Michigan USPS Whistleblower: Late Mail-In-Ballots Are Being Stamped As Received on November 3rd


A mail carrier who works for a post office in Traverse City, Michigan blew the whistle Wednesday on what he called a “sketchy” directive from his supervisor.

“We were issued a directive this morning to collect any ballots we find in mail boxes, collection boxes—just outgoing mail in general—separate them at the end of the day so they could hand stamp them with the previous day’s date,” the whistleblower told Project Veritas’ James O’Keefe.

“Today is November 4th, for clarification,” he added.

All states require mail-in ballots to be postmarked on or before Nov. 3 to be accepted.

The worker said he worked at the Barlow Branch Post Office in Traverse City, and his supervisor is named Jonathan Clarke.

He added that a carrier from another office told him that they had seen the postmaster doing the same thing.

The whistleblower said he was told to separate the ballots “from standard letter mail so they can hand stamp them with yesterday’s date and put them through.”

The workers were then ordered to “send them through the express system” to wherever they needed to go, he said.

“They were putting them into express bags to go to the distribution center,” he explained.

The mail carrier told O’Keefe that he came forward because the order seems “sketchy” and “screams corruption.”

“Also, knowing the post office’s leanings politically, it didn’t seem quite right,” he added.

O’Keefe called Clarke, the whistleblower’s boss at the Barlow Branch office for comment, but was immediately hung up on after he explained the reason for his call.

The muckraker tweeted that after posting his video on Twitter, Wednesday night, a special agent with the Office of Inspector General for the
@USPS contacted him and said “they are assessing whether an investigation is appropriate.”


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11 responses to “Michigan USPS Whistleblower: Late Mail-In-Ballots Are Being Stamped As Received on November 3rd”

  1. Glad to see people standing up against corruption. I’m guessing this is the first election where this has happened.

    We need radical change to our election process. All states need to have voter id and we need to stop voter by mail.

    Just a start. We must not go through this again.

  2. Please tell me this was forward to the Trump team! I am so sick of liberals cheating their way to tell us how to live our lives!

    • This story was reported on the Sean Hannity radio show just now. Watch tonight; Sean has audio and video for his TV show tonight at 9:00.

  3. That mail carrier is a true hero. As soon as Trump concedes, he will, of course, be fired and the investigation will be a whitewash, along with the Durham investigation into the Russia hoax and the one into Hunter’s laptop, both of which were being slow-walked pending a definitive outcome of the Presidential election.

  4. The Dems wanted a voting process that was could not be policed, but that could be gamed by the lowest, most dishonest party in the election. Looks like they got it.

    The mail-in voting process is (to use an unpleasant phrase I saw in a crime novel somewhere) as sloppy as a sneaker full of s–t.

  5. If true, it would be the most useless form of fraud ever. Michigan requires all ballots to be RECEIVED by 8:00 PM on election day, not just mailed that day. So, even if they did backdate the postmarks, it would make no difference in the election, because even with Express Mail, they wouldn’t be received until the 5th at the earliest.

    • They could have been doing it in case the case to allow deliver up to 14 days later is reversed. The court here said no, but in a few other states they allowed mail in ballots after the date if they were posted by the 3rd. Think of it as an insurance policy, put a few extra votes through at the end just in case.

  6. Did they cook up the whole Covid scare to set up the mail in voting to later hijack the process with their operatives? Pretty sneaky, sis.

  7. Seems like there might be cameras in those areas. Just sayin.