Your Favorite TV Show Now Promotes Open Borders and Black Lives Matter

Millions of Americans continue to watch network TV shows—not exactly a favorite pastime of the chattering class. The primary audience for these programs is older Americans living out in flyover country, the kind of people who aren’t aware of the latest trendy show on Amazon Prime or Netflix. The audience generally prefers more conservative programming that doesn’t feature gratuitous violence, nudity, or overbearing political messages. They just want to be entertained as they relax at night. 

But the big networks want to change that. They’re partnering up with far-left activists to promote radical causes to their viewers—and the executives don’t care if it offends their audiences. The execs want America to think like they do.

The writing was on the wall last summer when pretty much every TV network and streaming service wholeheartedly endorsed Black Lives Matter, “To be silent is to be complicit. Black lives matter,” Netflix said in a message shared across its platform. CBS, Fox, Amazon Prime, HBO, and several other titans of the TV industry shared similar messages. Networks canceled popular unscripted police shows such as “Cops” and “Live PD” to appease those moved by the Black Lives Matter moment.

The statements and cancellations indicated networks would take additional steps to infuse their programming with overtly political messages. Sure enough, they are now doing so—and they are reaching out to left-wing groups to help them in this project.

One of these groups is Define American, an open-borders group led by illegal immigrant journalist Jose Antonio Vargas. Define American has worked with 75 film and TV projects across 22 networks to promote a pro-amnesty, pro-mass immigration message. Hit shows such as NBC’s “Superstore,” ABC’s “Grey’s Anatomy,” OWN’s “Queen Sugar” and CW’s “Roswell, New Mexico” are among its clients. CNN recently highlighted the group’s work on “Superstore.” The sitcom features an illegal immigrant character named Mateo. Showrunners consulted with Define American to ensure the character’s story supported liberal immigration policies.

“Just like the impact that ‘Will & Grace’ had with the LGBT movement, for regular viewers of ‘Superstore,’ Mateo feels like their friend,” says Sarah Lowe, Define American’s head of research. “They feel like they know him, even if they don’t know any other immigrants in their daily life.” Lowe says studies show that television programming can change viewers’ politics.

Define American sees the television consulting as part of a long march through the institutions to make Americans embrace mass immigration.

“This is long-term work,” Vargas told CNN. “This is not like, ‘How do we pass a bill next month?’ This is, ‘How do we create a culture in which we see immigrants as people deserving of dignity?’ These policies don’t make sense if we don’t see immigrants as people.”

“The images we see in media are often immigrants crying, immigrants sad, immigrants tragic, as if we have this veil of tragedy all around us, when in reality, the study showed, when you actually present an immigrant in a three-dimensional way as a person, people are moved to action, to tell another friend, to post something on social media,” he added.

CBS is partnering with multiple left-wing groups to shape its programming. In July, the network announced a multi-year programming deal with the NAACP to produce “premium content that expands the number of diverse voices contributing to an ever-evolving society, and by telling inclusive stories that increase the visibility and impact of Black artists in a growing media landscape.” 

The NAACP knows it can determine public opinion through this partnership.

“Programming and content have the power to shape perspectives and drive conversations around critical issues,” NAACP President Derrick Johsnon said. “This partnership with CBS allows us to bring compelling and important content to a broad audience.”

CBS Studios plans to overhaul its police shows—a network staple—to conform to the spirit of Black Lives Matter. Its television division now partners with 21CP Solutions, a criminal justice reform group that originated with an Obama Administration task force. The partnership promises to make CBS police dramas more infused with “racial justice” and less pro-cop. 

21CP sees this as a great way to change the culture. “As a reformer, I see this as a great venue,” 21CP founder Ron Davis told the Washington Post. “Not a panacea. But a great venue. It’s another step on this path to police reform.”

Law enforcement is not happy with this development. “They will be stories engineered to further diminish public opinion of police officers so that the anti-police movement can achieve their ultimate goal: the complete abolition of policing and total impunity for criminals,” New York City’s Police Benevolent Association President Patrick Lynch told the Post.

Network executives don’t mind if conservative viewers have a problem with the BLM focus. “I wouldn’t care if there was a Blue Lives Matter backlash,” CBS Studios president David Stapf told the Post. “I just want us to expose ourselves to different points of view.”

Warner Bros. Television Group is working directly with Black Lives Matter. The studio announced last week it had signed a multi-year production deal with BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors. “As a longtime community organizer and social justice activist, I believe that my work behind the camera will be an extension of the work I’ve been doing for the last twenty years,” Cullors said. “I look forward to amplifying the talent and voices of other Black creatives through my work.”

There’s also bad news for those who want to turn off new programming and enjoy old classics. Disney+ now imposes “racist” content warnings, which viewers cannot fast forward through, on classic animated films such as “Dumbo,” “Lady and the Tramp,” and “Aladdin.” The messages read: “This program includes negative depictions and/or mistreatment of people or cultures. These stereotypes were then and are wrong now. Rather than remove this content, we want to acknowledge its harmful impact, learn from it and spark conversation to create a more inclusive future together. Disney is committed to creating stories with inspirational and aspirational themes that reflect the rich diversity of the human experience around the globe.”

