Europe Hits Record-High Daily COVID-19 Cases

Coronavirus Infection numbers are climbing to record highs in at least nine European countries, prompting new restrictions across the continent.

The nine hard-hit nations — including Italy, France, Spain and Germany — saw the highest daily increase in cases since the pandemic began, according to CNN.

“The general situation has become very serious,” Lothar Wieler, the president of Germany’s RKI public health institute said at a press conference in Berlin. “We have to expect that the virus will continue to spread rapidly.”

France reported a new record for daily coronavirus infections, with 41,622 new cases in the24 hours leading up to Thursday. Italy reported another daily record with 16,079 new coronavirus cases in the past 24 hours — up from yesterday’s record of 15,199.  Spain, which this week became the first European nation to hit 1 million cases, recorded 20,986.

New COVID-19 infections in Germany reached a new record and increased by 11,287 within one day to a total of 392,049, while the Netherlands saw 9,283 and Portugal recorded 3,270.

Poland reported their highest daily totals for a second day running, at around 12,100, along with the Czech Republic, which reported 14,968 and Greece, which reported 882.

Greece imposed a curfew from 12:30 a.m to 5 a.m in areas most affected, the prime minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis announced on Thursday, announcing restrictions on movement in several areas of the country including Athens.

Ireland’s government is putting the country at its highest level of coronavirus restrictions for six weeks. Officials installed a midnight curfew and closed all non-essential businesses for six weeks. The new measures took effect at midnight Wednesday and run until Dec. 1.

Spanish authorities are also considering a curfew in its capital city, Madrid.

Last week the French government declared a state of emergency by putting in place a strict curfew in Paris and eight other cities.

The New York Post reported more than 41,500,000 COVID-19 cases have now been recorded across the country since the virus emerged late last year, according to Johns Hopkins University. More than 1,135,000 people have died, though fatality rates in the US have declined sharply.

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6 responses to “Europe Hits Record-High Daily COVID-19 Cases”

  1. Methinks some people panic way too much. For example, Spain. Based upon statistics: yesterday, October 22, Spain had 20,986 “cases” (I object to the public health officials who have such a loose definition of the term “cases,” but that is for another time right now). On the same day, Spain tallied 155 deaths attributed in some way or another to COVID-19 (that is another questionable statistic, because at this time of year, influenza and pneumonia are common killers, and no one knows which is exactly which, I believe, when determining cause of death – nevertheless, we proceed arguendo). That is a case fatality rate of 0.73% for that particular day alone! Compare it to April 2, which was the day the most daily COVID-19 deaths occurred, at the peak of the epidemic in the spring. The case fatality rate for that day was 20.8%!! DEATHS HAVE GONE DOWN IN SPAIN! People are not swamping the hospitals there at all. A Spanish TV broadcast I saw on YouTube around a week ago (w/subtitles; h/t/ Ivor Cummins) saw an anchor person talking to a doctor at one of Madrid’s major hospitals – she asked him whether they were seeing more COVID-19 cases. He said no, that in contrast to what happened in the spring, they were not very busy at all and that there were not very many COVID-19 patients coming to hospital. A reporter for this network stepped in and tried to argue with the doctor, but the doctor swatted down this reporter’s attempts to inflame the situation.

    The ONLY reason that “cases” in Europe are rising is that they are doing more tests, not necessarily that a lot of people are really getting sick and swamping the hospitals. I don’t know the percentage of asymptomatic people in Spain, but in the UK it has been stated that maybe as many as 50 – 90% of people who tested positive for COVID-19 are asymptomatic. But no one knows for sure, because European governments are lying to their own people and being utterly opaque about their methods and their results. Trust us, they say. Well, if I were a European, I would trust NOTHING uttered from the lips of the likes of Boris Johnson, Angela Merkel, Emmanuel Macron, or Pedro Sanchez. They will not admit to error, so they double down and compound their mistakes, creating a climate of fear and mistrust. Which of course does not bode well for any of the European economies for the near term.

  2. What are we not seeing in this report. Hmmmm. Oh, it’s “hospitals overcrowded with new Corona virus patients; thousands dying!” Why are we even seeing these reports? In years gone by the big news item of the day wasn’t ever that “21,483.29 people caught a cold.”

    The Covid scam would end tomorrow if people were allowed (Oh, horrors; deplorables unleashed) to decide how much inconvenience they wanted to endure because of a “bug” going around.

  3. Ok so Covid 1984 cases have increased, but what is the number of people that are hospitalized? What is the number of people that have died.

    All this focus on the number of cases tells us that more people have it – that’s it. In the US, that’s all the media cares about. Our cases go up because we test more, but hospitalizations and deaths have declined significantly.

    Far too many people get the virus but do not show symptoms. There should be more data with this information.

    • Agree with MJ.

      Ultimately, this virus will run its course. This was always predictable. Ultimately herd immunity will cause outbreaks not to spread far before burning out. A vaccine just massively boosts herd immunity because no vaccine is 100% effective.

      Protect your old and infirm. Treat those who get sick. Move on.

      • Of course, if one shuts down one’s economy then there will soon be no resources to treat people. Then Third World drift will lead to deaths from other causes.