Went to Bed in America, Woke Up in a Banana Republic

Until a few days ago, a Biden presidency was simply unthinkable. A bullet-point presentation on why Biden should never, ever be anywhere near the Oval Office would need dozens of slides—and that’s just for the bullet points. On November 3, we all went to bed looking at those red-or-blue maps of the states, more or less secure in the knowledge that President Trump was on course to win a historic victory. 

A massive Republican wave was giving Trump a 3.6 point lead in Florida—by Florida standards, a landslide. Other states were coming along—could Trump really do much worse in Arizona, or Pennsylvania, or Michigan? And so, on Tuesday night, we fell asleep in America. 

The next morning, we woke up in a banana republic. Take it from someone who grew up in the Soviet Union, and who knows what democracy is and isn’t. Watching democracy shrivel and die right in front of our eyes is a surreal experience. 

A Whiff of Russian Corruption

I still follow the news in Russia closely. “Voting” in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, Nevada, and Minnesota reminds me an awful lot of the “voting” in Russia. The winner is known in advance. Even the winner of their 2036 presidential election (that’s three elections from now) is already well-known. Hint: he’s the same guy who won all the previous elections. 

The margin of victory is whatever the Kremlin decides it needs to be. Ballot box stuffing is standard practice—the government even offers training courses to poll workers on how to stuff ballot boxes despite the presence of election monitors. Actual results bear little relation to announced ones—dozens of precincts in a big city might show exactly the same percentage of votes for the ruling party or for Vladimir Putin, down to 2 decimal places. “Carousels” are buses that take groups of “voters” from precinct to precinct. (It helps that voter ID laws are fairly loose there.) “Social workers” take ballots to the elderly in their homes, “helping” them fill out the ballots “correctly.” 

Recently, a single day of voting became three days (coronavirus!), making it virtually impossible for anyone to monitor anything even if they wanted to—not that monitoring helped much in the first place. The government likes the idea so much, it plans more of such multi-day voting—perhaps even a week of voting. 

Every election in Russia has “some irregularities” that are “investigated” in sham investigations, then all questions are swept under the rug by the compliant media and soon forgotten, while the results stand. Election fraud is technically a crime, but no one is ever prosecuted. This is all banana republic stuff, except, of course, bananas don’t grow in Russia. 

Does any of this sound familiar? 

Consider Pennsylvania. The Biden candidacy was sinking like a stone in Pennsylvania in the closing days of the campaign. In plain English, Biden was toast. On November 3, Trump had a 12-point lead over Biden, amounting to a whopping 650,000 vote margin. People much smarter than me were saying on the morning of November 4 that no, there is just no way that Democrats could possibly make up the deficit, no matter how many ballots they tried to fabricate. Simply not possible! 100,000 fraudulent ballots? Easy-peasy. 200,000? Doable. 300,000? Well . . . maybe. 

But 650,000? Sure, smart people said, Democrats will try their level best, but even they can’t possibly generate 650,000 fraudulent ballots.

Or . . . can they? Democrats kept counting, and counting, and counting—and they are still counting. As of this writing, that 650,000 vote lead gradually vanished, and Pennsylvania has turned blue, with a 33,000 vote Biden lead that is inching upwards. The more they counted, the more those shy Biden voters were turning out. 

Thanks to a rabidly partisan pro-Democratic state Supreme Court, which a few weeks ago rewrote the election law on its own and gave everyone a few extra days to vote by mail, “voter” turnout was hitting unprecedented highs. 

In the city of Philadelphia itself, 60.5 percent of the voters came out. Sounds reasonable, right? Those recent riots, arson, and looting (pardon me, those “peaceful protests”) weren’t going to stop those enthusiastic Biden supporters, even if they had to brave “peaceful protesters” to get to the polls! 

But 82.3 percent of Montgomery County voters (just west of Philadelphia) came out to vote overwhelmingly for Biden and 78.6 percent of Bucks County voters (Philadelphia’s outer northeastern suburbs) couldn’t wait to darken that bubble for Joe. Meanwhile, 80.7 percent of Chester County (Philadelphia’s western suburbs) did their civic duty. Some 75 percent of Delaware County voters (south of Philadelphia) came out for that senile old geezer. 

There are rumors that 750,000 more ballots have been “discovered” by Pennsylvania election officials, and are yet to be counted. It hardly needs saying that they will be overwhelmingly pro-Biden votes. If true, this will push statewide voter turnout rate to a gargantuan 82 percent—with turnout in Democratic urban/suburban counties dramatically higher than turnout in Republican-leaning ones, probably exceeding 90 percent.

This is insane. A 65-67 percent turnout is normal, 70 percent turnout is excellent. Getting a 72-73 percent turnout would be spectacular. But 82 percent? Ninety percent? The media, naturally, refuses to see anything wrong here. 

