Morning Greatness: Democrats’ Coronavirus Owngoal Will Keep Their Voters from the Polls


Here is what’s on the president’s agenda today:

  • The president visits RNC Annex  in Arlington, VA


Two minutes of hate:

Today is the big day, if you haven’t voted please go out and vote! If the line is long, stick it out. Trump campaign manager Bill Stepien had some good news and encouraging information yesterday to counter all the bad news coming from the Cathedral. Read the entire thread.

Stepien said that Trump is ahead in key swing states based on the “ballots cast” metric. And in many of the critical states, the Democrats are behind where they were in 2016 when Trump prevailed. Since early voting turnout is massive this year, one would think that the percentage of Democrats would at least be constant from where they were in 2016 if not greater. But it’s not. And that’s not all. In what can only be described as the greatest political owngoal of all times, it seems the Democrats scared their voters from going to vote in person because of the virus. Who will be showing up to the polls today: TRUMP FAM. In addition to frightening people from going to the polls, the Democrats began assaulting the integrity of the post office, claiming Trump was rigging the postal service and stealing mailboxes and now their voters are afraid for the post office to handle their ballots. Yikes! What a hassle to vote, eh? We will know later this evening if the Biden Democrats showed up in person to vote but if they don’t well, that’s some unfortunate political strategery.

Tonight is going to be a dumpster fire. But not just any dumpster fire, it’s going to be a dumpster fire inside another dumpster fire. Key states have long protracted vote counting processes with wacky rules about accepting ballots with no postmarks or signatures for days on end. Any race that is close will be litigated into hell. The Democrats have around one million lawyers ready-at-hand. Can Trump win the necessary states outside the cheat margin? That is the most important question and I don’t know the answer.

Twitter, fake news facilitator and guardians of righthink, will be making sure only approved information can be shared this evening. If Trump is winning, he probably won’t be allowed to tweet about it. The Democrats plan is to drag out a Trump victory for as long as possible if that is the way the vote goes. They are already slapping warning labels on Trump. Here is what Twitter plans to do tonight:

Only 7 outlets are allowed to call election results: ABC News, AP, CNN, CBS News, Decision Desk HQ, Fox News and NBC News.

  • If one of the seven outlets tweets from its main handle a result before another outlet from the group of seven confirm it, Twitter won’t label that tweet.
  • If a reporter or any Twitter user tweets a result without citing one of the select outlets for its decision, that tweet may be labeled.
  • The Twitter will label will say, “Official sources may not have called the race when this tweeted. Find out more.” That label will link to Twitter’s curated elections information hub.


“Curated elections information hub.” Ha! So as you can see, it’s going to be an interesting and long night. See you back here tomorrow and MAGA.


Election news:
Dixville Notch, New Hampshire, Casts All 5 Votes for Joe Biden; Hillary Clinton Won in 2016
Huge voter turnout expected despite virus, political rancor
More than 95 million Americans have already voted on eve of election
Sixteen Thirty Fund Steers $55 Million in Hidden Cash to Pro-Biden PACs
Hong Kong Democracy Protesters Support Trump, View Biden As Weak
Voter punches poll workers, arrested after forgetting ID at Clinton County vote center
US election sets betting records overseas with $1 billion in wagers
The final week in polls: Trump eats into Biden’s leads in Arizona, North Carolina, Nevada and Pennsylvania
LOL. Donald Trump followers chant ‘LeBron James sucks’ against Lakers star at Pennsylvania rally
Psychiatrist featured on CNN, MSNBC praises Hitler in tweet attacking Trump
Businessman wagers $5M on Trump winning election: report
Judge rejects Republican efforts to halt early vote counting in Las Vegas
Law enforcement has ‘delicate balance’ at polls on election day, police chiefs say
Report: 13,000 Florida Felons Could Be Eligible to Vote After LeBron James, Michael Bloomberg Pay Fines


Riots/protests/Black Lives Matter/crime:
Jewish cemetery desecrated with ‘Trump’ spray paint
Judge allows Trump police panel to publish report but with disclaimer
Kyle Rittenhouse ordered held on $2M bail in Kenosha
Trump warns election rioters, looters ‘will be prosecuted to the fullest extent’
Reuters equipping journalists with gas masks, flak jackets for elex coverage
NYC gun arrests increase by 102%, shooting incidents by 121% compared to October of last year, NYPD says
Harvard Will Consider Renaming Every Building on Campus


Coronavirus update:
Internal memo shows Birx contradicting Trump on pandemic: This is ‘most deadly phase’ yet
Scientists develop AI technology that detects COVID-19 through cough sounds
Coronavirus surging in every key swing state as voters head to polls


Other morsels:
‘Terrorism’: Reports of Fatalities, Injured, and Multiple Perpetrators in Vienna Shooting
Awful. Vienna on high alert as police raid gunman’s house with explosives after terror attack
Trump creates 1776 Commission to promote ‘patriotic education’
Whitehouse Eyes Attack on Conservative Donors in Democrat-Led Senate
Investigation Begins After Video Appears To Show Two People Having Sex In Voice Of America Office Building
FFS. How MMA Fighters Magnify QAnon for MAGAWorld
Buh-bye. It doesn’t matter who wins the election. The US leaves the Paris climate deal at midnight.
Gun sales year-to-date surpass previous annual record high by nearly 2 million, statistics show
FBI firearm background checks set all-time record in 2020


And that’s all I’ve got, now go vote!


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2 responses to “Morning Greatness: Democrats’ Coronavirus Owngoal Will Keep Their Voters from the Polls”

  1. Then how do you explain the long lines for early voting in places like New York City?

  2. This idea that only D’s come out for early voting is NOT so in Texas. In fact, truthfully it’s the opposite. I don’t know of anyone, ANYONE who wants to wait in a line (why do that when you could have voted earlier at any time you chose, zip in/zip out), or who would take the RISK…I don’t know of any conservative taking any risks on their vote, or being able to vote.

    I know folks across the nation, Florida, Maryland, Arizona, Iowa, North Dakota – every single one of them cast early votes for…Trump.