Welcome to the New Democratic Party

This is not your father’s Democratic Party. 

Back in 2016, everyone in the know knew Hillary Clinton was on her way to the White House. Those in the know also knew this: if there were equal justice in America, Hillary Clinton would have been on her way to the Big House instead. 

To the amazement of the talking heads on CNN and PBS, American voters did not send Hillary to the White House. 

Even more amazingly, 2020 is basically a rerun of 2016.  Everyone in the know knows Joe Biden is on his way to the White House. They also know this: if there were equal justice in America, Joe Biden would be on his way to the Big House instead.

And the corruption of Hillary and Joe may not even be the main story. The other way Joe and Hillary are alike is that Joe is falling apart during the campaign just as Hillary was falling apart during the 2016 campaign. Joe is campaigning even less than Hillary did! That’s remarkable because Hillary set a new standard of campaigning by not campaigning. Hillary relied on the so-called news media to do her campaigning for her, just as Joe is doing today. 

The new Democratic Party runs totally corrupt and broken-down candidates for America’s highest political office.

What’s up with that?

It actually makes sense. Hillary and Joe are the perfect candidates for the new Democrats. This is only hard to understand because it is so unpleasant to understand. Hillary and Joe are leftovers from a time when the Democrats were not yet the fully and avowedly anti-Americans they are today—and the more broken-down Hillary and Joe are the better for the new Democrats. The America-hating party can use Hillary and Joe to present a façade of the old Democratic Party during the campaigns, and the more broken-down they are, the easier it will be for the new Democrats to make use of them once the election is over.

In that sense, 2016 turned out to be a trial run. The new Democrats have upped their game in 2020. Joe is an improvement over Hillary. It is unlikely Joe will be able to fake functionality for many more weeks or perhaps even many more days. His total breakdown, whatever form it takes, would hand the presidency to Harris who is, of course, the very model of the anti-American new Democrat.

For the new Democrats, the more Joe is failing the better. Putting Joe forward as their candidate is a stroke of political genius—provided, of course, the new Democrats manage by hook, crook, lawyers, and stealing ballots to carry him across the finish line as the winner.

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5 responses to “Welcome to the New Democratic Party”

  1. I don’t see Joe leaving any time soon. Why should he? He would just hunker down in a different basement. It is an interesting point that all the energy of the Democrats is for socialism and a smattering of marxism, but they trot out old white people, this time surprisingly an old white guy (supposedly the problem) to try and sell it.

    Joe is a facade. He doesn’t have the backing to stand up to the very people who have put him in the position he could not achieve on his own (Mr. 1% in all earlier attempts).

    The very best thing about Trump is that every part of the establishment is actively working against him. Those who think he will not leave the white house are delusional. The house staff would run him out in a minute. Forget the military. Since they all work against him, he has not choice to work against them. Which is pretty much what EVERYONE wants, even if half of us (D’s) don’t see it. After all, congress is held in even lower esteem than Trump. So that proves the bipartisan nature of working against the establishment. THis is what got Trump elected last time, and hopefully will this time.

    No time to go wobbly. Vote Trump, vote R for congress and senate. We can deal with the problem children next primary. Even with a R congress, Trump will be restrained because most of them are establishment. But at least some of the Trump agenda will be forwarded (no more one sided trade deals, border control).

    A vote for D in congress is a vote to impeach Trump should he get elected. A vote for D in the senate is a vote to impeach Trump, and to pack the court. Any vote for a D is a vote to open the border.

  2. every part of the establishment is actively working against Trump

    Dear Orenv,

    That’s it!
    And that tells us all we need to know about how to vote and what this election means.
    Thank you. You scored a bull’s eye.
    Best wishes

  3. I am still trying to figure out why the “New Democrat Party” platform sounds like it was written by the Chinese Communist Party. And I was about to don my tin foil hat and hair shirt to shame and punish myself back to reality when the Hunter Biden laptop scandal blew up.

    I told myself what every crazy tells himself: I’m not the one with the problem. Everyone else is crazy.

    I swear! This time it’s true!

  4. There is no justice in America. Our federal government is consumed with evil: malicious prosecutors railroading innocent people to pad conviction rates while refusing to prosecute those in power who are guilty. Reform may no longer be an option. We are long past the point where we retain the form of constitutional government but none of the substance.

  5. This is obviously not the party of JFK and hasn’t been for sometime. They first killed the bluedog democrats and they anything resembling a moderate. They are officially liberal/progressive and not even that. Lots of true liberals are upset about the direction of the party. It was Ronald Reagan who said he didn’t leave the democrat party, it left him. The democrats have transformed the party to something their constituents no longer recognize and will be voting for Trump because they are scared. Notice how we hurled pejoratives at them, socialists, communists, and they no longer flinch. In time, they will fully morph into the party of Lenin under the directions of China.

    China predicted this a long time ago. They won’t have to lift a finger, the Americans themselves will bring about their own demise. How? Packing universities with communists, taking a hold of the news media, and paying congressmen with millions while they betray all Americans on a $100K per annum salary.

    Sadly, students are no longer taught forms of government in high school or college. They think it’s cool to wear Che t-shirts and wanting marxism. A taste of marxism means they will have their souls surgically removed from all the comforts of American society including social media and devil may care attitude as their new social credits accounts makes them not worthy to be allowed to breath any longer. Further, they will be too stupid to remember the days of the 1060’s to 2020. It’s as if we had a thriving advanced society in 5 million years ago and a catastrophe hit the planet with no recordings of that society left. And here we are less advanced than them and struggling. The good news is that they 5 million years from now, none of this will matter one bit.