Relax, Nothing to See Here

All the video evidence of actual fraud, all the statements by people witnessing fraud, all the statements by the fraudsters themselves, all the pro-Trump ballots shredded or thrown in the trash, all the refusals to permit election monitors entry by Democratic election officials, all the obvious numerical chicanery—all of it is dismissed out of hand. I caught a few minutes of CNN talking heads, gleefully condemning Donald Trump for “stating without evidence” that there is election fraud going on. 

Yet there are countless videos across the Internet, showing precisely that evidence. Still our “journalists” wilfully refuse to see a damn thing. As far as they are concerned, these are all “unsubstantiated claims”—just like claims of Biden’s corruption relating to evidence found on Hunter Biden’s laptop were “unsubstantiated.” No “journalist” believes that maybe someone should go out and try to substantiate them.

Georgia is now—surprisingly, or perhaps not so surprisingly—a solidly blue state. Trump was ahead by about 100,000 votes on November 3. But all that counting, and counting, and counting in Atlanta finally yielded the needed result. In the wee hours of the morning on November 6, Georgia, at long last became a Democratic stronghold. Georgia—a reliably Republican state—is now 3.6 points more blue than even swing-state Florida. What are the odds? 

It isn’t how you vote that counts, it’s who counts the votes that counts.

I could do the same write-up for Michigan, or Wisconsin, but the reader would probably get bored with all the numbers. Still, just one more little factoid: Trump received 43 percent of the vote in New York (New York!), but only 45 percent in Minnesota? Democrats and their media propaganda arm would have us believe that Minnesota, which is borderline red but has a Democratic governor, is only 2 points to the right of deepest-blue New York. 

By the time you read this, you will probably have seen a dozen discussions already about how Republicans did remarkably well in House races (gaining at least 10 seats), about how perhaps they held the Senate against all odds, and how outside of those anomalous cities, like Philadelphia, Atlanta, Detroit, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, nowhere else do we see these insane patterns. 

But if you’re reading this, you already know the Democrats are in the process of stealing the election. You’ve probably already seen the evidence on Twitter and YouTube (if you caught it before it was censored). Would links to more of the same make any difference? You already know that a Biden presidency (a joke before it even begins) will be based on a lie—just like everything else about Joe Biden. 

The Verdict

If this proceeds, it will be the last American election where a Republican candidate had a chance. Or, at least, he thought he had a chance, until he was cheated out of it. 

All discussions of potential 2024 Republican candidates (Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida? Kristi Noem of South Dakota? Ivanka? Don Jr.?) is just whistling past the graveyard of American democracy. If a 12-point lead is not enough to win a state like Pennsylvania, then what would it take? 20 points? 30? 

With the right vote-counting methodology, even Alabama and Idaho will soon be blue. Speaking of the Senate, at least Republicans held the Senate. Right? Right? John James was leading in Michigan—until just enough Democratic votes were “found” in Detroit to help his Democratic opponent keep his seat. Georgia is starting to look iffy—both Republican incumbents are now in a runoff, and if Democrats could find 100,000 votes this time, who is to say they won’t find 150,000 extra ballots in January? We might be looking at a 50-50 Senate split, with Kamala Harris as the tie-breaker. So perhaps that particular celebration was a bit premature.

It turns out democracy is a lot more fragile than we thought. We all believed it would endure, imperfect as it was, but it relies a great deal on the honesty and respect for the rules of many actors, high and low. All it takes is a few people in a few places determined to subvert the democratic process to engineer a coup.

I doubt there is a vast army of vote fraudsters out there—a few dozen in each key county is probably all it takes. The actual, physical fraud involved some Postal Service employees, some poll workers, and the Democrats on the county election boards, perhaps a few thousand all together. But the connivance and approval of Democratic higher-ups, and the knowledge of complete impunity, was a critical element for the actual perpetrators. 

For 45 bucks, you can buy a cardboard cutout of Joe Biden on Amazon. Like Joe Biden, it’s probably made in China. My mind still struggles trying to process the idea that this cardboard cutout may be the next president of the United States. Then again, in a banana republic, a cardboard cutout will do.

A Joe Biden victory will never be legitimate. He may be declared the winner, and he might even be inaugurated, if he is still cognitively functional on January 20. But he will never be my president.

About George S. Bardmesser

George S. Bardmesser is an attorney in private practice in the Washington, D.C. area. He is the author of Future Shot and Distance to Target, as well as a contributor to The Federalist and American Greatness. He is sometimes heard on the "Inside Track" radio show on KVOI in Tucson, Arizona, and sometimes seen discussing politics (in Russian) on New York’s American-Russian TV channel RTVi and the Two Cats Video Productions politics podcast.

Photo: Joe Raedle/Getty Images

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26 responses to “Went to Bed in America, Woke Up in a Banana Republic”

  1. What really gets me are the number of people who don’t see how this election is fundamentally fraudulent, and that all future elections will now be suspect, even ones between Democrats. They still think this is an ordinary election where they voted for the Not Trump candidate, and everything will be fine again with Joe Fraud’s exhortations of “unity.” It won’t be the same ever again but I seriously doubt they care. They are just so glad that Trump is likely to be denied a second term that their glee is blinding them to what they voted for: a doddering old man in the throes of dementia being controlled by people in the background.

