Biden Is Sinking

Bigfoot conspiracy theorists and flat-earthers on Wednesday sought distance between themselves and those claiming the Hunter Biden pay-for-play scandal is “Russian disinformation.”

Written off as skullduggery, the New York Post’s Hunter Biden story now entangles his father, Joe Biden.

On Tuesday night, Tony Bobulinski, Hunter’s ex-business partner, confirmed in an appearance on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” that Joe Biden as Barack Obama’s vice president was deeply involved in his son’s murky dealings in China. Carlson aired more recordings between Bobulinski and the Biden family on Wednesday night.

The final week is not a cozy one for Joe Biden, as 2016’s most accurate pollsters show the presidential race at a dead heat, and President Trump climbing in key states.

At the national level, the Investor’s Business Daily (IBD)/TechnoMetrica Institute of Politics and Policy (TIPP) presidential election tracking poll on Wednesday remains around four points between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, that gap flirting with just two points last week.

IBD says Trump now leads by eleven among seniors—a marked shift from earlier polls—while Biden’s support among black voters appeared to drop 10 points overnight. Biden is running nearly six points shy of Hillary’s 85-point black vote gap.

Interestingly, IBD says Trump’s support among Hispanics and Latinos is at 36 percent—a significant bump on his 28 percent showing four years ago.

Over at Rasmussen, the president’s approval rating hit 52 percent—five points higher than President Obama on the same day in 2012.

And Rasmussen’s daily tracking poll on Wednesday found President Trump has swung back into a one-point lead with 48 percent of the vote. The same poll on Tuesday had Biden two points up.

Biden was 12 points ahead according to that same metric four weeks ago.

Despite Big Tech’s censorship of the Hunter Biden laptop scandal, Rasmussen found 54 percent of Americans think Joe Biden was in on Hunter’s dealings. A majority in every demographic agrees, except one—Democrats.

Those findings came before Tucker Carlson’s interview with Bobulinski on Tuesday night.

Bobulinski told Tucker Carlson he twice met with the former vice president and came forward only when detractors smeared his name with that of “Russian disinformation.”

Asked if it was clear that Hunter Biden had told his father about the dealings, Bobulinski said: “Crystal clear.”

He added: “I didn’t request to meet with Joe. They requested that I meet with Joe—and Hunter says this in writing—they were putting their entire family legacy on the line. They knew exactly what they were doing. They were dealing with a Chinese-owned enterprise . . . that had strong financial and political support from the Chinese Communist Party, that’s how they read me in on this.”

Bobulinski took matters to the TV screen only after his repeated and time-limited requests for his name to be cleared from talk of Russian disinformation.

On an audio clip between Bobulinski and Rob Walker, a self-described Biden family representative, we hear these protestations:

“If he doesn’t come out—on record—I am providing the facts,” Bobulinski says.

“Ah, Tony, you’re just going to bury all of us, man,” Walker replies.

When asked about Joe Biden’s repeated denials of involvement with Hunter’s business dealings, Bobulinski said: “That’s a blatant lie.”

“Hunter introduced me as ‘This is Tony, Dad, the individual I told you about that’s helping us with the business that we’re working on and the Chinese.’”

Bobulinski, a former U.S. Navy lieutenant and prominent businessman, confirmed Joe Biden was “the big guy” Hunter refers to in a profit-carving email.

Bobulinski was forceful: “People were accusing my family of treason, after I defended this country, and after I served this country.

“I was focused on pushing these guys to do the right thing.”

Bobulinski, whose naval career involved a high-level security clearance, said: “I think Joe Biden and the Biden family are compromised.”

As the show aired, Twitter slow-walked the story. Despite rapidly hitting 200,000 tweets—40 times the “trending” threshold—the story somehow never registered as “trending.”

Despite the unprecedented censorship of recent weeks, the New York Post’s original Hunter Biden article exploded on Facebook and Twitter, followed closely by the censorship surrounding that story.

Between October 12 and 19, that report garnered 2.6 million interactions on Facebook and Twitter, while related interactions nearly doubled that with 4.7 million mentions.

The Facebook and Twitter censorship effort hit 2.8 million interactions, despite the social media giants’ desperate attempts to crush the story.

