Report: Georgia Called For Trump

With 94 percent of the vote counted and Donald Trump leading by more than 2 percentage points, the state of Georgia was called for Donald Trump by InsiderAdvantage, a well-regarded, nonpartisan political magazine that has covered Georgia politics for many years.

From the IA story:

InsiderAdvantage is calling Georgia a win for President Donald Trump with virtually all the statewide votes counted. InsiderAdvantage Chairman Matt Towery says, ‘I was amazed that Georgia was not called last night. There are not enough votes available to bring this race much closer or to create a contested situation. There was no Democratic wave in Georgia, despite what most pollsters and the national media had trumpeted.’

Towery, a veteran pollster who came out of retirement last month, has accurately polled the winner of every state race so far. “The national networks are making fools of themselves by continuing to argue that Georgia is undecided,” he said. “By doing so, they create confusion and mistrust for their efforts. It is time to call Georgia now.”

Towery has done polling work for all of the major networks and Politico. He has never missed a call in a Georgia statewide race.

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4 responses to “Report: Georgia Called For Trump”

  1. tfe lamestream media continues to play their game Georgia Should hAVE BEEN CALLED LAST NIGHT ALONG WITH NORTH CAROLINA .some of these games are so obvious ,that only they believe them.

  2. Sounds Good, But Now Dems/Marxists know how many votes to print to win — check all local Staples print shops!

  3. What’s wrong, no snot-nosed commiecrats wanna come out and play?? Don’t want to gloat now, BASTARDS?? Death to ALL Commiecrats!

  4. No other organization with any credibility has called Georgia for either candidate.