Decision Time for the Costco Mom

Earlier this year, a strange spectacle kept recurring at one of the country’s most popular big box stores.

Costco shoppers across the land wrestled each other for industrial-sized packages of toilet paper; as panic set in about the looming coronavirus pandemic, well-heeled suburbanites quickly depleted the retailers’ nationwide supply of Charmin and Quilted Northern. Even the store’s discount Kirkland brand sold out fast.

It’s unclear exactly why toilet paper topped the list of the COVID-19 survival kit but the scenes were instructive as far as observing upscale suburban women in their natural habitat. The toilet paper rush of 2020 probably started with a few comments at the monthly Bunco game or the ladies’ league liquid lunch or at a bespoke med spa house party.

Soon enough, premium membership card in hand, suburban women cruised their Range Rovers to the nearest Costco ready to fight for their right to a 30-roll pack like it was the last size 4 Veronica Beard camo blazer at Nordstrom. Photos of TP booty were proudly posted on Facebook; the booties of Jacob and Olivia would be safely clean for years to come.

And thus we had a peek into the workings of the hivemind of modern-day suburban moms.

In 2018, the sorority of suburban sisterhood found a common enemy: Donald Trump. Suburban congressional districts from Washington, D.C. and Chicago to Orange County, California flipped from Republican to Democrat, giving Nancy Pelosi enough new members to take back her coveted speaker’s gavel. Like nearly all midterm elections, the outcome was a rebuke of the sitting president. Millions of white suburban women, amid a booming economy and period of international peace, cried “but his tweets!” all the way to their polling places.

High on fumes from their daily doses of “The View” and desperate to mimic the groupthink that easily penetrates their consciousness—a cul de sac consensus they nevertheless describe as “independent thinking”—suburban women succeeded in sending a message to the Bad Orange Man while inflicting the likes of Congresswomen Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) and Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) on the body politic.

In a way, the country owes the Costco Mom a debt of gratitude because she helped to fully expose the depravity of the Left. Had Democrats not won Congress and the governorships of several states, Americans still would be blissfully ignorant about the insidious agenda of the radicalized Democratic Party beholden, as it is, to its most anti-American, anti-capitalist, anti-freedom element.

Major American cities remain occupied by America-hating thugs as Democratic governors and mayors pledge solidarity. The founding fathers are on posthumous trial for “systemic racism” as statues are removed, schools are renamed, and our nation’s imperfect yet glorious history slowly is erased. The police must be defunded; Black Lives Matter more than anyone else’s; looting is reparations. Bend the knee or else. Petty tyrants shutter businesses and schools on a whim as college campuses resemble surveillance states.

Yet even in this dangerously divisive climate, suburban women appear poised once again to give Democrats an edge in the election. According to one recent analysis, 54 percent of white suburban women back Joe Biden versus the 45 percent who are for President Trump. Not a huge chasm but one that might make the difference in battleground states from Pennsylvania to Georgia.

But it’s utterly baffling why any suburban woman, especially a mother, would vote to put Democrats in power. Like him or not, Donald Trump is the only thing standing between the typical suburban lifestyle and the Democratic Party intent on destroying it.

Privileged white families safely ensconced in the suburbs represent everything the Democratic Party detests. And if Democrats capture the White House and the Senate while keeping control of the House of Representatives, they’ll waste no time turning on the very voters who helped put them in power.

Under a Biden-Harris Administration, federal bureaucrats could seize control of local zoning decisions. Central planners—longtime foes of what they view as the banal existence of suburban bourgeois—would seek to recreate the densely-populated dysfunction of the cities that so many suburbanites fled. Mandates to adjust housing, income, employment, and educational disparities could drastically reconfigure American suburbs; federal decrees would supersede local efforts. Suburban residents and leaders would be rendered powerless.

