Trump Takes The Lead In Pennsylvania; +3 Per New Poll

A poll conducted by InsiderAdvantage for the Center for American Greatness of 400 likely voters in Pennsylvania shows Donald Trump now leading in the state. The poll was conducted the evening of October 25 by both IVR and live cell phone interviews. It has a margin of error of plus or minus 4.9 percent and is weighted for age, race, gender, and political affiliation. The results:


Donald Trump: 48.4%

Joe Biden: 45.5 %

Jo Jorgensen: 3 %

Undecided: 3 %

The same poll had Biden in the lead less than two weeks ago. Why? InsiderAdvantage’s Matt Towery explained why things have moved in Trump’s favor:

“These results indicate a stark shift in the contest. Our last survey of Pennsylvania showed Joe Biden leading Trump by three points. But that survey was before the last debate. Since the debate Trump has picked up support from younger voters, who based on our prior survey strongly oppose future lockdowns over Covid-19 spikes. Trump has also bolstered his lead among male voters by some twelve points. Biden continues to hold a seven point advantage over Trump among female voters. It would be nothing more than mere conjecture to attempt to correlate Biden’s statements on energy and fracking in the last debate contest with the shift towards Trump in this survey. However, Trump saw gains even among senior voters which have not been his strong suit this election cycle. That suggest that some issue or set of events has caused a late shift in the contest.”


Towery adds “Trump also continues to hold about 14% of the African American vote in this survey. In twenty years of polling, and as one who has polled Pennsylvania many times, I have never seen a Republican candidate consistently hold these type of numbers among black voters this close to an election. And this appears to be a developing trend in numerous states.”


Matt Towery accurately predicted a national victory for Donald Trump for major owned and operated Fox affiliates on air the evening before the 2016 presidential election. He has polled presidential races across the nation for twenty years. Specifically he has polled Pennsylvania for numerous news organizations, including the 2008 contest between Barack Obama and John McCain for Politico where his surveys showed an Obama victory. He retired from his nationally syndicated column (Creators) in 2016 and as CEO of InsiderAdvantage but returned to provide polling of the Trump-Biden contest this year.


Poll details are here and a discussion with Matt Towery of this year’s polls can be heard here.

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140 responses to “Trump Takes The Lead In Pennsylvania; +3 Per New Poll”

  1. Saved this one to have a good laugh at in eight days. You guys are utterly shameless.

    • Nice try. Amgreatness as in MAGA. Pollster is contributor to a variety of primarily conservative news outlets, including Fox News. This is Trump’s friend. Lol

    • I find this poll impossible to believe, most people already voted, and NO ONE is undecided. Sounds like another Rasmussen pro Republican propaganda poll

      • Trump up 3+ points in PA. Yeah sure… lol This is literally the ONLY poll out of dozens showing Trump winning PA.

    • Saved this for laugh under stupid electors who vote for Biden and will see how they cry ))

    • Bejing Joe is going down; he’s a total sell out and crooked as they come. See you on November 4.

    • The poll is correct when take in account for Russian hacking into election results

    • If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and swims like a duck, you can call it a duck. While no “Smoking Gun” pointing to Biden saying he was going to ban Fossil Fuels, there is a lot of circumstantial evidence.

      • Self aware much?
        No smoking gun, but lots of leads indicating collusion with Russia (trump tower russia deal, stump speeches mirroring GRU, Papadopoulos bragging about hacked E-mails before they came out, Trump tower meeting. Also No smoking gun in Ukraine, but lots of circumstantial evidence. Take recordings, official documentation on withholding funds, public statements from Trump team, testimony from reputable witnesses. Also, Trump knew COVID was dangerous, and tipped off his fellow republicans. Georgia Senator sells shares right after White House meeting, recorded conversations with Woodward. I mean the list goes on an on. Trump is a trainwreck inside a dumsterfire.

    • I am going to watch the lame streamers cry again when Trump wins again!

  2. 5-6% edge for Trump among 18-44 year olds?? Not a chance! Also nearly as many Republican as Democratic voters in PA? Also highly unlikely.

