UPS Conducting ‘Urgent Investigation’ Into Missing Hunter Biden Docs Shipped By Fox News

The United Parcel Service (UPS) says it is “conducting an urgent investigation” into the missing Hunter Biden documents that were shipped by Fox News from New York to Los Angeles earlier this week.

UPS confirmed to left-wing financial news website Business Insider that the cache of documents, mentioned by Fox News host Tucker Carlson on his Wednesday night show, disappeared somewhere within it’s network. [UPS announced Thursday afternoon that it had found the package. See update below].

Carlson said that “on Monday of this week, we received from a source a collection of confidential documents related to the Biden family. We believe those documents are authentic, they’re real, and they’re damning.”

The host explained that the package was initially sent to Fox news’s main office in New York while he and a producer were in Los Angeles conducting his interview with Hunter Biden’s former business partner Tony Bobulinski about the Biden’s corrupt business dealings in China, Ukraine, and other countries.

“So we texted a producer in New York and we told him to send those documents to us in L.A. and he did that,” Carlson said.

The host didn’t specify the name of the company, but noted that it is “a large national carrier—a brand name company that we’ve used, you’ve used, countless times.”

Carlson said “the shipping company” contacted him Tuesday morning to say that the package “had been opened and the contents were missing.”

He stressed that the carrier took the situation seriously and began an immediate investigation into the missing package.

“They traced the envelope from the moment our producers dropped it off in Manhattan on Monday all the way to 3:44 a.m. yesterday morning. That’s when an employee at a sorting facility in another state noticed that our package was open and empty,” he explained.

Carlson went on to noted that the company’s security team interviewed every person who touched the envelope, as well as the plane and trucks that carried it, and combed through the office in NY where it was dropped off and its sorting facility.

“They went far and beyond,” Carlson said. “But they found nothing. Those documents have vanished.”

He added: “As of tonight, the company has no idea — and no working theory, even — about what happened to this trove of materials, documents that are directly relevant to the presidential campaign just six days from now.”

In an emailed statement to Business Insider, UPS Corporate Media Relations Director Glenn Zaccara said: “The package was reported with missing contents as it moved within our network.”

“UPS is conducting an urgent investigation into this matter and regrets that the package was damaged. The integrity of our network and the security of our customers’ goods are of utmost importance. We will remain in frequent, direct contact with Fox News as we learn more through our investigation.”


A UPS spokesperson Thursday afternoon announced that company employees found and identified Carlson’s missing parcel.

“After an extensive search, we have found the contents of the package and are arranging for its return,” the spokesperson said. “UPS will always focus first on our customers and will never stop working to solve issues and make things right.”


On his show Thursday night, Carlson explained that the documents in question were on on a flash drive and it was found on Monday by an hourly employee in the UPS building in Manhattan.

“They suggested that it might have been found on the floor there,” Carlson said. He went on to note incredulously that UPS doesn’t use security cameras in a facility where high value packages are sorted. The host said he was told that the employee then dropped the flash drive onto a supervisor’s desk.

“Our documents sat there undiscovered for over 24 hours until we announced on television that they were missing. That’s their story.”

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Debra Heine is a conservative Catholic mom of six and longtime political pundit. She has written for several conservative news websites over the years, including Breitbart and PJ Media.

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22 responses to “UPS Conducting ‘Urgent Investigation’ Into Missing Hunter Biden Docs Shipped By Fox News”

  1. FBI or CIA is probably bugging Tucker’s phone…. too much coincidence.
    Can’t trust UPS. Can’t trust Post Office.

    • Anybody find it odd that they didn’t make copies. Of course they would have if they really existed. 😅😅

      • Actually they did make copies. Documents still exist. But Tucker did not have possession to do the show and get the documents content out in a timely manner.
        It is good that the documents are now located but that is not the key point. The point is that these specific documents were intercepted and the package cut open. Sounds like UPS has found them. It is so strange that UPS did not comment on who had them and why they had them and how the box got cut open. That seems like an obvious reveal. Kind of suspicious that this document – allegedly damning to Biden – gets intercepted so it cannot be exposed on a normal weekday show.

  2. Virtually everyone at UPS is a Teamsters union member.

    • Enough said. The Teamsters Union support Joe Biden for President.