Of course, we cannot say whether the scandal has had any effect on the presidential race.

Although, tightening Pennsylvania polls pushed Nate Silver of FiveThirtyEight to convince himself and Democrats that Biden doesn’t need to win the Keystone State.

This is partially true: If Biden loses Florida and Pennsylvania, his chances drop to 13-in-100—a barfly’s bet, but not mathematically impossible.

Add Texas, Ohio, and Arizona to Trump’s column, and Biden’s chances sink to just 5-in-100.

Silver’s glib dismissal follows a slew of post-debate polls showing Pennsylvania trending towards Donald Trump.

The New York Times joined Silver in what therapists call “social reinforcement,” asking: Can We Trust Pennsylvania’s Polls?

According to Times reporter Shawn McCreesh, the polls show Biden winning, so: “Why does it feel so different on the ground here?”

Good question. Why would reality feel different from polls with a wobbly record of recording reality?

Trafalgar—which accurately predicted the outcome of the 2016 race—now finds Trump inching ahead in Pennsylvania, with the RealClearPolitics average sitting at just 3.8 points. Meanwhile, Trump took the lead in RCP’s Florida average.

One could suggest Biden’s debate promise to “transition” 600,000 Pennsylvanians and destroy the oil industry and 6 million jobs isn’t all too popular.

They’re not worried. Biden doesn’t need Pennsylvania. But they sure act like he does.

About Christopher Gage

Christopher Gage is a British political journalist and a founding member of the Gentlemen of the Swig. Subscribe to his Substack, "Oxford Sour."

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91 responses to “Biden Is Sinking”

  1. The polls show only a partial picture, never including the DNC’s strongest support demographics: dead and imaginary voters. Among those, Biden leads overwhelmingly.

    • Christopher Gage, the Dick Morris of 2020. This piece should add more odor to your resume, a certain stink as they say, appealing to the very few. Perhaps you can find work at RT?

      • I approved this comment, DickTurpin, but you have no idea what you’re talking about.

  2. Greatly disappointed that any American would support Democrats. If American media companies were not 95% anti-American, things would change.

    • Bingo. Plus the schools which are teaching generations that this great country is an evil place with a dark history.

      • And that’s why the defining achievement of Trump next four years will be SCHOOL CHOICE. Once the liberal public school monopoly is shattered, we will finally get away from the existential crisis that faces us in every presidential election.

    • Ya, America is messed up because the press is liberal. That must be the problem. They are all in a great conspiracy to destroy America, just like QAnon.

      • Yeah, real smart comment. QAnon is as politically connected and influential as all the leftist media outlets who continually smear and falsely accuse conservatives of anything they can get away with and slander our president with ad hominem attacks. So yes, in a fatuous way you are right. The country is messed up because (use some of these descriptives) the press is liberal, leftist, traitorous, biased, tyrannical and devoid of integrity.

      • Uh, yeah. The liberal “press” is the problem. The enemy of the American People.

      • The press is not liberal it is Marxist/Fascist just like the Democratic Party not to mention dishonest and they feed a steady stream of disinformation that is reminiscent of the Soviet Union. Comparing MSM to QAnon is an insult to QAnon.

    • Me too! I can’t believe more than 10 or 15 percent would vote for socialism. But it reminds me of Reagan’s warning that our freedom is no more than a generation away from extinction. If was hard to think that was true back then but has proven to be true. We are facing that now.

  3. I voted Monday about 2 in the afternoon in Texas south of Dallas, had to wait 2-3 minutes to park in a lot that had 30 parking spaces. I really expected no one else to be there. This is a heavy Republican precinct, saw a few MAGA hats laying on the dashboard of cars and trucks as I walked in. When I see these polls, I get the chills and ask myself, “How can this be?” I then watch Trump’s Bullhead City rally, see the thousands there as the cameras pan the crowd, then search Bullhead City demographics and find it has a population of 40K….did everyone in town show up? Again, I think of the polls and ask myself, “How can this be?”

    • That’s because Texas has a lot of republicans. Nobody expects Biden to win TX. But he also doesn’t need it.