    • Since the primary back on June 2, Republicans have registered 135,619 new voters, according to the latest campaign statistics made available by the Pennsylvania Department of State. Democrats have registered less than half of that, with 57,985 new voters

    • The moronic Dem/Communists are about to get their clock cleaned again and are too dense to realize it. Belief in fake polls is not a good winning strategy. The Trump Train speeds along while the Biden Bus is broken down by the side of the road…Biden lies about shutting down fracking in Penn, then stupidly challenges Trump to prove it; Trump did that immediately with Bidens own videos. Then, 2 days of rioting and Arson in Philly to scare the suburban white women. Oh yeah! Nice Campaign strategy ya got there Dems. Hahahaha. Remember, the poll was taken before this new round of ANTIFA/BLM Riots.

      • Great reply Mike. I was at His third rally monday and I can assure everyone, Pa loves Trump… At least everyone except a few idiots in philly and pittsburgh. Biden is everything the left (BLMTIFA) claim to hate. So how stupid can they be?

      • As a fellow Hoosier, very disappointed to read this from someone named Indiana mike, gives the whole state a bad image. And how are you going to talk about believing in fake polls when you are commenting on the one poll listed in the last month that has Trump ahead? Every other poll has Biden ahead, and yet this is the single poll that you are willing to cling to. Just because you disagree with something does not make it fake. How much projection can you fit into one comment?

    • They’re smart they don’t want to hear about Dark Days and No Fracking.

    • America is free and has been free since 1776. Biden becoming president will not make us any less ‘free’ then under any other president.

      • Aside from economic freedom, his plan on banning certain guns, his plan to force businesses to pay certain wages, his plan to bring back Obamacare with a “public option” which doesn’t make anyone more free. His plan to ruin the suburbs doesn’t Scream “freedom” and finally he’s for late term abortion! Who is becoming “freer” under Biden? I can only think of ways that I’ll lose freedom when he’s elected

      • John…the correct word is “than” – than under any other president. And unless you’ve been hiding under a rock or in your basement like Hiden-Biden, you would understand the Marxists movement going on in our country, those who would push to make the USA a socialist if not a communist country. Wake up “John Smith”, and quit feasting on the dog crap that CNN keeps piling on your plate.

      • Yes Biden with his socialism will try to take all of our freedoms away. Wake UP!!

      • Nothing is free with Joe Biden, he requires 50% and is in debt to the CCP, he’s bought & paid for.

      • Except for that whole Biden connection to the Red Chinese Spy Chief thing. Honey Traps are used to sexually entrap idiots into blackmail situations. Throw in a little crack and Pedophilia and Biden will do whatever the Chi-Coms order him to do. Give up the South China Sea? Reverse the Trade position on Red China? SURE, “We will do whatever you say, just don’t show tapes of Hunter beating and raping little girls” says President Joe before Kamala throws him out and rules for for Soros and Obama.

      • He won’t? So his comments about infesting suburbs with low-income housing, his plans to lock this country down, further limit your 401K tax advantages, confiscating legally owned firearms and his intention to push this country to the economy-killing “Green New Deal” are just BS… yet you support him anyway?

      • Smith you grossly misunderstand economics and what it means to lean to socialism. Socialism is the enslavement of the middle class where it is the middle that sustains both the poor and the rich…remember the rich are the recipients of welfare money spent. So the rich can say they pay more into socialist programs but that is an illusions as they profit from the welfare. Its like giving a dollar to receive two. Just look since 1776 how many times laws have been passed that actually infringe upon our constitutional rights? We are way less free and the DEMS will take us the rest of the way! Wake up before it is to late!

    • So, my question is, just how ignorant are you? Like, on a scale of one to ten.

      • I’d say about a seven which puts me in much better shape than you. This whole “likely voter” thing is really throwing your numbers off. Please feel free to check back in here next Wednesday, there Johnny!

      • Smart enough to know your guy will keep you looked up and my guy wont.

        You’re weak dude. Not even a man. Just put your mask on and simp away.

        Lets the people who put food on your table , gas into your car etc get on getting on without your drama.

