Democrats Set to Reap What They Have Sown

The election as of Wednesday evening was on a knife’s edge, and the outcome remains unclear. At this point, Joe Biden leads. But if the votes are counted fairly, Trump is the more likely winner in Georgia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Alaska, which would bring him to 268 electoral votes to Biden’s 264 votes. 

If Arizona flips back to the Republicans or Nevada, where the candidates are only separated by 7,000 votes with a quarter of the vote yet to be counted, goes to Trump, then he wins. If neither event occurs, Biden apparently wins. But increasingly persistent and disquieting allegations of irregular treatment of late-mailed or delivered ballots are opening up the likelihood of massive contestation of results. 

Even in these uncertain circumstances, there are a few conclusions that can already be made. The Trump-haters, including almost all of the American national political media, had drunk so much of their own bathwater that they expected the election to be over by 9 o’clock Eastern time and were flabbergasted at the formidable performance of the president on Election Night.

Even before the winner’s identity is known, it is not too soon to examine the trends this election amplifies and reveals. The change of roles between the Democrats and Republicans is accelerating as the Republicans encroach heavily upon the former working-class support of the Democrats and poach from their former preserves amongst the minorities, especially African Americans and Latino Americans. 

President Trump gained three times the percentage of Latinos that John McCain attracted in 2008, and 50 percent more than Mitt Romney won in 2012. The Democrats have now become the party of the upwardly mobile middle-class, as well as the academics and those elements of the high-income groups that fancy themselves to be wealthy because they are original and meritocratic, and are not in the slightest attached to the traditional capitalist interests of their economic peers.

Whether it is at its end or its midpoint, the Trump era has already accomplished an important Republican penetration of America’s permanent political class. 

After the five consecutive terms of Franklin D. Roosevelt and Harry Truman, when to combat the Great Depression and conduct World War II, the United States government grew exponentially. Washington, D.C., turned from a sleepy provincial town practically uninhabited by middle- and upper-income groups in the summer into the permanent residence of a vast bureaucracy and of all the interests of America and the world that attend upon it. The principal Republican leaders since Theodore Roosevelt a century ago—Dwight Eisenhower, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, and Donald Trump—all ran to some degree against big government and the permanent state. Ronald Reagan even routinely denounced the presumption and proportions of government when he had been the president for six or more years. 

These men were each successful for different reasons: Eisenhower was a war leader and an admired general while he was a pleasant, smiling, golfing, avuncular figure. Nixon artfully straddled between conservative Republicans of the Goldwater faction who presaged Reagan, and the old liberal Republicans now almost extinct, led for many years by New York Governor Nelson A. Rockefeller. Ronald Reagan moved the needle to the right in matters of taxation, regulation, and a foreign policy based upon the conviction that the Soviet Union was not strong enough to be a full economic rival to the United States while maintaining parity of military strength.

Trump’s appeal and following are different. He ran against the entire governing class—the Republican leadership as much as the Democratic—and he promised tax and social policies pitched directly at the middle and lower-income population of the United States while being wide open and welcoming to ethnic minorities.

As all the world knows, this approach was narrowly successful four years ago against Hillary Clinton. Because Trump was attacking practically the entire system of the personnel who perennially provided its bipartisan management, he was correctly perceived as a mortal threat to the political establishment. He was savagely attacked as no other president in history has been: the completely phony Russia-Trump allegations, the preposterous impeachment charges, and the manipulation of the COVID-19 pandemic to portray him as the author of an economic depression and an accomplice in the death of 230,000 people with (if not necessarily from) the coronavirus.

The complacent and flabby establishment had considered it impossible that Trump could defeat Clinton in 2016 and looked forward to this year’s election as the complete annihilation of Trump and his defenestration from the White House like a dead roach. The Democrats were to add to their majority in the House of Representatives, regain control of the Senate, and lurch leftward with the doddering Joe Biden amiably presiding over the institution of an outright socialist regime in Washington, a Trojan Horse of the far-Left that would be empowered and riveted on the back of the country. They would do all of this on the wings of what was presumed to be a profound national revulsion against the mad, fascistic, and boorish rabble-rousing billionaire Trump.

