Trump Closes The Gap In Michigan Per New Poll

Donald Trump has closed some of the gap held by Joe Biden in Michigan with two days to go before the election. Biden now leads by 2-points – within the 4.4% margin of error. The poll was conducted by InsiderAdvantage for the Center for American Greatness. The survey of 500 likely voters was conducted October 30-31 by mixed IVR and live cell phone.

The results are:

Biden: 49%

Trump: 47%

Jorgensen: 2%

Undecided: 2%


Matt Towery of Insider Advantage says, “Trump is racing back up in Michigan with younger voters being his strong suit. This is a trend that is taking hold in many battleground states. Biden continues to enjoy a 9 point lead among voters age 65 and over in the state. The national trend we are seeing with Trump performing at historic levels for a GOP nominee among African Americans continues in Michigan where Trump has nearly 21% of the African American vote. Meanwhile, Biden continues to do well among independent voters with a lead of nearly twenty points among that demographic. The final result will boil down to turnout given the fact that only two percent are undecided. Michigan could go either way.”


Results can be found here

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2 responses to “Trump Closes The Gap In Michigan Per New Poll”

  1. Biden may hold a lead with some 65+ Michiganians, but not around out parts. I see very little enthusiasm for Old Joe. We all know that Joe will simply be a puppet for the left-wing of the Democratic party.

    • I have a really hard time believing that independents favor the slobbering boob communist by 20 points