        Oh and check this out: The greatest threat to the black condition in America today…is the white liberal.
        Malcom X said that.

        Smart man.

  3. Deleting comments that don’t obsequiously agree with your clownish propaganda.

    Yep. Republicans.

    • This propaganda just keeps the democratic base excited!!

      • LOL you think you are the majority…your archetypes make up about 30% of the Nation. Now that people are awake your agenda will be set back at least 16 years! And keep inciting as it excites the conservative base and the independent as well as that is what I am. I will vote Trump because I am not economically challenged as most DEMS and Democrat rule is in failure in mass in every state and city they run. Because of people like you we are careening toward civil war because people are tired of the hive mind being in control. RIP!

  4. Curious how the author cannot think of “Biden’s Laptop Matters” (BLM) as a possible cause of the shift.

    • Democrats are heavily invested in covering up for Graft, Bribery, sexual abuse of women and Pedophilia. The whole Party is steeped in that crap. Bill Clinton, Joe Biden, Ted Kennedy, Anthony Weiner, Hunter Biden and on and on have ACTUALLY raped and abused women and girls for decades. Polanski is one of their icons and he drugged and anally raped a 14 year old virgin. Same for Weinstein and Bill Cosby… Oh yeah, Dems rapes beat and use women and boys as a form of Human Fleshlight.

  5. KAG Landslide! Don’t bother going to the polls! Trump has already won this!

    • Your side is the one placing your faith in the same fake polls that got you beat last time. You will be beaten even worse this time, skippy. I can’t wait to see Dem/Commies heads explode again. The Young Turks was one of the funniest. By the the way, Cenk Uygur lost his primary for what? Oh Yeah, sexual abuse of a young woman….Hahahaha

      • HOw about 20 rape charges for Trump. Somehow you all get amnesia when it comes to Trump.

  6. Wow. You polled 400 people and believe you have an accurate idea of how pennsylvania. Great. Outstanding. Who wants to listen to a guy who already has a stated bias towards a Trump victory and is a pollster for Sean Hannity? Whatever. We’ll see who’s on the right side of history in a few days.

    • He has 400 people in is contacts in his phone, he called all of them. He can’t help it most of them are crazy conspiracy theory believing Republicans, it’s just science.

    • Using the phrase “the right side of history” automatically makes you a person who should not be taken seriously. It’s one of the dumbest phrases ever concocted and is used to keep people without the ability to think for themselves nice and subdued. If you’re on “the right side of history,” everything you do must be the right thing! Yay! Life is so simple! Clap like a seal!

    • Exactly like in 2016. And Hiliary was more Popular the Beijing Biden.

    • Smith let me show you why you are inept in understanding. Look at how much Trump pulled in 2016, look at this election cycles newly registered voters (the Republicans have out registered Dems by more that 250,000.00 and the AMISH are registering to vote TRUMP….Also Trump has gained about 10% additional Black votes, Riots and looting over a justified killing this time in Philly. And not to mention 15% walk away Dems. Trump is looking exponentially better the election than in 2016. Stick to facts and numbers not parroting the MSM. You are going to lose and in a very big way.

  7. God, you guys are really scared of the truth, huh? Deleting my comments and creating an echo chamber of MAGA ignorance.

    • I live in solid blue state, California. In the past two weeks there have been hundreds of Trump Train car rallies. Not sponsored by the Trump campaign and completely organized by regular folks. Just last Saturday one was put together that was from Fresno to Bakersfield. The California Highway Patrol estimated there were 600 cars. And guess what, not one peep of local coverage! See we now understand very clearly how this works. Dems control academia, media, Hollyweird and most of DC. But we’ve learned how to work around that corruption. Kind of difficult to ignore 600 cars going down the major north/south highway in the State. So for all you nonbelievers MAGA 2020

      • 600 cars?! There are 40 million people in CA. I chuckled at the “Trump Train” when it rolled through my neighborhood. So little and cute. I like to see them expressing themselves in the same way it’s cute to hear toddlers express their bold and loud opinions.

      • Awesome and I did see some of this online…Very good CA!

