If We Want Self-Rule, We’re Going to Have to Do It Ourselves

The inability of Fox News and the Republican Party to deliver a victory to us as we consume our politics in the comfort of our own homes scandalizes us.

The only reason any of us on the Right has any concept of the discrepancies between the reality of the vote count and the narrative that Fox News and other media outlets are presenting is due to a small army of hardworking independent journalists active mostly on Twitter and in alternative media. These political animals refuse to accept the official narrative, and are venturing into the political sphere to find out for themselves what is going on. This is what self-rule looks like. 

Those of us who are scandalized by this election need to ask ourselves some uncomfortable questions: what are we doing to help new media outlets and independent journalists who are doing the hard work for us? 

In the months leading up to this election, did we familiarize ourselves with the voting and election laws in our states, and especially with the changes that were happening as the Democrats sued to make voting laws more conducive to their efforts? We had plenty of warning. Going forward, what can we do in our own cities and states to reform voting laws and work to change the Left’s stranglehold over the election process in key cities?

Politics as a spectator sport is not going to get it done. Part of the awakening happening on the Right is a slow realization that lack of participation, lack of any real political action, will result in an eventual loss of our institutions and freedoms. 

Regardless of legality, what is happening right now in Detroit, Philadelphia, Atlanta, and Phoenix is real political action. Papering up the windows so that your opponent cannot watch as you count ballots is political action. These shenanigans in the field cannot be countered by national think tanks, theoretically friendly news channels, or even national party leaders. This kind of political warfare can only be fought by political action on our side: volunteering at voting locations, volunteering to observe and keep the process clean, and fielding forceful and decent candidates at the state and city level in order to have official eyes on this process.

Consuming politics in the same way we root for our favorite sports teams is comfortable. Watching Fox News or listening to talk radio is enjoyable, and it feels like political action. We flatter ourselves that we are an informed, self-governing people because we keep track of politics with traditional media outlets. The past week has—or should have—removed this comfortable illusion. 

In the end, we have merely been consumers of these goods, pretending that our consumption is “making a difference.” We give money to lots of conservative causes—how many of them have any power to do anything to ensure the legality of this election? 

Real political action takes time and sacrifice. Self-rule—self government—is much more difficult than spectator politics. It’s especially difficult for working people with families or small businesses to run. 

The Left is at a natural advantage in retail politics, because their political philosophy attracts childless drones with extra money and time on their hands to run for city council or volunteer at the polls. The political philosophy of the Right produces toddlers and profit and loss statements. In addition to this natural disadvantage, the Left is also flush with cash from corporations, billionaires, foreign governments, and special interests. The reality is that the Left can afford to pay its political actors. The Right—the real party of the working class—is dependent upon volunteers.

Disappointment with Fox News and with the validity of this election process, and disillusionment with the American political system is right and just. We should feel disillusioned. But shock and scandal at the impotence of our news channel, our political party is, in reality, disillusionment with ourselves. We are a self-governing people and we feel like we have no say in our government. Whose fault is that?

This election year has taught us that politics has the power to change everything in our lives: whether we can make money, whether we are allowed to do business, whether and in what way our children can be educated, whether we can gather with our families in our own homes, whether we can eat in restaurants or go on vacation. “Election Week” brings with it a new sense of helplessness. Are our elections honest? Do we really have a say in our government? How can our political movement survive with every large media organization, labor union, political machine, and monied corporate interest working against us? 

The answer to these questions is political action. Not political consumption, where we watch eagerly and root for our team to win. Not street politics and riots, where we have public tantrums because we feel that the laws and customs of this country are against us but we are too impatient or impotent to do the difficult work of marching back through our institutions and passing laws, electing candidates, and effecting political change. 

We need real political action, where we volunteer and run for local office, where we do the work to identify honest independent journalists and citizen reporters and fund them and their work. Where we research voting laws and practices in our state before important elections and work to make them more conducive to self-government. We must show up at the polls—not just to vote, but also to work, observe, and oversee. 

We get out there and we do it. We don’t wait for a national figure and a national media and a national movement to do it for us as we watch. We do it.

About Lane Scott

Lane Scott is an assistant editor of American Greatness. She was a John M. Olin Foundation Fellow at the School of Politics and Economics at Claremont Graduate University. She received her undergraduate degree from Thomas Aquinas College in Santa Paula, California. Lane and her husband own a small farm in the California Gold Country where they live with their five young children.