      • This is a ridiculous story on both sides. It is not 1974 anymore. Make copies, put on a server, the end. Also ridiculous the package just happens to get lost.

  3. Please tell me that a copy of said documents was secured before shipping.

    • Apparently not. Nor is there any reason they couldn’t be faxed.

      You can check my record. I’m on Trump’s side. But I wonder about this whole story. Either it’s a put-on, or conservative-types like Carlson really are dumb hicks.

      • Faxed? I work in an office normally. I do not think I have faxed a document in five years. I threw away my home fax machine around six years ago.

        I thought they might have scanned them and emailed the scan. However scanning book type documents or bound documents is a hassle. And they may have wanted the originals for verification concerns as Tucker is a stickler on getting factual things right. But in any case, they have copies and I expect this will all come out. The thing I am wondering about is why UPS did not say who cut the box open and who had them?

        Tucker may be a dumb hick or not. But at least he has the integrity to follow the story – which is something you cannot say about anyone in the NYT, Washington Post, ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, MSNBC or CNN. So odd that these people who spent four years publishing one hoax after another based on unnamed sources (sources like the junior DHS employee the NYT advertised as a senior administration official (AKA Anonymous) have no interest in an actual laptop known to belong to Hunter Biden (his signature on contract and his lawyers came to ask for his laptop back, a laptop now in FBI possession) with emails on it from many people but 3/3 of the people named in the email verified the emails with their names as legitimate, that has pretty blatant evidence of influence peddling for millions of dollars to American enemies China, Russia, and a Ukrainian corrupt business type tied in with the former government. I have a teeny tiny suspicion that if this were Donald Trump Jr. all the media would be all over the story.

  4. Why is google blocking my iPhone screen when I post a comment on this story

  5. I would be looking at the person that took the documents to UPS to ship.

    Is there a weigh in?

  6. I hope those documents were just a ‘copy’. No one would send originals via mail to anyone, especially, something like that. If, indeed, they were originals that disappeared, then that producer is an idiot.

  7. I’m still trying to figure out if FOX has copies of this. Someone out there (Legal Insurrection for one) are saying that FOX does have copies… which seems to be common sense.

    But FOX themselves has not said that, and I wonder why. Did FOX eff up and just fail to make the copies? Do they have them, but are holding the cards close for…. whatever reason on this? What?

    It just seems there is at least one piece of this puzzle as of yet still missing.

  8. I’m sure Fox News HQ sends dozens of Next Day Air envelopes out every day. And the driver who picks them up doesn’t have any idea what information is in any of them. So one question is: how did someone know which of dozens of envelopes on this particular day to target?

    Another question is: why not take the whole envelope? A lost envelope is a lot easier to explain than an opened envelope. I think the answer is that UPS searches your backpack on your way out; a bunch of paper is no big deal, but an envelope would be a very big deal.

  9. I will be shocked and supremely disappointed if nobody had the foresight to ensure there were multiple copies of the documents. Amd why would they send them via UPS rather than a smaller, more reliable business like DHL. Hell, during my time in the Army we shipped lots of sensitive cargo by DHL, including weapons.

  10. I gotta ask: Why no faxing? Why no copies? And how does Carlson know what they actually said without having seen them?

    Please answer ASAP. Thx.

    • Nobody faxes large amounts of documents any more.
      There are copies. And UPS has found the missing documents but they did not disclose who had them or why or who cut open the box.
      His people had reviewed them and were sending them to him to use.

      Consider your questions answered.

  11. they did not say where it was found, where was it? Do you think someone in UPS took it.

    • Excellent question. It is odd that UPS recovered the documents but did not disclose who cut open the box and had them. The answer will doubtless surface and should be interesting.

      With so many commenters making statements throughing shade at Tucker and trying to imply the documents did not exist (disproved since there are copies and the documents were recovered) you get credit for seeing the story and focusing on the important issue to someone who wants to know the truth.


  12. I wonder if the documents were this important why were they not transported in the custody of a law enforcement officer with a First Class Ticket on an Airline from New York to LAX and via guarded limousine to the FOX Studio for broadcast? If that is not enough, just charter a jet from New York to LAX. Don’t tell me that the FOX NEWS NETWORK does not have the money to do this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We as Citizens deserve to know the facts. As Joe Friday said, “Just the facts Mam”.