Sleepy Campaign Strategy Mystery Solved

One of the great mysteries surrounding the presidential election of 2020 has now been solved. For months, people on both sides of the aisle noted the huge discrepancy between the campaign styles of Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Trump was a dynamo, sitting for interviews, holding press conferences, participating in an ever-increasing series of rallies across the country. 

Joe Biden, by contrast, rarely left his basement and when he did it was to address 10 or 15 carefully screened supporters or pundits who were coached about what they could say. Even Biden’s supporters, the innocent ones, marked the difference and were concerned. How could their candidate win when he basically refused to campaign? 

We now know the answer. 

Biden didn’t really campaign because he—or at least his handlers—knew the fix was in. They knew that compliant polls would cook the numbers to show that Biden was 10, 15, or even 17 points ahead nationally and in all the battleground states even though he was more or less tied or even behind. The psychological, which means the political effect of that, was to insinuate an element of unreality into the whole campaign and to present the public, and the pundits who were there to spoonfeed them, with a false narrative about the performance and therefore the prospects of the two candidates. 

The committee fielding Biden also knew that the media was almost totally on board with a Biden candidacy. This was clear during the campaign when an overwhelming majority of media coverage was both hostile to Trump and almost comically careful about Biden. 

Consider the conspiracy of silence about Hunter Biden’s laptop or the revelations of Hunter’s former business partner Tony Bobulinski. With the exception of a few dissident outlets, there was an extraordinary conspiracy of silence about these and other stories critical of Biden’s behavior. (Special praise goes to the New York Post and to Tucker Carlson for bucking the trend and bringing these stories to the public.)

That most of the media was all-in for Biden was also clear during the election itself. Fox News notoriously acted as a cheerleader for Biden. They refused to call Florida for Trump for hours after it was clear that he had won it. They then ceded Arizona to Biden, though it was by no means clear that he had prevailed there and some voters were still in line at the polls. Fox eventually walked back its call (sort of), but only after the damage to Trump’s momentum had been clocked. Two days after the election, Fox refuses to call Alaska and other states for Trump even though it is crystal clear that he has won them. 

Finally, the forces arrayed behind Biden knew that the whole bureaucracy of the state—the poll workers and postal workers in battleground states, for example—would be on board for Biden and would be carefully coached in deploying techniques to manufacture or suppress ballots, as necessary, and skew the vote. 

We see all this playing out before our eyes—or, rather, we see the external manifestations of the massive effort to queer the election for Donald Trump. 

Last time, in 2016, the establishment was not ready for Donald Trump. They were complacent because they just knew that Trump could not win, that Hillary Clinton was a sure thing. So they were both careless in covering their tracks and lazy about mounting a serious ground game against Trump should he win. 

When he did win they screamed and stomped their tiny feet. They paraded around the Washington Mall in pink hats meant to resemble female genitalia in order to protest against Trump’s crudity. Less than 20 minutes after Trump was inaugurated the Washington Post informed its readers that the push for impeachment had begun

But the fact remains, the establishment and its media megaphones were blindsided. They thought a Trump victory was impossible. This time, they knew that it was not only possible but probable, and they prepared accordingly. 

Biden’s supporters, from Mitt Romney and Bill Kristol down to Chuck Todd, Chris Wallace, and the unsung destroyers of Trump ballots and fabricators of Biden ballots, all girded their loins and were prepared for a reprise of Trump in 2016. They were ready. But here’s what is surprising them: so was Donald Trump. 

It is touch and go, but writing now, Anno Domini Guy Fawkes Day 2020, I think that the president will prevail. That is to say, the legitimate ballots will be counted, the illegitimate ones will be discarded, and Donald Trump will be president for four more years. Get ready, though. Victory will not come without a fight.

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89 responses to “Sleepy Campaign Strategy Mystery Solved”

  1. You are right about that but in 2 weeks people will see the victory of president Donald Trump.
    God is allowing the Democratic Party to get caught in their on trap. Victory is coming!

    • This is a specious, dissembling and laughable piece. It is an ignorant conspiracy theory.

      • 70mm Americans would probably say you are wrong. The media spent inordinate amounts of time bashing Trump while not even commenting on Biden’s seeming onset of dementia nor did they even explore Hunter’s suspicious activities. Had they done the same daily bashing of Biden it would most certainly have been a red wave.

