Biden Aids and Abets China’s Awful Regime

Millions of religious minorities persecuted, stripped of their homes, separated from their families, transported to concentration camps, forced to perform hard labor, raped, brutally abused, medically experimented on, and systematically exterminated due to their supposed ethnic inferiority by a fascist government intent on realizing global economic and political dominance through merciless force, funded, promoted, and gone largely unquestioned by political and corporate interests: These are the sins of the Chinese Communist Party, ignobly abetted by corrupt politicians and amoral avaricious corporate leaders, including former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter. But unlike other totalitarian regimes the free world confronted directly in the last century, China is threatening to get away with it, and a Biden victory on November 3 would help them do just that.

The group being persecuted by China in this case is primarily a Muslim ethnic minority called the Uighurs. For the past several years, Uighurs have been forced into reeducation camps in the northwestern province of Xinjiang. (By “reeducation” the Chinese mean cultural annihilation and cheap, forced labor.) 

Uighur women in Xinjiang are forced to undergo sterilization and use intrauterine devices to keep birth rates down. Uighurs were forced to drink herbal “medicine” during the coronavirus lockdowns without being told what exactly they were taking. People complained the concoctions were scalding hot and resulted in side effects such as peeling skin and extreme pain. These things are all part of what is becoming increasingly clear: China is carrying out a modern-day ethnic cleansing, and they are supported by elites seeking to protect their financial interests. 

Recently, the Chinese government has expanded this policy of camps to Tibet under the guise of redistributing labor to parts of the country that are experiencing shortages. Most of these workers are being moved to industrial areas to work in factories that produce items like clothing, computer chips, and even face masks. In this modern triangular trade, China controls both the labor and the means of production, allowing them full oversight of the insidious operation. In turn, by letting China employ their extreme tactics for suppressing the bad press surrounding their modern-day slavery racket, CEOs of foreign companies sit back and watch their profits skyrocket while professing their favorite mantra: “ignorance is bliss.”

And who lets these woke corporations like the NBA, Nike, and Apple, and the millionaires and billionaires that run them get away with it? Enter corrupt public officials like Joe Biden, ex-Obama official Samir Jain, and this NYPD cop

In Hunter Biden’s case, he engaged in various financial transactions with Chinese businessmen with strong ties to the CCP. The younger Biden started a capital management group based in Shanghai that invested at least $2.5 billion in foreign deals for shareholders directly involved with the Chinese government. The firm’s Chinese business license presumably was secured with the help of Vice President Joe Biden during a 2013 trip to China on Air Force Two. Joe Biden has denied that his political connections were involved in any of his son’s business dealings, but Hunter himself has admitted that if his last name were not Biden, many of the deals he obtained would not have been possible.

Now, after years of shady relations with China, including cozying up to Xi Jinping and other members of the Chinese regime, Joe Biden is changing his tune, at least nominally. He now says the United States must be wary of the potential threat posed by China only months after saying China posed no threat at all. 

The sudden turn to echoing what President Trump has always said about China can only be seen as a political move to save face while the CCP is being exposed as the ruthless regime that it is. 

Unlike Trump, Joe Biden has never lifted a finger to check China’s power. On the contrary, he has continually abused his own political power, entrusted to him by the American people, to help his family get rich. He certainly has not tried to bring the rest of the world’s attention to China’s mischievous efforts to make Huawei the predominant global provider of 5G telecommunications, like Trump has. 

Neither has Biden in his 47 years in Washington ever called China out for its currency manipulation, as Trump has. He has, however, as recently as last year, mocked the idea that China would “eat our lunch.” The septuagenarian said at an event in Iowa, “I mean, you know, they’re not bad folks, folks. But guess what? They’re not competition for us.” Now we know that when Uncle Joe said “us” he was really only referring to the Biden family—not the millions of honest American families he wants to represent.

Luckily, we currently have an administration in place that sees what is happening and is unafraid not just to call it out, but to act in response. For example, the Department of Homeland Security recently issued five “Withhold Release Orders” on Chinese goods coming from Xinjiang and made using forced labor. It is one thing to hold China accountable for their transgressions, however, and another thing entirely to do the same to American companies, businessmen, and politicians for their complicity. 

Last week’s presidential debate, which was supposed to be about foreign policy, would have afforded Trump too much opportunity to pepper Biden with attacks about his dealings with China and about Hunter’s Chinese lucre. So the debate commission pushed for the debate topics to focus on less inflammatory issues like climate change, a move that was supposed to benefit Biden. 

President Trump, however, did not let Biden and his allies on the commission get away with this cowardly bait-and-switch. We cannot let them get away with it on November 3, either. We need to remember these things when we think about what we want for America in the next four years.

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