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34 responses to “If We Want Self-Rule, We’re Going to Have to Do It Ourselves”


  2. We are to far along it will take more than political action to stop this. to much has happened to the people civil war is coming. revenge of the criminals is here.

  3. Fox News wasn’t “unable” to provide a Trump victory. Its new division joined the piling on in support of Biden. Judge Jeanine Pirro’s Saturday show was pulled because of her Trump support.

    I’d suggest that conservatives band together to establish a network devoted to being fair and balanced, as Fox has joined the likes of CNN and MSDNC Trump could play a big role in making it happen.

  4. I think this is the perfect article for these times. Whether or not we win in this particular election, we conservatives have to work extra hard on the election process.

  5. So true. The next time you hear someone bitching about Biden being President ,ask them what did they do to prevent it. Everybody can do something. Voting is not enough.

  6. Lane Scott gets it. It’s difficult to put this message across to righties, who by the very essence of conservatism lean toward dependence on the institutions of society to solve public problems and settle disputes. If they are to survive, however, those on the right must come to see that those institutions are corrupted and turned against them.

    Amid the ruin of social structures as the left continues to seize, politicize and exploit the public’s trust in them, direct action is the only way open. That’s not easy for righties, who by and large have jobs they have to go to and lack the sources of other peoples’ money the lefties have secured for themselves. As the only available option short of giving up and giving in, though, it’s … well, it’s the only way. We better get on with it.

    • Lane Scott doesn’t get it. What can a Texan do about Democrat voter fraud in Philadelphia?

      Does anyone think Kim Klacik had a chance against Democrat Mfume in Baltimore? She could have garnered 100% of the vote and still lost.

      Democrat Party cheating is accomplished through institutionalized, industrialized party machinery. If Republicans object they are lawfully ordered to leave.

      • Act locally. Defy orders. Communicate with likeminded Americans elsewhere to share ideas and provide support as you can. Let organization rise organically from that.

        If you wait for institutions e.g. a political party to act for you, you’ll be waiting a long, long time.

  7. Sorry Lane Scott, you cannot lay the blame for this massive election fraud at the feet of patriots. The people WE elected should be out there working to stop THEIR states from changing election laws, using questionable software to count ballots, using mass mailings, ballot harvesting. Our new Fla gov, Ron Desantis, in his first week in office, cleaned up the crooked elections offices in Palm Beach and Broward counties. Thus, this was the first year that Fla had a clean, undisputed count. So, please, don’t try to lay blame with the working men and women of this country.

  8. I agree. I volunteered to be a poll watcher 3 months ago. No body called. I even told the Republican ‘ door knocker’ about it. The basic problem is that we are not keen on running for local and state offices. Majority of us busy earning a living or taking care of family. Our biggest problem is that a majority of state and local government jobs filled by African Americans, and also heavily populate polling and election offices, esp in big cities; and their sympathies are with Democrats. State and local Republicans afraid to speak up for fear of being called Racists. The only reason there were no shenanigans in Florida, is because Gov Ron Desantis almost lost his bid for governor’s mansion in 2018, with the result that Gov. Scott his predecessor, and he cleaned up the notorious Palm Beach county election offices. I wonder what kind of ‘ balls’ the republican legislatures in all except one battle ground state will exhibit in next 4 weeks?!?

    • Bro,
      As a Conservative that has been called everything under the sun by the Left for years, with no regard for who I really am as a person, I have to tell you that bs you just said Is Racist.

      “Our biggest problem is that a majority of state and local government jobs filled by African Americans”

      You need to shelve that shit.
      There’s no room for that ignorant bullshit anymore.

      Be Colorblind or You make them right about you.

  9. Lane Scott gets it. Out of the very nature of conservatism, righties lean toward dependence on society’s institutions to secure peace and fairness, dispense justice, and resolve conflicts.

    The lefties’ Long March through the institutions of the western world, however, has politicized and corrupted virtually all of them, both public and what we still like to think of as private. Continuing to rely on those failed institutions to deal straightforwardly with a right world view is not only futile, it confirms the left’s canon that among the characteristics of a rightwing mind are ignorance and stupidity.