      • Nice use of thesaurus, Nick. But this conspiracy theory is actually quite well informed.

      • Agreed. We all lost a few IQ points reading this nonsense.

        Trump lost because he’s the epitome of human scum. Get over it and go take a good long look at yourself in the mirror if you support him.

      • So which are you, laughably naive or fundamentally deceitful?

      • You know once my vote doesn’t matter anymore, neither does yours. Once they don’t have to worry about what the voters want, they don’t have to worry about what you want.

  2. I certainly hope you are right!
    I’m seeing all the same things, and wondering how on earth we have to such blatant cheating!!!
    Go’s help us all ! Go Trump

    • Never has been more true words been spoken . If the Democrats prevail we are doomed as a country

  3. Damn fine article. I think I may have said that 5 times in my 52 years, btw.

    • Ahh, but you’ve never had a president willing to challenge the corruption before now!

  4. I always knew this was the game. Somebody say it!!!
    GAME OVER!!!!!

  5. Thank God one elected Republican has stood up and supported our President. So far you are the only one all the others “crickets”!

    • Roger needs to take his head out of his keaster and see the world as it really is. Not way he wish’s it was.

  6. All the signs were there for a rigged election rep do a lot of talking but no action Dems have no respect for rep because they know nothing is going to happen start putting people in jail for braking the law instead of taking tough Play there game

    • Your are absolutely right. Give us the names of the law breakers so they can be prosecuted. Of course in a trial its customary to produce evidence of guilt.

      • Do you think they will care what you think once they don’t have to worry about what the voters want?

  7. I tried to – wrote a whole paragraph – the page reloaded and least it all!
    But you still an Excellent description of the whole scenario!

  8. Thank you Mr. Kimball for another bullseye analysis. It was right in front of us, but few thought it possible. On Parler someone has posted that ballots had watermarks and tracing materials embedded so forged ballots would be easy to find/discard. I hope that was true, and Trump emerges POTUS for another 4 years.

    • Kimball is a rank Trump apologist. He spins a magical, fairy tale. How can any sane person believe such v stuff ?

      • maybe so but he spot on correct and AHs like you will be shown to be the cheating bast*rds you are.

      • Why is it that Joe cruised through months of the campaign in his basement and was never a single hard question while Harris did not conduct a single news conference. Why sweat and do the hard work when the entire media universe does your bidding.

    • I would add a slight correction… the cheating started in earnest in 2012, about the same time as the nsa database abuse. Obamas second term was fraudulently obtained. Hillary was so sure she won because she was promised. The fix was in, the oval office was hers. They just didn’t cheat enough. They miscalculated. This time they didn’t take any chances. They paused in the night to get the returns from the outlying districts then they calculated how many votes they needed to manufacture.

      • Yes! Exactly why they stopped and then restarted. They had to wait for the numbers to come in to see what they needed to come up with. SMH.
        To all the people that think that this isn’t true. Just simply try to google any of this information and you can’t find it. And if you do find anything it says this is misleading information, fact checker proved it to be invalid, etc.
        How much you want to bet, Fact checker is just another alias for Hillary lol

  9. Trump has won how could anybody think a dementia person could run the United States this whole election is such an embarrassment to the rest of the world because of these evil democratic liberal crazies

  10. Napoleon said that when your opponent was making mistakes, to get out of the way. Biden let Trump do all the rallies and hog the spotlight because he understood that the president was not assuring people about Covid

    • COVID hysteria is a hoax you MF AH. Moreover, the President did everything humanly possible to reduce the risk of death from the virus. Cases don’t count- just like your wife’s BJs. GFY.

    • What do you need to be assured about? Unless you’re an overweight 80 yr old diabetic with a heart condition, you will get a mild case of the sniffles or gently cough for a few days. Hardly worth losing a paycheck or a country over that. We also have vaccines coming in about 2 weeks.

  11. He didn’t run because he’s an imaginary candidate who posed for pictures while they saturation bombed the airways with wall to wall every second of ads.

    I STILL get texts from DNC operatives telling me to vote and give money to the DNC.

    None of this needs a candidate who actually exists.

