Election Night Confirmed the Polls Were Lies

As the old saw goes, “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.” As of this writing, the 2020 election outcome for the two candidates hangs in the balance. But whatever happens, the American people now know that the polls were a deception. 

In an era during which more than 90 percent of voters committed to a decision weeks before election day, we were asked to believe Biden was up 47 percent to 42 percent in Florida. He was up six points in North Carolina, 12 points in Michigan, and eight points in Wisconsin. Days ago, the president supposedly was underwater in Ohio by four points. Did people change their minds? No, of course not. 

It’s hard to know exactly when the polling process became contaminated. Were these shy voters who refused to talk to pollsters? Trump supporters seemed increasingly less “shy” as thousands thronged to impromptu public parades and rallies. But we can suspect that the polls consistently erred on the side of a President Biden for the same reason that the legacy media so clearly abuses its readers with misinformation: They’re liars. The polls are lies and the reporting on the polling is lies.

The signs have been there for months. Trump supporters knew they were being lied to. But some Biden voters suspected it. A few true liberal holdouts began nervously grumbling about the Big Tech censorship of the Hunter Biden financial scandals. African Americans, Hispanics, LGBTQ, and blue-collar workers increasingly have resisted their typecasting. Famous rappers began giving cultural permission to vote for Trump. 

Like kamikaze planes splashing harmlessly in the sea adjacent to their targets, the legacy media either lied to America or themselves as they squandered the last shreds of illusionary credibility. The polls were never meant to reflect public opinion. They were always about shaping the opinion. And as the day of reckoning approached and the real opinion failed to follow the pollster’s wishful thinking, many tried to pull out of their dives, reporting a “tightening” race. 

Balderdash. The opinions have not changed that much in just a few days. 

Just before 1:00 a.m. Eastern time, Joe Biden addressed a honking “rally” of supporters with an upbeat assessment of the situation. He cited a likely upset in Arizona and expressed hope for a victory in Wisconsin and Michigan but cautioned that the final outcome might not be known until Wednesday or even later in the week “until every vote is counted.” Which is code for lawyers and riots to push through sketchy ballots in close races.

Biden may yet win the presidency. If he does, I will wish him well and pray for his success. But regardless, we spent the last several months in a fog of coordinated propaganda posing as polling. We were told that Americans were about to elect Biden in a Reagan-style “blue wave.” Instead, as Tuesday became Wednesday, the race revealed itself to be what we probably always should have suspected: competitive and well within reach of the president.

About Adam Mill

Adam Mill is a pen name. He is an adjunct fellow of the Center for American Greatness and works in Kansas City, Missouri as an attorney specializing in labor and employment and public administration law. He graduated from the University of Kansas and has been admitted to practice in Kansas and Missouri. Mill has contributed to The Federalist, American Greatness, and The Daily Caller.

Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

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56 responses to “Election Night Confirmed the Polls Were Lies”

  1. “The polls were never meant to reflect public opinion. They were always about shaping the opinion.”

    Just as the Wuhan Flu “models” always “predicted” death tallies far in excess of reality, election polls in America always predict Democrat victories. It’s not at all like “throwing darts.” If you play darts in your den with someone who always hits a small circle just above the dartboard, those “misses” aren’t the result of random chance–you’re playing with someone trying to mark-up the wall in your den.

    “Biden may yet win the presidency. If he does, I will wish him well and pray for his success.”

    I won’t.

  2. The polling industry and the news media both shot their last wad of credibility this election. No one will ever again believe anything either tells him.

    • Its funny how I have all Republican signs out and people come to me and all my others Trump supporters are taking there signs down cause the far left is setting up bricks in bulk to attack peoples houses and businesses

    • …until next time, that is. “The short memories of the American voters is what keeps our politicians in office.” Will Rogers.

    • It’s like ya’ll don’t understand polling at all.

      • Oh please enlighten us, oh wise one who stoops to bless us with their presence!

      • Why do you say this? I understand it, and these 2020 election polls were fatally flawed.

    • they know that, but if they are able to seize the kind of power that they plan to, they don’t care if you know that they know.

    • Shortly after the last election, a major polling company stated they did not participate in polling because of the obvious/ blatent dishonesty of the pollsters. I am not sure, but I think it it may have been gallup. Think about it, just about all the pollsters are connected to the media outlets, and they have been shown to be dishonesty for at least 2-3 decades.

  3. If Biden wins,:
    “I will wish him well and pray for his success.”
    Why, exactly.
    “Success” in his mind, and that of his deranged handlers, will result in the eventual destruction of our country.
    I don’t wish ill upon him, nor do I wish his health to be jeopardized any more than it obviously is, but “success”?

  4. “The polls were a lie.” Sorry sir, but your trenchant observation is the understatement of the year. The lies about the polls have been themselves the effect of a corrupt motive. And the corrupt motives are the result of plots and hatred and unscrupulous designs that should boggle the minds of every right thinking, decent citizen in our precious USA.