    There is no way to exercise one’s rights within a system such as the one the west’s progressive movement has built, not if one is not a member of the club. Direct action goes against the grain for those on the right, but if that is the only way, then … well, there is no other, but for giving up and giving in.

    Lane Scott gets it. So should we all. The time to make your choice has arrived.

  10. We can’t vote our way out of this. The powerful forces arrayed against us will still be there even if/when Trump overcomes this fraudulent election. Then what? Can Mike Pence overcome these powerful forces? Can the GOP Establishment be brought around to our side? Time is running out. The demographic clock is ticking. We are creeping very close to one-party rule: the Ruling Class hates us.

    • We need a new party, probably initially at least run by Pres Trump.
      We don’t need those from the Republican Party that failed to help fight the vote fraud or worse ignored it.

    • The way to get the GOP “establishment” to come over to our side is to take over the establishment, which is going to require exactly what Lane Scott talked about in the article. In the past two years I have become a lot more involved in my local county level GOP, and even ran as a candidate for the local community college board. I did not win, but I learned a lot and I saw that the county committee still has quite a few “never Trump” types. People who are sick of that old style of politicking need to work at supporting local candidates for GOP central committees who support a populist viewpoint, not the globalist BS that led to our defeat in 2008 and 2012. Volunteer when you can, take some time to learn about the candidates and support the ones you agree with. Armchair spectators do not win elections, people who are willing to work hard will win. The Trump team had almost 3 million volunteers this year – we are in every state and we will not stop. This is not over, not by a long shot.

  11. I can’t offer much, but I’m willing to donate to people in independent media who can use it to make a difference. Would love some suggestions for where small donations could make an impact.

  12. “Lane Scott gets it. Out of the very nature of conservatism, righties lean toward dependence on society’s institutions to secure peace and fairness, dispense justice, and resolve conflicts.”
    No wonder the right lost. Societies’ institutions are always just one step away from socialism. And the Libertarians have gone round the bend completely. And the lefties are just one step away from addressing each other as Comrade.
    Most of us who can still think for ourselves realize we are alone. There is no “In this together”. But, I actually prefer it that way.
    Have a nice life, RINOS.

  13. Referring to previous comment I just made.

    My comment is awaiting moderation ??????
    Apparently RINOs own/run this site.

    Please,Please remove my comment, I do not wish to be associated with this site due to your bullying and other questionable tactics you seem to employ,
    Thank You
    M Smith

  14. Funny, but observers didn’t amount to much and the system tends to corrupt those who enter it idealistically. There comes a time, painful as it may be and as equally crushing, that taking up arms to kill or be killed for a superior reason is the only alternative.

  15. Create a National Database for All of Congress and America to view, where everyone who voted for trump can go to and re-assert their previous “no time – Legal” vote for Trump (using their SSN in a non publicly viewable way – reserved for the SCOTUS to verify if needed). Compare these Vote totals to the total eligible voters in each State. This would prove the FRAUD, and show Trump’s Landslide Victory.

  16. “Our freedom is not for sale, and we reserve the right to defend it from theft.”
    ~John Hayward [aka “Doctor Zero”] August 2009

  17. This was an excellent essay. It is a call to action. We can no longer sit on the sidelines and be content to just be observers. We are going to have to become active participants in government and politics.

  18. Do it ourselves? How exactly? Fly to Philadelphia and demonstrate? Or to Washington and the Supreme Court building? Yeah right. We’d be just another blip of a news story, here today, gone tomorrow.
    If our Supreme Court does not have the integrity to call for a new election in face of such obvious fraud like tens of thousands of ballots showing up in the middle of the night in cars with out of state plates, with no, absolutely NO votes for Trump, then the only thing effective might be a massive tax boycott by Trump’s 71 million voters.
    No justice, no taxes. Most of the Democrat base are tax money takers and the rest, the super rich, have most of their assets off shore to escape taxes.
    Plus, there are not enough cops and jails to arrest everybody and the military is not about to point a gun at their own kinfolk.

  19. Lane…no where in your detailed bio do I see the resuts of yur campaigns for public office….not congressperson…not state legislator …not friggin dog catcher…you and your lovely family chill in Cali and these hayseeds are supposed to knock on doors? what have you done….how have you lead?….posted on blogs?…if your job or at least a time consuming hobby…where’s your sacrifice?