    • You hit the mail on the head and no one wants to recognize the travesty of this vessel of a president we are about to elect

  12. Roger Kimball, whom I once respected, must really be drinking deep draughts of the kool-aid.

  13. They knew the fix was in PLUS they didn’t want to flaunt their stupidity at nominating a 77 year old man with advancing dementia. They were and are all aware of Biden’s criminality with his son and family in selling the US for cash! HE IS A LOWLIFE!!!!!

    • There’s an interesting theory that prosecuting the matter of Hunter Biden’s laptop and its contents was held as the entities who hold/have this information can use it to manipulate a President Biden, should he win. That’s a scary thought given the deep connections and relationships (and gobs of $$$) swirling around Biden and his family with respect to Ukraine (Burisma) and China.

  14. This makes a lot of sense and explains Joe’s lethargic approach to rallies and responding to reporter queries.

  15. One thing we know for sure is that a tiger cannot change its stripes and we know beyond any doubt that the dems are crooked, thanks to Hilary. The roar of the left blaming the right tells us they are up to exactly what they are accusing. Mr. Kimball your article is spot on. We had exactly that conversation watching the results.

    • Yes people, Trump will win! There is a plan in place that will change this country and world forever. Sit tight, and watch it play out. Notice…the race has stalled? There IS a reason. As Trump has said….THE BEST IS YET TO COME!!!

  16. Kudos to Mr.Kimball for publishing the truth. His analysis is spot on. Some of us saw this early on when it quickly became apparent that the DemoCommunists were uninterested in the horrid optics of Dementia Joe in front of cameras and microphones, much less showing the world the voters lack of enthusiasm for him or Harris. Dem voters had already rejected Harris “with prejudice” as evidenced by her pathetic performance in the Dem primaries.
    Given the four year stream of Deep State attacks on the President it was obvious and unarguable that they’d use their network of corrupt anti democratic subversives to organize and execute the largest fraudulent election scheme in U.S. history. But President Trump, nobody’s fool himself, also saw this coming and was ready.

  17. One thought that occurred to me was that part of this fix could have been the purposeful fudging of reported Biden votes, if not something more technology-based. The very large jumps we have seen for Biden in the tens and hundreds of thousands strike me as someone hitting an extra zero before pressing “send”. It is a statistically impossible anomaly that should at the very least trigger a recount of the precincts these values came from. To see it on a chart, it looks glaringly ridiculous. It’s as if someone who was in on the fix screwed up and entered too many numbers.

    • We will be hearing more about this as the conflict gets into court. CIA involvement according to Sydney Powell, (Michael Flynn’s attorney) a guy by the name of Tom McNeirney (?) (software developer) and a retired Air Force General have said the CIA was using their same software skills that they have used in foreign elections where they have wanted to tilt the outcome. Apparently the software has the capacity to change the vote count by as much as 3%, and Obama actually tried it here first in Florida in 2012.

  18. Never assume a fix conspiracy when stupidity will do. That applies to being outnumbered and Biden in general. Trump or not Trump was the only thing being voted on. Biden could have not spent a dime after he got his name on the ballot and the result would have been the same basically.

    • The fix was in before the voting started. The media completely ignored evidence of Biden’s lies and involvement in the Hunter Biden foreign money scandal and played every angle on the Corona virus to Trump’ detriment. If either issue had been covered fairly, Trump would have won easily. Ignoring voting irregularities and illegalities is only the last piece of the pie.

    • Although I agree that Trump was the primary issue I think that a key factor in the result was the widespread adoption of mail-in ballots. It neutered the electioneering legal protection that voters enjoy for in-person voting. Think of how much unwanted pressure the voter avoids when they only have that executable ballot for a couple of minutes in a place where you can be observed but your ballot is secret. Contrast that with the leverage that might be exerted on the voter if they have that ballot at home for several weeks where there is no observation of who contacts you and what is communicated. How many times was a voter told “Let me take a look at that to make sure you did it right.”? Democrats did not need enthusiasm because they put valid ballots beyond the reach of electioneering law. And I expect that no major media is going to go in depth on the vote of identity groups using in-person versus using mail-in. It would be inconvenient to ask “Now why is it that “identity X” Americans exposed to the same advertising and news sources and when controlled for income, education, sex, age have such radically different voting profiles strictly on mode of voting? We never saw that before. Hey, I have an idea, let’s just shut up about it.”