Whatever the result of the presidential election, this plan will be a self-immolating disaster for the Democrats. Since they had no idea that Trump might be able to defeat Hillary Clinton four years ago, they took advantage of the pandemic to put through in Democrat governed swing states voting regulations permitting and facilitating unprecedented recourse to mailed or delivered (“dumped”) ballots—a broad superhighway to voter fraud, upon which it is becoming clearer every hour the Democrats enthusiastically embarked. 

This is the logical sequel to the Trump-Russia and impeachment frauds, and the mighty Trump-hate campaign conducted by a wall-to-wall, nonstop, bloodless assassination mission of almost the entire media and entertainment communities.

It is backfiring. Biden now has only a 50 percent chance of apparent victory in the Electoral College, the Republicans retain the Senate, gained in the House, have almost held their own in the popular vote, and egregious vote-rigging in several states is going to face a legal challenge for which the last precedent is the Hayes-Tilden contest of 1876.  

The great smear campaign failed. Win or lose, Trump has defeated his enemies in the press and their allies in the equally fake polling organizations. If he leaves office, it will be with his successor hemmed in by Republican senators and a constitutionalist Supreme Court, and with the media’s credibility lower than at any time in verifiable American history.

Biden has no chance of being more than a figurehead. His running mate, Kamala Harris, is a leftist chameleon chucklehead. If they form a regime, it will have no capacity or mandate to lead the country anywhere. Starting on Inauguration Day, a Biden Administration would be dispatched into the dustbin of American history. 

The president announced on Election Night that the Democrats were attempting to steal the election and that he would not permit it. Within 24 hours, a heavy barrage of lawsuits already had been launched and from early indications, the procedures of the Democratic swing state governors for processing post-electoral mailed and delivered vote-counting were extremely vulnerable to legal attack. The Democrats expected to crush Trump because they had no comprehension of the extent of his support and no appreciation of his many policy successes. 

In their congestive moral bankruptcy, Democrats had no idea of the intolerable nature of their vote-rigging. A waffling old cipher of a candidate is about to have the antics of his more robust partisans hung around his neck like a dead raccoon. Biden has a chance of taking office but almost no chance of making a success of it. The Democrats have sown, and they shall reap.

About Conrad Black

Conrad Black has been one of Canada’s most prominent financiers for 40 years, and was one of the leading newspaper publishers in the world as owner of the British telegraph newspapers, the Fairfax newspapers in Australia, the Jerusalem Post, Chicago Sun-Times and scores of smaller newspapers in the U.S., and most of the daily newspapers in Canada. He is the author of authoritative biographies of Franklin D. Roosevelt and Richard Nixon, one-volume histories of the United States and Canada, and most recently of Donald J. Trump: A President Like No Other. He is a member of the British House of Lords as Lord Black of Crossharbour.

Photo: Win McNamee/Getty Images

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76 responses to “Democrats Set to Reap What They Have Sown”

  1. All Biden has to do is throw open the borders and the game is over. He can do that with an EO.

    • He’s not going to do that, but he is going to try to reunite kidnapped children with their parents.

      • hollywood,

        kidnapped by coyotes who bring them to the border? Sold to the coyotes by their parents so the family can establish a foothold in the US?

        You are one of the most ignorant commentators I’ve seen on any web site.

      • These ‘loving’ parents did not even COME WITH their children.
        They sent them with total strangers to be abused and dumped into a foreign country (ours) in order to have a toe hold in America that they can utilize to shoehorn themselves and their hundreds of illegal family members into our country.

        You are a fool and an idiot.

      • Sadly, the parents are all known to the US govt but they have been unwilling to take their children back.

  2. I’m afraid the really big picture is being lost in all of this. Over 50% of the voters (granted the big population centers account for most of this)voted for a hard core leftist and his Communist leaning VP candidate. In other words, Anti-American value idiots are making their grab at running the asylum..That’s what we need to be afraid of not matter what the outcome

      • “Utter nonsense.”

