Morning Greatness: Holy Trinity of Tech Dirtbags to Appear Before the Senate

Good Wednesday morning.

Here is what’s on the president’s agenda today:

  • The president delivers remarks at a Make America Great Again Victory Rally in Bullhead City, Arizona
  • The president delivers remarks at a Make America Great Again Victory Rally, in Goodyear, Arizona

Today: Big Senate hearing staring Big Tech Assholes

The holy trinity of tech dirtbags will appear before the Senate Commerce Committee on Wednesday to take questions from old, technology-impaired dinosaurs to answer for social media election interference and censorship.

I’m sure you remember back in 2016, when the tech overlords were wailing and lamenting the Trump victory and blamed themselves for “allowing” the Trump campaign and Trump supporters to use tech “services” to campaign and spread its message. They vowed not to make that mistake again and we are seeing censorship in action right now.

We only need to look at the censoring of the Hunter Biden scandal to see the most shameless and disgusting election interference ever to take place in America. Twitter and Facebook both refused to allow The New York Post to share its story about Hunter Biden’s laptop which was chock full of influence peddling by the Biden family, clearly undertaken with his father’s (basement Biden) knowledge.  The New York Post is still banned from Twitter as I write this.

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, Twitter’s Jack Dorsey and Google’s Sundar Pichai are scheduled to answer growing criticism from the right over the moderation of prominent conservatives’ posts, including President Trump, before the Senate Commerce Committee on Wednesday.

Fueling tensions ahead of the hearing are explosive allegations by conservatives that Facebook and Twitter interfered in the 2020 election by throttling a New York Post article earlier this month that alleged ties between the Democratic presidential nominee and his son Hunter’s business dealings with Ukraine.

“These are among the most powerful people in the country,” Sen. Roger Wicker (R-Miss.), the chairman of the Senate Commerce Committee said. “Under the current law, they get a free pass” to censor anything “they find objectionable,” Wicker said.

“In my view we should not leave it up to big tech what is objectionable and what isn’t.”

Those days need to end. Seize the companies as public utilities or rescind their immunity. The tech clowns claim they are simply tools. NO. A tool or a service is my phone company. AT&T doesn’t drop my calls when they don’t like what I am talking about on a conference call. Comcast doesn’t turn off my internet if they don’t approve of what shows I am watching. Social media is MEDIA and they should be treated like the legacy media. The legacy media has editors and decides what to cover and feature. This is the same with You Tube, Facebook and Twitter. They are CURATING your feed, they are EDITING your feeds so they are media outlets. They can claim it’s about “hate” and “Nazi’s” but that’s just an excuse to control what you see and read and watch.


Tucker’s interview with Tony Bobulinksi, Hunter Biden’s business partner

New RNC ad: Trump denouncing “white supremacy” and “hate” a trillion times:


Election news:
Well this is a change. Dems urge voters to avoid mailing ballots in final week
Ex-postal worker charged with tossing ballots in construction dumpster
Trump Campaign Website Hacked, Displayed Conspiracy That Trump Was ‘Involved’ In Origin Of COVID Pandemic
Facebook Removes Black Man’s Anti-Biden Ad
Nevada Democrat Under Investigation for Campaign Finance Violations
New Lincoln Project ad goes after Lindsey Graham: ‘A political parasite’
Gorsuch rejects Minnesota Republican’s request to delay House race
Texas Supreme Court rules in favor of limiting ballot drop box locations
Here Are All The Times Joe Biden Allegedly Talked With Hunter About His Foreign Business Dealings
Feds Obtained FISA Warrant Against Hunter Biden’s Chinese Business Associate, Documents Show
THIS GUY. It’s the Flynn judge. Judge orders USPS to reverse mail collection limits now
Facebook takes down Trump campaign ‘vote today’ ad, claims it lacked ‘additional context or clarity’
Trump denounces White supremacy ’38 times’ in new campaign video, amid Biden-Harris criticisms
They were never “Republicans.” 20 former Republican US attorneys endorse Biden campaign
Pre-election voting surpasses half of all 2016 ballots cast with week left until Election Day
Hunter Biden, CCP-Tied Billionaire Had Close Relationship, Texts Reveal