      • Does he need Pennsylvania? Wisconsin? Michigan? Minnesota? Biden is also losing there, probably by big margins. Biden losing Nevada, probably New Mexico. Does he need any of those states?

      • No, the Leftist cult true believers on the political gambling site I participate in, fully expect Biden to win, many believe in a landslide

        They constantly are talking about flipping TX blue.

        I read in an article that Houston will have a lot more votes this time, due to Dems taking over that county, and making voting a lot easier..

        But, I also saw a commentator from S TX post that the support for Trump in the heavily Hispanic counties along the Rio Grand is huge
        And, this tracks with polling across the board saying Hispanic support for Trump is WAY up from ALL past republican pres candidates, even way up from their support of Trump in 2016.

    • This can be because Bullhead City is not that far from Phoenix and Flagstaff, Arizona—2 large, heavily populated areas that are chock full of Patriotic Republicans.

    • From the net, about Bullhead City population, and a rally with maybe 40,000 in attendance: As of the 2010 census, the (Laughlin, Nevada) population was 7,323. The nearby communities of Bullhead City, Arizona; Needles, California; Fort Mohave, Arizona; and Mohave Valley, Arizona, bring the area’s total population to about 100,000. (Las Vegas and Henderson are about an hour and a half away by car.)

    • The swamp is in full meltdown mode, doing whatever they think is necessary to help Corrupt Joe win. Suppression polls, suppress relevant information, convenient spike (record!) in reported CV cases, etc.
      In MN, they announced plans to go to remote learning then, after seeing the negative impact when this, “following the science” was attributed to Joe, they reversed and left matters alone. Total BS and I think 80% of Americans instinctively know a scam when the see it.

  4. Always remember that public opinion polls are intended to SHAPE public opinion, not to measure it. Crowd psychologists know that human beings, despite their claims of prizing “individuality,” have a very strong herd instinct: gather even a small handful of them together, and they naturally pick a leader and follow that leader. Polls therefore attempt to tell them which leader to follow, by pretending to tell them what other people are doing.

    • You’re right. I see all these republican polls saying Trump is up by two when he is really down by four.

    • Unlikely, but republicans are not really into data anymore.

      • Do you feel that early voting results confirm your view of a coming Biden landslide?

      • Like Democrats aren’t into honesty and integrity any longer. I’ll sacrifice the data and stay honest and consistent.

      • Your viewpoint is crisp and articulate, but bereft of objectivity. Do not believe what you read. Believe what you see. Mr. Trump will in time win this election.

      • What did the data say in 2016? Remind us how that turned out.

  5. Right on, Mike. The polls are run by the same kind of people who give us “all the news that’s fit to print.“

  6. I could be mistaken but the obvious thing for me is the visual crowd size and the enthusiasm I see at Trump Rallies.
    I don’t believe any poll taking anywhere can dispute what you see there.
    All indications to me are that Trump will win the prize in a tsunami when it’s over.
    The left will indeed crash and burn in a more spectacular way then they did in 2016.
    Polls will only show what the posters want to show. When Biden has 5 to 20 people at a gathering it’s just hard to imagine he’s gaining any ground and certainly not enough to score a win of any kind.
    MAGA A / KAG 2020

    • That’s because you don’t understand that 54% of Americans hate Trump’s guts.

      • I just don’t understand the logic of it:
        1. Polls all indicate that Democrats plan to vote by mail by huge margins
        2. DNC said that they need a margin in Florida of 650,000 coming into election day. They are sitting around 150,000.
        3. For all the talk of Texas flipping, the GOP is out-performing the DNC in mail in and early voting

        I don’t understand how it is that the Dems are going to vote mostly by mail, they are barely getting a bump by mail and somehow they are sure to win? I don’t follow the math here.

      • And of those 54% (excluding the hand full of tech and wall street billionaires whose interest in a Dem win is to keep their personal gravy train going and to silence all opposition), if they were not low info zombies themselves, ought to hate the criminal zombie king snoozing in his basement til election day (after which, if he wins, he will be replaced by his VP in record time). Talk about a trojan horse. And hating someone’s guts is not a reason for voting for the other guy if the other guy is ‘typhoid mary’ staggering through the doorway to infect the place with unelected totalitarian marxists whose only skill is anarchy and whose fantasies involve the destruction of the economy and the rule of law.