    • Unless of course it was the “polled” that were lying. Misleading pollsters as either a joke, a strategic ploy or a simple act of defiance is prevalent among the Trumpsters, especially in the Midwest. The premise of this article, that the media exaggerated Biden’s lead, makes no practical sense. Democratic voters are historically less likely to turn out, so establishing a false Biden lead is a great strategic ploy for the R’s to coax the D’s into staying home. Fortunately, it didn’t work everywhere.

    • “The lies about the polls have been themselves the effect of a corrupt motive. And the corrupt motives are the result of plots and hatred and unscrupulous designs that should boggle the minds of every right thinking, decent citizen in our precious USA.”

      Okay, I will bite.

      We now have the initial results, and the likely winner of each state will soon be clear.
      So how we did Trafalgar do? They had ten battleground state polls in early Nov and right now it seems they incorrectly predicted Trump would win five of them!

      The good:
      Trump +2 FL
      Trump +2 NC
      Trump +5 OH
      Biden +1 WI
      Biden +3 MN

      The bad:
      Trump +5 GA
      Trump +2 PA
      Trump +2 MI
      Trump +3 AZ
      Trump +1 NV

      In contrast, the NY Times/Siena polls (538.com rating: A) did have a consistent Dem bias in terms of predicted margin, but they also called the state winner right four times out of four. I.e. Biden lost Texas as predicted, but he will win WI, NV, AZ.

      Source: https://www.realclearpolitics.com/epolls/2020/president/2020_elections_electoral_college_map_no_toss_ups.html

  5. Let us all be thankful that at the very moment he was needed, we have the most pugnacious, stubborn, relentless, political street-fighter in the White House that the Republican Party has ever boasted.

  6. In 2021 news should be limited to news. News, by definition, covers events that have already happened.
    If you want to hear what a few people think a lot of people think about various topics that will happen in the future, you can listen to, or watch, polling shows.
    Increasingly, over the last 60 years, polls have become part of the “news” as reported by outlets that also distrust mediums and fortune tellers. Hopefully people will begin to see the inconsistency.

  7. Is there someone there who can explain why my comment was rejected?

  8. I don’t know why people feel compelled to wish Biden well and to hope for his success as President (if he prevails). I hope his vision for America fails.

  9. To look over the last three and a half years and note the accomplishments of this President then to discount that to zero is so mind boggling it is utterly incomprehensible. Those accomplishments must stand for something! To see the rally’s Trump has mustered and the chat boxes Biden could barely squeak through, one can only come to one conclusion. The whole damned thing is rigged from sea to shining sea and everywhere in between. It’s a virtual impossibility that Biden could be even remotely in the actual running toward a win of any kind. This is going to call for investigations and hearings til hell couldn’t hold a candle to it.
    There are no excuses for ballot counting to take days and weeks after the election to be finalized.
    That allows for one thing and one thing only, cheating and that cheating is coming from the Democrats.
    We are not fooled by the shenanigans and crooked dealings. The real issue is whether or not anything can or will be done about it. At this point it does not seem so.
    MAGA A / KAG 2020 God Bless our President and all he stands for! And God Bless The USA!

    • Let’s see… any vote for a non-white person is evidence of rigging, right ??

    • Why is it every republican tries to blame everything on the Dems. There were 100 reasons to vote Trump out but your sheep never see the other side. It was a no brainer for most of us to vote Trump out. Secondly, this article is amazing all the blame on the media for ridged polls with no proof. Funny how the Fox polls were wrong too including Mr. T who tried to once again claim there was all these shy Trump voters and that Trump would win. The truth is most likely on several factors.
      1. South Florida latinos either didn’t talk to polls or lied to them. My guess a little of both
      2. There weren’t that many shy Trump voters like this article stated most Trump Voters were bragging about him.
      3. Polls are only an estimate and hence they all come with a margin of error. Looking at the day before polls most came within that error. If you were paying attention Trump was making a late run, since polls are a few days behind I’m thinking Trump got new voters even on the last day.
      4. Pollers lied.

    • Oh BS. The election is not rigged. Even if Trump wins, I’ll say the same thing. The simple truth is that Trump is losing because he is an asshat. I live in Kentucky, which is a deep red state, and we just elected a Democrat for governor for the very same reason – the former Republican governor was also an arrogant jerk.

      As for accomplishments, Trump’s only accomplishments are dividing the country to the point of civil war, cozying up to murderous dictators while alienating our most important world allies, and taking from working people in order to line the pockets of the wealthy, while making it seem like he was doing otherwise. Most people get that. If you don’t, it’s because you have your head up Trump’s conman arse so far you can’t breath.

