If We’re Doing a Mask Mandate, Do It Right!

As predicted, this week is filled with fear and recriminations about COVID-19 as Election Day nears. The Biden campaign—cognizant of the fact that the Left has turned the president’s handling of coronavirus into his biggest political weakness—along with the unhinged news media, is exploiting every case and death in a ghoulish attempt to defeat Donald Trump on November 3.

The alleged “party of science” is condemning the president for failing to “control” the novel coronavirus, which is the most unsciency thing ever because it’s impossible to control a virus without the widespread use of immunizations over a long period of time and even that isn’t a guarantee. Only a few deadly viruses in history, perhaps unbeknownst to the Democratic Party’s credentialed class, have been completely eradicated.

The annual flu vaccine can combat just a handful of influenza strains. The Centers for Disease Control admits that “Flu viruses are constantly changing so it’s not unusual for new flu viruses to appear each year.” Despite Herculean efforts to “control” influenza, a vaccine is only about 40 to 60 percent effective. Millions of Americans still contract the illness and tens of thousands, including children, die each year. This year’s vaccine targets a form of the Hong Kong flu first identified in 1968, the year I was born.

But somehow, Donald Trump was supposed to contain, control, or completely stop a novel (that means new) coronavirus within a matter of months. Joe Biden warns that if he’s elected, he will initiate all sorts of virus-killing measures, most of which already have been implemented by the Trump Administration. “I’m going to shut down the virus not the country,” Biden, who it must be noted is not an epidemiologist, promised at last week’s debate.

The Democratic nominee and his running mate also have pledged to issue a national mask mandate. While the details keep changing and remain somewhat fuzzy, here’s the deal: a President Joe Biden will force Americans to wear a face covering until the virus is under “control,” which means his diktat could last several more months if not years.

“Wear a mask!” is the refuge of the scientifically uninformed and politically expedient, a guttural grunt that means nothing but says everything. There isn’t a single study that proves a cheap piece of dyed cloth loosely tied around someone’s face and mouth for hours on end every single day for months does anything to minimize the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus; in fact, the only randomized controlled study on mask use and COVID-19 has been rejected by major scientific journals. One of the Danish researchers who conducted the study said it will be published “as soon as a journal is brave enough to accept the paper,” suggesting it refutes mask-wearing recommendations promoted by the world’s health “experts.”

Further, states and countries with the highest rates of individual mask use have not “controlled” the virus. If masks worked, states such as Illinois and New Jersey would be COVID free.

Republican and Democratic governors alike unleash routine “wear a mask!” tantrums to make it look like they’re doing something very, very serious about it. After all, hectoring their constituents about masks is far easier than having big boy conversations about the realities of infectious diseases.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is famous for his “wear a mask!” outbursts even as he violates his own decree and has the blood of thousands of helpless nursing home patients on his manuscript-weary but well-manicured hands.

It’s not just weaseling politicians who push face coverings. Dr. Scott Gottlieb, the former head of the Food and Drug Administration who daily rattles the American public with doomsday predictions about the virus while ginning up government business for the Big Pharma corporations he represents, called for a national mask mandate in a Wall Street Journal op-ed Monday. 

“As deaths rise this winter, policy makers will have to take new steps to slow the rate of spread,” the Pfizer board member advised. “Masks would help. A mandate can be expressly limited to the next two months. The inconvenience would allow the country to preserve health-care capacity and keep more schools and businesses open.”

Gottlieb downplayed the need for government enforcement mechanisms; the mandate should be advertised as a societal courtesy similar to “no shoes no service” requests at restaurants.

Gottlieb’s prescription, however, is weak. What’s the point of a mandate if it lacks teeth? So I say, if the country is going to submit to a national mask mandate, let’s do it right:

Medical-grade masks only: No more cutesy coverings with sports team logos or political messages. Gottlieb admits that cotton masks offer minimal protection; Americans therefore should be forced to buy medical-grade masks such as an N-95 under a national mandate. But make sure the N-95 mask isn’t made in China as those products are inferior and don’t effectively filter particles in the air. Medical-grade masks are pricey, though, and if you have a family the purchase could set you back a bit. But, hey, we’re all in this together!

