Morning Greatness: AMY, AMY, AMY!

Good Tuesday morning.

Here is what’s on the president’s agenda today:

  • The president delivers remarks at a Make America Great Again Victory Rally in Landing, Michigan
  • President Trump delivers remarks at a Make America Great Again Victory Rally in La Crosse, Wisconsin
  • The president delivers remarks at a Make America Great Again Victory Rally in  Omaha, Nebraska

Two minutes of hate:

On Monday, the Senate confirmed its first Supreme Court Handmaiden, Amy Coney Barrett. Hawaii’s Senator and dim bulb Mazie Hirono voted “hell no” when she placed her vote. Alas, Coney Barrett was confirmed anyway, 52-48 along party lines. Susan Collins voted “no” but she’s barely a Republican. Democrats are “warning” Republicans about the confirmation and said they will “regret” confirming the new Justice and plan on packing the court and getting rid of the filibuster. Do you get the sense these people are always changing the rules when they can’t win? Politico is distraught, telling its readers that the confirmation seals “a conservative majority for decades.”  But if Joe Biden is elected president and the Senate goes to the Democrats, “decades” could turn into 5 minutes because the Democrats are going to overhaul the judiciary. AOC and Ilhan Omar were first in line with calls to expand the SCOTUS.  Back to Amy: Justice Clarence Thomas swore her onto the court during a White House ceremony on Monday night at 9pmET. On Tuesday, Chief Justice John Roberts will swear her in to make it official.

Cocaine Mitch has already “teed up a vote” on another judicial appointment. One thing about Cocaine Mitch: he doesn’t mess around on judicial appointments. But another thing about Cocaine Mitch: he can get the Senate’s act together on issues he cares about but on other issues, we get some failure theater. Don’t ever believe these jokers when they claim they can’t move on the Trump agenda. They can, they just don’t want to.

This news is not getting enough play so I want to bring it to your attention. President Trump signed an executive order last week that strips the obscene job protections for federal employees that are involved in public policy. That means if Brandy and Andy Tifa who work at a federal agency want to “resist” implementing the Trump Administration policy, their ass can get fired, joining most everyone else in America who disregards the directives of their workplace’s management. Previously, it was impossible to fire federal workers so they could do things like hold resistance meetings in their workplace and slow walk executing their job responsibilities because ORANGE MAN BAD. Not anymore.

Trump argued in his order that it will give agencies “the flexibility to expeditiously remove poorly performing employees from these positions without facing extensive delays or litigation.” Sounds terrific, let’s go!

The new executive order has claimed its first victim:

Ronald Sanders, a Republican who has served under administrations of both parties, said he could not continue as chair of the Federal Salary Council when the president’s new order “seeks to make loyalty to him the litmus test for many thousands of career civil servants.”

Bye. Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out.

“It is clear that its stated purpose notwithstanding, the executive order is nothing more than a smokescreen for what is clearly an attempt to require the political loyalty of those who advise the president, or failing that, to enable their removal with little if any due process,” Sanders wrote.

“I simply cannot be part of an administration that seeks to do so … to replace apolitical expertise with political obeisance. Career federal employees are legally and duty-bound to be nonpartisan; they take an oath to preserve and protect our Constitution and the rule of law … not to be loyal to a particular president or administration.”

Look, if a civil servant was planning to do their job, there’s no worry, right? This has nothing to do with loyalty, it has to do with job performance. Do your job.

Finally, Philadelphia is on fire. Police shot and killed a man who had a knife, according to CBS. “Responding officers witnessed a male on the block. Immediately they noticed he had a knife in his possession and he was brandishing it, and waiving it erratically,” said Philadelphia Police Sergeant Eric Gripp.

Here are some images and video from Philly following the shooting.

According to NBC 10 in Philadelphia, “During the protest outside the 18th District, at least four officers were hospitalized after they were struck by bricks, investigators said. There were also reports of vandalism, including spray-paint and smashed windows, at the Penn police station.”


Election news:

Not misleading. Twitter labels Trump post about mail ballots as ‘disputed’ and ‘misleading’

Excellent. Supreme Court rules that ballots in Wisconsin must be received by Election Day

Biden defends light campaign schedule during unscheduled Pennsylvania stop

Facebook says it’s helped 4.4M people register to vote this year

Most voters believe Joe Biden knew about Hunter’s overseas deals: poll

Trump planning election night party at his Washington, DC hotel

Haven’t mailed your ballot yet? USPS recommends you do by Tuesday to make state deadlines

Get ready. Democratic senators warn the filibuster may have to go if they take back the Senate and GOP stands in the way


Riots/protests/Black Lives Matter/crime:

“Protestors” DC Public Defender Service Establishes Hotline For Protesters To Speak With Legal Counsel

Brown University students create “Burn Brown Book,” outlining racism and activism on campus

Kushner says Black people must ‘want to be successful’



Alex Berenson asks: Why do we still not know from where the coronavirus originated?

Trump to make COVID-19 vaccine free for Medicare, Medicaid recipients

Group sees 14% increase in child Covid-19 cases with close to 800,000 US kids infected

Half of all US adults say colleges that brought students back to campus made the right decision, study finds

British study shows evidence of waning immunity to Covid-19


Other morsels:

Oh.  U.S. Colleges Hid More Than $6.5 Billion in Foreign Funding, Education Department Finds

LOL, who would buy this? Alexander Vindman to publish memoir about being a witness in Trump impeachment

Florida man in garbage-bag ‘suit’ sets fire to trash trucks

Remington Arms, oldest U.S. gunmaker, to lay off 585 employees in New York, union says

US marshals rescue 45 missing children as part of ‘Operation Autumn Hope’

First ‘murder hornet’ nest found in the US removed

Why the GOP hold on Texas is loosening


And that’s all I’ve got, not go beat back the angry mob!

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  1. “Career federal employees are legally and duty-bound to be nonpartisan”. But somehow they vote and donate at a 95% rate to Democrats.