Let’s Take Stock of Where We Are

The 2020 election in particular, and our electoral process in general, have been badly compromised.

First there have been the successful efforts by Democrats to loosen electoral administration standards and practices by legalizing ballot harvesting (where partisan “volunteers” go out and collect ballots as well as “assist” voters in filling out their ballots), allowing same-day voter registration, mass mail-in voting, and the like. On the flipside we have Democrats tenaciously fighting any efforts to shore up the integrity of the system, such as requiring ID and proof of citizenship to vote. 

Couple all of this with unprecedented last minute rule changes on the eve of what was sure to be the most contested election in generations, if not in American history: all changes designed to favor one side over the other.

Theoretically, none of these measures guaranteed a compromised vote. Theoretically, it’s possible that a system designed to be gamed and abused won’t be. But a party concerned about the integrity of the system wouldn’t expend so much effort making it easier to rig elections; it would do the opposite. The other party, the one trying to do exactly that (if all too often in a desultory, half-hearted way) nevertheless gets attacked as the enemy of “democracy.”

Second were all the ways the media, legacy and social, engaged in saturation broadcast of only one side of the story and deliberately suppressed any mention of the other. These enormous in-kind contributions massively outweighed the paltry $10 million Russians allegedly spent on pro-Trump Facebook ads in 2016. Yet we are insistently told that Trump’s 2016 victory was illegitimate owing to “the Russians” while everything Google, Twitter, Facebook, the New York Times, Washington Post, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and the Associated Press (to name a few) did for Biden either had no effect at all or was totally aboveboard.

Third are the hundreds of lawsuits filed throughout the land by the president’s enemies, all geared toward benefitting Democrats and harming Republicans.

Fourth are the irregularities in the voting and counting that began in the wee hours on November 4 and continue to this minute, including but not limited to: inexplicably halting the counts in five states late on election night; the continuing, and mysterious “finding” of huge tranches of ballots overwhelmingly—and in some cases exclusively—for Biden; computer “glitches” that flipped Republican votes into the Democrats’ column; people showing up to vote in person only to be told that they had already voted absentee when they had never request an absentee ballot; Democratic-controlled states limiting access to Republican observers even in defiance of court orders; etc.

Now, it’s possible that each of these, and many other, shady-looking events has an innocent and plausible explanation. If so, we should be told what they are.

But mostly we’re not being told. Instead anyone who asks is either ignored or, more likely, told to shut up and called a conspiracy theorist and an enemy of democracy.

You’d think that if state and local election officials had innocent explanations for all these instances of alleged irregularity, they’d offer them. You’d think further that it would be in their interest to explain. Does Joe Biden really want to take office with half the country thinking he stole it? They can shout in our faces all they want—and they will—but shouting will not convince. They need to persuade. They need to explain. And their explanations need to be true.

Far from seeing any effort to explain, all I see is an enlivened and merciless push to ram through the results while censoring and slandering anyone who asks questions or points out irregularities. Either they don’t have explanations, or they don’t care what we think. Or both.

There is something to be said—from the point of view of the powerful—for just ramming things through and explaining nothing. It’s a clear demonstration of who’s boss. It demoralizes the other side. And it’s nearly certain to change the system permanently in ways that benefit the ruling class for as long as they can keep it going.

I have no special insight into what the president may or may not do. Based on his remarks Thursday night and the actions so far by his campaign, he clearly doesn’t believe the election was clean. He may nevertheless at some point conclude that he has no viable way to get to the bottom of what happened—especially with unfriendly state officials, agencies, and courts in charge of most of the processes. 

Were the president eventually to concede, that will be trumpeted as “proof” that all doubts about the integrity of the election have been laid to rest, and all questions are illegitimate. It will, of course, prove no such thing.

Richard Nixon believed he won the 1960 election but had it stolen from him in Illinois and Texas. (There is evidence, but no conclusive proof, that he was right.) Seeing no clear way to establish the truth, and wishing to avert a crisis, he declined to challenge the results. This episode, ever since, has been “explained” to the American people in two ways: there was no cheating, and Nixon was statesmanlike to concede. But if there was no cheating, conceding was simply a matter of acknowledging reality. Nixon’s action was “statesmanlike” only if he sacrificed something for the (supposed) good of the country—i.e., if cheating denied him the presidency he legitimately won.

No matter what he does, President Trump will get no credit from his enemies, who are already demanding that he concede before the counting is even over—to say nothing of the lawsuits and potential recounts. If he does, a new standard will have been set, or an old one reaffirmed: in any close election, if the Democrat appears to be ahead, and irregularities appear to be present, they are to be dismissed as nonexistent and the Republican must go gentle into that good night.

That may well work in securing the White House this time. But if they just ram this through without explaining what really happened, then the legitimacy not just of our electoral system but of our entire government will have suffered an extreme, and possibly fatal, blow. 

No one will really know who won. Partisans on both sides will insist they do, but they won’t—not really. Unless all the anomalies are explained, every count and recount conducted in a fair and transparent manner, the occupant of the White House on January 20, 2021—whoever he is—will sit under a cloud. If he’s Joe Biden, that cloud will be entirely of his party’s own making.