      • 600 cars in California. Sure, why not. A California highway carries 2,000 cars per hour per lane. At the end of a Dodger’s game 10,000 cars exit into the freeway in about 30 minutes. To impress, you should have used 60,000 cars.

        Anyway, California will vote republican for a decent candidate. Even for Reagan or Nixon. It won’t happen this year, though.

  8. Yeah, that is not a scientific or real poll. The sample is over the top flawed and not representative of the universe.

  9. Lock Trump up! He is a criminal and people are being hoodwinked! I have read many books on the Donald and the most telling was Michael Cohen’s. There has never been a man closer to Trump’s dealings! If you read this book you will understand why I’m calling him & his family criminals/mobsters.
    Yes, the US elected a mobster to the highest office in the land and many people have gulped his Jonestown Koolaid to the point they are voting for him again!

    • Appears at this point that the biden’s are the criminals. The data on hunter’s laptop has been verified. So nice of joe to be in bed with china and to have sold America out to those lying, scamming, thieving, counterfeiting bastards in china.

  10. The fact that this pollster doesn’t tell us it’s methodology or release crosstabs really calls their credibility into question. Hard to take these results seriously.

    • You all do not actually care about Crosstabs…If you looked at how every major liberal poll is weighted you will see the aggregate make up is flawed and purposely skewed to Biden…Don’t believe me take a genuine loo yourself. You cannot poll 60% Dems, 30% REPS, 5% Independent, and 5% third party, while asking questions in a way…yet you all have an issue with this poll? You all are lying to yourselves and believing what you want rather than what the facts suggest. BEST Polls to watch are the Rasmussen, Talfalgar Group…do not accept anything from Frank Luntz and anyone that pols the way he does, he is a paid for idiot and so are his methodologies.

  11. This is what State sponsored propaganda poll looks like! American greatness! Sureeee!

    I will go with this poll that had 15,000 likely voter instead of 800 and polled over multiple days!

    National presidential head-to-head: Biden 52%, Trump 43% ( Biden +9)

    State-level presidential head-to-head:

    Biden leads: CO, FL, MI, MN, PA, WI
    Trump leads: SC
    Within the margin of error: AZ, GA, NC, OH, TX

    National presidential favorability (net): Biden +7, Trump -12*

    Generic congressional ballot: Democrats 49%, Republicans 43% (Dems +7*)

    • After 2016 polls became moot in the Trump era because they all lied including your hero Nate Silver. Perhaps in off Presidential years they might be valid but not in the Trump era. Face it, Biden has no chance and he won’t derive obama 2008 like numbers either.

    • If you look at the small print, the poll was conducted Oct 11-20. A lot has happened after Oct 20 including the Presidential debate on 10/22.

  12. With over 1,700,000 votes already cast, 70% are Democrats. We will see who is right after the election when all votes are counted.

  13. Will indeed be interesting if 26% of Hispanics for Libertarian!

  14. Ahead in PA? You’re dreaming. Nobody wants to donate to a losing campaign, that’s why Trump is out of money.

    • So you like the idea of joe’s leveling all oil and gas wells, and eliminating fracking because the old fart says “oil and gas wells are polluters”. There are 11,000 active wells in PA. There are 269,000 wells in Texas. There are a total of 36 states who are oil and gas well producers. Any idea how many more people will be in the unemployment line? Don’t kid yourself jared, President Trump will NEVER be out of money, but you will you will be if you vote for that hog biden and headboard harris. He won’t stop taxing only those making above $400,000….it will trickle down to you. Or should I say she (harris) won’t stop taxing only those making above $400,000.

  15. Pray God you are wrong. I live in PA and he is not leading where I live. I truly cannot believe he has your numbers among young voters or women.

  16. Thank you for your amazing poll. We both like president Trump

  17. Sorry to say this poll is not going to represent the electorate.

    Biden will win PA by 3-4 points.

    • look how many Obampa and the Biden killed in other countries and with the Flu and look what Hilary did. Shame on the liberals and democraps. they are corrupt and crooked look them up. Biden is corrupt and senile.

      • Gregory … you need to take your pill and warm milk and go back to sleep.