      • Doesn’t matter to the electoral college. If most of those haters are in a few states, and overwhelming vote in those states, it won’t matter so long as there’s enough people in the other states who love Trump. In my area in Southeast Michigan (decidedly blue collar) the yard signs are decidedly Trump, and it was *not* like that in 2016.

      • Hate, like so many negative emotions that comprise the core of the Left, isn’t a motivator to go out and elect someone. And where do you get the 54% “hate” Trump number from? Leave the darkness of misery and anger and come into the light of happiness and optimism: Trump 2020

    • You’re right about the crowds and enthusiasm for trump and I pray you’re right. My worry is not that people are excited for Biden. They clearly are not. But all the hate for trump also motivate people. And theres alot of hateful people out there fueled by the non stop attacks and character assassination against trump.

  7. Wow, what the article does not say at all is simply what will the thugs and minions do on election day to try to physically, violently, brutally intimidate and suppress in line voting?

    underestimate the sociopath, they depend on it!

    • I couldn’t get so lucky as to have a leftist thug try to prevent me from entering my polling place. It would better than the time the pitching machine at the batting cage kept chucking fastballs well after my token expired: whack, whack, whack …

      • We have about as many leftist thugs in this country as we do unicorns. I think it is so funny that the Trumpie women are so worried about these liberal revolutionaries trying to steal the election and burn down their neighborhoods …liberals don’t own guns!

      • Wow, how many lies did you just troll out Cosby? No question now that you’re a lock-step leftist.

  8. Your quotes from IBD are, to put it charitably, misleading. Here’s what the publication actually says: “The president’s support slipped from his high-water mark of 46.3% on Tuesday to 45.3% in the latest Trump vs. Biden poll. Biden’s support has held at 50% or higher for five straight days, though slipping from 51.7% on Monday.

    Amid the ups and downs in the IBD/TIPP Biden vs. Trump poll, four groups key to Biden’s 2020 election chances have remained consistent. Suburban voters back the Democrat by a solid margin. Wayward Trump voters are costing the president a small but significant share of his 2016 support. Meanwhile, Biden holds a clear advantage among those who voted for a third party or didn’t vote in 2016.”

  9. Also, you neglected to mention that Joe Biden’s alleged meeting with Bobulinski occurred in 2017, when Biden was no longer in office. Oops.

    • Jane,
      The Chinese were assuming that Biden would become President in 2020. That’s why they bought him in 2017. It’s not that complicated.
      And, whether or not he was in office at the time, it’s still criminal activity.

    • ??? Two issues. One, Biden has denied any knowledge whatsoever and has called the facts “Russian disinformation”. Even you know that is BS. Two, there are texts and emails involving Bobulinski while Biden was V.P.
      Finally, Biden is not wise. If he is elected, he is done. Nixon resigned because he covered up others crimes. So will Biden resign.

    • And this matters, why? He’s still lining his pockets with Chinese communist money. Ooops!

    • You can put sprinkles on a turd but its still a turd! Even worse when the turd has been around for 47 yrs and has done nothing but get rich and enrich his family off the backs of the tax payers!

  10. Republican attempts at voter suppression have failed. When people are given access to the polls and not forced to wait in lines for hours, they WILL vote. And, they are voting against Trump. His mouth, his arrogance, his massive failures, and his indifference will cost him the election, and probably the GOP will lose the Senate. Cherry picking a few conservative polling organizations and outlier prognosticators won’t change anything.

    • 1. All polls indicate that Dems will vote mostly by mail.
      2. DNC is not coming anywhere near their goals in vote by mail or early voting. Your only swing state to point to is PA. The rest look really, really bad for you.

      If the DNC is going to vote mostly by mail, you should be dominating the early vote. You’re not.

  11. I live in Pennsylvania, and several friends have been ‘polled’ and they are Trump supporters, but when asked who they are voting for, they ALL said ‘Biden’-
    Reason is so if the polls show Biden is winning, then the Biden campaign will spend less money on advertising, and won’t hold meetings and news conferences in the area etc.