But far more ominously, one half the country—or to be more precise, the class that rules in the interests of (at most) half the country—will surmise that it can rule by fiat. The other half will conclude that they are subjects.

Whether that conclusion resigns the latter to apathy or stirs them to rebellion is the question that will determine the course of our politics going forward.

About Michael Anton

Michael Anton is a lecturer and research fellow at Hillsdale College, a senior fellow at the Claremont Institute, and a former national security official in the Trump Administration. He formerly wrote under the pseudonym Publius Decius Mus when he was a senior editor of American Greatness. He is the author most recently of The Stakes: America at the Point of No Return.

Photo: Lukbar/Getty Images

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95 responses to “Let’s Take Stock of Where We Are”

  1. Justice must be done and it must be seen to be done.
    Whenever a game of monopoly has been played, the players all the time kept an eye on the banker’s actions.
    A very necessary piece.

    • This will result in civil war, this election was a planned steal by the Globalist Establishment from the start just another coup.
      If We The People accept this then we deserve the Communist hell hole planned for us.
      Ask yourself what would Washington or Jefferson do? You know the right courageous answer. Liberty or Death.

      • It is time to organize, train and equip, then be ready to mobilize.

      • there a lot of guns and any bets they start trying to widdle those down with gun control and confiscation.. Bad news if they try it..Confiscation is about control and we are not giving it to them..

      • You are right. Elections are now illegitimate, this gov is now illegitimate. The founding fathers gave us one final tool to deal with an illegitimate gov and it is past time to use it.

        The left can not and will not be given parts of the country either. They will leave the country or they will die. We are not playing the India/Pakistan game, look what happened to the former Yugoslavia when they did that. No, the politicians will want to split the country to stay in power but we have something for them too… Rope, lots of rope.

      • Amen Brother… most are living in Egypt, near the famous landmark of Denial ~ the Left is never satisfied b/c Hatred is a deep hole into the Abyss and the Evil One wants to drag all down into the darkness with him/his demons

        This is a spiritual battle for every individual souls and the heart soul of America. Start by extracting oneself from GOOGLE, FB, Twitter by implementing one of my Create-A-Wisom, b/c those on those platforms are addicted to it

        Users Led to eventual Digital Slaughter
        Individuals Cancelled De-monetized
        Truth Squashed, Deception Rules
        We Don’t Know … what WDK
        Power is their Adrenaline
        $$$$$s fuel Big Tech
        Ditch Social Media
        Sooner is Better
        Begin Healing
        You Can Do
        Try Parler
        Or MeWe
        Change Now
        Truth does Live
        Courage Needed
        Will Take some Time
        Trust God’s Goodness
        Together We’ll Overcome
        Jesus Already Won the Battle
        Darkness only Lasts till Morning
        Connect with Others to Help Them
        You are Special Created for a Purpose
        StandUp StepOut Boldly Begin New Life


    • This election theft must not be allowed to be completed. If so, our elections will be worthless as the demorats have discovered ways to stuff the ballot boxes. Think,.. the battle of Athen in Tenn. 1946, once again , we have democrats stealing the ballot boxes and the sheriff is the thief. Combat Vets who had just been released from duty took over and showed the crook democrat sheriff who really is the boss.

  2. Nothing will be done. President Trump will be stymied at every turn. They will steal the presidency and the senate (GA). They will stack the supreme court and then we’re done. This has happened in Wisconsin for the last several cycles. This is Milwaukee voter fraud gone national. And, just like Wisconsin, no one cares except for a handful of conservatives, who will be silenced, canceled, fired, their revenue stream cut off and then cut off of the banking system. All because orange man bad. I can’t believe this is happening and I’m absolutely sick about it.

  3. The circumstantial evidence of fraud is overwhelming already. There will never be a day when I am so credulous I believe the Joe Biden, serial babbler of inanities with one foot on the threshold of dementia, a candidate who did not even bother to campaign and whose candidacy inspired a surge of apathy among the Democrat base won four million more votes than Barak Obama. That one lone fact tells us all we need to know about the existence of voter fraud.

    • You are so right. The Republicans votes have stepped on.

    • Well, you might want to think about that time Trump suggested people cure covid by injecting bleach or when Hannity asked him what he would do in a second term and Trump had nothing. It’s not as if Trump is actually good at being President.

    • “Surge of apathy” is a gem of a coinage!

      Not to distract from the content of your observations, which are dead-nuts on.

  4. Highly concerning state of affairs. I for one have seen the heightened corruption going back to 2016. My trust in America’s rule of law, integrity and morality is vanquished. Clearly democrats and a good number of republicans care more about power and financial riches than protecting and preserving the constitution of the USA. A thorough unbiased investigation of all fraudulent activity must be undertaken for trust to be restored. Absent that, at age 68 I am ready to join other measures in support of truth, justice, constitutional governance and the rule of law to prevail.