      • Why do you Trumpsters always fall back on “But what about XXX?!?!?” You never actually answer the question. It’s like dealing with a 5 year old on the playground. “But Johnny started it! Whaaaaaaaa!” Right. So you’re basically saying you’re OK with Trump being responsible for 200K deaths because other people did it too? Come on! How about, “No, he didn’t kill these people. We don’t know their underlying cause of death, and to place that blame on the president is not fair.” Or something more intelligent than a 5 year old screaming, “But Mommmmmmm! Jimmy did it first!!!”. And republicans call the democrats snowflakes. Your president, who happens to to be the most powerful person in the world, has for the last 4 years stood before America whining about how unfair he’s been treated! Can you believe that? Like a 5 year old on the playground crying because someone called him ugly. Man, Trump needs to put on his big boy panties and grow a set. Talk about a Snowflake!

    • Sorry but take out of those 200,000 Murphy who really kills all NJ people that are dead on the list.

    • Trump didn’t kill any Americans. You’re thinking of Cuomo. IDIOT!

    • Did you get the message….Cuomo killed some people in NY. 6300 to be precise. They were from senior care facilities, they tested positive and were sent right back into the care facility they came out of to infect the rest of the facility. Stupid comments by stupid people get called out.

  18. based on 400 likely voters doesn’t seem useful or accurate.
    Are the other polls more accurate? no idea but at least the sample taken is larger and multiple in order to compensate somewhat.

    • It was probably verified that the 400 voters in that poll were confirmed first to be democrats.

  19. Right Wing pollster says what? Sure, keep giving the rubes hope. You and Trafalgar, both fake

    • Wasn’t Trafalgar the most accurate poll in 2016and 2018? I think so

  20. LMAO at you people. Falling for an illegitimate poll. Try looking to at some unbiased research for a change, and get your heads out of the sand. If it weren’t so funny, I’d actually feel sorry for all of you. Oh, wait, I do feel very sorry for all of you. Supporting a man who has run our country into the ground. Sanctioning the deaths of hundreds of thousand of people without so much as a care. I strongly suggest that you fasten your seatbelts. Next week is going to shock you.

    • you are a jerk and in denial, Obampa ran it into the ground with the other democraps

      • Name calling because you disagree with someone, I bet your a good church goer too… so sad.
        This poll has zero credibility and is just more pro trump propaganda

      • Gregory … I really feel sorry for jerks like you who have no mind of their own and only spruik the same old bull sh*t that Trump and his band of cronies feed to you. You are all like pigs to the food trough.

    • How about great polls in 2016. They got that all wrong. Hatred does not win elections. And even if you do it does not lead to any progress for the country especially with Biden who does not know

    • No kathy bates, you are mistaken. obama did that running the country into the ground. Did you do any research on the GDP figures when obama was in office? In case you forgot, he is the one who built cages and put illegals in them. Did you actually look at the DOW when obama was in office? When was the stock market every at 26,000 +. NEVER. Are you actually aware that there were three testing facilities in Florida who were incorrectly reporting covid 19 cases. Three locations, St. Petersburg, Tampa and Ft Myers. Are you aware that every hospital gets $13,000 per covid death…a reason to call a heart attack patient a complication of covid. Are you aware that a hospital under construction in Florida reported 5000 positive test results. Highly unlikely as the hospital had no testing facility, it was an empty building. That’s right kathy, the site was an empty building still under construction. I suggest you BURY your head in the sand. We don’t want your stupid pity. Lets also talk about more jobs for the Black population, Latino population, Asian population. Did you research that? Guess you support abortions and killing babies up to and including birth, you support everything free including free for all illegals. Instead of feeling sorry for people who don’t have your opinion, you should spend more time studying and researching for factual information. Your post is useless and worthless without facts.

  21. If Trump loses, it will be the end of AMerica as we know. He’s God’s chosen one to lead this nation and guide us on a christian path Wake up AMerica and reject the immorality of liberals

    • Trump?? Moral?? Christian?? What beach have you been hiding your head in the last four years? He does things the Christian Right want because he needs their votes – he doesn’t give a toss about you good folks otherwise. America is awake already; awake to Trump’s complete lack of a moral compass, his inability to tell the truth and his absolute failure to lead this great nation. It’s a disgrace that fellow Christians continue to hold their noses and vote for him…dances with devils my friend – beware!

