The World Is China’s if Biden Wins

While many in the mainstream media are doing their best to black out the laptop from hell, people keep talking about Hunter Biden’s emails and pictures and other assorted damning data. The entire scenario is absurd. In their best Orwellian 1984 efforts, Big Tech and many in the mainstream media are trying to memory hole the incident: silencing people on social media platforms, arrogantly informing the peasants that this issue of the son of then-sitting vice president and now current Democratic presidential nominee influence peddling with some of the enemies of this country should not be of concern to them at all on any level.

It has to be made clear to the American people: this isn’t the Hunter Biden scandal. Hunter was just the bagman of the Biden cartel, the conduit, the frontman meeting with corrupt politicians and businessmen the world over. Their interest in him was entirely due to his last name and in what they believed Hunter’s influence over his famous father might garner for them.

But the man at the top of it all, the “Big Guy,” was and is Joe Biden. That makes this the Joe Biden scandal. Was the former vice president involved in influence peddling while in office? Was he proactively seeking business deals with the Communist Chinese? Because if he was, the man running for president is a massive national security threat. In fact, he is a global security threat.

What is becoming clearer, from multiple sources, with emails, texts, laptops, and cell phones, is that Joe Biden was lying to the American people for a year or more about not knowing anything about any of Hunter’s business dealings. In fact he was intimately acquainted and heavily involved in them and apparently in meetings about deals with Chinese companies. 

In short, Joe Biden was the business deal.  

So not only is Joe a corrupt liar, it’s beginning to look like he is completely compromised on the issue of China, not that it’s news to anyone following: if you think the $1.5 billion dollar deal with Hunter and the Bank of China while Biden was vice president was kosher and above board, you’re both deeply naïve and a fool. The American people deserve to know exactly how financially involved Joe Biden was, and even is, with the barbaric and genocidal Communist Chinese. 

One of the biggest issues of 2020, among many important issues, is how will America, the last best hope of freedom for the entire world, stop the Communist Chinese and their ambitions? With a President Joe Biden, God forbid there should ever be one, it’s pretty clear that we would not—could not—confront them on any trade or technology issues (specifically 5G), and that such an approach absolutely would put us on a path to becoming a tributary state of China.  

I used to say that this was the most important election at least since 1860, but that isn’t the case anymore. The stakes are higher. With these latest revelations, I think this is not only the biggest election in U.S. history, but arguably one of the most important in world history: if America, the only country with the economic and military strength to confront China is imploded from within by a compromised Biden, the results for the rest of the world are pretty staggering: the world is China’s for the taking if Joe wins. 

We know that America is the world’s last best hope for freedom. It has been a leader for the forces of freedom almost since the founding of the republic. But now, with unbelievably powerful forces arrayed against it, both foreign and domestic, it’s not hyperbole to say America’s last best hope to be free is Donald J. Trump.

About Ned Ryun

Ned Ryun is a former presidential writer for George W. Bush and the founder and CEO of American Majority. You can find him on Twitter @nedryun.

Photo: (Photo by Lintao Zhang/Getty Images)

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One response to “The World Is China’s if Biden Wins”

  1. It seems that the Chinese have an awful lot to hang over Joe Biden’s head. If this laptop stuff is true, presumably they would be in possession of utterly irrefutable evidence that he was hopelessly corrupt at best–treasonous at worst. Ironically at that point we might NEED the media to do what they do so well–obfuscate, ignore, suborn lying–to do anything to cover for Mr. Biden so that he would be able to call a Chinese bluff. That is, if he cared to do so.