  5. President Trump (whom I support) has never been good at detail or single-minded pursuit of Draining the Swamp and I don’t think he will prove suddenly super-competent at it now.
    He has accomplished a long list of really good things – in foreign and domestic policy, in discrediting (entirely) the Establishment (inc. the mainstream media) and in blazing a trail which shows true patriotic citizens what they are up against if in future they ever wish to see a United States ruled honestly.
    It is a huge achievement.
    This is why Trump Derangement Syndrome exists. All the (worthless) elites and (merit-free) ‘meritocrats’ have loathed it
    But I think the probability is that a new Dark Night now descends on America.
    The Lefties, the Tech Barons, the Big Money guys, have all long since learned their lesson from Mr Trump’s eruption into the presidency in 2016; and anyway, under Obama, were already pedal to the metal for transforming the country in their own image.
    The USA is now like Germany in December 1932, and will shortly become, very quickly, a totalitarian state with a ruling class essentially, if not altogether consciously, dedicated to nihilism.
    1st Priorities: All sound brave conservative commentators, like Michael Anton, Ann Coulter, Mark Steyn &c, should flee the country while they can and go into exile which may be temporary (see what I argue further down, if you will). So should Mr Trump and his family on Jan. 19th next. The new Powers That Be are nothing if not vindictive – note what AOC is posting already on this score – and will probably find reasons to put all such persons in jail. The system of law in this country being now so lopsided and corrupt, the jail terms will probably be very lengthy.
    2nd: The new regime will look unbudgeable but may actually collapse soon along with the economy. There is a gigantic crash coming, the biggest in human history, with all banks and stock markets flattened and probably all currencies defunct. When people – in the Biden presidency – are back to the Stone Age economy minus the training and skills of Paleolithic Man for coping, the minds of hundreds of millions of human being across the western world may at last open to things they have had no truck with for decades: reality; facts; hard evidence; proofs.
    The new regime in Washington could be bowed out as unanimously and bloodlessly as Cromwell’s was in Britain in 1659. Everyone could suddenly pay attention to the mass of proofs of Electoral Fraud in this current contest, decide that Donald Trump won the election (as almost certainly he has done, by rights), and call him back, in the same way that the British monarchy was invited to return in 1660.
    All this is not certain, but the coming total meltdown of world finance is likely to concentrate minds wonderfully.
    If not, then we have to accept that the USA will soon resemble Nazi Germany on its way to becoming (when the third-world imported gangsters throw up a super-chieftain) Stalin’s Russia or Mao Tse-Tung’s China.
    Have a good day, everyone!

    • But where are conservatives supposed to expatriate themselves? All the rest of the Anglosphere is just as bad if not worse (and that includes purportedly “conservative” Britain and Australia, and openly socialist New Zealand and Canada).

      Best place I can see is eastern Europe, particularly Hungary–countries which haven’t as yet fallen prey to “wokeness”.

      • When it comed to rioting or mandatory Wokeness struggle sessions no country in the Anglosphere is as far gone as the USA.

      • Hungary is just one country & is under a “Dictatorship” by the hands of Victor Urban. Hungary wake up! Europe wake up & stop giving this vile Putin like person further financial assistance. Let Putin pay for that, not European coffers.
        This Author of Essay thinks he’s still part of the Roman Empire & is a devotio in the Underworld & is riding on horseback to defeat his enemies only to see them defeat him. (He’ll understand where I’m coming from.)

        The election wasn’t stolen, Joe Biden won it fair & square & many Republicans & Independents voted for him in states that Trump thought he’d walk. The fact is Trump was his own worst enemy telling his followers not to vote mail-ins in some states but to do so in other states. Is it any wonder why he lost?

        Also, the guy never had a bit of empathy with people who were sick & dying with Covid 19 & in fact, showed that disregard throughout the country by going on rallies & not telling his supporters to observe the rule of the medical experts Dr Fauci & Dr Birx, that he brought in and who knew best. & even for the fact he had caught Covid 19, and bragged he knew from that stay in hospital everything there was to know about same, he re-emerged & didn’t apply common sense to tell the people supporting him to wear masks. So is it any wonder he lost?

        As for the economy that was always going to crash with the onset of this vicious virus, he inherited a very good economy from Obama (like it or lump it) Trump seized on that & brought in tax cuts, minimal for the Joe Soaps, maximum for the Billionaires & Filthy Rich. But you don’t build an economy on just doing those actions…of course then the Fed started printing money & more money & more money & more money so as to keep interest payments low so Donald Trump could brag about helping people? But all he’s done is pile up US debt for America to fall under when the real crash does come & it will. At this moment (hour) in time, the US national debt is $21,178,379,317,357 & rising & the interest you’re paying every year for that debt is $169,242,512,117 & rising per year. So think on, was that really a success? & from that, is it any wonder he lost?

        PS. Do you know? that there is now a new mutation of Covid 19 just discovered in the past 2 weeks in Northern Denmark & that this mutation was discovered on mink farms & it has already passed on to humans (215 people to be precise at the last count) & could spark a new world-wide pandemic if they don’t contain it. This new strain will render vaccines nearly ready or being worked on useless if it spreads throughout Europe or worldwide. It hasn’t yet, but if it does, bewares.