  19. The democrats let the pollsters in on their secret that they had rounded up enough ballots before the the election to swamp Trump’s numbers in 2016 in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota. The pollsters looked at the Democrat data and agreed that there was no way Trump could drive enough turnout to match what the Democrats had already achieved. So they predicted, dutifully, a Biden blowout. However, the Trump team worked like dogs and did match the Democrat turnout, see Wisconsin. Surprise, surprise, surprise.

  20. Why is the left not seeing this travesty? Do these people hate President Trump so much? Has been said so many times if he were to snap his fingers and say Go away Covid they still would not vote for him.

    • Shirl,

      The dems hate the country this much. To them the country is the Golden Goose and they want to strip it of all its eggs. Their enrichment, our poverty. Evil people.

  21. This time the voting system stinks We must fight with TRUMP TO WIN. WE CAN NOT LET THE DEMOCRATS. WINS BY ERROR LIES AND MORE LIES FROM BIDEN

  22. Biden LITERALLY said to the people at his last appearance in PA before election day ” I don’t need your votes to win.” I mean, the guy is such a fool he actually said that.

    • He also said he and Obama created the greatest voter fraud network in this country’s history. I believe we are seeing that in full motion at the moment.

  23. Exactly. No campaigning needed. Imlivemmon the de/pa border. Drove up to Valley Forge, pa yesterday. 3x the Trump yard signs compared to Biden signs. If America wanted Biden to be president, i dont see it. Think about how many people bought Biden for president yard signs, t-shirts, hats, and attended his rallies. No one. We don’t want him as our president. If he steals this election, it will be a crime and a sin.

  24. If Trump does by some miracle succeed, we need to see thousands, not just a few dozen, Democrats in jail.

    Without consequences, they will simply do it again until they succeed.

    • Galt, surely you are smarter than to believe the risible pap in this unhinged screed ?

      • What he said is dead on the truth — no doubt you were a “Russia Collusion” Hoax Die Hard and now your back with the next scam/Fraud — people are sick of you bastards

  25. The fight is on. The media and the Dem’s are hoping we will lose interest and accept the fraudulent fate. This is NOT TIME TO GO WOBBLY.

  26. More than that, he knew the Right was all talk and would never get off their asses and actually do anything about the election being stolen

  27. I hope you are 100% correct Me. Kimball. I’m too much of a cynic to believe at this point, although I suspect you are totally correct about Democrat fraud. The problem is, the Dems will get away with it. They are the party of government, the party of fraud. This is the only thing they’re good at.
    For the few in this comment section that believe the party of Louis Lerner, Peter Strzok, and James Comey isn’t capable of voter fraud: I have a bridge to sell you.

  28. The gushy salute to Joe Biden by Eric Shawn (FOX) made me lose my breakfast.
    “This remarkable third-time presidental candidate, who often talks of his beloved son Beau…is about to become Mr. President-Elect.”
    Any word on Hunter, Eric baby?

  29. There’s an interesting theory that prosecuting the matter of Hunter Biden’s laptop and its contents was held as the entities who hold/have this information can use it to manipulate a President Biden, should he win. That’s a scary thought given the deep connections and relationships (and gobs of $$$) swirling around Biden and his family with respect to Ukraine (Burisma) and China.

  30. What are y’all going to do when somebody who drank even more of the Kool-Aid than you did goes and shoots some poor person working for one of these state governments? Doesn’t matter as long as your Dear Leader wins, does it? Maybe you’d find things more to your liking in Russia, where they have a macho President for life who doesn’t have to worry about pesky things like votes.

  31. I’m not sure I follow your argument… It seems that you’re implying that the tilted polling had a psychological effect of suppressing what would have been more ardent support for Trump had polling been more accurate in predicting the election results we’re seeing. However, in my experience, this only motivates Trump voters even more—they are tired of being underestimated and relish the opportunity to prove the pollsters wrong. If anything, this election has shown that Trump’s zeal has only increased as he has received the second most votes of any presidential candidate ever. It simply doesn’t seem to be enough to counter the equally passionate voters who are incensed against Trump.

  32. I agree the media conspired to elect Biden. I do not agree that Trump will eventually be declared the winner. The courts in America are just about as corrupt and tilted to the left as the media. Democrats have ruled most of America for decades. When they are in power, they appoint the most dishonest and leftist judges they can squeeze through the system. There are thousands of them in America in courts small and large in their power and influence. I hope I am wrong, but I believe Biden will be president. ON the bright side, we may be able to retain the majority in the senate. If that happens, we should be able to prevent Biden from doing what he promised Bernie and AOC, which is to turn America into a one-party socialist nation.