Riots/protests/Black Lives Matter/crimes:
Girlfriend’s account of Waukegan officer killing Marcellis Stinnette varies greatly from police narrative
Protests erupt in DC after man dies in moped crash during police chase
Family Blames Police for DC Man’s Death in Electric Scooter Crash; 4 Officers Hurt Amid Protest
Mass Rioting And Looting In Philadelphia Following Police Shooting


Coronavirus updates:
Rand Paul rips ‘leftwing media’ for focusing on COVID-19 cases: ‘Mortality rates are plummeting’
Health Care Workers Help Drive Gun Surge, New Study Says
Feds launch investigation into New Jersey veterans homes, seek more info from New York
Study finds over 80 percent of COVID-19 patients vitamin D deficient
Comedy clubs sue NYC, NY state over COVID-19 shut downs


Other morsels:
EPA Requests DOJ Investigate Foreign Funding of Environmental Groups
Wut. Police ID man who peed on fellow Delta passenger as pastor from North Carolina
Cardi B addresses Birkin bag criticism: ‘Y’all don’t do this to these white celebrities’
‘One step closer’: Virginia judge rules Robert E. Lee statue in Richmond can be removed pending possible appeal
This is hilarious. Bari Weiss joins ‘The View,’ pushes back against Sunny Hostin, Whoopi Goldberg on court packing
TUCKER! Fox News, Tucker Carlson finish historic October with largest primetime audience in cable news history
Oh. The Lincoln Project panned as ‘grifters’ after report founders looking to launch media empire
ICE says court order forced them to release 250 immigrants with criminal histories
Iowa’s U.S. Senators Meet With HHS Top Brass About Pharma’s 340B Moves
Ernst hammers Big Pharma in closing days of campaign
Pressure builds on Perdue and Loeffler as key Georgia jobs decision punted to December

And that’s all I’ve got, now go beat back the angry mob!

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6 responses to “Morning Greatness: Holy Trinity of Tech Dirtbags to Appear Before the Senate”

  1. Each member of the Senate Committee should provide a full disclosure of how much money their campaigns have received from Google, Twitter, Facebook and any officers of those companies.

    These smug a**holes believe they can buy their way out of any trouble with Congress, as they have been for the last decade or so.

  2. I’d only amend the headline to read Un-Holy trinity.

  3. The social media robber barons have talked to congress before. They spit up a mixture of minor acknowledgment and denial Febreezed with a spray of promises to correct the problem. Congress has done nothing, and the barons have used the time to build their culturally and politically biased algorithms bigger and stronger so they can influence the next election even more.

    What’s different this time? Congress has grown no more spine than it had. Social media have undergone no epiphany, so their values remain the same. Why would you expect results now?

  4. Can’t Congress vote to strip Pichai’s naturalization? Yes, let’s send him packing back to India. He has seriously violated his oath of citizenship and no longer deserves to be here. I wonder if Zberg has dual citizenship? Can we send him packing as well? Anyone who directly engages members of the CCP to staff up his company should live in fear for his life. Dorsey is garden variety twisted, a jerk, a creep. I suspect there’s an awful lot of baggage or a closet filled with skeletons there.

    • @Alecto What you advocate for is something very dangerous. It is just as bad, if not worse, than the rhetoric of the libs. They are CEOs of private companies that people willingly use their products for. Products that are internet based. They aren’t even substantive products that can be touched. I thought corporations were people too? They are expressing their own free speech that they are entitled to on their own platforms that they run.

  5. If these “tech dirbags” were doing what they do on behalf of Trump and “conservative” values would they still be “dirtbags”? Maybe, but they would be “our” dirtbags, and that would make all the difference.