        What’s your point, or argument? You don’t find it disturbing that half the electorate voted for an unaccomplished, time-serving, senile scumbag for president?

  3. Well the upside is that if Biden wins the country will turn into a flaming outhouse and I will laugh in the faces of every liberal I see. It will be awesome.

    • Yes, you are fulfilling all your promise as a patriotic American.

      • Yes you are correct … we conservatives should be better than all the leftest dirtbags and their antics for the last 4 years … you will reap the whirlwind as you should….

  4. There are several things Trump should have done…arrested the deep state, ship all DACA folks and illegals waiting on court dates to Hawaii and shut down the FBI but alas he was pretty busy.

    • True. But his administrators have proven that they lack the knowledge to enforce the Rule of Law.
      Adam of CA.

  5. Conrad, Conrad, I told you so, Trump’s miserable performance on the virus, and his acolytes’ slavish following of the cult, would get Biden elected. Way to go, Trump people!

  6. “In their congestive moral bankruptcy, Democrats had no idea of the intolerable nature of their vote-rigging. A waffling old cipher of a candidate is about to have the antics of his more robust partisans hung around his neck like a dead raccoon. Biden has a chance of taking office but almost no chance of making a success of it. The Democrats have sown, and they shall reap.”
    Utter balderdash. You have no evidence of any Democratic vote rigging whatsoever (as opposed to repeated GOP efforts at voter suppression). Joe Biden is one year older than you, sir. I think he could beat you in a pushup contest anyday. No chance of making a success? So, in other words you are now threatening on behalf of the GOP that they will obstruct, filibuster, and hamstring Democratic efforts to deal with COVID and get the economy going again. Very patriotic of you. Oh, right, you aren’t an American. So STFU.

    • Who was writing this piece? Conrad or you? Since it wasn’t you, STFU.

      • Tell Trump if he won’t stop lying about the election he won’t get a participation trophy.

    • Wow you really have the Democratic talking points down to a tee! Very good and so impressive!! Not even close to any facts, just typical liberal emotional gibberish!!

    • “You have no evidence of any Democratic vote rigging whatsoever” Really? You know, Chico Marx did this so much better when he asked, who you gonna believe, me or your own eyes? Peddle your blue pills elsewhere.

      • U R overlooking the obvious violation in plain sight. The rules for voting are not decided by any court. Those rules belong to the jurisdiction of the State legislature.
        Because so many rules were altered just 4 weeks prior to Nov. 3rd, the lawsuits will be based on multiple violations. And the lawsuits are a federal issue because the violations were implemented by the partisan Judges.
        Adam of CA.

    • A lowlife fictional character who means nothing in the long run. Ask him why Ayn Rand ended up collecting assistance.

      • So…you call all Americans who have paid (forced) into Social Security and Medicare, people who “collect assistance”?

  7. Very good article. The whole world can see the DNC corruption in real time and understand what is happening here and happened in the deep dark of night after they had supposedly stopped counting.
    Laugh all you want, leftists fools, you have killed the Republic. I understand this is what you have wanted for decades, but you do not yet understand that which you have unleashed. Your side is no position to force itself on the rest of the nation. You have only succeeded in forcing its break up. Your half of it will flounder and die while the other half flourishes. The real talent will migrate to the red states and take their real genius for making money with them. The hell holes of NYC and LA are already emptying and have been all summer.

    • Yes. And the voters are getting that politics is being conducted as Mediaocracy. Voters, like the Germans on Aug. 31st, have today (Nov. 6th) set fire to City Hall on OR. The people know that the gov. & the media (it’s on display every day) are corrupt. The DemMedia is now obsolete.
      Adam of CA.

    • Bad people are usually smarter in the short run than the long run. They have a short time horizon and rarely take into account the long term consequences of their actions.

  8. Lord Black spent over 3 years in the clink & was pardoned by Trump. His gratitude and devotion are an understandable consequence, and an opportunity to make full use of his thesaurus.