    • Christian Path? He’s cheated on three different wives at least 5 times we know of, and has 5 children of 3 different wives. Immorality of Liberals? Obama was married one time and had two kids with the same wife.

    • WHEN Trump loses, I hope he has already found a country to move to with a non-extradition policy with USA because he’s going to need it.

  22. Insider DISadvantage, TrafalgerSh*T, and Rat sh*t. In serious competition With one another on what agency can publish the most inaccurate Polls in a 24 hour period. You guys get your sample from the Sean Hannity Show..hahahahaha.

    • Lol Trafalgar was literally the most accurate poll in 2016 as well as in the 2018 midterms and Rasmussen was the only poll that got the popular vote right in 2016. We’ll see what happens

  23. God chosen? Married and divorced how many times? Pays off hookers? Corrupt business man who declared bankruptcy to get out of paying hard working Americans. Doesnt pay taxes to America but pays taxes to China… you are living in the Fox news bubble

  24. Name calling because you disagree with someone, I bet your a good church goer too… so sad.
    This poll has zero credibility and is just more pro trump propaganda

  25. I always knew we were ahead and winning Pennsylvania. Thank you.

    • I would think that the people of PA would have wised up when voting. jo wants to level oil and gas wells.
      There are 11,000 active wells in PA. There are a lot of employees needed in that industry and despicable joe wants to put them out of work. Pathetic.

  26. Trump will win thea actual vote in Pennsylvania. The only question is whether the cheating allowed by the Democrats and the courts who ruled that the electors cannot check signatures (AKA no quality control) allows the Democrats to cheat their way to a victory).

  27. The guys that did this poll are a joke. A bunch of Trumpie amateurs pretending to be pollsters. I know some of these guys sand I would not hire them to shine my shoes.

  28. Higher Taxes, Less Police and more lockdowns to ruin my business!! Ya sounds great, where do I sign up to vote for the Democrats????

  29. This election will be a Republican LANDSLIDE!! A Red Tsunami!! Remember to vote a straight Republican

    KAG!! PRESIDENT TRUMP – 2020 & Beyond!!

    • And one day pigs may fly … but not today and not on November 3

  30. The poll data shows that 15.7% of Democrats will vote for Trump. WTF ????????

  31. I am presuming these are one of the polls used to keep trump happy while the country disintegrates around us? Basically it’s useless.

  32. Somebody said Biden was going to win by 3 to 4 points? Yea ok. Republicans have closed the voter registration gap in 4 years. In 2016, the Dems held a 1.1 million voter registration advantage and lost. Now? That advantage has shrunk to just under 700,000. But, sure, Biden is going to win by 3 to 4 points. You guys have some serious TDS issues ????????????????????????????

  33. I don’t believe in polls since they do not represent the truth. I was called once for the first time and I said I was voting for Biden (Big Lie) they called me 3 times after that. I did lie , and I know republicans will not tell the truth when asked. So here is my household vote for Biden +3 and for sure my ballot is red so I do not believe anybody who says Biden is winning by + 10 or Biden is losing by -10 . All I see is that rally for Trump you can see thousands , Biden rally very poor, even with Obama next to him. Why people do not show up doesn’t prove anything but I can perceive he doesn’t have the support that Hillary had back in 2016. Both rally were hot full of people. Don’t blame Covid because the BLM march were huge. I remember back in 2016 everybody was moving to Canada because how bad Trump was , I haven’t seen anyone move yet (who believes the media get crazy lol) and he already proved 4 years even with the media against him. Biden is senile he wont last much and whoever elect Biden have to know by a fact that the VP and Nancy Pelosi (temp) will govern this country if the house stays democrats. Whoever, I have seen more far democrats saying they are tired of the media and will vote Trump than republicans going to Biden. At least on my personal experience which doesn’t guarantee anything at all for any party.