Passage of the Green New Deal will fundamentally and irrevocably destroy the modern economy; even a “lite” version of the proposal will impose astronomical taxes on electricity, gas, food, travel, and yes, toilet paper. Biden scoffed when the president mentioned the Green New Deal’s $100 trillion price tag, but even that might be optimistic. And Biden’s slip-of-the-tongue about transitioning away from the oil industry wasn’t a senior moment, it is the stated goal of every climate activist who will dominate not just the Biden Administration but Congress as well. Climate lockdowns will replace coronavirus lockdowns with far worse consequences.

Critical race theory will be mandated in public schools, and the long-desired reparations paid by white Americans to black Americans won’t settle racial grievances, only deepen them. The borders will be open and illegal immigrants will be entitled to all the benefits of citizenship including voting rights, diminishing the voice of legal citizens. The Supreme Court will expand, the Electoral College will be eliminated, and Washington, D.C. will earn statehood.

Cancel culture will apply to everyone, including children, who step out of line. Business owners will be forced to prove their “woke” cred lest they face the social media mob. Conservative views will be censored by Big Tech. Every young white man will live in fear of being “Kavanaughed.”

The long march to socialism will get a big jump.

That’s just a partial list.

The president is asking—begging?—for suburban women to back him like they did in 2016. “Suburban women are flocking over to us,” he tweeted last week. “They realize that I am saving the Suburbs—the American Dream! I terminated the Regulation that would bring projects and crime to Suburbia. Not on my watch! Biden will bring the Regulation back, but bigger and worse.”

Let’s hope the president is right.

So to my fellow suburban moms: This is legit. Voting for Donald Trump might not be as fashionable as the “Hate Has No Home Here” decal in your front picture window.

But voting for Joe Biden is a vote against your family’s—and your country’s—best interests. If you get this wrong, those toilet paper scrums at Costco might become a routine occurrence.

And if you vote for Trump—I promise I won’t tell.

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42 responses to “Decision Time for the Costco Mom”

    • I agree. I miss the discussion within the comment section. I learn a lot from the articles but also many wise readers.

      If they are not going to go back to disqus, then they should get a comment section that has the same attributes. This style of commenting makes AmGreatness very sterile.

      • I totally agree. This new comment system is terrible. There are hardly any comments now, and I always used to love learning from commenters as well. Sure there was the odd troll here and there, but they are easy to spot and ignore. Go back to the previous comment platform!

    • I wrote to them but it seems contact is only with the web designers. This commenting system is the pits and doesn’t allow the free flow of opinion with back & forth commenting as well as personal tracking w/notification. And it had self-policing and internal moderation & filtering which could be applied by the host. You could block a troll or report flagrant misuse of the system.

  1. Julie, I gotta say – and of course, “I’m a guy” – that this article is rather insulting to women, and places far too much faith in public opinion polls.

    Never forget that polls are meant to SHAPE public opinion, not to measure it. The same crowd psychology holds sway around these parts when the weatherman forecasts half an inch of snow.

    • Except she wasn’t talking about polls, she was referring to the 2018 flip on the House. That was a big deal and gave us an impeachment.

      • With a low turnout, things can change. Lets not forget that and vote every two years, not just 4.

    • Agree Mike.
      I’m a suburban mom and yes, go to Costco. But I didn’t go there for TP (as much as I enjoyed the writer’s description of it all!) I didn’t go to Costco because they mandated masks from the get go, and I’m always just one roast chicken away from boycotting the liberal company….and watching closely to make sure they don’t alienate me too much with their virtue signaling.

      That said, AOC wasn’t elected by suburban moms, nor was Ilhan Omar. They both live in dense urban areas filled not with soccer moms but with immigrants and, in AOC’s case, a lot of crooks (just look at the crime rate in her district).

      The premise of this suburban woman thing is off. 2018 was a fluke. We’re Trumpers. Just wait and see. We got this.

    • There are more college educated, white suburban mothers in the MAGA world than the left would like to admit.

    • Stop white knighting, Mikey. The author is a woman.