    • Hi Angela, after getting my PhD I moved back to my hometown in rural northern CA to raise my family. In the last ten years I have started a one-room schoolhouse because the public schools that I attended as a child have really gone downhill. My local Catholic parish is impoverished after years of mismanagement and child abuse litigation payouts by the Diocese of Stockton. For years we did not have a priest who could speak English so my friends and I started and ran a bible study before Sunday Mass where we could get together and at least go over the readings. My husband and I have been on multiple parish councils and teach at least one class of children’s faith formation (catechism) every year. I have not run for political office. I am in a pretty conservative area (Tom McClintock’s district) and for the most part I am happy with my local officials. However five years ago the county supervisors voted to legalize large-scale marijuana farms to grow pot residential areas. Overnight my county was overrun with pot farms, crime, traffic accidents, robberies, and the like. My friends and I went to several county supervisors’ meetings, protested, organized, and eventually got the laws changed so that pot farms were relegated to mostly non-residential areas. Also during this time, I have worked in several conservative outlets, mostly editing and some writing, and my husband and I started our own business (completely unrelated to politics). So, in short, I’ve done nothing earth-shattering. But I have tried to make my hometown and my county better. And I would say the small things I have done are real political action as opposed to spectator politics. When my husband and I moved here there were very few young families with children. Now there are dozens and we have a very nice community. I probably could have done more in politics had I stayed in the LA area or moved to DC but I couldn’t do that and also have the kind of family life that I feel is a priority. So you are right- so far my sacrifice has been mostly for my family. But I am not yet forty and I hope to be able to do more once my children are grown.

  20. I have been thinking for months that the conservative and independent news media needs its own funding platform similar to a WinRed where the funding can be specified, allocated or simply shared. I read all the news I can from whatever source. Sorry, but I am not really inclined to donate a meaningful amount of money to 45 different independent news entities. I try to support the ones I return to the most and I try to support the aggregators a seek the most. But it isn’t going to move the needle. Something needs to consolidate, even if it’s on the order of a platform with a subscription that includes, say, access to 100 articles a month, then a per article price of $.50 apiece. Whatever. This current situation must hamper everyone from really getting bigger and self -sustaining.

  21. This article is a joke. The Democrats are stealing the election in plain sight because they know the Right is all talk when it comes to taking up arms and defending the Constitution. You cannot vote your way out when stealing elections is made normal. Your vote doesn’t matter any more. You can submit or fight, and no one appears willing to fight.

    • It’s not time yet.
      Give the courts a chance.

      And, one more thing.
      You don’t destroy something you love. You protect it.
      I’m guessing you love your Country, so keep it in your pants until you don’t have any other choice.
      Because It’s not just you who loves their Country.

      If it all goes to Hell, there will be plenty of time to kill each other later, if that’s what you need to get your rocks off.

  22. I agree with all of this but I think a bigger issue is that many conservatives don’t do anything in terms of all of the tech unfairness that goes on. I don’t mean doing something legally, I mean changing our individual behavior online. Conservatives just stay on platforms that hate their guts. I see regular commentators and talk-radio hosts on facebook and youtube and they just sit there and complain about censorship and unfairness instead of supporting the platforms that are already built (minds, gab, parlerr, lbry). All I see from influential conservative commentators are about how big tech is unfair and talk about section 230. Trump is still on twitter getting warning messages with everything he tweets. You don’t have to change any laws or go through Congress to just state, “I’m now sending messages on parler or [insert alternative] and I won’t be using twitter anymore”. He changes the conversation on tech instantly when he does that. Millions of people across the spectrum are then forced to sign up for these alternative platforms. The bottom line: the conservative message will be stifled on a left-leaning platform. Why in the world are conservatives still using search engines like Google when viable alternatives like DuckDuckGo exist? These platforms are free but they make money through ads. Why be a customer for companies that literally hate your guts?

  23. “Childless drones with extra money and time on their hands ,” lol. Yes, not having children gives you lots of free time and money… oh the horror! I stopped reading right here because it’s obvious I’ll never have any common frame of reference with this way of thinking. In the end, the Right will always end up on the losing side with this type of exclusionary mindset.

  24. Amen!

    2 Senate seats in Georgia will now determine if Biden can ram his policies through or if we can effectively nullify him with the Senate. Leftists will send millions of dollars from all over to try and capture the Senate by winning in Georgia. Lets overwhelm them at the polls and win in Georgia in January!