No More Chances: The Case Against Joe Biden and the Establishment

Out of all the Democrats that were running, the worst possible candidate was selected. The media portrays “Joe” as a simple, fun-loving guy who can unite the country. Other than Biden’s call to “unite as a country,” why is he running? What is his reason for seeking the highest office in the land? The former vice president has no vision for the country.

The 2020 Democratic field was stacked with political talent. The former vice president lacks the forward-approach of Andrew Yang, the boldness of Representative  Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii), the idealism of Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), the vitality of former South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg, and the genuine character of Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.). Heck, at least Sanders appears to be passionate about the radical proposals he advocates. That is more than can be said about Joe Biden.

Biden has been branded as a socialist, as some of his party’s platforms are distinctly that, but Biden is even worse than a Sanders-style socialist. Extreme in nature, at least Sanders offered an alternative route to the failed leadership of the last 30 years. Biden has done the opposite. 

This is not to praise Sanders’ radical proposals, but many people still have not realized that Donald Trump’s election was America’s “middle finger” to the ruling class establishment and a cry for new ideas. Tucker Carlson said it best, “Happy countries do not elect Donald Trump president.” 

The hollowing out of industry through bad trade deals, the unfair immigration system, the grossly exacerbating gap between the rich and working class, the blatant corruption, the endless foreign wars, the attacks on basic rights guaranteed by the Constitution, and the strip down of traditional values and common sense led the American people to elect a crass, New York businessman with no political experience. Countries satisfied with their current political class do not do that.

Worse than a bad alternative path, Biden represents the “old guard” and a return to these failed policies of internationalism, corporatism, and regime change. He is the establishment that candidate Trump ran against. His “return to normalcy” plea should be the largest argument against his election. Biden’s policies have created the issues that the country faces today. 

The former vice president wants the United States to sacrifice its sovereignty to international groups like the United Nations and the Paris Climate Accords. He will allow Big Tech to undermine First Amendment rights and he will fight for limitation on the Second Amendment. In foreign policy, Biden will sign horrendous “free trade” deals that will ship what is left of American manufacturing abroad. He will be aggressively interventionist, likely provoking multiple conflicts around the world. He will advocate for increased amount of immigration as poor American kids graduate high school without economic opportunity. Biden will build up nations around the world as his own nation crumbles. 

The few far Left proposals that he has tried to tag his name to will also be detrimental to society. When he is not fighting for the establishment, he will be pushed around by radicals within his party. The former vice president probably does not even realize that America is hurting and demanding common sense change. He has been in his echo chamber of public office since 1972 and likely has no idea what is happening in the real world. His presidential campaign has proven that.

But how can someone be so sure that Biden will not be what is right for the country? He has been in office for 47 years and is still unironically advocating for change in the system? Biden is the physical embodiment of the system and has offered no substantial solutions thus far. Neither will he do so if he is elected president. 

President Trump may not be everyone’s preferred candidate, but America, if it seeks to survive another generation, cannot give any more chances to the establishment. 

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One response to “No More Chances: The Case Against Joe Biden and the Establishment”

  1. He and the establishment want us to build up the third world. Build them for what exactly? What makes American soil so wonderful and Guatemalan soil not so wonderful? Both of them have people. The difference lies in private property rights and freedom. Places without private property rights don’t have everyone fighting for what is theirs. Because nothing is theirs.

    What they are fighting for is collections of peasants. People who will toil for the benefit of the established.