  6. The government’s legitimacy received its fatal blow with the national state’s project to overturn the 2016 election. Elections are receiving theirs by means of its rigging of the outcome of this one even as we type to post here. It’s a bit late to sound the alarm once the enemy is already in the town, don’t you think? The question is not if faith in the system can be saved, for you can’t keep what’s already gone. What we have to do now is decide what we going to do about it.

  7. There needs to be a change in how processed ballots are stored. The current method prevents any attempts to authenticate the vote totals, because mailed-in ballots are permanently removed from their envelopes which contain the postmark and signature that are essential for determine their validity.

    Each ballot, once scanned, should be returned to its envelope for facilitating audit at a later time. Perhaps the voter’s birthdate could be added as something the voter has to supply at the time they vote, since apparently too much leeway is being granted to the validation of voter signatures.

    Mail-in voting removes much of the integrity of voting in person, where the poll workers can see if the voter is who they say they are. Whoever thinks the new system is acceptable needs to convince voters that their franchise is not being endangered.

    • None of these ideas will come to pass. Where is the interest in actually reforming and protecting the electoral system? If the shenanigans worked this time, bet on them being here to stay. Why ruin a perfectly good strategy (for one side, at least)?

    • How about going back to voting in-person with legitimate voter-identification? Why the insistence on a “vote by mail” regime? In places where voters are “sketchy” and election and ballot security is mandatory to validate government authority, in-person voting is the only method that keeps election integrity in place. I live in a state where “vote by mail” has persisted for 35 years…and it was a scam when it was put in-place (to secure one party rule) and it continues to be a scam today.

    • There is a lot more to learn about the current electoral set-up. See this video which has amazing evidence of the computer/machine age balloting. Ignore the power point headlines being askew: _https://newtube.app/user/TonyHeller/QWczw4W Spread this

  8. Just as a mysterious murder is subjected to a forensic audit, so too, does the country need the same at this time. The American people deserve a detailed explanation of the improbable events under the cloak of darkness which surrounded the gathering and tabulation of votes.

  9. It not just the legitimacy of the electoral process or the government that has been destroyed, it is the legitimacy of the country. You can’t have a country divided by hatred. I suppose that someone will eventually be declared the winner but the other half will never accept it and the only way to keep it together will be force. Whether it breaks out into active warfare is beyond our knowledge right now but the iron fist will always be there and everybody knows it.

  10. Destruction of the confidence of the citizenry in the electoral process was in the design of the Left’s year long strategy. The corruption amidst the chaos was the object, thus a figurehead as the candidate, who’ll be replaced when convenient. THAT figurehead will likewise not be in actual control.

    If this technique is successful this year, it will signal the end of the Republic. That was their goal; to subsume us beneath the Great Reset, destroy our ability to lead and protect Western Civilization, and deliberately destroy the economy to convert the populace to docile, dependent sheep.

    It looks like, Mission Accomplished!

  11. This egregious, deliberately in-your-face theft of the election is the most blatantly illegal act I have ever seen. To accept Biden as President is to acknowledge that the country is irretrievably corrupt and that there is no way to remove that corruption. The anger I am seeing about this theft is, understandably, off the charts. If this country is to be repaired, and I am not sure, at this point, that it can be, this election must be run again with much greater oversight of the balloting process and much steeper penalties for criminal activity. Meanwhile, the people who initiated the illegal activity in this election should be looking at life in the Colorado Supermax.

  12. Trump’s not going to concede.
    The States need to count 100% of the votes.
    Has anybody notice a pattern?
    States start to count and votes come in with 53-60% for Trump. So, States stop counting.
    When Trump gets close to going over Biden’s amount, the State indicates that contrary to the 99% counted, they’ve discovered they are only 94% completed.
    It’s so obvious they don’t want to get to 100% unless Biden is ahead.

    • You are so right. The Republicans votes have stepped on.

    • I should HOPE NOT!! Trump should Not concede based on the overwhelming obviousness of the left cheating.

    • I agree 100%. Trump has Court Hearings starting on Monday and He has the hard evidence . Just be calm and watch and PRAY!

  13. If you look at the electoral map for 2020, you see that the red-States are predominantly in the southern/central part of the nation. It makes me wonder if these red-States would consider seceding from the USA and forming a new nation, perhaps called the United Central States of America.

    And more importantly, it will geographically split the East Coast from the Left Coast, which can destroy their commerce amongst one another because it will end their ground transportation connection.

    • Or Heartlandia could simply impose tarriffs on any vehicle from Coastsrip East that enters Heartlandia or exits into Coaststrip West. And of course all foodstuffs and essential goods and possibly energy from Heartlandia will also need to be taxed

      Lets not be barbarians and starve them all. Lets be more like leeches and live off of them

    • If you look at the map, you’ll see that Biden votes come primarily from the East and West Coasts and the Great Lakes, states that produce practically nothing and leech off the rest of the country.

      • Yep, Alabama and South Dakota have subsidized New York and California for too long. It is time to put an end to this.
        Hyuck Hyuck Hyuck.

