Will America Stay Awake with Trump, or Go Back to Sleep with Biden?

Is it possible that Americans have become so servile, so convinced of our worthlessness, that we would hand over our country again to a ruling class that has neither the desire nor the ability to preserve it?

This is the critical question that hangs in the balance today. Either America will sleepwalk into an oblivion of decline with Joe Biden, an empty suit beholden to America’s enemies both at home and abroad, or we will reject his soothing platitudes, recognize his campaign for the swindle that it is, and stay alert and alive with Donald Trump.

Arguably there has never been a presidential candidate who has done more to campaign against the sovereignty, safety, dignity, and happiness of the American people than Joe Biden.

What we have learned recently about Biden should be enough to set aside the benign Mr. Rogers façade Democrats have worked so hard to construct. Biden is just another creature of the Washington swamp. He is a nullity, a man wholly lacking in energy or conviction.

For political reasons, Biden spent several months pretending that America was not experiencing its worst riots in decades, then lied aggressively about who was behind it all. To this day, his response to disorder has been to issue sentimental calls for “healing” and gesture at imaginary “white supremacists” roving the land. This is not a serious person who cares about the nation’s security.

As Biden explained at the final presidential debate, it simply took “too long” for America to understand that we have no right to enforce our immigration laws. Finally, we understand that open borders is the only way. This putative “moderate” has promised to give citizenship to 11 million illegal immigrants overnight. Under Biden, any remaining distinction between citizen and noncitizen would vanish. America has been trending in this direction for a long time, but with Biden, illegal immigration would for the first time be officially declared a positive good.

The consequences of a Biden presidency would render America unrecognizable. Has the country considered them carefully? Perhaps not. The full force of the establishment machine has been working to lull the people into a daze. “America, are you tired of the craziness yet?” they whisper. “Wouldn’t you rather have a president who brings people together? A president who believes in science?”

The establishment that spent decades despoiling our nation with offshoring and endless wars, that has demanded we disbelieve the evidence of our senses and call an insurrection “mostly peaceful,” is in no position to lecture the nation about “character” and “responsibility.” The rhetoric about “unity” is equally facile after the last four years of restless “resistance.” The subtext in Biden’s message is that the Trump presidency is illegitimate and that roughly half the people living in this country are an affront to America’s most basic values. The coaxing rhetoric is the superficial frosting for something far more hostile and dangerous.

The real meaning of Biden’s rhetoric is simply this: put the ruling class back in charge, we know better. We’re responsible leaders, Trump isn’t. We know what’s good for you, and it’s unlimited immigration, endless lockdowns, and “racial sensitivity training.” Trust us. As Biden put it, “I believe in science. Donald Trump doesn’t. It’s that simple, folks.”

Will America fall for this claptrap? If 2020 has shown us anything, a considerable part of our country has grown soft and docile, eager to apologize for America and for their race; eager to follow the orders of bureaucrats. For some, there might be a kind of peace in Biden’s future: instead of worrying about what choices to make, we could simply let the experts manage everything for us.

With Biden, America is on the precipice of a profound abdication. Will we ratify the notion that America has no right to defend its borders at all, to pursue its interests, to call itself a nation as such? Will we accept the yoke of “systemic racism” and all it entails?

If we do, what will there be for our progeny to inherit? A borderless dump, a transient “idea” bereft of heritage or identity, purpose or form, freedom or opportunity? An America of precarity and persecution, fear and censorship, in which the racial extortion of Black Lives Matter is a defining feature of life? All because we were so blinded with moral superiority, so desperate for flattery and approval, to prove that we’re not “racist,” so housebroken by hateful propaganda, that we chose to throw away our country and its Constitution, thinking that by committing national suicide we put ourselves on the “right side of history”?

Or will we instead recognize the danger and act to stop it now, before it can’t be stopped at all?

America rejected the establishment four years ago with Donald Trump, the first public man in living memory to challenge our corrupt ruling class and put America first. Since then that ruling class has worked every hour of every day to take back control of a country which it regards with an obvious and powerful contempt. God willing, America will send an overpowering message today that this country is not theirs to rule. It belongs to Americans, and Americans alone.

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About Matthew Boose

Matthew Boose is a Mt. Vernon fellow of the Center for American Greatness and a staff writer and weekly columnist at the Conservative Institute. His writing has also appeared in the Daily Caller. Follow him on Twitter @matt_boose. ‏

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