    • Except that Biden has virtually infinite cash and he is filling the airways in PA.

      • We have never seen an election where the DNC got their voters to the polls without a GOTV effort. This is the first attempt at that. Not sure it’s going to work out for you.

        Also, the massive vote harvesting that DEMS rely on with black churches and nursing homes are canceled due to COVId.

        Also, lots of universities are closed due to COVID.

        If you were overcoming these obstacles, it would show in the early voting count and it just isn’t. Sorry, I don’t see it.

      • Yeah, that works pretty well. What did Hillary spend, $1B? People love Trump because he is not a sell out and actually cares about the country more than he cares about himself. Believe what you want, it won’t change the facts.

  12. At this stage, the revolutionaries are hoping to capitalize on a Biden loss.

    • I would include the leftist media in that statement… despite their loathing of the president, most major media outlets are bleeding ratings and jobs – if Biden wins, the obvious Russian-collusion coup d’etat corruption, manufactured racial unrest and chicken-little Corona virus will be swept under the rugs with praise for Joe’s imaginary magic touch – what will they complain and lie about then? The economy being better than the way he kills it?

      I can only hope the irony of the Hunter laptop as Russian disinformation being disinformation itself and polling as propaganda is not lost on the common sense of America. To entertain the collusion hoax was, on its face, ridiculous — sure, sure… Russia would welcome a strong nationalist America with an unrivaled military and energy independence over a proven-corrupt self-serving pay-2-play Clinton… right…. now, who do you think they want to win in this race?

      • Exactly!

        I thought the Russia hoax would last 2 weeks….nope, the Media and dems have kept it floating perpetually.

        We live in a propaganda state.

  13. Excellent article. I really miss the Disqus commenting engine. I never comment on American Greatness anymore – except to complain about this new onerous engine.

  14. Even Rasmussen and Trafalgar have Biden ahead now. He’s ahead by as much as 17% in swing state polling, and his leads have only increased since the last debate. That’s hardly “sinking.”

    • No, that’s totally false. Trafalgar ha Trump increasing his lead in most battlegrounds

  15. What many fail to understand is this is far different than 2016. I know the Trump lemmings want to believe lightening will strike again, but it’s not in the cards. The pandemic is the top issue with the majority of voters, and most feel Trump has done an abysmal job. People don’t want their health care taken away, especially since it’s become clear Trump is lying about having a health care plan. Biden is a far more liked candidate than Hillary was. There’s no Comey announcement or anything else to cause a sudden shift toward Trump. In 2016, Trump was an idea. Many liked the idea of electing a non-politician who was perceived as being a good businessman. Now, we know who Trump is and the majority of voters don’t like him. No, this isn’t at all like 2016. While I expect it to be fairly close, I believe Biden will win the election.

    • Mike O…well said! In 2016, many of my friends, co-workers and family didn’t like either candidate and most swung toward Trump in the final days or didn’t vote at all. Even after the election, they were “silent” Trump voters and didn’t want to come out as having voted for Trump. This year, it’s completely different. Many have voted early and are declaring their vote loud and clear….pretty split. The “silent” Trump vote is not very apparent / non-existent vs 2016. Of my group/piers that didn’t vote / rarely vote / didn’t care in prior elections, they are fired up, registered to vote and urgent to do so this year….this group is overwhelmingly Biden. In my opinion, this is the “silent” majority this year and will tilt the election. I see this group as representative of the 20+million expected new voters this year vs 2016. If my newly engaged friends and peers are representative of these new 20 million voters, Trump is in trouble.

    • Number one issue about COVID is the lock downs. No one wants them anymore. I no really liberal voters who vote Democrat 100% of the time that are now forced to vote Trump or lose their Business. Biden lost the election when he supported a second lock down.

      A second lock down will destroy 75% of US fester aunts and almost all retail stores in the USA other than those owned by China like Amazon and Walmart.

  16. “The New York Times joined Silver in what therapists call “social reinforcement,” asking: Can We Trust Pennsylvania’s Polls?”

    The referenced NY Times article is from a fervent Biden supporter who lives in PA outside Philly. He thinks the polls are wrong because the enthusiasm for Trump is enormous. The article suggests that Trump should win PA. The author obviously read the title and suggests the article goes the other way.