      • Umm, you might need California
        90% of ALL almonds in the world come from CA
        CA is the 2nd largest exporter of apples in the U.S.
        CA produces over 95% of the apricots grown in the U.S.
        CA produces 100% of the artichokes in the U.S.
        CA grows 90% of the avocado crops in the U.S.
        CA produces 90% of broccoli in the U.S.
        CA produces about 75% of all cantaloupes grown in the nation!
        CA is the carrot capital, producing about 80% of the nation’s
        Almost all of the cauliflower grown in the U.S. comes from the Salinas Valley in CA
        CA produces 95% of the celery grown in the U.S.
        CA produces 99% of the dates in the U.S.
        CA produces 100% of the nation’s dried figs & 98% of the fresh figs
        CA is the largest producer of commercial garlic in the U.S.
        Napa Valley alone has the world’s highest concentration of wineries (over 200 and counting!)
        CA produces around 98% of the kiwifruit grown in the U.S.
        CA is the largest supplier of lemons in the U.S., Producing over 92%
        Over 90% of Lettuce Sold in the U.S. is Grown in CA
        CA Produces 95% of Nectarines in the U.S.
        CA is responsible for 99% of all the olive oil produced in the U.S.
        Oranges a big percentage comes from California. Florida can’t hold a candle to our oranges
        CA produces 65% of the total U.S. crop of peaches
        CA is the 2nd largest producer of pistachios in the world
        97% of all U.S.-grown plums are grown in CA
        CA produces 99% of the pomegranates in the U.S.
        CA Produces 80% of the Nation’s Strawberry Crops
        CA is the #1 provider for tomatoes to the U.S.
        99% of the walnuts produced in the U.S. come from CA
        Ppl are dumb to hand California to Piglosi

      • Actually, the Biden votes came mainly from the large urban cities, where “voters” are mainly poorly educated and where it is easy to create tens of thousands of fake ballots supporting the Democrats.

  14. As a follow-up to my above comment, the only ground link they would have is thru Canada.

  15. Or Heartlandia could simply impose tarriffs on any vehicle from Coastsrip East that enters Heartlandia or exits into Coaststrip West. And of course all foodstuffs and essential goods and possibly energy from Heartlandia will also need to be taxed

    Lets not be barbarians and starve them all. Lets be more like leeches and live off of them

  16. If the Republican Party doesn’t stand up to this fraud en mass, they are dead. Trump will start his own party with 50 million Deplorables, and Republicans will rue the day they decided not to stand with the president.

  17. Democrats are notorious for bringing out “new votes” at the last minute in states they control. They use to do it in Northern Indiana until they lost power in the state and they’ve been doing it in Virginia for many years. Without fail, Republicans will be winning in Virginia with some 97-99% of precincts reporting then, al of a sudden, the count changes and the Democrat jumps ahead. The “new votes” ALWAYS, without fail, come from counties with large black populations with precincts that have zero Republican voters. This year a thumb drive with some 14,000 votes suddenly appeared in Henrico County (Richmond), all for Democrats. Now, the county population is only some 300,000 which means those votes account for 4% of the county population. Obviously, these counties wait until they see how many votes they need to report for the Democrats to win then “report” them. The same thing obviously happened in Atlanta, another city a large back population. They get away with it because no one challenges them, in part because it would be claimed as “racist” to do so. Yes, Democrats stole this election. Furthermore, they practically came out and said they were going to do so. They were making proclamations about how it might look like Donald Trump was winning but mail-in ballots would give it to Biden. How did they know this? Obviously, because they were going to control the count. James Carville knew Michigan was going to go for Biden. How? He knew Democrats were going to report fraudulent counts.

  18. The party that wants Police defunded, doesnt want anyone watching them count votes. Anyone Surprised

  19. Nothing will happen and the Democrats won’t even bother to hold national elections in 2022. Everyone knows that. We’re done.

    • I wonder if it occurs to the leftists that their vote will no longer matter. Or do they think that will only happen to conservatives?

      • Democrats just disenfranchized 40% of hispanics and 20% of black males.

  20. Fact, the election process has been compromised. Fact, with the complexities of the election system even a deep dive into the individual states will not be able to prove completely how it has been compromised and to what level. Only that it has.
    If a student taking a test is caught cheating on only one question, of a hundred question test, the validity of the whole test is compromised. The policing by the teacher is not to determine how much cheating occurred but if in fact that it did. If it is determined that there was any cheating the whole test is compromised so that test is considered invalid.
    In a national election innocent mistakes will happen. These can be discovered and corrected. Cheating can be discovered but the results of that cheating can not always be corrected due to the the degree and sophisticated methods that the cheaters have used. If the level of discovered cheating is considered large enough or sophisticated enough to suggest that it “could” affect the outcome of that states election then that states election needs to be considered invalid. “Proving”that it did affect the outcome is not required.
    It then would fall to the state’s legislature to determine the valid electors. This is the constitutional remedy to an invalid election.
    This is the path that President Trump is pursuing.

  21. It’s time for civil war to end the Democrat lawlessness. The only question is: will you surrender or fight?

  22. Couldn’t it be said that the people have already been stirred “ to rebellion “ against the established political class by electing and then re-electing Trump? Americans are fed up with trash politics… they do not want a ruling class of Marxists, Socialists, Communists(anyone see maniac AOC from NY’s “hit list”?).