      • Balderdash! If you don’t believe SilverRascal’s comments, it’s because you are too simple to recognize the lies of the DNC and it’s reporting arm in the mainstream press. It’s not our problem you are incapable of recognizing reality. Keep being a tool, you will be a good servant.

      • The President has accomplished more in 40 months that old senile Joe has accomplished in nearly 5 decades – this is an undisputable fact no matter how much you deny it.

      • You are 100% correct. I am 81 years old and have NEVER been so angry before an election. It never angered me when my candidate was not elected, I only wanted someone who would work to make this the great country that it has always been. This person who is your president has done nothing but divide our country and encourage the destruction of our planet. I fear for my children and grandchildrens.future without changes in our environment. I pray that he will be defeated. It will be a blessing for this great nation of ours

    • Imagine someone like Arturo, who has the IQ of a tea kettle and the writing style of a third-grader calling anyone simple.
      Countrified Trump supporters have no idea how dimwitted they are, so how can we expect them to realize they are being played by a clown? He’s from the big city, he must be smart.

  10. don,t believe any of the medias polls they are run by the bought and paid for puppet masters,trump is killing biden.but the media continues to cover for creepy/sleepy joe,the low life democrats are pulling ever,dirty underhanded trick they know.trump we have your back.we are here for you if needed,you say where and when. go trump 2020

  11. With all due respect, I’m finished being respectful and accepting of any leftist who manipulates and lies to get elected… I’m also done praying for God to deliver us. After watching the leftist media lie for four years, it’s time for direct action…

  12. The amount of Harris Biden win even in Democratic Party areas is false. This is a compromised politician with immense baggage backed by a party that is no longer a party that represents the interests of Americans. Few people can see Biden as a competent person. Most people that are even slightly informed know the Democratic party as well as the Republican Party are controlled by interests that do not benefit the American people. This is the reason the Reason that Trump had to be defeated. The only person-not party that represents the American people, peace and prosperity.

  13. Why the hell would you pray for Biden to succeed? He wants to “ fundamentally “ change America.

  14. I agree with all 3 of the posts above (a rare occasion to be sure.) What strains credulity to me is that almost half of the country voted for a man who displays, on a regular basis signs of cognitive decline, not knowing where he is, who his wife is vs his sister and let us not forget the many made up words he utters frequently.
    Add to that the train wreck that is Kamala Harris, who will assume the Presidency when Joe finally has another stroke, her record as AG of California is despicable. What the hell were Liberals thinking? It’s just incomprehensible that we’re in this struggle. Patience Patriots, it will work out…..

    • No, it won’t. And we’ve been telling ourselves fairytales like this for quite some time. We’ve begun the irreversible decline. The question of its speed is all that remains, fast or slow, it’s inevitable.

    • What were we Democrats thinking? Anything but four more years of a despicable, loud mouthed bully and sophomoric coward who makes fun of our war heroes, POWs, and handicapped, all while driving the country nearly to civil war with his divisive bigotry and hate. I would have voted for literally anybody against Trump, and I am not alone.

      • Michael Grow Up, letting you emotional feelings override reason and judgement is a sign of the democrats lack of intelligence. Wisdom in knowing how to get under someone’s skin and manipulate them while dismissing the exact feelings your expressing gives your power to them.
        It is your reaction that Trump is using for his benefit his cause.
        This Happens all the time by corporate management as a tactic to get the over reaction then the write up for you to comply or be fired.
        So ask yourself what you control, perception or expectation as this is the start of all arguments, Change your perception to match you expectation, after all, consider the source.
        If you argue with an idiot he will bring you down to his level, then beat the shxx out of you with experience.

      • I’m tired of both sides using trump as an excuse to become the worst version of themselves and then blame it on trump. The man is an asshole, but he also gets shit done. People who hate other people are by definition, assholes. So the next time you continue to spew hate at the other side because they support trump who “almost caused a civil war” (really?) take a step back and ask yourself if you hate them, or if you just despise trump as a person and are blind to anyone else’s way of thinking because of it. You are making a conscious choice to do that, he’s not holding a gun to anyone’s head and making them do anything. We all need to take some damn responsibility for how we are acting on both sides, be ashamed, and do better.

  15. The polls and the media that publish them want to sell them as accurate, yet those who will take the time to answer polls tend to be more educated people and they tend to vote more Democratic. Consequently, the polls have a built-in error much greater than the amount they claim.

  16. Whether Trump goes or stays, he has already left a legacy that will haunt the tyrannical Left for a generation: Three SC justices plus exposure of the Deep State and its Pravda [aka MSM] as dishonest, arrogant apparatchiks. May their ranks be purged in short order.

  17. Trump is going, the tactics of the left have worked. The right has been helpless or unwilling to stop them. Now, we reap the whirlwind.