  17. Would be interesting to see what the author of this article will say on 11/4 .
    Polls last election nationally (if you look at RCP aggregate) were only 1% off. Clinton won national vote by 2% instead of 3% as projected.
    Neither Clinton nor Trump were at 50% in final polling average. In fact it was almost impossible to find a poll where either Clinton or Trump polled at 50%. 3rd party candidates got a lot of love.
    Not unexpected as both candidates had high unfavorables.

    What is the situation currently:

    Currently Trump is again deep under water with unfavorables.
    Bide unlike Clinton is not.
    Last 14 polls on RCP have Trump under 50%. In fact his highest of the 14 is Rasmussen at 47.
    Biden’s lowest of the 14 is Rasmussen at 48.
    Of the 14 last polls Biden is at 50-54 in 12 of them.

    This is not a close race. Over 80 Million votes have been cast. Millions more are in the mail or at polling stations being opened, sorted etc.
    By the time votes are cast Tuesday over 100Million will be banked already.

    In 2016 Trump was able to survive a 2% national vote deficit. He ran through an eye of the needle. 70k or so votes spread over 3 states. WI, MI and PA.
    Does anyone really think he can lose the popular vote in a high election turnout by 6-8% and still win the Electoral College?
    Let’s be serious.

    • It’s comments like this that really shows how much the liberals have bought into the narrative that the main stream media has been pushing for quite some time now. You left wing elitists want to hold on to your version of so called “facts”, “data”, “reserach”, and “science” as if they actually mattered, and have decided to become so out of touch with the real truth about what is happening on the ground, AKA in rea life. So yea, go ahead and hide behind your piles of data and numbers, because I can’t wait to see you guys pulling your hair in fits of rage as Trump supports show up en masse on election day and you guys are left wondering what the hell just happened.

  18. That’s because you don’t understand that 54% of Americans hate Trump’s guts.

    • Hahahahahahahaha! You think Gage moderates these comments? You are the best donkey in the world. Truly, the ultimate donkey.

  19. You should be very happy. Trump has this sewn up, right? Congratulations.

  20. Several polling organizations and “experts” have mentioned, Biden must capture 90% of thr black vote in battleground states. Anecdotal reports suggest Trump could capture 15+percentage of the black and even higher of hispanics. If that happens the election will be closer than polls predict.

  21. Still riding that still-born Hunter Biden notebook story? Forget it, nobody cares about that. The question is, will we hit 100’000 daily coronacases before election day.

    I still remember 2016 where Trump won “out of nowhere” (well 538 gave him a 27% chance, not that bad). This year he is at 11% (at the moment). The polls show him and the GOP way behind, like in the midterms. GOP Senators are scared that they lose their seat, Georgia and Texas (TEXAS!) are rated as toss up.

    Even the betting odds are in Bidens favor. The only way for Trump to win is, to cheat. Not counting all ballots.

  22. I love how so many people on here know what is going to happen. I have read all these posts. No one on either side knows what is going to happen. Individual case studies mean very little. Biden probably wins but Trump is coming on strong. People hate him but he he is moving closer to Biden. James Crosby is the biggest blowhard on this thread though. He makes claims that follow with identity politics like Republicans don’t look at data. Dude, data is pumped out by either left or right leaning groups. You obviously believe what you are fed from the left. Instead, you should go do the calculations yourself.

  23. The difference between Biden and Trump will be much bigger than people think. It is not who will vote Biden but who will NOT vote Trump. And one of these, is me.

  24. From the net, about Bullhead City population, and a rally with maybe 40,000 in attendance: As of the 2010 census, the (Laughlin, Nevada) population was 7,323. The nearby communities of Bullhead City, Arizona; Needles, California; Fort Mohave, Arizona; and Mohave Valley, Arizona, bring the area’s total population to about 100,000. (Las Vegas and Henderson are about an hour and a half away by car.)