Masks must be worn at home: Since the household is the top vector to spread the virus, masks must be worn inside the home at all times. If you sleep with your spouse, in lieu of a mask, a plexiglass partition should be constructed in the middle of the bed; especially if someone snores—just think of all those infected droplets poisoning the bedroom air for eight hours! Masks can only be removed during meals but family members cannot speak to each other because more invisible droplets could infect the air around the dinner table. Time to brush up on that sign language you taught the kids before they could talk! Ditto for the family truckster: Mask up.

Masks must be properly sanitized and stored each day: A national mandate must require Americans to wash the mask each night. This involves the use of a powerful bleach concoction followed by a thorough drying process. Wearers must be able to prove to authorities that the mask has been cleaned in a government-approved manner. Since the constant removal and replacement of a face mask leads to contamination, masks should be worn at all times during the day. No taking off and on, stuffing it in your purse or pocket, or resting underneath your chin.

Fines must be imposed: The only way to ensure full compliance with a national mask mandate is to punish people who defy it. Anyone caught without a mask, either in public or inside their own home, will face a hefty fine which will double with each subsequent violation. Property could be confiscated and parents could be investigated for child endangerment if they are caught without a mask less than six feet from their son or daughter. Repeat offenders could face jail time for endangering the public’s health or attempted murder.

Mask mandate should remain in place until there are zero infections: The virus won’t be “shut down” as Biden pledged until the country has a 100 percent negative test outcome. Every American should be required to take a test on a daily basis; even one positive test is one too many. There’s no point in a national mask mandate if we give in too soon, right?

It’s time for the mask pushers and shamers to get serious. And I assume if Joe Biden wins, that’s exactly what he will do.

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19 responses to “If We’re Doing a Mask Mandate, Do It Right!”

  1. If masks are so effective why does the CDC and the military still have biohazard suits? I we really believe in their efficacy we should abandon those expensive suits and go to the simple masks,

  2. Thanks to the Democrat Party, mankind once again lives in the Age of Myth.

    The Myth of the Mask is the plague, not COVID-19.

  3. You referred to Biden as the Democratic nominee twice. You meant to say Democrat.

  4. We need national mask mandates because State governments are trying to kill off their constituents.

  5. I saw one comment that I just can’t forget. The scene of the man wearing a mask while driving alone is akin to lying in bed, alone and naked wearing a condom.

    It pretty well sums up the whole mask scam.

  6. N 95 masks are one use only & can only be used for a very brief period of time. They cannot be touched on the front or they become ineffective by destroying their electrical charge. These masks cannot be washed nor sanitized for reuse. This is why there are not enough such masks to outfit more than healthcare workers.

    N 95 masks also do not filter out most viruses, including China virus. To achieve full protection, each person must be fully gowned from head to foot, wear goggles and ear coverings — all of which must be properly sanitized frequently every day.

    Of course, people who do all of this will lose their immune system‘s effectiveness and die from the simplest things once China virus is under control. Lovely…

  7. Please try coming on my property and tell me I have to wear a mask in my own home or on my own property, and I will introduce to the concept of taking a “dirt nap.”

  8. The mask has become the Linus blanket for neurotic hypocondriacs. Its value is purely psychological, if not outright anthropological.

    Unfortunately, though, neurotic hypocondriacs is what the ruling class wants to turn us into–and even more unfortunately, too many are sheepishly complying. They seem to be happy, nay, eager to help create a (literally) faceless society, as if the bubbles in which we were already living weren’t dehumanizing enough.