    I don’t want a voter “participation trophy “…I want my vote to count! I want it to go exactly where I intended it to go!

  23. The whining has gotten to be really high pitched on this site… no surprise there!

    I think you might want to begin distancing yourselves from the stink of the Trump pile(kind of a synonym for that gift in your yard left by your dobermann).

    Will you be planning a rebrand for the Biden era?

  24. If Biden does assume the presidency, the best thing to do is just ignore him.

    • And how do you ignore him when he unleashes hoards of illegals into every village and town in America when he throws the border wide open?

      Any Republican accepting this fraud is a collaborator. Hopefully the President will use this opportunity to create a new political party.

    • Hard to ignore when his handlers let the administrative agencies loose with a fervor of regulations.

      Hard to ignore when he opens the floodgates of The Wall and lets the caravans of illegals pour in.

      Hard to ignore when he removes the tariffs and invites the Chinese back in.

      Hard to ignore when he removes Iran sanctions and vacates the Israeli-Arab peace agreements.

      Hard to ignore when he turns a blind eye as the Chinese attack Taiwan. . .

  25. So what are we going to do? Specifically: when will concrete, Executive Branch action be taken against the traitors and tyrants now presenting a clear and imminent danger to our American way of life- nay, our very existence? (If there is even a distinction between the 2: ‘Give me liberty or give me death.’) And those malefactors are now full-on laughing at us, a la Thrasymachus: Cry all you want, patriots, ‘might makes right.’ Problem for them is, at this moment in political time, but not for much longer, they are not even CLOSE to being more powerful than we are. Without going into the details, which you can all imagine, the President is administratively capable of simply Nancy Reaganing the Dem’s latest coup: ‘Just say no.’ I have it from a reliable source that 95% of the military support him. Somebody like Levin would be more than happy to sic the US Marshalls on JB, HRC, BO, and their FBI/CIA enablers. Let them languish in prison: trials might not even be necessary. And when the BLM riots, which (you’ve noticed) are no longer taking place, recommence- well, that’s when the fun really begins. Now somebody please tell me why such measures shouldn’t be taken, that is to say, why they would likely fail. Why not throw Thrasymachus right back at them? After all, they pose, by their own stated intentions, a threat to the US Constitution, which the President is sworn to protect, not to mention are literally as evil as Hell.

  26. Great article! There is a typo in the last sentence of “About Michael Anton”

  27. Guys,

    A friendly advice: look at all your posts here, and understand that they represent the main reason why you lose and why you will keep losing in the future.

    • but we didn’t lose. Read the essay and the post, moron.

    • Anton,

      So is your side not going to take any sort of responsibility for the reactionary posts you chide here? I mean, these people are reacting against something.

      1) Are these people who rioted and looted for months in cities, inflicting billions in property damage?
      2) Are these the people who locked down the country, crashed the economy, and in places like Los Angeles and Michigan, still prevent and or hinder millions from exercising basic, Constitutionally-protected liberties like freedom of assembly and or religion?
      4) Are these the people who tried to impeach a legitimately elected president in an election year on the flimsiest of pretexts about the potential improprieties during a phone call with the Ukrainian head of state?
      5) Are these the people who peddled a conspiracy theory for 3 years about Trump, the Russian agent who, through Putin’s aid, “stole” and “hacked” the election away from Hillary Clinton?
      6) Are these the people who spied on an opposing presidential campaign, abused the FISA Court application process, entrapped members of the incoming administration in attempts to hamstring if not destroy a Constitutionally-elected president?

      My “friendly advice”: Don’t be so sure of your own sophistication and discernment if you belittle the emotions of anonymous, upset Trump supporters blowing off steam in an online forum and ignore the totalitarian trends, brazenly cynical maneuvers, and violent means employed by leftwing forces to defeat Trump and remove him from office. The pollsters were woefully inaccurate in how close the race was in these battleground states. Trump received the second most votes ever in a presidential election ever. Contrary to the assumption in your jeer, Trump’s support might not be so monolithic and only full of conspiracy theorists and doomsday-mongers. He did historically well among Latinos and blacks. Your electoral triumph might not be everlasting.

  28. Don’t forget Barr’s critical role. We all know what happened in Russiagate. In the Flynn matter, Powell named the felonious leaker of Flynn’s phone call. Wolf leaked the Page FISA warrant (plea deal). These are all unpunished crimes in plain sight. Felonies all over the place in plain sight. What did Barr do? Delay, delay, delay.

    Barr was never in danger of being impeached by the Democrats. It was part of the show and he knew his role.

    All these crimes in plain sight. When Trump or anyone mentions them, they can be written off as conspiracy theories. Durham’s purported reputation as tough on crooked FBI furthers the cover up: “If Durham didn’t find anything, that’s proof that nothing happened.” He collected all the evidence to bury it.

    Barr has done far more damage to the country than clerks in Philadelphia.