  9. Democrats are the party of feelings and brainwashing… Their politics are their gods they have no faith or morals… What do we expect to happen when these people are taught to hate America by Americans in America.. Fix education stop teaching communism find faith and the country will heal itself.. But the fact is if we don’t fix education it’s over eventually we will lose the republic.. Hell we may lose it this week if this steal is aloud to happen..!!

  10. Donald Trump won the largest non-white vote share for a Republican presidential candidate in 60 years.

    Joe Biden underperformed Hillary Clinton in every major metro area around the country, save for Milwaukee, Detroit, Atlanta and Philadelphia.

    Wow, coincidence.

    • Show your data. Biden got more votes than any candidate ever.

    • And in spite of those contradictions, the DemMedia persists to rule our country. Just when did the DemMedia become a political faction in WA.D.C. since no one voted for them in the country?
      For those who do not follow the idea just presented, the DemMedia is self-elected as a Communist Party.
      Adam of CA.

      • Guess you are forgetting all of right wing talk radio, NRO, Breitbart, Fox, Gateway Pundit, Alex Jones, Sinclair, OANN, Daily Caller, et al.

    • Show the “phony ballots.” Oh, you can’t because you are the phony.

      • The RNC has replied to the court that they do have the evidence, as well as witnesses. Two postal workers saw the stamp-date moved to election day. PA brought in 30 thousand ballots in boxes to the Count Center. Both are ample evidence of Fraud.
        Adam of CA.

  11. Very loosey-goosey, Conrad.

    A waffling old cipher of a candidate is about to have the antics of his more robust partisans hung around his neck like a dead raccoon.

    Colorful, but wrong. They’re all as proud of this all as they can be. And why not?

    His running mate, Kamala Harris, is a leftist chameleon chucklehead.

    Colorful, and right!

    If they form a regime, it will have no capacity or mandate to lead the country anywhere. Starting on Inauguration Day, a Biden Administration would be dispatched into the dustbin of American history.

    Conrad, really. Obambus never had a complete thought in his lifetime. Maybe a figurehead president doesn’t need to. Maybe a good administrator never should have a thought, just skill at delegation. Biden will be used as long as he is vertical, someone(s) behind the scenes, will do what they will do. Biden can spend his days squirrel-hunting, until he’s retired and Hillary, who will already have taken over for Harris, ascends to the throne.

    In their congestive moral bankruptcy, Democrats had no idea of the intolerable nature of their vote-rigging.

    • An abbreviated conclusion is that the J.o./Ho duo are certified Political Prostitutes.
      Adam of CA.

  12. Sorry for the previous, apparently blockquotes don’t work here.
    Come on guys, if you’re not using Disqus even a $9/hr code monkey can write a better commenting section than this inside of a week.

    • Thank you, ITU3. Disqus has a long way to go on code function but the user interface beats this by a mile.

      Best comment section is ZeroHedge — great usablity, code actually works! — but it’s apparently proprietary since I’ve never seen one like it.

  13. Oh, I didn’t put in the comment for that last:
    >In their congestive moral bankruptcy, Democrats had no idea of the intolerable nature of their vote-rigging.
    Has the justice department moved? Is the FBI investigating?
    Rush was talking about this today – there’s no penalty for trying, is there.
    Welcome to neo-America.

    • Trump is the one trying to continue you counts in some states and shut down counts in other states. Why? Because corruption on his losing part.

  14. Someone has compared the number of votes for Biden to the number of votes for the leading Congressional Democrat running in a state and done the same for Trump and the leading Republican. In non-swing states the votes for a party’s presidential candidate and their leading Congressional candidate differ a bit — one or two percent. And the same is true for both party’s candidates.

    In the SWING states the similar numbers occur for Republicans — Trump and the top Republican Congressman got similar numbers of votes. The Democrats, however, gave tens of thousands more votes to Biden that to their leading Congressional candidate.