    • President Trump is not going anywhere. The tactics of the left have failed. The people KNOW that President Trump won! That is the key. There is No Way on God’s Green Earth that the President’s supporters will allow this travesty to stand. As for me, I also stand with the President. I believe that the death of Ruth Bader Ginsberg was the hand of God or destiny to help this country survive with it’s liberty intact. Do NOT give up! The people KNOW who won this election!!!!! It cannot be stolen this time. Smile.

  18. The advent of caller ID and smartphones has made polling much more difficult.

  19. There is a fundamental flaw in this reasoning. Wouldn’t the pro-Biden pollsters present the race as close or as a Trump lead to lull the President’s supporters into a false sense of security and prompt liberals to turn out in higher numbers to overcome the deficit?

  20. Of course the polls were false. When your worldview values only power, money and sex, truth is not even part of the equation. Hey whatever it takes to win, baby. Besides, what is truth?

  21. It’s not just because they’re lying, Mr. Mill. It’s also because proggies are in the reflexive habit of kidding themselves.

  22. Too many people ignoring the obvious here. The polls are wrong because the sampling is skewed. Pollsters used to be able to call people at home and know they were talking to someone in that voting district.
    People communicate differently these days.
    It’s not a conspiracy, it’s an inability to obtain an honest sample.
    That of course is more logical and much less exciting than “it’s a liberal conspiracy.” And yes, I have a degree in mathematics.

    • Pollsters should know that their sampling is skewed. They should know their samples aren’t random. If they do know, they are lying to their clients and the public. If they don’t know, they are incompetent and deceiving themselves.

      Consider that seven different polls* had Biden +8 or better. Biden will likely end up leading the total popular vote by less than 3 percentage points. Those polls were wrong. How can seven reputable polling organizations put out polls that wrong? All seven missed by at least five percentage points in Biden’s favor. How many polls missed by five percentage points in Trump’s favor (Trump +2)? None!

      *Economist/YouGov, CNBC/Change Research, Quinnipiac, NBC News/Wall St. Jrnl., Survey USA, Fox News, and Harvard/Harris.

  23. I am reminded of what Thomas Jefferson said, ” Any nation that expects to be ignorant and free, expects what never was and never will be “. I rest my case.

  24. How do you explain Trump campaign internal polls being just as off as the media.

    Opps… didn’t mean to blow your whole narrative.

    At least we rid ourselves of the racist rude orange guy.

  25. Oh BS. The election is not rigged. Even if Trump wins, I’ll say the same thing. The simple truth is that Trump is losing because he is an asshat. I live in Kentucky, which is a deep red state, and we just elected a Democrat for governor for the very same reason – the former Republican governor was also an arrogant jerk.

    As for accomplishments, Trump’s only accomplishments are dividing the country to the point of civil war, cozying up to murderous dictators while alienating our most important world allies, and taking from working people in order to line the pockets of the wealthy, while making it seem like he was doing otherwise. Most people get that. If you don’t, it’s because you have your head up Trump’s conman arse so far you can’t breath.

  26. Oh, you’ve summed it up correctly!
    I can give examples of the three points you’ve talked about, civil war, alienating our allies and taxing the middle class.
    But I’ll just say this to highlight his stupidity,
    Remember he refused to shake hands with the Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel right in front of the press and cameras ! ! !
    And he was the President for 4 years.
    GOD save us.

  27. So much righty paranoia. How do you folks even get dressed in the morning.
    Here’s a clue why he’s going down:
    Trump = Jim Jones, and Covid-19 is his Kool-Aid.
    Drink up! :)

  28. Consider this: who in the world are the polling? Landlines? Almost no one has them anymore. Cellphones? In the age of scams and robocalls, people I know don’t even answer unless they know the caller. This isn’t 1980 anymore, back when everyone does have land lines, caller ID didn’t even exist, and everyone did actually answer the phone. Today’s poll are worthless, and I’ve been saying that for 20 years now.

  29. Reality Check! New on-line game being played. Find the dead voter in Michigan! The oldest person on record was located on the Michigan voter roles. Born in 1823, this person voted in Wayne County this year. We need to send the Today show over to meet this almost 200 year old voter! Where is Al Roker when you need him! https://twitter.com/Peoples_Pundit/status/1324337684471533569

  30. The polls are wrong for two reasons.

    First, we all use cell phones and not hard line phones. With smart phones we instantly know if it’s a person we know or not and we ignore the call if it isn’t. If it’s important they will leave a message (pollsters don’t ). The mix of people they are sampling is getting smaller and smaller and no longer represents all of America

    Second, many polls are run by largely democratic groups and universities. They use the polls to sway the “fickle middle” that only wants to be on the “winning side”. By giving their side a large lead it pulls them over. The media then provides reason for the large gap : first black president, first woman president , people are tired of the orange man in the White House. Then they tighten the polls close to the election to insure their base shows up and to allow the polling companies to regain some dignity and value