  9. Stop and look at the ‘problem’, not rage about the ‘solution’. The problem is flu deaths. In a country that has an average of nearly 3 million deaths a year from various causes, the PanicFlu has just over 200K, about twice what AverageFlu does on a bad year. Many deaths have been moved from other reporting columns like cancer or heart disease into the Covid column. Because government has been allowed to run rampant and coalesce power and medicine has profited wildly and media has used propaganda to advance a monolithic political party, the public has been royally screwed. No family gatherings allowed, no parties, no concerts, no indoor dining, no beach, no festivals, no school, no sports, no fun. All to create fear and panic to elect Democrats.
    The statistics are being buried that this is an attack on US freedom from totalitarians in the USA linking up with Chinese Communist Totalitarians to damage American freedoms. Most people see it as a fraud and hopefully will erase Democrats from all offices. Time will tell.

    • Let’s hope you’re right about “most people” and common sense wins out. Here’s my idea for a mask mandate: all leftists should don a clown mask as it is idiomatic of their ideology and will also scare children who cannot stay up to watch 24 hours of fear and loathing on CNN or MSNBC

  10. How about we cut to the chase.
    Death to all those who don’t submit.
    30 lashes for those who allow the mask to fall below the nose.
    Cloth masks? Solitary confinement for life.
    A simpler solution would be to ship the deniers (like me) off the the CCP camps with the Uyghurs. The CCP needs all of the slave labor they can get.

    You know the maskers are salivating openly at these penalties.

  11. A simple Kroger plastic grocery bag over the head and secured tightly around the neck with a rubber band is far more effective than even an N95 mask. It gives the world a pleasant tan color and no virus can get through it.

  12. After the election, let’s quickly get a federal bill passed that will make it unlawful to ever again require mask mandates during a pandemic. Fools who choose to wear them may do so. But anyone who refuses will no longer be forced to wear one under any circumstances, whether they are members of the general public or employees. No service should ever be denied ANYONE as a result of their refusal to wear a mask. Start writing your representatives, local or state. Get in the faces of local leadership!

    • Excellent advice. These “mandates” pretty much all come from local judges, county commissioners, etc. with the encouragement of state governors. Sadly, I wrote my county judge to complain and didn’t even get a response. I hope people realize their submission to this nonsense has set a precedent that bodes very badly for the future of liberty in America. Only American citizens in mass numbers can end this insanity.

  13. “My body, my choice!”
    “Keep your mask off my body!”
    If this logic can be applied by the left to their so-called right to murder babies, it surely applies to people’s right to sneeze and cough unobstructed.

  14. Right on. All ridiculous BS. We play in God’s sandbox, by His rules. We will get sick, have weeds in our grass, scrape our knees, suffer disappointment, be made fun of, and break eggs when we’re trying not to. The compromised, the sick, must be diligent and take measures to protect themselves and heal up the best they can, respectively. Just like any other day that has come and gone in the past thousands of years. This universe is broken, and broken for a reason. It wasn’t this way originally. The sooner we adopt a biblical worldview and realize not getting sick is not our reason for existence, not our mission, the sooner we move back to the REAL normal. Fighting against our Creator is only ever maddening, exhausting, and futile. Embracing Him and His reality served up for us is a far better use of your time than trying not to catch a cold, the flu, etc. and policing others who aren’t sick.

  15. N95 masks are superior to the silly, ineffective cotton face cloths worn by so many people. The govt. is spending trillions on the effects of the Covid epidemic. They need to spend a mere billion on supplying every resident of the US with a few N95s and UVC sterilizers.

  16. If the virus is killing as many as they say reusable cloth masks should be banned and each store should issue out masks as you walk in and have biohazard bins for the way out.

    On a serious note, I have a correction for your suggestion. N95 masks won’t work. They don’t pretect the eyes, which is one of the main ways the flu is contacted. When the mask mandate first started I wore my old army gas mask into Walmart, but was told I was inciting terror? Really? Now I can’t protect myself?