  25. I don’t trust any polls. Too many things about this election are unprecedented, and the polling models may be all wrong. Social desirability bias could be massively distorting the polls. So could faulty turnout models. All the early voting locations in Fairfax County are swamped by Democrats who are standing in hideous lines for hours to vote, so I am going to vote on Election Day whether there is a line or not. As for the outcome, expect surprises. I wouldn’t be shocked if some Red States went Blue and some Blue ones went Red. Unprecedented turnout means that many States could move in different directions.

  26. Reliable polling now shows President Trump leading in his key battleground states of … Florida …Ohio … North Carolina … Georgia …Texas … Iowa … Arizona ….. With …. Michigan … Pennsylvania …Wisconsin … near dead heats … Biden’s message of higher taxes … Six dollar a gallon gas … Higher electric costs … Higher heating bills … Is not playing well in the rust belt states …

  27. Exactly!

    I thought the Russia hoax would last 2 weeks….nope, the Media and dems have kept it floating perpetually.

    We live in a propaganda state.

  28. Hi all. I am an Italian Lawyer and I found it interesting to follow US elections for many reasons, including the influence that the results have on the other Countries.
    First of all I do apologize if my written English is not proper for a technical discussion.
    I wanted to write my opinion because usually my Country (Italy) is behind US, UK, France, etc… of 20 yeras, but in one field we are ahead of you all of 30 years.
    In short, our leftiest, that I do represent to myself the HIV of Countries, after WWII slowly slowly took control of School (from the beginning to University), Media and Justice, while right wing parties thought it was more interesting to hold Police Forces, Army and Public Health.
    Many years after, in 1994, after the end of the so called “First Republic”, Berlusconi (right wing) won the elections. Well, right wing parties cannot govern our Country because even if they win the elections despite media effort to discourage voters to vote for them, single Judges start to investigate politicians to find scandals and to block every decision.
    Last episode with Mr. Salvini, that has been a Minister in charge for homeland security: he will face a trial because during the period he was in charge he locked borders avoiding illegal immigration from north Africa. He made a legal promise during the campaing, he won and he did all his best to maintain promises!!! (for us it’s something unusual from politicians).
    He will face a trial for “kidnapping” because he did not authorize immigrants to disembark…
    Going back to USA, in 2016 Trump won and soon the democrats started riots, started to appeal Trump voters like fools, like illitterate people, red-necks, gun-owners and every possible slang statment to define “stupid voters”.
    We are still waiting for the evidence of Russia gate in the hands of democrats…
    My american friends, it’s an awful movie that in Italy we are forced to see since decades!
    Be aware of that.
    Those modern leftiests, are the grand-children of Josif Stalin: same attitude, even if (for now) they do limit to refer to oppositors like idiots and they don’t put you in re-education camps yet…
    I don’t know who they think they are, but they pretend to be the best part of the world and whoever does not agree with them is an idiot and everything is allowed to stop them.
    This is not democracy and you should consider that Mr. Trump is one of the few people in the Western World that is in defence of freedom. I understood that America First does not mean that you will abandon your friends in Europe and I think that his battle against China and the aggressive islam is worthy. We gave them too much space and now our industires suffer and China is responsible of the pollution of the entire World, but the irresponsible guy is Trump… no way…
    And if freedom means to allow muslim to settle, spread all over the Country, gain power, start to behead people in Church (like it happend just yesterday in France) and overtake the Country with a higher birth rate (while we sponsor abortion of our children), something must be wrong.
    If you read Adolf Hitler’s book “Main Kampf” you have the extact idea of his plans and you can find evidence in history: what happened between 1939 and 1945 was clear to all who had the chance to read that book.
    At the same way read the quran and then study the last 1.600 years of history and then tell me what you think… it’s not for oil, not for our expansion when UK and other EU Countries had colonies there… look at you: USA and UK are best friends despite a “small war” for freedom…
    So, go on Trump and go on Americans! Don’t let the deep state and the corruption that comes from leftiest worldwide overtake your democracy.

  29. Why should they hate him? What did he do so harmful to hate him for. A few tweets? What about the big picture, James? Don’t you like your country the way it was crafted by the Founders?

  30. Canary in the coal mine is early results Tuesday night from supposedly neck and neck New Hampshire and North Carolina. Whoever pulls comfortably ahead will win the whole thing.