      Women are the driving force behind most of the awful policy decisions of the late 20th and early 21st century. The 19th Amendment was a mistake we’ll be paying for for decades still. Women vote left because they are easily swayed by emotion over logic, and feelings over fact.

    • JK, I have to agree with Mike Robinson on this one. The use and implementation of so-called opinion polls has nothing to do with measuring opinion but, to shape public opinion. And your article seems to accept the facts that the tech oligarchs want us to believe about “suburban women”. I mean just on its face, suburban women are a yuge and diverse group. And in the suburbs that I live in, women here overwhelmingly LOVE LOVE LOVE President Trump. It’s not even close.

  2. It’s be funny if it wasn’t true. Love this line. . .
    “High on fumes from their daily doses of “The View” and desperate to mimic the groupthink that easily penetrates their consciousness”

    And remember, they will impose government run health insurance, open wide borders for illegals promising healthcare and other benefits, and effectively revoke the 2nd amendment. . . because as they are destroying this country they can’t afford to have people fight back. And they will change the rules of the game to ensure they never lose power again. That is how Hugo Chavez destroyed Venezuela.

  3. Some time in the summer of 2020 Costco helped me with my decision.

    We live rural and isolated on an island, a $50 ferryman’s tariff reminds us, and tourists that they aren’t really welcome. We are also reminded of the comittment that our 110 y.o. Mom&Pop grocery has made to our lives. But Costco was good for large quantity staples and better quality maybe.

    We rounded the corner, having been blinded by the license to trespass masks, to see the uncivil distancing line to the back of the store. I shoved the laden cart at the monitor, telling her “you can re-rack this sh!!t.”

    It will be a while …

    • I live in a suburb and early on, I had to stop at Walmart for a computer part I could not get elsewhere. I approached Walmart to find a very convoluted entrance which had been transformed to an “entrance only”. I was then told I had to walk to the other side of the building to get in the entrance. The signing was atrocious and this employee had the unpleasant task of routing everyone that hadn’t a clue.

      There is little I can do in this day and age to show my disagreement. I can politely voice my opinion to employees and hopefully management and I can vote with my pocketbook. I try to do both.

      Never forget that Nike last year embraced racist Colin Kaepernick as their spokesperson and this year in July they booked a $790 million profit loss in 4th qtr and instead of profit on $.07 per share they booked ($.51) loss per share. They still have their Chinese consumer but this made a huge dent in their business.

      We can make a difference when we work at it.

      As for the Costco voters? I don’t have a clue why anyone would vote for Joe Biden other than head in the sand and completely uninformed and basing their votes on emotion. Just like my mother.

      • My mother too. She even called my father and I ‘@-holes’ for wanting to talk about the most important election since 1860 and threatened to leave the phone conversation if we did. Politically, she has TDS to her bones.

  4. I have to say I thought this was written by a man and so I thought it was insulting to women. But, when I found out it was written by a woman, it was a paradigm shift in my thinking. I do think there is a lot of group-think going on that results in Biden support. But, conversely I have to believe that The View and CNN has become nauseating to a great majority of independent-thinking Americans. They are so nauseating, the message from The View has to be: Why do they have to be so nasty? What are they hiding? Why are they trying so hard to pump one-sided points of view? What is wrong with open debate with views from the other side?

    Don’t be incurious, Americans! Don’t be incurious!

  5. Wow! comparing women to animals or at least that is the disrespectful inference.
    “Observed in their natural habitat”

  6. We could say that anyone fool enough to vote Biden/Harris deserves what they get.
    But I don’t agree with that.
    It is time these women voted with their brains instead of their emotions.

    • Democrat controlled cities have been getting what they deserve for several decades now; but I have, for the most part, the freedom to avoid them and their self inflicted consequences. This election has the potential to change that. If only these fools could “get what they deserve” without dragging the rest of us and the economy down their toilet chute, I could almost be okay with that. The problem is, getting what they deserve affects me personally, my liberty, my safety and my wallet. And that’s neither acceptable or tolerable.