  29. “Our System however of Religious Liberty must afford them an Assylum. But if they do not put Purity of our Elections to a Severe Tryal, it will be a Wonder.”  President John Adams May 6th 1816 
    “I do not like the late Resurrection of the Jesuits. They have a General, now in Russia, in correspondence with the Jesuits in the U.S. who are more numerous than every body knows. Shall We not have Swarms of them here? as many Shapes and disguises as ever a King of the Gypsies, Bamfied More Carew himself, assumed? In the shape of Printers, Editors, Writers School masters &c. I have lately read Pascalls Letters over again, and four Volumes of the History of the Jesuits. If ever any Congregation of Men could merit, eternal Perdition on Earth and in Hell; according to these Historians though like Pascall true Catholicks, it is this Company of Loiola. Our System however of Religious Liberty must afford them an Assylum. But if they do not put Purity of our Elections to a Severe Tryal, it will be a Wonder.”  President John Adams May 6th 1816 https://founders.archives.gov/documents/Adams/99-02-02-6595

    Remember, remember the fifth of November,
    Gunpowder treason and plot.
    We see no reason
    Why gunpowder treason
    Should ever be forgot!

    Dead Presidents


  30. Mark the day. . . November 7th, . . . . the day that civil war 2.0 essentially began in earnest. The American Left, the DNC, the Main Street Media (including Rupert Murdoch’s sons at Fox), the deep state, the TechRats Fakebook, Gurgle and Twatter, with the cheerleading of the globalist neocon RINO club, perverted and militarized yet again another American institution and declared war on the electorate of the United States and upon its greatest core of taxpayers and supporters. These cretins, Marxist rats, and globalists have no idea what kind of dog they have stirred.

  31. Imagine that the unexplained voter fraud put Trump ahead in states in which Biden had the lead. We know what would have happened- large scale riots, shutdowns of cities until a recount or re-vite was done, protests at the homes of Republican officials, including pill observers, and plenty of sympathetic news coverage.

    But we (Republicans, ordinary Americans) don’t do that; we do nothing to protect the only source of power we have – the vote. Lacking leadership and organization, we have already submitted to the new regime. The Democrats see this and know they can act with impunity.

    The Democrats will spend the next 2 years entrenching mail in voting and other rules to favor their candidates. Facebook, Google and Twitter will be state-protected organs of the party. Republican representatives can expect the worst kind of treatment and will in many cases choose not to run for re-election. IMO, it will be a generation until there is another opportunity for change.

  32. Reading all the comments on this thread, it appears that the so-called Conservatives are just rolling out the same old nonsensical and absurd talking points.
    Trump, who is the worst president in US history, has been thrown out, and the trump supporters here cannot accept that… and explain away the demise of Donald Trump, by perpetuating completely infantile and inane allegations and conspiracy theories.

  33. In terms of taking stock, I don’t understand why the punditry has concluded that the election results represent a setback for progressivism and identity politics. This is completely mistaken. Whatever progress Trump made in this area was by executive order and regulations of the Dept. of Education and HUD. Biden will quickly rescind these and restore the prior Obama policies. Expect racial sensitivity training and diversity to be required for federal contracts and federal aid. This is what Democrats do when they win.

  34. “Does Joe Biden really want to take office with half the country thinking he stole it?”

    Now that might be the silliest, most inane sentence I’ve ever read in an article on this website.

  35. The seemingly unstoppable force has to finally meet the immovable object. The amoral/immoral Democrats and other socialists always push ahead regardless of the law. The Republicans tend to melt away and sue for peace after being shafted, sometime even before. I don’t care what names those types now call the Trump team. American independence wasn’t won by wimps. God doesn’t expect us to finish the job, just to give it our absolute best.

  36. The election was rigged.
    Anyone with half a brain can see it.

    We we are witnessing is what our founding fathers described as absolute despotism.

    I still have faith in our constitution, but I’ve lost all faith in the people who occupy the buildings of our federal institutions.

    Faith cannot be restored while those same swamprats still occupy those buildings.

    There must be a reckoning.

    Will anyone rise up to the task?

    • Well, I doubt anyone will rise up. I felt like the Lone Ranger fighting the mask mandate in my area. If people aren’t up to saying no to that obvious tyranny then they won’t say no to this one.

  37. Congratulations on winning Biden. We did not think you could steal enough votes but we were wrong. It might end up being very ironic that the voter integrity project ‘s primary goal was to cast aspersion on Trump’s win to throw it into the courts where they had a chance of pulling it our or wounding Trump but instead they ended up poisoned their own victorious candidates.

    There is no way this will be swept under the rug. In spite of the Twitter / FB cartel this will be dissected into granular detail on the internet. It will go on forever and live in infamy. This is the age of the internet. There will be millions of keyboard warriors that will push this thing until there will be no secrets or doubts.

    So hail to the corpse and the Illegitimate Whore.

  38. I hope a for a peaceful solution to this election chaos (PLANNED election chaos). BUT, the Democrats can’t turn this into Nazi Germany yet, because the American people still have their guns.

    I’m certainly not a violent person, but if we have to take action to keep our Republic – because we can not longer keep it through nonviolent means (honest elections), then many of Americans may be close to reaching the breaking point. Somehow the Democrats trying to steal this election seem to have forgotten that many of us still believe in the 2nd Amendment, and believe it may need to be exercised at some point to keep our freedom. I hope it doesn’t come to that.

