disaster. “It’s just a Xerox copy …”

  70. The Murdoch kids are doing to Fox, what the Ford kids to the Ford Foundation. The second generation and their five start hotel upbringing ruined the founder’s legacy.

  71. The Murdoch kids are doing to Fox, what the Ford kids did to the Ford Foundation. The second generation and their five start hotel upbringing ruined the founder’s legacy.

  72. I use to think Fox-News was fair. After Tuesday Night no more. With the exception of Tucker Carlson I will now watch Newsmax.

  73. We live in AZ, and were shocked and frustrated at the early call by FOX. That no doubt influenced some Trump voters not to vote. I don’t like my vote not counting- either way. And since AZ has turned from purple to blue, my vote will never count. This is not right in The USA! John Elliott

  74. So sad that we no longer have “ANY” media outlet that is “unbiased”. Chris Wallace would fit better on CNN, PMSNNBC (MSNBC).

  75. It does not matter why Fox News has flipped. Who cares about Murdochia anyway? What matters is, Fox News is toast.

  76. Fox News called the election for Trump because it was the only legitimate realistic call supported by the data. Despite being the propaganda arm of the Republican Party, they do want to have a tiny smidgen of credibility going forward. The opinion or fantasy sections of Fox are not exactly the same as the news sections.