  7. Thank you Ms. Kelly for such a truthful article. Those succumbing to the media manufactured peer pressure to vote the President out are obviously not considering the anti-American policies they are voting in. To your great list I might add two more dangers to our way of life:

    Their plans for a radically anti-carbon energy policy will drive the cost of gasoline to over $10 per gallon. So it costs $240 to fill their range rover, dad the slave will just have to work harder; but when sky rocketing transportation costs are passed in to consumers, paying $19.99 a pound for grapes in the kids lunch boxes is gonna hit the spa budget hard.

    Then there are their plans for “more control” over the virus. How are they going to tell the virus what to do, put it on wifi? No! More control over the virus means more control over people, as they use federal powers to intrude into every facets of our lives, from how many times we flush the toilet, to who we have for Thanksgiving dinner. In fact just yesterday Biden proposed pulling people over and fining or arresting them for not wearing masks while driving down the highway while alone in your car.

  8. Biden promised us “dark times” ahead. THat doesn’t sound very good. He is also promising open borders and medicaid for all (replacing Medicare). Removal of the filibuster, packing the supreme court to ensure more progressive decisions (rather than following the actual laws passed by congress – which could be changed if they were popular enough).

    America is still here. Trump did not seize power as was promised when it was a golden opportunity with COVID.

  9. “The booties of Jacob and Olivia…” hahahahha! Great line Julie!

  10. The only moms who would even consider voting for Biden or any other democrat since they were taken over by the communist left are the filthy-rich elite, the highly-education but fully-brainwashed White woman who live in expensive down-feathered nests with private clubs and private schools, the criminal-thug class, the parasite class, the cons and ex-cons and any Blacks who haven’t woken up yet.

  11. There is a reason that toilet paper was the first thing to disappear from American shelves…millions had read that as Socialism expanded its grasp around Venezuela it was toilet paper that was the first item to become scarce.

  12. This election comes down to a binary choice – Trump and Freedom OR Biden and Communism. That is where we are.

  13. I wrote to them but it seems contact is only with the web designers. This commenting system is the pits and doesn’t allow the free flow of opinion with back & forth commenting as well as personal tracking w/notification. And it had self-policing and internal moderation & filtering which could be applied by the host. You could block a troll or report flagrant misuse of the system.

  14. Not to worry, we’re not all on the uterine grievance league. Voted for Trump, early voting in NC.

  15. My line is that Oscar Wilde got it wrong. It is not “what do women want” but “what do women expect.”

    And what do women expect? They expect to be protected.

    If I am right we should see a significant shift in the women vote this year, thanks to the mostly peaceful protesters.

    • I thought so too, until recently, but it seems some people have bought into the propaganda that the riots were run by mythical white supremacists. The Left switched gears when their riots began to reflect poorly on them and, in typical fashion, laid the blame on others.

  16. This comments section is garbage. Way to destroy the flow of conversation.

  17. I am SO confused: “…toilet paper scrums at Costco might become a routine occurrence.” ?!?!
    If you want MORE of this pandemic–and inevitable future ones, vote Trump!

  18. Want to pay more taxes–go for it and vote for Biden and Harris.
    I am a suburban woman who has been on the Trump train from the start.
    I believe he is out to make the country–everyone–better for being an American.
    Joe Biden and his socialist runningmate are out for themselves. Harris cackles everytime she gets asked a question that you know she will answer with a lie.

  19. well if the suburbs vote for their own destruction, there is not a whole lot anyone can do to prevent it. just keep that in mind when you see other dem controlled areas go up in flames, and the locals go whoa whoa whoa. they too voted for their own destruction.

  20. Being so smugly offended by Trump’s overt maleness seems a bit arrogant. Our culture seems to give a pass on vulgarity and bluntness to Black males, so makes me wonder if he were Black would they be so intolerant?
    Praying that they use their heads, not giving in to the need to feel acceptable with the proper groupthink.