It then includes links to a website that will tell you why “Dumbo” and other films are racist.

The Left understands politics is downstream from culture. They want to brainwash Americans into accepting their myths and delusions. While it may seem hopeless to Americans to imagine they can do anything about it, ordinary Americans can send a powerful message without much effort. Just turn off the TV and watch the old favorites instead. Execs may say they can blow off a backlash, but they can’t ignore horrible ratings.

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11 responses to “Your Favorite TV Show Now Promotes Open Borders and Black Lives Matter”

  1. CBS Studios president David Stapf told the Post. “I just want us to expose ourselves to different points of view.”

    Is Stapf talking about exposure of the Jeff Toobin type?

    BTW, Stapf doesn’t want to expose different points of view, he only wants one point of view – radical tearing down of the country.

  2. I don’t watch TV anymore and I don’t watch sports anymore. All I watch are old movies and TV series from before they were infected by the liberal infestation. That being said, I think you could as far back as SOAP in the 1970’s to find the first indications of the left trying to force its dogma on America.

  3. Time to turn off the TV and start reading/listening to literature again. The Left ruins everything it touches.

  4. This has also infiltrated kids Television programming on Disney Channel and Nickelodeon. Nick recently had multiple shows and continuous ads promoting BLM. So when you have young kids promoting the benefits of BLM, of course it appears appealing. But when you examine BLM in both words and in action, you will see things that are more sinister. Take your pick:

    * disrupting the Western nuclear family (as if having a mother and father was invented by the West; not too mention, the data over a period of decades proves the downsides to single-parenthood along with the life disadvantages it brings upon the kids)
    * intimidation
    * violence

    But an honest discussion on this topic cannot be had, thus it will remain a monologue (not a dialogue). This is reminiscent of television programming in the USSR, in which there were two television channels: channel one glorified Communist propaganda, and channel two ordered you to go back to channel one.

  5. My husband and I grew so sick of the lecturing by liberals on American TV that we now watch international TV instead. For example, we are finishing “Vagabond” a 16 episode TV series from South Korea. It’s on Netflix, and it has plenty of action, a cute romance, and not one single lecture.

    Bliss, even with the subtitles.

  6. First is was M&F
    Then > LG ( No M&F )
    Then > LG-B
    Then > LGB-T
    Then > LGBT-Q

    Is > Pedophelia HollyWood’s New Normal ..

    Hollywood is Boiling USA Frogs …

  7. Disney has gone full in on China and BLM. Can someone without an agenda tell me how Dumbo is racist? If you look hard enough you will find something offensive in everything you look at. This mindset is wrong and does no one good. The race baiters are working overtime and now call all whites racist. This comment in itself is racist because the people are labeling others based on their skin color. No one will call them out on it because they are afraid to, you will be canceled, lose your job, maybe have your house burned down. Just how the KKK used terror.

  8. Why is a black orientation so non-racist? Why are BLM and the Naacp so non-racist, they are not.

  9. We don’t really watch network tv, but we somehow got in the habit of occasionally watching that show “Superstore” on Amazon or whatever. Then they ran several shows blaring the message that it was horrible that the government wanted to deport a character who’s an illegal.
    Now…I don’t need every show I watch to comport with my politics…but this really annoyed me. It was so idiotic and sneaky…there was no discussion of the issues, of course…just a bunch of one-sided tugging of heartstrings. The relentless, unstated message was that it was cruel and absurd that anyone would care that the character was here illegally.
    It was so manipulative and stupid that we quit watching–not as some sort of statement, but just because it was repulsive and insulting. It still kinda ticks me off when I think about it.

  10. I recall reading in an introduction to some edition of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens how the author of it had been travelling through a remote part of India years ago, and, in a village, had come across a large group of children with their families gathered round the only television there, every person fascinated by the film being shown: A Christmas Carol starring Alistair Sim (the well-known version made in the late 1940s or thereabouts).
    In much of the world following WW2 up until the advent of satellite television broadcasting, people tried to get hold of every scrap of entertainment they could get. No doubt family fights occurred over which of the three TV channels to watch. The idea that some American family favourite might be ‘problematic’ was never on anybody’s mind: if it had been, then the thought of writing a letter of complaint, then finding a stamp (or a pen), looking up in a phone directory for information as to an address to write to (American embassy?), tramping to the post office (to weigh the letter) was enough to make people say that the problem is not worth the effort in addressing. But principally, the likes of Dumbo, Lady And The Tramp, Aladdin had so much good in them: they made kids happy. Worldwide, no doubt.
    I can only imagine the thirst for something better, of America being held in high esteem, by people, desperately poor people, in the, say, India of the 1960s or 70s, made cheerful and glad for a short time because of an American-made animated adventure they were able to watch with their family. Could the Russians or Iranians have entertained the crowd likewise?
    The ‘content’ now does not make anyone content.

  11. What this is causing is me to leave TV shows as I have given up on many so far. I have already given up on sports at all levels. These networks will loose viewers and with that the loss of money from selling ads. Sport channels have already started to bleed workers and it will be the same for the rest.