  34. We’re going to find, in this closing week, that the polls will show Trump leading in every critical state where they’ve been telling us that he’s behind. In the last week they have to be honest so that they’re still in business next time around.

  35. Your 400-people “poll” is an incredible outlier. That is, you are out lying. Nobody would believe your numbers but unfortunately they do reduce somewhat the Biden advantage in the polls average, the most reliable figure.

  36. Trump should be arrested for crossing state lines to incite a riot, or most certainly for risk of injury to a minor with these insane rallies

  37. Don’t discount all those dead people and folks who get to vote more than once. They trend democrat twenty to one. My grandpappy never voted democrat until after he died and has seen the light now and will only support democrats.

  38. Why do you guys argue about polling? If polls were accurate in 2016, we wouldnt be in this mess today, would we. So forget about the polls. The only poll that matters is the polling place! Go cast your vote.

  39. After 2016 polls became moot in the Trump era because they all lied including your hero Nate Silver. Perhaps in off Presidential years they might be valid but not in the Trump era. Face it, Biden has no chance and he won’t derive obama 2008 like numbers either.

  40. Are you going to be okay when Biden loses? I’m seriously concerned about the collective mental health of your half of the country because you’ve shown you don’t cope with losing very well.

    • They are not half the country. They are a minority. The polls, past elections, etc. were rigged in favor of this vocal, vile, leftist ideology/cult/religion. The majority of America has ALWAYS been conservative.

  41. C’mon folks , Biden’s NOT close in any poll and anybody with a brain knows it . Trump is completely dominating in every possible way .

    When Joe can draw more than 12 people to a rally get back to me .

  42. Normally I don’t respond to these things, but I have questions; mainly regarding your +or- 5 point (4.9) margin of error and your small sample population. How can you be so sure Trump is up by +3 percentage points with this big of an error margin and small sample size? Also, have you done/are doing more recent polling?

  43. Amazing how libs love those samples of 700 showing sleepy joe up double digits. Oh so now, don’t trust the polls. Go sacrifice what is left of your pathetic brains on the altar of nate plastic.

  44. Why is this such a small sample size? How did you distribute these across metros? Why didn’t you sample for education levels? How was this poll conducted? This is worse data than Rasmussen. Atleast trafalgar publishes this information that I can review and see how they got to their conclusions.

  45. Lol mods=gay deleted my comment asking about how the poll was conducted. Cherry picked AF with 400 sample size and not weighting across congressional districts.

  46. The disillusione left has never accepted Trump winning in 2016, which leader to ghe most violent transition of power, with mass rioting… you lib babies think Trump wont allow a peaceful transition? How come Biden wont asnwer whether or not he will pack the courts? BECAUSE HE WILL!! WAKE UP AMERICA!!! TRUMP HAS ONLY HELPED US ; FIXED OUR ECONOMY,NO FOREIGN WARS, BROUGHT HOME TROOPS AND JOBS, BUILT THE WALL, ENDED NAFTA! SAVED 2 MILLION LIVES IN COVID! DEMS ARE COP KILLERS AND LIARS!!! TRUMP 2020

    • Do the BIG letters make your case stronger?I understand where many Trump voters are coming from on many issues. But the President is not in this for you, he’s in this for himself. None of his businesses have ever made money, he cannot take any criticism, he lies daily, mocks good people and has views on women that belong in the 1950s. He even recommended injecting disinfectant as a cure for COVID ! He’s a moron. Biden might be old, but he’s a decent man capable of tolerance and compassion; things that are going to be really needed to heal the nation

  47. I am sure this poll was probably taken in central pa after the puppet show. The rest if P A is steadfastly Biden. It is so trump here last time I believed I was the only one that saw the con man he is until I went on Twitter and found most of America felt like me. Some people I have talked to that voted trump last time in Central Pa are not this time if gets voted out great if not moving to summer place selling house and hoarding cash til he is gone. Think I will get a dog hahahaha

  48. This looks like a repeat of the 2016 election except Trump fans are overconfident.

  49. So many chinese bots here for biden, which is ironic, because quid pro Joe is Chinese bought