  39. It is time.

    Organize, equip, train, and then mobilize.

    Join or form your own militias with like-minded relatives and neighbors.

    They stole the election. They told you they would do so, and did. They will come for your guns. They told you they would do so. And then you will be defenseless if you surrender.

    God help us all.

  40. We have fallen into the abyss of a Marxist takeover. It is our fault. Too many of us think being patriotic is voting every few years, that’s it. It takes more than that to protect freedom. It takes monitoring what children are taught in public school, it takes resisting idiocy in absurd changes to language, it takes questioning public display of children used in soft porn on Netflix, putting Civics back in school, not falling in line when people demonize the American flag, the Founders, Christ. We have been lazy. While we have watched television and watched football (now that is gone), we allowed our country to be taken over by bottom-feeders and radicals. When mindless mobs burned our cities like it is a party, we claimed no one invited us in to stop it. (Those victims do pay federal taxes.) Lawlessness doesn’t stand still. It grows. Now look at what we must cope with.

    Now even Fox News has turned into a manipulative, agenda driven mess and one of the chief truth-tellers, Judge Pirro, has been suspended for not falling in line with the narrative about voter fraud and Biden being President Elect Every day we lose a little more.

    Pressure must be put on our elected officials, and that means wimpy Republicans. Tell them if they don’t stop this chaos, if they don’t do more than gripe and whine on Fox News (if even welcome there anymore), then millions of us will never take Republicans seriously again, this country will fall into one-party rule. The communist party. Maybe it is what we deserve?

  41. A fellow called Thomas Wictor (about whom I know nothing) claims that, aside from lawsuits and demands for recounts in the five contended States, the President is readying a ‘counterattack’ aimed at the leadership of the Democrat-Party electoral coup, using a department of the Homeland Security Agency called the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA). This agency, created by the Trump administration, does exist and does focus on Election Security:


    Wictor in a YouTube video does not offer specifics, but claims that the CISA (presumably in conjunction with the DoJ) will have the ability and the authority to put lots of people in jail and if necessary force new elections in some states. His videos are here:


    Perhaps Michael Anton, drawing on his experience in the Trump White House, could address Mr Wictor’s credibility, and the suggestion that the CISA is capable of the ‘counterattack’ that Wictor says is possible.

  42. “Dear Beto O’Rourke,
    Please come to my house to confiscate my guns first….it will save me from shooting myself after Donald Trump was suspiciously beaten in an election by a walking Alzheimer’s ad who didn’t campaign!”

  43. It’s time to find and support alternatives to the MSM. I’m subscribing and or donating to every conservative
    blog and website I visit. Also the Epoch Times is a fabulous news paper. It’s cheap, it’s accurate, and the owners understand totalitarianism.

  44. Elections are now illegitimate, this gov is now illegitimate. The founding fathers gave us one final tool to deal with an illegitimate gov and it is past time to use it. The left can not and will not be given parts of the country either. They will leave the country or they will die. We are not playing the India/Pakistan game, look what happened to the former Yugoslavia when they did that. No, the politicians will want to split the country to stay in power but we have something for them too… Rope, lots of rope.

  45. The very fact that our government officials would and did allow vote harvesting, absentee and mail-in voting outside what has been accepted practice for years is a sign of the internal moral and cultural rot that is weakening and will ultimately bring our nation’s downfall. If red, white, and blue Americans don’t rise up in huge numbers to halt this, say good-bye to the land of the free.

  46. Are YOU Manipulated by GOOGLE, FB, Twitter ???

    The Truthful answer is YES… but only If you are USING them.

    One of my Create-A-Wisom TRACS explains below:

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  47. “It’s a clear demonstration of who’s boss.”

    You could have made that sentence the article.

    My own judgment is the Dems have a canine by the tail.
    If the canine named America continues to show cur bitch and never more so than the last year they have wagered correctly.

    If the canine turns Wolf at last…

  48. Looking foward. How about people who have been tested, who have had courage, who have not wilted in the face of adversity? Sidney Powell for Attorney General. Her client, General Flynn for Director of the CIA. Bernard Kerik, Director of the FBI. No more experimentation with Deep State actors. There are too many people inside government whom Trump cannot trust. Bring Judge Jeannine in there, in some role. These are smart people whose ideals are not in question. Four years of insiders thwarting a leader at every turn is enough.

    There is so much voter fraud in this election, if logic reigns and honesty takes the day, Trump will get another four years, it is the only thing that makes sense. Good grief, according to reports, counters have even been on social media boasting about the steal.

  49. Looking forward. How about people who have been tested, who have had courage, who have not wilted in the face of adversity? Sidney Powell for Attorney General. Her client, General Flynn for Director of the CIA. Bernard Kerik, Director of the FBI. No more experimentation with Deep State actors. There are too many people inside government whom Trump cannot trust. Bring Judge Jeannine in there, in some role. These are smart people whose ideals are not in question. Four years of insiders thwarting a leader at every turn is enough.

    There is so much voter fraud in this election, if logic reigns and honesty takes the day, Trump will get another four years, it is the only thing that makes sense. Good grief, according to reports, counters have even been on social media boasting about the steal.