  2. Absolutely. We should be ungovernable. Hit the streets. Refuse to give up the guns, because you’re going to need them. Oppose the commies at every turn. Remember, it doesn’t take that many people to oppose evil, just a determined few.
    Remember, they all live somewhere, eat somewhere, and recreate somewhere. Get in their faces. When Joe or the Ho speak, shout them down. Louder the better.

    • You sound like a Democrat. That’s exactly what they’ve been doing for the last four years. There has to be better ways to fix this.

  3. Excellent article! I feel sad and isolated so I am glad I found this website. Fox News has betrayed me and I have forever dismissed them. God bless President Trump.

  4. “George S. Bardmesser is an attorney in private practice in the Washington, DC area.”

    Well that explains a lot. Mr Bardmesser seems genuinely surprised that there was gambling going on in Rick’s place. The only reason we didn’t get this result in 2016 is because the Democrats just couldn’t imagine that they could lose, and so put no effort into their usual shenanigans. As I and many others predicted, if the President didn’t win big on election day, he wasn’t going to win. This is what that looks like.

    Although I’ll give Mr Bargmesser credit in that he correctly observes that talking about 2024 GOP hopefuls is ultimately, a futile exercise. The Trump era, along with the combination of changing demographics and a populace educated to be “woke” makes it unlikely that there will be another Republican President in our lifetimes.

  5. Great article. Too bad it won’t generate enough to overturn the wrong, but we can hope. John James was cheated terribly bad along with Trump and I wish it could be righted.

  6. Where is AG Barr in all this? He seems to be in hiding. Perhaps finding another Chinese spy and then coming out and saying he did something.

  7. Be honest, we’ve been a banana republic for a long time; we just didn’t notice because we had to import the bananas.

  8. Well said. The only question is, why this didn’t all happen in 2016. Just didn’t think they needed it? Pandemic voting made it even easier? Soros put more into it this time?

    • Yes sir to all 3 Mr. 3. Plus they had insurance with premiums fully paid.

    • It didn’t happen in 2016 because they didn’t think they needed it. This time they were taking no chances.

    • In 2016, they were deceived by their own pollsters. They didn’t realize they were losing until it was too late.

    • Because we caught them off guard that time. They’ve had four years to plot this overthrow.

  9. So the mystery of why Joe Biden barely campaigned at all is now laid bare. The fix was in, developed over the last few years. No need to campaign. And it explains the “simulations” that we’re run and why. The magnitude of the theft needed it. Most painful in all of this is slow but obvious destruction of our republic. Where are the Republican leaders?

  10. So the mystery of why Joe Biden barely campaigned at all is now laid bare. The fix was in, developed over the last few years. No need to campaign. And it explains the “simulations” that were run and why. The magnitude of the theft needed it. Most painful in all of this is slow but obvious destruction of our republic. Where are the Republican leaders?

  11. That was my first thought when I saw this fraud happening: Joe Biden will never be my president. The idea that a person such as he (or HRC, in ’16) an garner even 10% of the vote makes me feel ill. This country has been destroyed from the inside-out. Just look at our schools and curriculum(s). Hard to know what to do, where to turn…

  12. Most pundits have been trying to find good news in some of the election results. Yours is the only article I’ve read acknowledging that the US is now a one party nation. Democrats will spend the next 2 years institutionalizing mail in ballots and other electoral reforms and using Facebook, Google and Twitter to censor any Republican opposition.

  13. Yes. This will be a political junta. Joe Biden will not be a president, merely a dictator.

  14. If the Hammer and Scorecard are real, no election has integrity.

  15. A lot of talk. What are you going to do about it? Endless articles stating the obvious is making AG little different from the Conservative, Inc publications they mock. Without concrete action, none of it matters

    • TSB, I might say exactly what you’ve said but the emphasis is different: what am *I* going to do about it?
      That’s closer to C.S. Lewis.
      Otherwise what do we do, team up with BLM and go loot some Target stores?
      At least it would be bi-partisan.

  16. Democrats and their media propaganda arm would have us believe that Minnesota, which is borderline red but has a Democratic governor, is only 2 points to the right of deepest-blue New York.

    Minnesota voted for the Democratic presidential candidate in 2020, 2016, 2012, 2008, 2004, 2000, 1996, 1992, 1988, 1984 (!), 1980, 1976, 1968, 1964 and 1960.

    But Minnesota did vote Republican as recently as 1972. That must be why it’s (heh) “borderline red.”

    You whimpering crackpot.

  17. Wrong…you went to sleep living in a crap hole and woke up to hope!

  18. Because we caught them off guard that time. They’ve had four years to plot this overthrow.

  19. Yes, and…
    Keep your eyes on that Georgia Senate runoff; they’re not done.