    Rather hard to explain vast numbers of ballots marked only for Biden without voting down ticket at all.

    • To be honest, I have heard poll workers complain about people who show up and only vote for President.
      Democrat Congressmen are too cheap to spend their own campaign money on buying votes.

  15. It’s time for civil war. The only way to fix this nation is to put an end to the Democrat crime syndicate permanently as should have been done last time

      • The Democrats lost last time, genius. The Republicans won. Worst troll ever.

      • WRONG!

        The Democrats lost the Civil War and then they formed the KKK.

  16. I have to say that I’m skeptical that the demographic realignment toward the GOP will persist after Trump.
    It’s not the Republican Party that young black males and Hispanics are drawn to; it’s Donald J Trump. I doubt that Fiddy Cent is gonna give a big ol’ bear hug to Lindsey Graham or Roger Marshall.

  17. Wow-14 comments so far from “hollywood”…maybe you and “jonathan” should get real jobs and open an antique store together…
    We have reached the “Mencken Moment” if Biden is elected-“As democracy is perfected, the office of the president represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. We move toward a lofty ideal. On some great and glorious day, the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last, and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.”–OK cue snarky and obvious replies re: Trump.

  18. Conrad has been a great patriot, but this article isn’t your best work.

    Any article, that doesn’t throw down the gauntlet, and refuse to accept a clearly stolen election is way off base. Death before dishonor, never concede this election SUpreme court or no supreme court.

  19. “You have no evidence of any Democratic vote rigging whatsoever” Really? You know, Chico Marx did this so much better when he asked, who you gonna believe, me or your own eyes? Peddle your blue pills elsewhere.

    • So where’s the evidence? Why is the GOP losing in court?

      • A few precincts in Democrat controlled Milwaukee had more votes than registered voters. One precinct reported votes totaling 200% of registered voters. Sure, nothing strange about that. And why were Democrat voter counters in Philadelphia kicking out Republican poll watchers and covering up the windows if everything was above board? Yeah, nothing shows transparency like covering the windows so nobody can see what’s going on. The Democratic Party is the party of liars, cheats, and thieves. Maybe that’s why felons – rapists, robbers, murderers, pedophiles and such – tend to support Democrats. They feel right at home with them.

  20. On Aug. 31, 20, the citizens attacked the German Parliament for Merkel’s Open Border policy to set it on fire.
    On Nov. 6, 20, Voters in OR set City Hall on fire.
    The motivation expressed on camera was the same: “No gov. is better than a corrupt gov.”
    Adam of CA.
    My recommendation is to stop funding the government . . . stop paying the taxes. A Do Nothing gov. proves that it is useless in our society.

  21. The Demo-rat Party revenge on Trump is complete.
    Biden’s backdoor Russian Mafia style democracy, legal riots, Crooked Clinton greed , slandering honest with misinformation and supported by US Globlist media billionaires prepared to sell the US Worker and Graduate down the Drain.
    There greed is so extreme that the the u.s. Constitution, G. Washington, A. Lincoln, JFKennedy,
    DJ Trump are obstacles to their profit margins.

    Nevertheless, Congratulation to Joe Biden being the first Socialist President of the divided States of America.
    I hope the US People riot on your inauguration day- peacefully Russian style of course..

  22. Always nice to hear the voice of a convicted felon.

    Thanks, Conrad, for always being willing to wash the feet of the man who pardoned you for fraud!

  23. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will NEVER be my president!

    The RESISTANCE is on!

  24. If the Democrats are going to steal the presidential election, they had better do so quickly. The longer this thing drags on, the smaller are their prospects for success. And if it gets into the Supreme Court, Trump would probably win. The Supreme Court justices would have to know that their legacies are on the line. If the evidence shows clearly that the Democrats committed massive voter fraud and the Supreme Court ruled in their favor anyway, the justices might score a few points in the short run with the Democrats’ lackeys in the news media and academia, but in the long run their legacies would be completely destroyed and they would eventually enter into disgrace. They would have no choice but to deliver an honest verdict.