  33. My view is that in a few days it will be clear that Biden won the election. He just won and it will be accepted for what it is. But that acceptance is not going to be as straightforward as in most elections. The accusations of de jure fraud are not going to prosper, because the election did not feature a lot of de jure fraud. The result is not due to fraud but to the profound unfree nature of the mail-in voting that was heavily featured this year. Democrats did everything possible to make sure that those they considered as their core voter used the mail-in option. Fauci said it was safe, the CDC said it was like going to the grocery (but safer) but Democrats pushed for massive mail-ins anyway. Why? Consider Maxine Waters clear statement that blacks voting for Republicans were betraying their community. She used the word betrayal – it is not me trying to interpret her here. The purpose of pushing mail-in was so that the executable ballots were in the hands of members of “communities” where all kinds of pressure to vote and vote in a certain way could be applied totally under the radar. You cannot do electioneering within 100 feet of a polling place in Wisconsin, but that applies on only in-person. Once you move millions of valid ballots out into the “community” well such protections are not in the law, but would never be observed anyway. “Show me your ballot before you seal the envelop”. How many times was that said this election? Hundreds of thousands of times probably, but it leaves no proof behind. Trump got record turnout after an exciting and strenuous campaign and Biden broke that record by hiding. But the mail-ins were the difference, but not because they were invalid as executed but no doubt they were the product of pressures that would never be allowed on Election Day and in-person. What to do? In a few days it will be a Biden victory, but the recourse is simply to push Biden as hard as possible to show himself to the people without his minders, teleprompters and pre-planned questions and answers. Trump should conceded and then invite Joe over for a long discussion followed by a joint news conference. He should invite him to participate in meetings with world leaders and let them get a look at Joe. Make him show his true neurological state before the Inauguration. What happens then is a good question, but flipping to Harris if Biden is seen as the fraud he is would be the cause of real disturbances I think,

  34. This is laughably sad. You spend 4 years crying about “Hillary lost, get over it.” But now that the good citizens of America have rejected this orange piece of garbage, you want to lie and claim it was rigged with less than zero evidence. I think the author literally knows they’re lying, but like their corrupt, orange idol, they don’t even care. Trump could not care less what happens to this country and he proved it when he tried to declare victory. That was a coup attempt by the president himself. DISGUSTING.

  35. Yep Trump cheated all he could but if only he was a bit smarter it would have worked for him.

  36. America has always been corrupt, going back to George Washington who threatened to use his power as general of the military if the founders didn’t name him president. Lincoln was the next big power abuser when he allowed the union army to vote by mail fighting so that he could fix his reelection by fixing the mail in ballot. Today the liberal media give godlike status to Lincoln and tToday, our great President Trump is being undone by this same corruptness of the mail in vote. Sad, just sad. Hard to see how this Country can survive much longer.

  37. What has happened is collusion and corruption on a MASSIVE scale by the democrats, media, pollsters and big tech. The entire political system needs to be overhauled!

  38. What is so sad and tragic is that so many American lives were lost and maimed in foreign wars in an attempt to show that our democratic system was better than theirs. This election was a total debacle and shows the corrupt, hypocritical process the Democrats have made it. These people around the world must be LTAO.
    How shameful.

  39. Zuckerberg spent $400 Million, Bloomberg $100+ Million,

    we need to INVESTIGATE what they BOUGHT? Soros, Google guys, etc

    They BOUGHT Ballot MAKERS!

    This is ILLEGAL!

  40. I respected Pres. Trump’s rule in the first three years of his presidency, and even consider his approach to COVID-19 as a harsh, yet defendible one. But i do wonder how people can keep supporting a president that will not acknowledge the fact that he is beaten by over 3 million votes and will probably end up with less than 230 electoral college people. And rather aims to destroy the American republic as we know it (which if anything is rigged towards the republican party due to the way the electoral college and senate are chosen) for soothing his own ego

  41. Where the hell is Bill Barr. Why isn’t he activating the DOJ to do something useful, such as protect the integrity of the elections?

  42. Didn’t they even kick out republican vote watchers? That shows you something is going on and if you’re okay with that your messed up!